How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord?

Stream Disney Plus on Discord

Do you want to watch Disney plus movies and tv shows in real-time with your friends who are not in your region? Get along and learn to stream the Disney plus on discord in your comfort zone.

Key Content:

  • Stream Disney Plus on Discord on PC
  • Stream Disney Plus on Discord on the Phone
  • Stream Disney Plus on Discord without Black Screen

Disney is taking over the show and has become popular even online among newcomers streaming scenes; Disney plus has already established a seeable impact. Some streaming platforms are improving because of Disney around the world.

Therefore, people are considering watching Disney even with friends, makings it an even better step. But remember, a physical watch party with friends around the world is sometimes impossible. However, with advanced technology, there is always a way out of this.

Today you can watch your favorite Disney movie with your best friends even if you are not from the same region. Streaming through discord allows you to watch Disney without the hassle and in real-time with your friends as you chat.

This article will take you through the steps to stream Disney plus on discord. Here Herehat you need to follow along.

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord on PC?

Before starting to steam Disney plus on discord, you must follow a few steps. Let us go through every step and detail in this section.

First, Configure Your Discord with Disney+

When streaming through discord, the procedure differs from regular watching on TVs, Windows, and other devices. However, most of the steps are similar to what you are about to see. The very first thing you have to do is add a preferred browser to the discord as a game. This is because discord was incepted as a method of sharing tips while playing games online with friends.

Thus based on this tip, it is a hangover that when you want to stream disney+ is termed as a game in the discord. Thus, here is what you must proceed with to stream the Disney plus in the discord server.

Step 1: Launch the web browser you have selected on the desktop and make sure you sign in to the Disney plus account using relevant credentials.

Launch the web browser

Step 2: Then again, on a different tab or open the discord account and login with the relevant details, then close to your username, click on the gear button

click on the gear button

Step 3: Then, close to the bottom of your side menu, tap on the activity status

tap on the activity status

Step 4: Then, beneath the activity status tab, navigate through and locate add it option, then click on it.

Step 5: After that, tap on the down arrow and choose the browser window, which consists of the Disney plus.

which consists of the Disney plus

Step 6: Then next, proceed by clicking the as a game option from the menu.

game option

Step 7: You can then click escape on the keyword and tap on the X icon on your screen's top right-hand side to exit.

X icon

You are finished setting up the Disney plus to stream in a discord. Next, have to launch the Disney streaming through the discord and start streaming.

Stream Disney Plus On Windows

First, you must understand that configuring the Disney plus to stream depends on your device. When it comes to window users, the process is somehow manageable. Check out the below steps:

Step 1: The first thing to d is to launch the discord application or visit the web client and proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Then, after login into the account, navigate through and above your username, and you will be able to see the browser listed. Tap on the monitor button, which is found on the right-hand side of your screen.

tap on the screen icon

Step 3: Then make sure you confirm the stream settings are in place. Then choose the channel or server you target watching in Disney plus.

Step 4: When done selecting, tap Go live. For this to work effectively, you must upgrade to the discord nitro account so that you can stream through high resolutions.

tap Go live

Step 5: To this far, the stream should be visible in the discord as a popup window.

popup window

Step 6: Immediately after people join the channel or server, you can proceed to switch back to the browser and play the targeted Disney plus movie or tv shows.

Note that when your stream starts playing, every member within the channel or servers will also watch along. Members will also be able to chat in real-time as the movie or show continues.

Stream Disney Plus On Mac 

If you are a mac user, you can stream Disney plus on discord. However, you need to take a few extra steps for this case. Before you share the screen, make sure that the audio in the discord is set to capture during the process. Follow these steps:-

Step 1: As usual, launch discord and ensure you are logged in to the account. Thus, the gear button is close to the username on the platform.

gear button

Step 2: Then, beneath the app settings option, tap on the voice and video.

voice and video

Step 3: Then, almost close to the bottom of the voice settings tab, you will notice a page titled screen share. At the bottom of this page, tap on the install icon below.

Step 4: At this point, some devices request you to enter the admin password so that you can authorize the installation process to commence. Immediately after the process is done, you will see a message beneath the screen share changing to indicate that you are all set to proceed

screen share

Step 5: After that, tap on the X icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen and exit the settings menu at this point.

on the X icon

Step 6: Then tap on the voice channel in the target pace where you need to start Disney streaming

tap on the voice

Step 7: Then, above your username, tap on the screen icon, and proceed to finalize. From the menu, choose the Disney plus video player.

tap on the screen icon

Step 8: After that, check your settings and tap the goes live option when satisfied.

