How to Get A Snap Streak Back?

Get Snap Streak Back

Are you panicking because you lost your streak on the Snapchat account? Never worry; there is a reason. If you want to learn how to get the snap streak back, read our article and find out in detail.

Quick Answer:

When you lose your snap streak, you cannot recover through your own efforts, you can only ask Snapchat for help.

The wonderful fire symbol found on your friend's name on Snapchat is growing daily. This is what you enjoy as the Snapchat streak, and officially, it is the snap streak. It is among the best entertainment features on the platform and indicates that you have become a master of Snapchat. This simply means that you are committed to sending a particular user at least one of the snaps daily to achieve the highest snap streak ever. 

However, the worst might happen, and you will lose the snap streak on your profile. You have been fighting and committed to maintaining but abruptly log in and realize that you have lost the streak in no time.

While Snapchat does not send users alerts when they are almost losing their snap streak, that alone should not make you panic. Though it is challenging when tic comes to maintaining the snap streak, when you lose, there are ways you can go about it and restore it.

Therefore, this article will take you through the relevant procedures and state the main causes of losing the snap streak. If you are in this situation, keep reading to the end and find out how to regain your snap streak.

How to Get Snap Streak Back? 

Streak Back

Before that, You Should Make Sure

Making a claim is simple, but before that, you should ensure that you have a valid claim to restore the snap streak. To make the streak grow, two individuals must agree to work together by sending naps. There are a few things you two need to do so that you keep it going:

  • Within 24 hours, ensure you send a snap to your friend. This does not include photos, videos, and even a message from the memories.
  • When you receive the snap, you must open it within 24 hours, which is the timeframe.
  • The snaps must be sent or received from the same Snapchat user; here, the group chats or snaps do not count.

Suppose you have followed the above rules and still realize that you have lost the snap streak. In that case, you can proceed to make a claim. However, when you have recently updated the snaps and realize that the previous snaps indicate unread, then take a screenshot and keep it on the mobile device as evidence.

Those are simple conditions you must meet to claim the streak. And you should also note that you should not claim regularly. This will help you get out of the habit of regularly appealing to Snapchat support about the disappeared streak.

When you are frequent, the team will not fall for the claim, and for your information, the claim might only be attended to once based on the company and how generous it feels about your claim.

Again, it becomes a challenge if you have multiple streaks that have disappeared. This method only applies when working on a single snaps streak contact. The reason is that Snapchat only offers a limit of one submission per username. Therefore, try to make the longest-running snap streak among the daily priority to keep growing.  

Let us now find out how to make a claim or seek help.

Then, Ask Snapchat for Help

if you are sure that you have followed all the above conditions and acknowledge that the snap streak disappeared as an error, then you can follow the below procedure to connect with the Snapchat customer representative for help to restore the snaps streak on your profile:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application and ensure you are signed into your account with relevant details.

Step 2: ‘Then click on the Settings icon.

Snapchat for Help

Step 3: Then next to the bottom of your screen, head to the supports section.

Step 4: After that, click on ‘I need help and proceed by clicking on the snap streak.

Step 5: Then from ‘ what is my snap streak has gone as the next option,  select let us know

sleect let us know

Step 6: After that, choose my Snap Streak disappeared.


Step 7: Then you will be presented with a form, fill in and ensure you include the information necessary based on your claim.


support send

Step 8: When you are through, click the send button and submit the claim to the team.

Note that when you see an hourglass emoji displayed on the profile before they ended the streak, rest assured that this claim will not be resolved, and the team will not help you restore e the numeric. But still., you can rely on the tab ‘ what information should we know so that you can strengthen the claim and recover the streak.

If the above procedure seems tedious, you can still reach out to the team through the support page on the Snapchat application. here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Head to the Snapchat support page using your device.

Step 2: Then click on the contact us section.

contack us

Step 3:  Then beneath the option ‘ how we can help, click on the ‘my snap streak has disappeared.


Step 4: You can fill in the details and be straight to giving everything and claim.


Step 5: Then submit the claim by clicking send.

What Can Snap Streak Do for You?

Before we go into details, those Snapchat users are unaware of what Snap streak entails. Therefore, it becomes a must to first start with the basics, and understanding the benefits becomes a must. It would help if you knew this metric's basics before learning how to get it back on your profile.

Streak is not a single effort on Snapchat but rather the friendships you have demonstrated with the other users. This means you must be available to reply to other users as well. 

Equally, you can let your friends know that you want to try to grow the streak, but sometimes, this is an unspoken agreement as many users understand its goals. But once you all realize that you are working on the streak, you can start ensuring that everything done targets the streak. 

start ensuring

With all that in mind, you can start a streak when two Snapchat users send each other snaps within 24 hours for the next three consecutive days. Immediately you achieve this mini9mal requirement, you will realize there is a small fire emblem next to the user name and with which you will see the tally of days that streak has lasted on the profile.

There are very simple rules here. First, you must be available to send at least a single snap on that particular user's daily, and equally, users must respond to your snaps within 24 hours upon receiving them. Here, the text chats never count; even snaps are shared on the memories or form spectacles. Either video does not count on the snap streak. But the videos you send through the snaps count on the streak.

