How to Change Age on Discord?

Change Age on Discord

Have you entered the incorrect date of birth on Discord but still wondering how to change it? Then it would be best to read this guide on changing the age on Discord for the simple procedure. Learn along with us.

Quick Answer:

1. Submit the request to change your age on Discord
2. Add the date of birth
3. Then add the image attachment

Discord has become the best place not just to connect with friends and family but also for gaming. The old days are long gone and become have advanced when it comes to online presence.

The people have come to line the Discord because they offer you the option to use different servers hence capable of changing out with friends and playing the game together from different parts of the world. You can as well perform many more tasks. h however, some of the discord servers are only used by adults. Hence, you must be at least 18 years of age and above to join Discord.

If not, you might as well have registered the discord servers but unknowingly entered the wrong date of birth. You will never be allowed to join a certain community when you do not meet the age limit requirements. When you try to join the server, you might ban the account or the IP address.

And to this far, you might be wondering how to change the discord age. In our Artcell, we will cover a detailed guide under different circumstances on changing the age in a discord. Read along and find out how to go about it.

How to Change Age on Discord on PC?

How to Change Age on Discord

Requirements for Changing Age:

So, when you notice that you have registered the Discord but entered the wrong age, then you can submit the request to amend the details. However, for the process to be effective, there are a few requirements that you must meet:

  • First, ensure you have the original ID photo, which clearly shows the age or date of birth and must be issued to the government.
  • Second, get the discord tag written down on paper. Head to the left button found on the discord server screen. You will see: user#xxx
  • Then have the photo clicked at the same time. Make sure you are holding the discord tag with the photo ID.
  • Ensure the details found on the ID and paper are visible enough; if not, rest assured that the request will likely be revoked immediately.

When you are done with the above requirements, you can now follow the below steps to finalize the request to change the discord age:

First, Submit the Request to Change Your Age on Discord

Does not have the age settings found on the platform; instead, you must send the request to enable you to change the age. Here is how to submit the request to change the age:-

Step 1: Head to the support page and tap on the ‘ what can we help you with ‘ option on the Discord

Step 2: Then tap on trust and safety from the resulting options

submit the request to change your age on Discord

Step 3: Afterward, enter the email address linked to the discord account you want to amend.

Step 4: After that, choose the ‘ appear option, then  age update and other questions from the menu, which is found beneath the menu titled ‘ how can we help you?'

Second, Add the Date of Birth

When you want to alter the age on the discord account, you must add the date of birth in the next step. here is not to go about it:

Step 1: Hit ‘ update my age information from the popup menu on the last, then follow the month, date, and year arrangement format as you fill the resulting box.

Add the date of birth

Step 2: Then, check the ‘please confirm that you have attached the required material' from the options.

Step 3: Then, keep scrolling until you locate a text field titled the subject line. On the box, proceed to add the text such as  ‘ kindly help me update my discord age……..‘ at this point, you must explain why you need to change the age on Discord.

Then type the reason again in the description box, which must clearly state that you entered the wrong date of birth, my mistake, or incorrect, and convince them to approve your submitted request.

Third, Add the Image Attachment

This is the last step when you are submitting the request. here is how to move about this option:

Step 1: Navigate through and locate the attachment option, which is located beneath the description option box. This is the most important step in the whole process.

Step 2: Then proceed to upload the photos while holding the valid ID photo and a white paper written with the discord tag just for verification. Then add the email address when you are requested to include it.

Then add the image attachment

Step 3: When through, tap on submit button. Then be patient by giving them a few days to process the request. When things seem okay, they will get back to your concerning the issue. Then they will update the details as directed.

That sounds simple, and you are done, voila! And in case of Discord rejects the request for the reason, then never give up, work on making the photos as clear as possible and send another request; then we guarantee you that it will work in the long run.

How to Change Your Age on Discord on Mobile?

How to Change Your Age on Discord for iPhone

You must note that while on discord servers, some users with ages between 13 to 17 are restricted from accessing some contented join specific channels; with the iPhone, even when you have 18 years of age, it is still complex to access the age-restricted content or join discord channel channels on the server.

