28 TikTok Statistics That Interests You in 2023

Are you wondering why many people, including youth,s can't get enough out of this mystery app? Read along with us and find out. There are many things typical TikTok users do not know, which is why we are here.

Most people remember the TikTok platform as the best place for trending short videos and dance challenges. We Won't blame you. When it comes to teenagers and influencers, they take the platform for different meanings and usage. All Gen Z'ers agree that TikTok is a kind of subculture.

But still, this is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms around the world compared to the competitors who also offer video-sharing services. Content creators can play around with videos, couple them with trending music, and advanced access features like filters and voiceover. At one point, the platform is cringey but still, it at one point becomes funny. In general, the platform has become addictive to all people of age.

Other than TikTok uploading multiple voids left by many people, there are still many things that a typical user doesn't know. Therefore, on TikTok, content creators express their feelings through creative means. In our article, we will discuss some statistics as to why people, especially youth, seem not to get enough out of it. Is it a mystery app? Let us find out more in our article.

Key to TikTok Statistics

  • In 2021, TikTok generated an estimated revenue of about $4.6 billion which is an increase of 142% year on year, according to the TikTok statistics of Business Of App updated 13/3/2022.
  • TikTok is downloaded in more than 40 countries around the world. This makes it the most popular platform globally in 2020 and 2021. It has recorded 3 billion installations so far.
  • The platform is available today in over 150 countries or markets worldwide, and 90% of users who visit the platform launch the app more than once per day-report from the Global Web index.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2021, TikTok has  1.2 billion monthly active users and based on research, by the end of 2022, the figure is estimated to reach 1.8 billion. From Edition CNN, they also add that TikTok has over one billion active users monthly.
  • Though China has recorded  600 million users daily, the app is downloaded 200 million times in the US alone. Among the users, 57% are female, while 43% are male.
  • Among the monthly users of TikTok, 138 million are from the united states, according to the 2021 reports.
  • TikTok support over 35 languages worldwide and is the most downloaded app on google play in the 2020 report.
  • The United States influencers contribute 18% engagement rates on TikTok.
  • 68% of TikTok content creators watch someone else's video content on the platform.
  • Most of the TikTok active users are aged between 25 to 34 years, and the age bracket is estimated to be 32% based on the Datareportal.

TikTok Statistics Chart

From the revenue stream, TikTok is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms. Comparing 2017 to 2020, you can estimate that the revenue stream has increased by 142% to $4.6 billion in the 2021 year on year, according to the Business of Apps 2021 report.

TikTok Annual Users (MM)

Year Users(mm)
2018 133
2019 381
2020 700
2021 902

Source: TikTok report 2022.

In the third quarter of 2021, TikTok managed to reach one billion active users. And from the research, the application estimates a target of 1.8 billion active users per month by the end of 2022. for instance, in 2022, the active users reported 700 million; in 2021, it increased to 901 million.

This indicates a significant monthly increase, especially in the second quarter of the respective year based on the TikTok report updated in 2022. The distribution is awesome, but china has a leading active user per day where it records 600 million.

The graph below indicates the TikTok users from the 2018 to 2022 quarter, while in the 2022 second quarter, the platform recorded a total f 1466 million monthly active users.

As stated earlier, the distribution of TikTok users worldwide is almost equal, with some small differences. Looking at the users by region, you can discover that platform has recorded one of the highest usage based on the region. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, they have over 3000 million. However, this statistic does not include India and china. Check out the table below on distribution per region, all in millions.

TikTok Annual Users by Region (MM)

year Europe Asia pacific LatAm North amrica MENA
2018 21 62 3 28 4.3
2019 53 130 10 55 9
2020 98 198 64 105 33
2021 158 313 188 138 92

Source: TikTok App Report 2022.

The platform originated in china. Thus, the country has a different version of the TikTok called Douyin. The application has over 710 daily active users—the app ranks among the most popular social media platform in china.

From the CNBC report 2022, we can see that in 2020, Douyin has 600 million active users, while in 2021, they increased to 710, which is a good increase rate. The number has been growing from the previous year since 2017, when it initially had 33 million daily active users.

Another aspect worth mentioning is download statistics. And it is clear that TikTok was mostly downloaded by users worldwide in 2020 and 2021./. in the first quarter of 2020, the download peaked with 318 million downloads. This was a special quarterly downloaded report which is outside china. It seems the download was facilitated by the inception of Corona Virus, as seen in the diagram below.