Also, keep in mind that everything here is all about an individual; hence any snaps shared on the group or even adding to the snaps stories do not count on the growth of the streak.

Therefore, some might ask what the benefits of growing or maintaining the streaks on Snapchat are. Everything is about bragging, and most users target this on the platform. The second benefit is that it gives users some sense of achievement on Snapchat and is one of the best features to show your friends how you have strongly maintained a friendship with a particular person.

Otherwise, the snap streak is simply the numerical valuation of how you are committed to the other users on the platform. This means that the more you keep snapping, the higher this numeral grows.

And another thing is that the Emojis are all displayed alongside the name of the partner you are working with on a streak, indicating the number of days you have shared. However, this streak will reset to zero when you miss sending snaps even for a single day.

Why You Lost Your Snap Streak?

There are reasons why you might lose the snaps streak. This is because many people have been claiming that they need the platform to correct the numerical and maintain the streak to have the fanbase achieve and engage. In this section, we are going to give you some of the suggested reasons why you might find out that your snaps streak has disappeared:

The Snapchat Platform is Having Issues

Snapchat platform

Indeed, all social media platforms are not perfect, and this includes the Snapchat application. For the platform to maintain its active fanbase, there are multiple things that they are updating and correcting. So, recovering your streak will be easy when the Snapchat team acknowledges that they have issues from their end due to the system failure.

Therefore, before you conclude, kindly try to check if the platform is working effectively and, in no time, you have the snaps streak with your friends in the shortest time possible.

Issues with Your Mobile Device

You might also realize that there are some mobile devices whose operating system fails while launching the Snapchat application. There are many issues here, and for some reason, you might not be able to spot the snaps streak. For instance, if the phone has network connection issues for a well-known reason, this becomes a device problem.

Forgot to Send Daily Snaps

send daily snaps

It is not that easy to share snaps for multiple consecutive days. Sometimes, your friend or even you might forget to send the snap, which is not an issue. So when you launch the app, you discover that your streak has disappeared since both of you were busy during the day. This is treated as a human error and not a technical issue.

In such a situation, you can still get back your streak. However, sometimes the Snapchat support team might fail to be supportive in your case. We will find out how to contact them in the next section.

There are also cases where users complained about the streak's disappearance, especially when they had just updated the application. This is attributed to the bugs within the Snapchat application. In either of the above instance, it is possible that you can restore the streak. Keep reading to the end and find out.


1. Which interactions don't count towards Snapstreak?

There are five types of interaction which does count towards the growth of the snap streak. Based on the texts between you and the streak partner, the group chats that involve snaps also do not count on the snap streak as the rules specify the snaps must be sent to individual Snapchat users. Then, stories involving daily recording do not count, spectacles you send to the friend, and sharing memories with friends do not count as they are not counted as the streak interaction. 

2. Should I be honest about whether I see the hourglass timer?

From the research, this has become a common question, and on Snapchat, they insist that it is good to be honest, while filling out the claim. For example, when you saw the hourglass but had no time, or you are busy somewhere without your phone to share the snap, just be honest and let the team know this.

3. What Do Snapchat Emojis Mean?

When you exchange the direst snaps, you will see the snap streak between you and another user as long as you have done it daily for the 3 consecutive days. Immediately after you attain this threshold, you will receive the Snapchat emojis: The fire emoji, a sign that displays after 3 days and simply confirms that you two are now on a snap streak.

The 100 emoji is another sign that simply indicates that you have maintained the snap streak for the last  100 consecutive days. At the same time, the mountain emoji is still a mystery on the platform because they are yet to confirm what this emoji means to the users. Most users say they have come across it after a long duration o maintaining the snap streak.

All the above emojis are visible from the name of the streak partners, which also indica7ting the total number of snaps or streak days you have maintained. It resets to zero when you miss sending a snap, even for a day.

4. How long does ⌛️ last on Snapchat?

You must understand that Snapchat gives all users on the snap streak 24 hours to keep their streak active. But when you notice the hourglass emoji on the username of someone on the chat sections, you must keep in mind that you have four hours left to either receive or send the snap to that specific user so that you can maintain the snap streak going.

However, when you fail to send the snap or receive the snap for the next four hours, the hourglass and fire emojis will disappear, meaning you have lost the snap streak with that user. You can then follow the above tutorial and recover the snap streak.

5.  How long will it take to get a snap streak back?

From the platform, it is clear that the support team responds within 24 hours once you make a claim. Once the team approves the claim and restores the snap streak, it will become visible or reappear on your profile immediately.


Snapchat has become popular on social media platforms because of its advanced features. Among them is the snap streak, which not only means engagement but also indicates your competitive edge on Snapchat.

Therefore, you must meet a few conditions to start this snap streak on Snapchat, and you must always remember to send snaps within 24 hours to avoid disappearance.

However, our article has shared detailed tips on the importance of the snap streak, why it might disappear, and how to restore it by making claims. If you have been wondering how to get back your lost snap streak, then read our article and grasp the procedure to have it back with simple steps.