Top 20 OnlyFans Earners Chart in 2023

Top OnlyFans Earners

Do you want to know the OnlyFans top earner or want to grasp the unique OnlyFans facts and statistics? You can monetize the influence of the OnlyFan top earners like other social media platforms and incorporate them into your marketing campaign. Stay put and revamp the marketing strategy on the OnlyFans platform.

OnlyFans is one of the growing social media platforms that many people do not know well. This is because the platform is based on the subscription. Therefore, creating the OnlyFans account does not guarantee access to someone's content unless you subscribe to the account.

The platform was launched in 2016. However, its inception among people gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in 2020. This was when sex workers opted to use online services to get their customers.

Since its inception, the platform has gained popularity and influenced many worldwide. It now consists of all sorts of people, including sex workers, artists, entertainers, etc., that monetize the influence, which calls for most people, especially social media marketers, to know more about the platform.

In this article, we will look into the top OnlyFans earners who have a large audience base and tends to create consistent content on their accounts. But, the OnlyFans is a unique social media platform as opposed to the major well-known one since it majorly bases its center activities on adult things.

Therefore, it allows users to post not only normal content but also NSFW photos and videos but comes with paywall protection, allowing active subscribers to watch them. If you want to learn more about the OnlyFans platform, then read along with us to the end and get entertained.

Top OnlyFans Earners Chart 2023

Rank Creator Monthly Earnings Monthly Subscription Rate Discount
1 Blac Chyna  $20 million $19.99
2 Bella Thorne $11 million free  
3 Cardi B $9.43 million $4.99  
4 Tyga $7.69 million $20 ( Before account deletion)  
5 Mia Khalifa 6.42 million $12 50% off
6 Erica Mena 4.49 million $25.99  
7 Gem101 $2.3 million $30 50% off
8 Pia Mia $2.22 million free  
9 Safaree Samuels $1.91 million $15 20% off
10 Mila Mondel $1.5 million $20 30 days free
11 Dannii Harwood $1.4 million $12.99 25% off
12 Belle Delphine $1.2 million $35  
13 Megan Barton Hanson $1.06 million $24.99 50% off
14 Casanova $1.05 million $25  
15 Brienightwood 917k 15  
16 Jem Wolfie $900k $5 50%
17 Princsssparklesfree $625k $6 15% off
18 Mrs. Robinson $617k $14.99 30 days free
19 Aaron Carter $500k $20 35% off
20 Nikocado Avocado $ 500k $14  

Top 20 OnlyFans Earners in 2023

1. Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna OnlyFans

Angela Renee White is well known on the OnlyFns platform as the Blac Chyna becomes the top earner among the content creators. she mainly joined the platform as an influencer and as a model and reality star. She gained fame from her high-end relationship profile involving Tyga and Rob Kardashian. The estimated earnings on this platform go up to roughly $20 million monthly.

While joining the OnlyFans, Bac Chyna set up a subscription plan which was so high, but that did not stop her from gaining popularity since many people wanted to access the content. But with time, she lowered the rate to a reasonable monthly charge of around $19.99.

The subscribers get access to the exclusive x-rated video and photo content through the content containing the foot-fet**sh theme. In reality, she is a reality television star and joined the platform in April 2020l.

2. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne OnlyFans

Bella Thorne is one of the celebs that joined the OnlyFans platform and decided to take it to another mainstream level. But, in reality, Bella is an actress, influencer, singer, and model famous for the old-day Disney. But upon joining the platform, she decided to gather subscribers and took advantage to make earning millions monthly.

She was convinced to join by a sex worker. Though she claimed to post nudes, she has never achieved it to date, but she shared a few topless photos and videos. However, some good content can only be accessed with a premium plan. But today, you can access the content at a free cost.

3. Cardi B

Cardi B OnlyFans

Cardi B  takes the third position but generally is the most followed celebrity on all social media platforms worldwide. She has over 101 million followers on Instagram alone. But in her normal life, she is a hip-hop artist but also takes any chance that comes her way to make money. So, she joined the OnlyFans platform with a slight slip.

