We monitor media websites and listen to sharing of their content on social networks. In this way, we instantly identify trending content and connect it with brand and media analytics.

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We have designed & developed ViralNewsChart to be an easy and effective tool for our users. Real time media monitoring and brand analytics for editors, PR professionals and brand managers.

We analyze thousands of news sources and monitor billions of user interactions on social networks to find most engaging & viral news stories in real time...

We analyze thousands of news sources and monitor billions of user interactions on social networks to find most engaging news stories in real time. When connecting this data with media insights & brand social metrics – magic happens.
Join thousands of professionals and enter a new era of media metrics & analytics. It’s amazingly still free.

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For Journalist & Editors

ViralNewsChart tracks user engagement with news stories on major social networks. We instantly detect & identify trending stories & news trends. Used by Journalists & Editors it helps them to be more efficient in the news gathering process. Giving them a tool for news monitoring and getting ahead. Be among the first to tell a breaking story, start using ViralNewsChart for free!

For Analytics & Brand Managers

Ever wondered who is the best performing media brand on Twitter/Facebook? Which media has most “social media” influence in certain industries? We analyze media brands to detect their value & also detect influences of the new era of content marketing. Analyze media with one click and use the data for your editorial strategies or your new content marketing campaign.

For PR Professionals & Marketing

Discover a new way of analyzing brand appearance in the vast media landscape. Compare brands in certain industries, discover which publishers write most about a certain brand and who are the authors which write socially engaging stories. Use ViralNewsChart to reshape your company’s media communication strategies. Submit your brand & start analyzing your brand’s media performance.

Statistics: 38.521 professionals are researching news trends, media & brands on ViralNewsChart APP at this moment.

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