YouTube Theater Seating Chart: Take a Look Inside the Technology-Filled

YouTube Theater

Ever heard about the YouTube theater opening and how it is inspiring the new content creator economy? Get an understanding of the theater seating chart of this bold move in the entertainment industry with live events and music.

YouTube Theater for Business

YouTube is a popular social media platform for online streaming and multiple video content. However, the platform has recently decided to take the presence and entertainment to the next level. The platform, together with other shareholders, has opened up the YouTube Theater for Business which consists of 6000 seats, as a performance venue located in Inglewood in California. The platform to hold multiple live events and performances.

The swooping steel meets the shining glass, leaving all the cliches aside. The new physical venue will hold theater performances, concerts, e-sport competitions, as well as award shows. The events will be live and available to billions of worldwide viewers. Well, YouTube is ubiquitous, and it takes a unique shape is not a miracle as it is a significant statement moving to the physical form.

It will be an exciting event to join and see what the theater host will perform and how they operate through their infrastructure to obtain the YouTube clips. So, if you are interested, here is what you need to understand on the YouTube theater seating chart first.

YouTube Theater Seating Chart Diagram

YouTube Theater seat

YouTube Theater at Hollywood Park Seating Chart has three different types of seats, including Orchestra Level, Plaza Level, and Balcony Level. Some events at YouTube Theater offer Lawn or Standing Room Only (SRO) in addition to General Admission (GA). These sections do not have assigned seats and are mostly for people who like to stand up or prefer a large area to move freely.

Overall Planar Diagram

Overall Planar Diagram

Orchestra Level  

Orchestra Level

Club Seating C1-C4, Boxes B1-B6, Sections 101-105

Plaza Level & Balcony Level

Plaza Level & Balcony Level

  • Plaza level: Sections 201-207
  • Balcony level: Sections 301-307

YouTube Theater Seating Chart Facts & Statistics

This section will share some facts and statistics concerning the YouTube Theater seating chart. Keep reading to the end and get to understand something you never knew.

  1. The exterior of the YouTube Theater and fencing plaza is covered using a sloping glass facade and conical, providing an open feeling.
  2. The Theater includes 142 premium seats as well as the six 12-people luxury boxes, including the 68-capacity art deco room with the speakeasy vibes meant for the extra VIP quests.
  3. They have a total of 47 points distributed all over the seven different full-service bars everywhere.
  4. The Theater has a large screen on either side of the stage, ensuring optimal viewing.
  5. In the venue, they have a reduction curtain hung to give space to be partitioned into 3 crowd capacities where a full hour can accommodate up to 6000 seats with other capacity settings of 3400 & 4400.
  6. The farthest seat in the state is 164 ft from the stage, where the sight line is excellent though somehow steep.
  7. The YouTube Theateris loaded with its own 3 by loading docks as well as the production room so that it runs independently.
  8. YouTube Theater has over 2 million investors becoming the first physical venue for an online streaming platform with the most significant number of shareholders.
  9. The Theater is curated with unique content matching the event inside for every session and also contains an interactive digital wall capable of showcasing the work of all the YouTube content creators in the form of gallery-like settings.
  10. The YouTube Theater was opened on September 3, 2021, but the first event is scheduled for September 3, 2022.
  11. YouTube theater has installed the new 6000 seats and sound system in Holywood park occupying almost 300 acres of land for sports and entertainment.
  12. The Theater is under one roof with the America airline plaza and SoFi stadium, where it outfits expensive speakers made with the l-acoustics, which support anything within the venue, thus capable of live-streaming to billions of viewers.
  13. The YouTube theaters seats consist of 3500 square ft, which is a premium club, six luxury boxes, 1200 square ft acting as the back-of-house hospitality space then incredible sightlines at every level on the seats that totals 227,000 square ft.
  14. The Theater has multiple speakers, an analog backup running on the redundant AVB network, ten A10i wider that delivers under the balcony/luxury box, and two hanging on KS25 subwoofers fawning behind in the cardioid configuration. On the floor, there are 12 KS28 placed across for full width, multiple LA12X & LA2Xi amplifier controllers to manage the entire system beneath the management of P1 digital audio processors, and nine K2 consisting of six under-hung kara II boxes placed on each side proscenium for the outfit.
  15. Though the YouTube theater seat is wide and needs a center array, it is still a fill in the left and a suitable array that makes it compatible to be used along with the dedicated center array. But it is compatible with the improved location of the center stage and support speech.
  16. All the audio equipment was provided by the 3G productions, which also installed and conducted the final commissioning.

YouTube Theater Seating Chart FAQs

Q. Does the YouTube Theater have seats?

YouTube Theater is an intimate seating venue comprising about 6000 seatings for the quests specially meant for the business and performing with many other events. However, seats are spreading way from the stage outwards.

Q. How much are YouTube Theatre tickets?

The average cost for the seats while attending the performance at the YouTube theater in Hollywood park is estimated to be $224.85. at the same time, the most affordable seat is found far from the stage in the high-back balcony raw, which costs about $7 each on the TicketSmart.

Q. What time do doors open at YouTube Theater?

From the details in our article and research, the YouTube Theater opens 3 hours before the main activity starts during the event day. This gives room for assistance in ticketing and many other things.

Q. Where is the YouTube Theater in Inglewood?

The YouTube theater in Inglewood is located in Inglewood, California, at the address 1011 Stadium Dr. CA 90301 with coordinates 33°57′6″N 118°20′12″W, which is suer one roof with the SoFi stadium and American Airlines.

Q. What does theater mode do on YouTube?

The point theater mode server on YouTube is to enable one when they do not wish to watch the video using full screen and avoid watching in a small window. Hence theater mode falls between the whole and small window screen.

Q. How does the YouTube Theater work?

With the Theater occupying 227000 square ft, it will work as the best creative oasis or avenue for the Angelenos. In contrast, the other 3 story venues will give state-of-the-art technology together with luxury amenities, premium features for the quests, and the l-acoustic sound system.

Q. How long does a concert go for?

Based on the general information, the concert takes about one and a half to 2 hours which is a good time. However, in between, there is some 15 to 20 minutes break. But based on the control of the artists on the stage, they end up taking longer than 2 hours to3 hours.

Q. How do I make YouTube stay in theater mode?

This is simple as you need first to turn off the light browser's extension which forces YouTube to open the full size when on default settings. However, you can still tap on the theater icon player to return to the typical view.

Q. Is SeatGeek legitimate?

First SeatGeek is a platform that allows you to compare, contrast, and buy tickets from different venues and vendors. This is a legitimate platform and works in conjunction with guaranteed ticketing services. It ensures you 100% that you never buy fake tickets or get double purchased tickets for an event.

Q. How many seats does Comerica Theater have?

Camerica theater is an Arizona federal theater that is also considered a state-art performance venue and is found in downtown phoenix consists of 5000 seats equipped with perfect lighting equipment.

Q. Is the YouTube Theatre indoor or outdoor?

Because of the location, one of the investors-Courtin wished that the YouTube theatre would have had both indoor and outdoor spaces in the venue. This is because the business is YouTube oriented and is a platform that portrays artistic expressions; hence they came to realize that having a creative canvas all the way was the best way to go. This leaves the Theater as an indoor.


In our article, we have covered all the relevant detail as YouTube their seating chat is concerned. This is one of the major advancements that YouTube is taking the game to the next level with live performances and events to express the state-of-the-art performance.

The seating chart has different seating levels, each with different pricing. We have also reviewed statistics and facts about the YouTube theater seating chart. Go through and grasp the concept, and if you wish, get prepared for the big day.