Also, reports indicate that women often use TikTok as opposed to men, with a good ratio. Females take 57% while men comprise 40%, where 3% fall under others, according to the App Ape and Bloomberg reports. However, the gap in the gender demographic in 2021  seems to be reduced because there is a reduction of stigma where most people took it as a trending dance and teenager platform.

Top TikTok Statistics & Facts

1. One Billion Active Monthly Users

One billion active monthly users

In recent reports, TikTok has made it clear that it has hit roughly 1 billion monthly active platform users. Even though the platform does not, in reality, have many users compared to Facebook, the growth is consistent and realistic as opposed to the previous year. It has recorded a 45% growth from 2020 with over 689 million monthly active users as per July 2020 report.

In the report by Statista in 2019, most people claimed to have come across a video posted on TikTok, while 33% claimed to have never seen or heard about TikTok.Butt in 2020, most US citizens sued TikTok during the pandemic, which accelerated the platform's growth to 1 billion active monthly users.

2. 3 Billion Installations.

The latest statistics indicate that the application has been downloaded and installed on devices at least 3 billion times worldwide. In the first quarter of 2019, TikTok surpassed the record of 1 billion while the 2 billion figure it achieved in  April 2020.

But when it came to the mid-2021, TikTok reached 3 billion installations. Hence, the platform was ranked 5th among the non-gaming applications to achieve 3 billion installation levels, while Facebook ranks first.

3. TikTok Is Available in Over 150 Countries Worldwide

TikTok isavailable in over 150 countries worldwide

TikTok covers almost all the countries worldwide, excluding the few that banned it. But still, if you base the argument on the Apptrace report, it concluded that the application at the moment is available in over 141 countries. among the 124 apps, TikTok takes the top 10 in country coverage.

However, based on the official TikTok creator report or the information on the marketplace, the application is available in over 152 countries. among them, it is most downloaded in over 40 countries worldwide. This is awesome statistics.

4. TikTok Has 600 Million Active Daily Users in China

China has another TikTok version called Douyin. when it comes to engagement, china has recorded 600 active daily users on the platform. This is because the platform established itself in china as one of the huge sources of culture, art platform, and knowledge among the people of china.

This figure is temporary and open to changes since it only dates back to august 2020. to date, TikTok has not released any information concerning its usage in china. Keep checking for updates soon.

5. TikTok Was the Most Downloaded Social Media Platform in 2021

TikTok was the most downloaded social media platform in 2021

TikTok has recorded a download of 656 million in 2021. This is over 100 million downloads compared to Instagram's runner's app. And it is the third year the platform has maintained the first number spot in the ranking. In 2019, it was downloaded 693 times and 850 million in 2020. though there was a drop compared to the previous year, it still maintains the top number in the list.

Again, according to the Apptopia report, the platform was also the leading most downloaded app in the US, recording 94 million downloads in 2021 alone. This was a 6% increase compared to 2020 statistics.

6. Famous in the Asian Countries

In Asian countries, support has drastically increased. To be specific, TikTok falls among the most beloved app in Indonesia with over 87.5 million active users, over 39 million in Vietnam, and the Philippines has 33 million users. And in south Asia, the platform has also recorded a total of roughly 217.7 million. In western Asia, it is 58.3 million, while eastern has a 25.2 million total reach.

You must also remember that these numbers were only obtained considering the users over 18 years. This means there is still a gap for the young TikTok users below 18 years. Most people are using TikTok for political cases; for instance, it was used to protest the new labor law in Indonesia.

7. $110 Million Monthly User Spending Estimate

$110 million monthly user spending estimate

The earnings on TikTok have increased depending on the popularity of the content creator. Basing the reviews on the Sensor Tower information reviews, TikTok then was top grossing among non-gaming apps around the world. In February 2021, the app will have over $110 million according to tot user spending.

This was increased 1.9 times compared to the 2021 revenue. Then again, after some time, the same Sensor Tower ranked TikTok as the outstanding grossing non-gaming app worldwide in 2021. but on google play, TikTok came in fourth place considering revenue.