The reason behind this is that apple company tends to make it that it needs you to option to the desktop so that t]you can access the age-restricted content on iPhone. You can always bypass the restriction when you follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the discord server on the iPhone and make sure you are logged in to the account on the desktop

Step 2: Then, tap on the gear button at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 3: The above steps open up the settings menu, then tap on the privacy and safety option

Step 4: Go ahead by choosing ‘ allow to access age-restricted content' on iOS so that you can enable the desktop settings to view the content.

Discord does not tolerate any server linked to explicit pornographic content to access using any iOS device. The same is restricted when using the iPhone app to check the discord account with age-restricted content. Instead, you can access it by using the website or following the above steps.

Thpiiugnh the process looks complex, it is meant to offer parental control and restrict not only the discord community but also the user. This feature is not likely going to change anytime soon. This gives you an insight into selecting the right age when creating a discord account.

How to Change Age on Discord without ID?

How to Change Age on Discord without an ID

Sometimes, you might take your private information seriously, and sharing your photo ID might be tempting. Still, you might not have the ID to prove the age on Discord, but you still need to amend the discord age. Probably, that is not possible for them as ID is one of the main requirements.

Therefore, the only thing left if you want to change the discord age without ID is to create a new discord account. Therefore, when you create the account, make sure you set the age limit to range from 18 and above years.

But for the successful process, get the secondary email address. Then, when you are through, you will be able to access all the age-restricted content from various channels and servers on Discord. Changing discord account age is not a simple task based on the above steps. but, still, if you are wondering how to go about it, here is how to go about registering a new account:-

Step 1: Navigate to the discord homepage and start the registration process. Thus for this step, ensure you provide the right unique discord tag and set your new age above 18 years.

Step 2: Then register with the secondary email address. This is a very vital tip to note. It would help if you created using a new secondary email address, not the one connected to the existing discord account. This is because the current email will give you a challenge typing in the date of birth.

Otherwise, you will have the new discount account set up and ready to use for any purpose. This means you can create multiple discord accounts but use different email addresses.

Why Is It So Hard to Change Age on Discord?

Why Is It So Hard to Change Age on Discord

It is challenging to change age on Discord. You might be wondering, but one thing for sure is that the discord developers understand what is going on with the inappropriate content on the platform.

The adult content is controlled on Discord, and the forum staff knows that some young users might easily get exposed to NSFW content. Therefore, the team does not call upon the age verification process when you create a discord account. Still, it is their responsibility to control the NSFW channels on the platform.

Another thing is that age restriction is a good move on the Discord and so one of the crucial parameters when managing the not safe for work which makes the content on discord server to reach a particular audience with mature ming and not children.

Some children struggle to change their age and access the restricted content, making the process complex. This guy understands that it is the responsibility of the users, the direct response of the agency, and also government to control age lint on accessing NSFW contents. If not, the government will criticize them for poorly moderating social media platform rules.

Before we proceed, you need to understand that you can easily delete your discord server account and give it time to start all afresh when the above methods fail to work on your side.


1. Can other Discord users see my age?

No, other users in the discord channel, server, or community cannot see your age as ht platform keep everything safe and private based on their terms of use.

2. Can you fake your age on Discord?

Most people cheat on Discord when it comes to age. But the platform is again working hard to ensure that it keeps users safe on the platform by restricting them from accessing NSFW contents and channels. Remember, it is against the discord terms of use to chat about your age, and in case they detect you, they are likely to ban your account.

3. What to do if you put the wrong age on Discord?

You can submit the request through Discord to change the age when you have entered the incorrect age by mistake. The trust and safety team will respond to the age update appeal request.

Follow the above procedure discussed in the article to submit the appeal found under update my age information. And give relevant reason to change and attach a clear photo holding your ID and discord tag written on a paper.


changing the age in a Discord account is a complicated task. The platform contacts age-restricted content, and the trust and safety team knows the platform contacts age-restricted content. But with the above procedure in the article, you can submit the appeal request to change the age when you meet the requirements. If not, register a new discord account with the right age and secondary email address.