However, she does not use the platform frequently because of the profile; she only has a few posts. Despite that, she made some good bucks from the platform with an affordable monthly subscription of $4.99.

Monthly earnings stand at $9.43 million, and most of the post takes the audience behind the scene to see her intimidating side. The account is one of the highly sought-after on the platform. When she adds more content in the future, she can manage the top position earner on the OnlyFans.

4. Tyga


Among the male content creator on the OnlyFans platform, Tyga comes first on the list but 4th generally with a monthly income of $7.69 million. Besides being a hip-hop artist, he is also a tv personality; his real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson.

Though he never wished to join the platform, with the need to make money, he joined when he realized that the leaked image of the genital went viral around the world. He set the subscription fee affordable, costing %20 monthly, and his content has remained in demand since then. While he releases exclusive content, most of them are scantily clad women. It is so unfortunate that his account was deleted.

5. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is social media personality born Lebanese-American. she is also a former pornographic actress and a webcam model. Though she stopped producing adult movies, that did not stop her fans from needing more of her content. Upon joining this platform, she rose to become among the top-ranked figures on the OnlyFans. she has become popular and now makes around $6.42 million monthly on the OnlyFans platform.

She delivers exclusive content which is safe and spicy for the work. The account also has an option where the audience can buy her subscription bundles which she sets at an affordable $12.99 monthly. She also offers friendly discounts.

6. Erica Mena

Erica Mena OnlyFans

Erica Mena is also one of the top content creators on the OnlyFans platform. Though not that famous, she has huge social media followers. First, she is an American Tv media personality but a former video vixen. She appeared on the Love and Hip top in new york, but today, she is also an active member of the OnlyFans.

She makes about $4.49 million per month and generates a huge following from the Instagram audience. However, the subscription fee is high, costing $25.99 monthly, but the audience does not have issues paying the money to see her content.

7. Gem101


Gem101 comes 7th on the list, with the monthly earnings estimated to be $2.3 million. The OnlyFans account has become popular on the platform, with over $28 million in annual earnings. This black-hired model makes a good amount of money, though the subscription rate is so high.

This does not shy away audience since this account has over one million active subscribers generating that income. But currently, she offers a limited offer of 75% off, which translates to $7.5 for one month's subscription.

8. Pia Mia  

Pia Mia OnlyFans

Pia Mia is a well-known actress, an influencer, and a singer based in California. Nothing in her life gives her the earnings more than what OnlyFans platforms generate in real life. We cannot say that earning $2.2 million monthly is pocket change. That is enough then what other professional workers make per month. Most subscribers on her OnlyFans accounts find the content worth paying for.

Going back, Mia was born in Guan and first began her carrier through a youtube channel. She is now a well-established pop culture artist, which extends to her OnlyFans account to bring this success and feature among the OnlyFans top earners' list. She attracts many audiences between her subscription is only $10.

9. Safaree Samuels

Safaree Samuels OnlyFans

In short, Safaree Samuels is a TV media personality, a businessman, and a hip-hop artist. He is known as Nikki Minaj's former partner, who is also collaborating professionally. And he has again married one of the top earners on the OnlyFans platform, which motivated him to join. Safaree Samuels has set a $15 monthly subscription fee.

But from this, he is guaranteed an estimated $1.91 million monthly income on this platform. He normally checks the account daily at 9 pm EST on the AfterDark Talk. He is a Jamaican-American rapper.

10. Mila Mondel

Mila Mondel onlyfans

Mila Mondel is a British girl from wales that is also popular on the OnlyFnas platform. She has managed to gain fame from her natural beauty. Looking at the statistics, her account generates a monthly income of $1.5 million which accounts for over 18 USD million annually.

She is a decently sized model. She charges a subscription rate of $20 to see her premium content. Moreover, she offers  30 days free trial, and even the premium packages come with 15 % and 5% off discounts.

11. Dannii Harwood

Dannii Harwood onlyfans

Dannii Harwood is another British actress ranking on the list of the top earners on the OnlyFans platform. Specifically,  Dannii Harwood is from wales and offers a monthly subscription of $12.99, which today accumulates to a monthly income of $1.4 million. This is awesome, and to get more audience, the content creator still offers 25% off discounts to her subscribers.

12. Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine OnlyFans

Belle Delphine is the new age celebrity, breaking the OnlyFans platform. she has garnered a consistent monthly income of $1.2 million monthly at a monthly subscription rate of $35. Her official name is Mary-Belle Kirschner from south America. she is well into youtube but works as a model and pornographic actress.

When you subscribe to an account, you are guaranteed to see the kinkier side of her pixel girl personality at a premium cost. This means that most of her content is NSFW, and she is ranked among the top earners on the internet.

13. Megan Barton Hanson

Megan Barton Hanson onlyfans

Megan Barton Hanson is also a famous actress that rose into the world upon featuring in the Love Island role. Besides, she is also a model that joined the OnlyFans platform. On her accounts, she shares premium sexy and spicy posts, on her accounts, all of which are adult content.

In terms of finance, she earns a total of $1.06 million every month, which she generates with her monthly subscription rate of $24.99. the content creator managed to gather over 1.7 million followers on the platform and gives the members a discount which differs based on the subscription, but the first trial is 50% off for the first 31 days.

14. Casanova


Casanova, with the official name Caswell Senior, is a rapper. In reality, he is a ny*pho self-proclaimed, and previously, he was teased by sharing explicit video and photo content on his Instagram account. This ranks him as a perfect member of the OnlyFans platform, and it came as a mystery.

To date, there is no indication that he shared nudity content which we guess he has done with premium subscribers. Though he started with $50 as his first monthly subscription charge, he dropped to $25.Out of this, he is today managing to make roughly $1.05 million monthly from his OnlyFans account. In the music industry, the rapper released his first song in 2016. He is an American-born rapper.

15. Brienightwood

Brienightwood onlyfans

Brienightwood has an annual earning of 11 million US dollars which translates to a monthly earning of 917k US dollars. This is awesome earning on the  OnlyFans platform. Looking at it deeper, Brienightwood charges $15 monthly subscriptions. Since she is a social media influencer, her Instagram account is also doing excellent. Brienightwood is an LV-based girl with over 447k followers on the Instagram account.

16. Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie OnlyFans

Jem Wolfie comes in position 16 on the list of the top OnlyFnas earners with a monthly earning of 900k US dollars. Again, on the platform, Jem Wolfie charges $5 alone for the monthly subscriptions. Still, in real life, she is an Australian fitness trainer. as part of being an influencer, she has over 105k followers on the OnlyFans platform.

She is partly a model, and looking at the statistics with the followers, she is ideally earning $30k daily on the OnlyFans account. Jem Wolfie also gives discounts to her subscribers with 40% for the first year and a trial duration of 50% for 31 days.

17. Princsssparklesfree

Princsssparklesfree OnlyFans

Princsssparklesfree has a monthly subscription rate of $6 which is a great value and translates to a monthly earning of $625k US dollars. This girl bags about $7.5 million annually. One unique thing about her accounts, like those discussed above, is that she offers 25$ off discounts to the subscribers for 6 months while 15% for 3 months.

18. Mrs. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson OnlyFans

Next on the list is Mrs. Robinson, with a monthly earning of $617k. Mrs. Robinson is an American content creator and a former teacher well known as not only the. Software exec and the PTA president mathematically, she makes around $7.4 million per year with a monthly subscription of $14.99.

19. Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter OnlyFans

Before ending our list of the 20 top OnlyFans earners, we would also like to introduce Aaron Carter, who manages to garner roughly $500k monthly earnings on the OnlyFans platform.

With the official name Aaron Charles Crater, an African American rapper also well known on social media platforms as an actor, record producer, dancer, singer, and songwriter with a set subscription rate of $20 every month on the platform. Because of the consistently accumulated amount, he also manages to become 19th on our list.

20. Nikocado Avocado

Nikocado Avocado

Nikocado Avocado is an internet celebrity from Ukrain who has established a cool base on the OnlyFans account. He has set a monthly subscription rate of $14.99, accumulating to $500k monthly earnings. He specializes in making the best and most trendy mukbang videos on the account.