8. Almost 18% of Engagement Rates Are from US Influencers

This is according to the US July 2020 study report, which found that the high engagement rate came from the US influencers compared to the worldwide average. Us alone had 17.99% engagement as opposed to eh international influencers on TikTok, who only scored 15.86%

9. 32.5% of the US Users are Aged Between 10 – 19

32.5% of the US users are aged between 10 - 19

The use base statistics of TikTok still match the former app. This is because, up to date, most for e TikTok users in the US are young, aged between 10 -19, and 32.5%, per the Statista report. They also conclude that 20 -29 age comprise 29.5% of US users. But still, the china Douyin statistics indicate that TikTok users ages with the app.

10. 167 Million TikTok Videos Were Watched in Internet Minute

Statista report of august 2021 worked on the online media for the usage of the Internet minute around the world. Within this period, most p[eople are watching thousands of content, sharing, uploading, and scrolling through millions of emssahe]ges and texts. Among the results, Statista concluded that most users on TikTok watched 167 million hours of videos on the platform within a sample internet minute.

11. Most famous iPhone apps downloaded in the US in 2021

Most famous iPhone apps downloaded in the US in 2021

TikTok was topping the list of the top free apps in the US, followed by YouTube and Instagram. This report was based on the apple released charts after researching the most downloaded premium and free games and apps in the US during 2021.

12. 75 (39 or 35+) Languages

TikTok has joined the international stage, and now they support about 75 languages. However, it is not yet clear,r but there are discrepancies in multiple reports. Form the support team, TikTok claims to support 39 languages which you can change anytime from the app's settings. But on the TikTok creator marketplace, they claim to support over 35 languages.

Well, there is the possibility that after banning the platform in India, some languages have been dropped. For iOS, there are 36 languages to select from.

13. 65% of the US TikTokers Are Women

65% of the US TikTokers are women

TikTok is more popular among women than men in the US, as per the march 2021 report. This is where females account for 61% while males account for 39% of the total TikTok users in the US, based on Statista. Also, the Pwe research of 2021 indicates that US users over 18 years consist of 24% of women while 17% of men have installed the app.

14. 3rd Fastest-Growing Brand in 2020 but 6th in 2021

According to the Morning Consults about the fastest growing brand in 2020, TikTok was ranked 3rd on the fastest growing platform. The report confirms that every brand has a sport on the list, and out of 20 brands, 6 have been involved in streaming, including TikTok. However, in 2021, though it fell on the giddy high, it remained on 6th place among the fastest growing brands in 2021 research.

15. Kids Aged 4 to 15 Spends at Least 75 Minutes Rer Day on TikTok

Kids aged 4 to15 spends at least 75 minutes per day on TikTok

This claim is based on the Qustadio research, which concludes that kids aged up to 15 years spend at least 75 minutes watching TikTok, while on youtube, they spend 68 minutes. This survey was done in December 2020 in Spain, the UK, and the US.16 Android users spend 19.6 hours per month on TikTok.

Compared with the results in 2020, which is a 47% increase where they used to spend 13.3 hours every month on the platform. But again, the time spends also varies depending on the location. For instance, the UK recorded an average of 27.3 hours every month which is high compared to Canada.

16. TikTok is the Most Engaging Social Media App

For users and newbies that are joing9ng the platform to watch videos; it resurfaces after hours. Hence, from the report, TikTok remains the most engaging social media platform, with an average user session of roughly 10.85 minutes.

17. Finance TikTok Grew by 255% in 2021.

Finance TikTok grew by 255% in 2021

Based on the Next report for 2022, the topic is mainly on crypto, investment, and finance. Have been a fruitful year. The crypto hashtag videos have exploded to garner over 1.9 billion video content. Hence, finance topics are subject to tendencies.

18. 45% of the Marketers on TikTok Are Seeking Influencer Marketing

Though Instagram still trends in social media marketing, TikTok is taking over by storm. Thus, 45% of the TikTok marketers use TikTok to collaborate with like-minded social media influencers. Thus TikTok is a home where it connects different brands with the target audience to build trust.

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TikTok is a popular social media platform. They are working on overtaking all major platforms, including vine. Even though the platform is not in competition with rivalries, they serve different purposes worldwide. Besides content creation and challenges, TikTok has multiple facts and statistics that most typical users have never known.

In our article today, we have covered some of the amazing facts and statistics that give users an advantage over competitors on the market. With the above statistics, you can now better understand platforms in the right manner and predict what is happening around the world. The statistics are excellent for social media marketers and influencers. Pay attention to the above facts and revamp your marketing strategy on TikTok.