Top 20 YouTube Users Statistics That Interests You in 2023

YouTube Users Statistics

Are there some facts and statistics about YouTube besides being the leader for streaming video content? Stay put, learn some unique facts and statistics about YouTube, and understand it beyond a typical level.

YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms for streaming video content. But, do you know other facts and statics about this platform? The fact remains ranked second for the US most organically visited website and first worldwide. Many people have joined the platform with a good fine-tune rate every month.

If you are looking forward to marketing your brand, it is worth having a deeper look at the YouTube platform. This is because it has an audience from all sorts of niches covering all ages around the world. To help you and make work easy, we have gathered a list of YouTube facts and statists. You need to go through them and grasp relevant points to leverage them and obtain the best out of YouTube.

However, if you are already a YouTuber, you are not left behind; there is also something you need to know about YouTube. Most people make videos and share them on the platform without understanding them. The result is zero engagement rates.

There are a few things you first need o to understand about YouTube and strategize your plan to come out strong. Therefore, here are some of the super helpful YouTube facts and user statistics. Keep reading along with us to the end.

Key to YouTube Users Statistics

  • According to Ahrefs article, YouTube is ranked second among the most organically visited sites in the US, but globally, it is chartered in the first place.
  • YouTube has recorded a total of 2.6 billion monthly active users. This is valid data from Statista updated on 7/3/2022. At the same time, the daily active users are over 122 million from around the world.
  • The largest YouTube concurrent views ever recorded was when SpaceX went live while launching Falcon Heavy Rocket. The company managed to gather 2.3 million views, according to The Verge report.
  • YouTube has over 38 million active accounts or channels, out of which 15 million include the content creator, and going beyond 22000 of these, have over 1 million subscribers. This is according to Tubic research.
  • In the 2022 estimate, India has recorded the highest number of YouTube users, close to 467 million, while the US followed with 247 million viewers on YouTube.
  • In 2021, YouTube's advertising revenue was estimated to be roughly $28.84 billion. This was a 30.4% increase compared to the 2020 data. And in the 4th quarter of 2021, they generated $8.8 billion.
  • 70% of the YouTube watch time comes from mobile gadgets around the world. And 70% of what they watch is determined by the YouTube algorithm recommendations.
  • Based on the YouTube Press, over 9000 partners on the platform have the content ID on their video content, including movies, studios, and broadcasts. The content ID shields YouTube video identification through the owner's copyright and is a scalable system.
  • 94.5% of the YouTube content is watched by OTT watchers who tend to consume the content.
  • According to the latest 2022 report, YouTube has managed to make over 51 million active channels on the platform, which is overwhelming, and YouTube involves over 80 local languages versions around the world.
  • While 200 billion hours on YouTube were spent watching the game on the platform, 72% of the people also consume fitness content as of 2020 reports.
  • The latest YouTube statistics also indicate that this video-streaming platform has 2.562 billion users worldwide, based on the Statista report of 2022.
  • The most subscribed channel on YouTube is T-series, but Mr. Beast generated more revenue, while premium subscribers reached 50 million in 2021.
  • The top earning YouTube in 2021  was estimated to be Mr. Beast and ranked worldwide with about $54 million in revenue.

YouTube Users Statistics Chart

Compared with other social media platforms, YouTube is ranked second with 2.6 billion monthly users after Facebook, which recorded 2.9 billion users. And in this section, we will show the statistical charts from revenue, YouTube users, and premium users.

YouTube Quarterly Users Q2 2010 to Q2 2022 (MM)

Source: Company data, Social App Report, and company data estimation from Appmagic.

And in the second quarter of 2021, YouTube achieved 2.5 billion monthly users. This made the platform one of the top trending famous ap[p around the world, which only ranked behind Google and Facebook. The growth graph of the YouTube quarterly users from the 2020 first quarter to the 2022 first quarter is impressive.

The premium subscribers are also increasing. In the YouTube premium package, you get the music streaming without ads, but at the same price as Spotify, and in 2021, it reached 50 million more active members. Since 2015 as indicated in the table below, there has been a  consistent growth up to 2021, and we anticipate that it will continue to grow in 2022 as well.

