How to Change Nickname on Discord Easily (2023)

Change Nickname on Discord

Looking for ways to change your discord nickname but do not know where to start from? This is the right place to be. Let us take you through changing discord nicknames using different devices. Read and grasp the tricks and hacks.

Key Content:

  • Change your Discord Nickname on the Desktop
  • Change your Discord Nickname on Mobile
  • Set Discord nickname for your friends

Discord is a popular platform that allows users to customize everything. Thus, it is not surprising to state that users can change their username as they wish for every discord server they join. This is important in a situation where you joined the discord to carry out multiple tasks like doing business or gaming with friends. Hence, you can set the nickname for every server you join depending on the group's purpose.

However, nicknames are part of us, even if some people don't like them. When it comes to discord, the choice is built for various options. It is so efficient that anyone can change the nickname anytime as long the role on the server allows you to carry out the amendments.

Therefore, our article today will take you through various procedures to change the discord nickname based on the guides on different devices. Stay along to learn detailed tips and relevant steps you need to follow.

How to Change Nickname on Discord?

On Desktop

In this section, we are taking you through steps to change the nickname on discord when you are using a desktop. The procedure is simple. Pay attention to make it successful:

Step 1: Use the preferred browser, visit the discord website, and log in using relevant details. Then on the left sidebar, choose the suitable discord server.

Step 2: Then, on the right-hand side of the most panel, you will have a list of the server members; locate your username, right-click while pointing on it, and click on edit server profile from the menu.


edit pro

Step 3: Then start typing in your new nickname on the text field, and when you are done, tap save the changes.

Alternatives, there are other methods when you do not like the general procedure. We will cover more in the next section. But also, when the permission on the discord server allows you to change the other people's nicknames, you can change following the same procedure. More on this later on in this article.

On Mobile

You can also change the nickname on discord using the mobile phone. However, you must install the discord mobile application first. The procedure is simple.

Step 1: Upon downloading and installing the discord mobile application, click on it to launch the application.

Step 2: Then log in and head to the discord server you want to change the nickname.

Step 3: Then click on the server members list button. This option is found on the top right-hand side of your screen.

three dot

Step 4: Then, from the resulting screen, click on your nickname or username found on the list of members.

Step 5: Then, at the bottom of the screen, you will see the new window open up. Then tap on edit server profile from the menu.

e sprofile

Step 6: In this next screen, proceed by tapping on the text box underneath the nickname.


Step 7: Start typing your new nickname, and immediately you are done, click save changes, and you will have the new nickname displayed on the discord server.

Other Alternatives to Change Nickname on Discord

  • Change The Discord Server Nickname From A Text Channel

But for this method to work, one must have an existing message in the text channel to proceed with changing the discord nickname for a particular server. so, follow the below procedure:

Step 1: Launch discord, login, and head to the relevant discord server. Then tap on the search bar, which is found at a server's top of the screen.

Step 2: Then type your name and navigate to your message on the target discord server

Step 3: When you find the text message, right-click on the profile photo, then click on the edit server profile from the resulting menu.


Step 4: Then, you can finalize by changing the nickname using the resulting menu as the previous method. Then save the changes, and you are good and done with everything.

save pro

Sounds simpler? Right, let us now look at the next alternative methods and compare.

  • Use The Server Information Menu

There is also the possibility that you are still new o the discord server and have not shared any message with the group. The above method does not apply using the text channel for this case.

Indeed, servers have thousands of active users, and the first method might look challenging to locate your username on the list of members. For this scenario, you can simply head to the server information section or menu and then amend the nickname for the particular discord server. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Once you have launched the discord server and have logged in to the account, tap on the server name, which is found at the top on the left-hand side of the screen.

obs munber

Step 2: Then, on the menu, choose edit server profile


save pro

Step 3: After that, you will have a menu opening up to allow you to change the nickname, and you will be done.