The subscribers enjoy these unique expressions, which make them, in the long run, consume a lot of the spicy food watching. He also ranted among the earners and will likely climb the ladder soon.

OnlyFans Statistics & Facts

  • The OnyFans platform has over 170 million people from around the world. However, not all these people are creators; most are just users.
  • The OnlyFns platform has over 1.5 million content creators, just a fraction of the total users. this stsitsic chanegs with time.
  • Daily, more than 500000 users join the OnlyFans platform. This number increased since the inception of the corona pandemic, making most of the users stuck at home.
  • Averagely, the OnlyFans content creator has at least 21 subscribers on the account, which is an impressive statistic.
  • The average creator on the OnlyFans platform earns $151 monthly, according to their statistics for 2022.
  • The average top content creator on the platform earns at least $100k monthly, inspiring most people to join.
  • The average subscription fee on the OnlyFans platform is $7.20, which is a pretty good subscription base for the starters and increases with time.
  • Based on the OnlyFans 2022 statistics on the Blomberg news, the platform raised over $2 billion in revenue last year and paid over $200 million monthly to content creators.
  • Most famous artists are on the OnlyFans page, including Cardi B and Amber Rose.
  • The founder of OnlyFan is Timothy Stokley, who founded the platform in 2016 and got 20% of the total earnings of the content creator on the platform.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans?

How to Make Money on OnlyFans

Many people only make money, and a large percentage are working on the adult industry content. Even though you can stay on top of the list, it is very competitive, even if you are a professional content creator. This calls for your hard work.

Therefore, among the ways people make money online is by joining the OnlyFnas platform as content creators. This platform connects users and content creators, and users pay content creators to access their favorite adult content. This content is in the form of videos, photos, and Livestream.

There are multiple ways you can as well make money on the OnlyFans platform. However, the problem is generating unique content and getting the relevant traffic with followers on the OnlyFans account. Thus, you must have a high-quality level account with unique content which attracts people to start making money.

Still, there are other challenges and among them is the scam, where many people are tricked into getting tips on making money on the platform and end up scamming money without gaining the needed value in return.

Meanwhile, the OnlyFans platform is not only faster but also automated, convenient, less frustrating, and easy to make money. Using DoNotPay, you can easily start making money./ some of the approved ways you can generate revenue on the platform are-

  • People requesting to get custom videos or perform a PPV with them.
  • Ask for donations from fans using Patreon's
  • Monthly subscription fee on the platform.
  • Curate an amazon wish list, then share it with people
  • Then, some selective people can share tips on how to make money through private DM.

Is OnlyFans Safe?

Is OnlyFans Safe

To watch and interact with your favorite celebs on the platform, OnlyFan only requests you a small fee. Many people participate in creating the content because there are no restrictions regarding the content niche.

But still, multiple users are scared about their security while on the platform concerning financial and personal details. The OnlyFans guarantees all users that their privacy is well taken care of in their database through high-level encryption. For instance, they use the PCI-Compliant processor to store bank account-related data.

Again the platform is strict on its user content as no one can screenshot or even record the content on the platform. When users are caught going against the rules, they will be blocked permanently from the community. They have the DCMA teams who are responsible for the consistent investigation of the possible culprit.

According to the OnlyFans website, they never store your data or sensitive information for misuse. Their system has a token for every subscriber, verifying all details. Thus, you can only use the token to verify the account.

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OnlyFans, compared to other social media platforms, has a huge change to generate high user revenue. However, you must understand the OnlyFans' likes and dislikes and then grasp their terms of use or community guidelines. As you can see from the above article, we have shared some of the top OnlyFans earners, and they are doing great with an awesome income than most professional workers.

While roughly 80% of the content on the OnlyFans platform is related to NSFW, the platform is still in the future; there is a possibility that the platform will ban the nudes when it achieves its user's target. Otherwise, it is a legit platform, and you can make money as a content creator in multiple ways, as discussed above.