Youtube Premium Annual Subscribers 2015 to 2021 (BN)

Year Subscribers (mm)
2015 1.5
2016 3
2017 2.8
2018 10
2019 18
2020 30
2021 50

YouTube Quarterly Revenue Q1 2015 to Q2 2022 ($BN)

Source: Alphabet, Social App Report, WSJ

In terms of revenue, when you compare the statistics from the 2010 to 2022 second quarter, you can realize that revenue generation is a clear growth in revenue generation. For instance, in 2021, YouTube generated $28.8 billion in revenue compared with 2020; there is a clear 46% increase from year-on-year.

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, YouTube generated $7340 million from the $6869 million of the 2022 first quarter. This is a clear improvement, as shown in the diagram below. In 2021, Mr. Beat contributed to the largest revenue generation at $54 million, while Jake Paul came second, while Markiplier took the third position, according to the Forbes report.

Top 20 YouTube Users Statistics & Facts

1. 1.7 Billion Unique Monthly Visitors.

1.7 billion unique monthly visitors

This claim is based on the fact that the total number this platform receives is 14.3 billion every month, which ranks high compared with Facebook. But among the visitors, 1.7 billion are unique visitors every month, according to the Hootsuite report.

2. The First YouTube Video to Be Uploaded Was in April 2005

According to the information on the YouTube website, they uploaded the video on 23rd April 2005 at San Diego Zoo.

3. Over 2.6 Billion Monthly Active Users

Over 2.6 billion monthly active users

According to the Statistica website and other online sources like Hootsuite, YouTube has recorded this figure. This huge number indicates that almost a quarter of the world's population visits the platform. They are bringing up this large number.

Therefore, the platform has a large audience base, so any business, influencer, or marketer can join to connect with the target audience simply and transparently as long as they all fall under the same niche.

4. Second Most Visited Website Around the World

YouTube has over 14 billion monthly visitors; thus, it clocks the heavier hitters on the internet. It comes second after its parent firm, google. And according to other sources, it is also placed in the third position among the famous searches through google. Otherwise, it holds the second position among the most visited websites worldwide. Again, according to the Alexa ranking, the platform generated the second most traffic.

5. 81% of Internet Users Have Used YouTube

81% of internet users have used YouTube

This can translate to the fact that almost everyone has sued YouTube. Even though some people who o not create content for YouTube, they are on the platform since it is the best and leading digital hub to a certain capacity. first, people join to market their products through increasing subscribers while others promote their channel. This counts for up to 81% of the users who have visited YouTube.

6. India Has the Leading Advertising Audience on YouTube

According to the report, in 2022, India was ranked as the leading country with a reach of roughly 467 million users. this si the elading auidenec for the adevrtsiement miels is concernd. And in like, the US has become second with a margin of 247 million of the total reach audience according to the Hootsuite digital report 2022.

7. YouTube Generated $28.8 Billion in Revenue in 2021 on Global Ads.

YouTube generated $28.8 billion in revenue in 2021 on global ads

Comparing this figure with the 2020 report, the $28.8 billion revenue increased by 46%. This platform seems to be where most people are investing their ad dollars. Therefore, you can also consider joining when you need a presence in the same niche. And currently, their revenue still increases from the first quarter to the second quarter of 2022, as earlier stated based on the Statista reports.

8. YouTube Shorts Get 15 Billion Views Daily

YouTube introduced the new feature Shorts, which is mainly the format targeting Indian people since 2020, and the video goes to a maximum of 60 seconds. This feature was rolled to over 100 countries around the world. Then YouTube offered about $100 million as the short funds to facilitate the content creators to try this feature.

And today, many people have adopted and guaranteed over 15 million views daily, proving to be the best hit indicating that most audiences are longing for the short content videos like TikTok. This might be the same reason why TikTok is gaining popularity over YouTube.

9. High User Engagement

High user engagement

Compared with other social media platforms, engagement on YouTube is high. For instance, the users on the platform consume roughly over 1 billion hours of video content daily, which translates to 5 billion YouTube videos.

From these estimates, the users stick to YouTube for about 29 minutes with 37 seconds per visit. And over 500 hours of videos are uploaded after every minute, thus making YouTube a warehouse of 5 billion video contents to date.