  •  Use Slash Commands To Change The Nickname

If you are a slash command fanatic, then this is the method tailored for you. Though this method is the simplest one with the /nick command, you will be done with changing the desired username in a particular server.

new nic

For instance, when you type the /nick Stanislaus this will change the discord server nickname to Stanislaus for that particular server. However, in a situation where the owner of the discord server does not permit you to change the name, none of the above-discussed methods will work for you on any discord server. But the good news is that you can seek support from the admin to permit you to change the nickname in that group.

But there are other cases where the admins have permission to change the members' nicknames. Therefore, the admin of a discord server assigns every user a custom nickname for this case. Let us now find out how to change someone's nickname on discord.

How to Set Discord Nickname for Friends?

The answer might be no or yes, depending on the situation. But where you are the discord server owner or the admin, you have the permission to change and manage the nickname of the members that join the server. But still, there are two permissions about the change of a nickname.

The first is to enable the nickname, which only allows the users to change the nickname on your discord server. Hence, if you are on a server, you have permission to change your nickname besides the server admin. But you will be stuck if this permission is not checked, and you will only remain with the nickname you had while joining the server. But it is possible that the owner decided to amend the nickname.

The second option is to enable the manage nickname on the server. This permission allows members to see the list of members and server settings on the server. Therefore, with this option, any member in the group can change their nickname on the server. And if you are the owner, you have the power to intrinsically perform the action, though the server owner must first permit it when it is not your server.

This leads us to the other procedure to change someone's nickname. The procedure is simple, as seen below:

Step 1: When on the discord server, locate the member's tab or section from the server settings

Step 2: Then, in the tab ‘ server members, navigate to the name of the members you want to change their nickname or username. When you point to the name, you will see the 3 dots on the right-hand side. To open the options, tap on the dots, then select change nickname from the menu.

nic name

Step 3: Type in the member's nickname in the empty box given, and when done, save changes; you are done.

ures name

So all the members, as soon as they access the server, will be able to see the nickname amended on the right-hand side of the members' section.

But when the admin does not permit you to change the name, then you will not have the permission to change the nickname of the members, not your nickname on that particular discord server. When you try the slash command, you will only see the sad notification on the Clyde.

But note that in a situation where you are trying to go incognito using the unique Discord nickname of keeping a low profile, anyone can simply head to your profile and still see your real name.

Still, something interesting is that anyone can still mention you with @mention using the old and new nicknames. The regular discord feature to mention your name will still apply if you are on the same discord server.

Bonus: How to Change Username on Discord?

Instead of changing the nickname in a target server alone, you can change the username, which applies to the whole discord and all the servers you joined. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch the discord app or visit the website using a browser and log in with relevant credentials.

Step 2: Then choose the gear icon, and this button is found on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. It is immediately to the right-hand side of the current username.


Step 3: After that, tap the edit option close to the username information.

edit pro

Step 4: Then start typing in the new username data.

Step 5: You will be prompted to enter the current discord password in the corresponding field, and tap did when you are through. That is all you need to do.

Some people find it confusing, but to clarify, nickname and username are two different aspects, and each has a different impact on the discord.

Therefore, when you change the discord username, the name changes on all the discord servers you have joined while changing the nickname only applies to a particular server you have selected or linked while changing.

Also, the current or new username will be visible on multiple discord servers as opposed to the nickname, which is only visible to the particulars server hence called the server name in most cases.

Therefore, your discord username works uniquely when you compare it with the nickname on a server. When you share the DM, your friends or members can see the username; the same applies to the friends' list. And you can never decide to have two different usernames for different servers, unlike nicknames.


Discord nickname and username are two different things. The two have different impacts on the discord servers. However, changing nicknames and usernames is a simple task. We have guided you through the other methods to change the article's discord username and discord server nickname.

Read and grasp the procedure. one you change the nickname. Still, members in a server can mention you using an old and a new nickname. Read the article to understand their differences and impact on the discord.