10. Most Popular YouTube Channels Have Over 200 Million Subscribers.

T-series is a famous YouTube channel with over 213 million active subscribers. Other popular YouTube channels follow along, including the YouTube movies SET India, etc.

11. Google Bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion

It was in 2006 when google official bought the domain. At that time, they acquired this video streaming platform for only $1.65 billion; Google also thought they were overcharged for the domain, which is not the case looking at the revenue the platform generates. Google stole the domain in the bright daylight.

12. YouTube Has Over 51 Million Active Channels

So far, the platform has reported over 51 million channels created to this date. And out of these channels, though there are controversies from different websites, 306,000 have over 100k subscribers. At the same time, 29000 have over 1 million subscribers, narrowing down to 700 channels with over 10 million subscribers per the latest information. This data is open to any future changes; keep checking for amendments.

13. 1 Billion Hours Are Watched Each Day

1 billion hours are watched each day

According to tot eh YouTube statistics, it is crystal clear that people watch over 1  billion hours of video content daily. This indicates the high engagement rate of the platform with a large audience base. Therefore, if you have the right video description with the relevant hashtag and any other things, you have the chance as well to rank and optimize to get to the needed audience on the platform with this number.

14. Most YouTube Searches Are Music-Related

From the reviews and statistics online, the data reveals that among the top 100 searches on YouTube globally, including the US, it is about music. the pulled data shows that around the world, 58% of the top 100 searches account for music-related video content. And of the rate, 20% of these searches come from the US.

15. Apple's Biggest YouTube AD Spenders in 2020-2021

Apple's biggest  YouTube ad spenders in 2020-2021

Apple spent most of its revenues from 2020 to early 2021 on YouTube ads. They are ranked as the biggest spender on YouTube during this period. At that time, they paid over $237.15 million for the YouTube ads., and the top YouTube ads of 2021 were a collaboration between BTS and Hyundai. The ad was viewed over 105 million times ever in history.

16. 71% of Marketers and Influencers Use YouTube for Marketing

Most social media marketers and influencers create YouTube accounts to increase their online presence. This indicates that they are using the videos for marketing, and 72% expect to increase their knowledge from the platform.

And 50% of the market targets to improve their marketing strategy based on the 2021 industry report. Hence YouTube is most ranked for video marketing while maintaining the online presence to stay competitive in the market. And 22% of the marketers capitalize on YouTube stories.

17. Majority of the YouTube Users Are Aged 25 to 34

majority of the YouTube users are aged 25 to 34

Among the age brackets of the majority of users, 53.9% are male. And of the total users, 62% of Americans sues the platform daily, while close to 92% use it every week. This is according to the Statista report. 22% use mobile devices to access YouTube. Even though different data online gives a varying percentage on this claim.

18. Trending Google Searches

Besides music, in 2022, cartoon and baby rank as the newest searches in the queries list around the world and the US, respectively, according to the google trend report. While elsewhere, BTS is the outstanding searched query on the platform worldwide and has recorded over 16 million searches every month, according to the Ahrefs report. YouTube live streaming has become popular.

19. According to the Digital 2022  Global Overview

according to the Digital 2022  global overview

Report online, 30% of the users on YouTube have watched at least a live stream once a week. This seems true because the live stream has a high reach, people make money through super chat, and it increases engagement. And among the ranked 100 most viewed YouTube Livestream, 60 have been streamed in the past two years.

20. 54% of YouTube Users Are Male

From the statistics, it is also clear that 46.1% of YouTube users are women while 53.9% are male, based on the data obtained on audiences over 18 years. This was a slight shift compared to the 2020 report, where 56% were identified as male while the rest were female.

This means more women join the platform and create accounts to consume YouTube content. The rate in the future is projected to increase as well. This is listed on the Hootsuite Global State  Digital report of 2022.

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YouTube is a great social media platform known for streaming video content. Besides generating revenue by posting video content, you can also use YouTube channels for marketing your business brands. Our article has covered relevant statistics to set the road for you and get started.

You have all things at hand, including statistics and facts about YouTube. Read and have them at your fingertips. The YouTube statistics are helpful not for individuals and businesses to make informed decisions and revamp their marketing strategies on social media platforms.