Step 9: Give it time and make sure that everyone has joined the channel. After that, turn on the web browser, then start the Disney plus movie or tv show. Immediately you start playing, the stream will also begin in the discord. You are free to discuss, chat and collaborate while streaming your favorite show on Disney plus with friends in real-time.

tap Go live

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord on Phone

It is possible to stream Disney plus on discord with friends on the mobile with GroupWatch on Disney+ feature. This is a new feature aimed at making people stream their favorite shows in real-time with friends simultaneously. interestingly, the feature is legal, and here is how you can use it:-

Step 1: Launch the Disney plus application on your phone and log in with relevant details

Step 2: Then, from the menu, select the movie of your favorite show you want to stream with friends.

Step 3: Then tap on the GroupWatch on Disney+ button.

tap on the GroupWatch

Click the ‘+’ icon

Step 4: You will have access to the link, copy and save it.

Copy the link for the GroupWatch

Step 5: Then, elsewhere, launch the discord and log in with your details.

Step 6: Then you can start with a voice call to mobilize friends and share the link you copied to the channel on the discord server.

Step 7: When the friends have Disney accounts, they will be able to stream the Disney plus show simultaneously and in real-time together. That simple, and you are done.

stream the Disney plus show

But, you must know that the feature is also available on the smart TV, but you can use the joining stream icon instead. Users in the GroupWtch can leave the stream anytime they exit the application. And when it comes to amazon and Netflix, the space is different since this feature is unavailable.

How to Stream Disney Plus on Discord without Black Screen?

To this far, you have learned how to stream Disney plus on discord. However,  you might realize that it does not always work as you expect. This is where you can find issues such as the back screen showing up and many other issues. In this section, we also intend to teach you how to get the issues fixed with a click of a button.

  • Exit the Full-Screen Mode

Getting a black screen is one of the issues that is affecting someone who is streaming the Disney plus on the discord. This is a build-in feature located on other platforms, including Netflix. Therefore, you must exit the full-screen mode to fix the black screen mode. This is how you can exit the fullscreen mode while streaming Disney plus on discord:-

Step 1: Simultaneously press control+ shift and Fkeys when using the windows keyboard

Step 2: As a mac user, you can exit the full-screen mode by simultaneously pressing Cmd + f keys.

  • Turn Off Hardware Acceleration In Discord

To an extent, the hardware acceleration depends on the GPU to make the discord experience smoother. But when streaming, this brings about issues for members who join the channel. Meaning you need to turn off hardware acceleration. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Close to your discord username, tap on the gear button

click on the gear button

Step 2: Then keep scrolling down on the menu and locate the advanced menu from the list and click on it

locate the advanced

Step 3: Proceed by unchecking the hardware acceleration icon

proceed by unchecking the hardware

Step 4: Then, tap ok, which confirms your action and saves the changes made.

Then, tap ok

  • Turn Off Hardware Acceleration In Browser

The above steps won't solve all the issues related to your discord streaming. The other thing you must do is turn off the browser's hardware acceleration. For this case, we will guide you, assuming you are using chrome. This site is a popular browser, but the steps are the same when using any online browser.

Step 1: On the browser toolbar at the far end, locate the 3 dots icon and click on it to open a menu.

3 dots

Step 2: From the resulting selections, click on settings.

click on settings

Step 3: Tap advanced and proceed with selecting the system.

Tap advanced and proceed with selecting

Step 4: Make sure you uncheck the available option on the hardware acceleration.

Step 5: When you are done, tap on the relaunch icon, and you are done.

relaunch icon

  • Special for Mac

Though the above solutions can fix your issues with the mac users streaming Disney on discord, there is yet another thing you can perform. Another thing that might bring about problems is that you did not give your mac the needed permission. So, follow the below steps to grant it the necessary permission.:-

Step 1: First, start by opening the system preference application.

system preference

Step 2: Then tap on the security and privacy option from the menu.

system preference ios

Step 3: Head to the Privacy tab, and keep scrolling until you locate the screen recording option. Click on it and proceed.

Privacy tab

Step 4: Then ensure that close to the discord, there is a checkmark. Finish by relaunching the discord to ensure that the new permissions or settings take effect.

close to the discord

You are done and can enjoy a smooth Disney plus streaming experience on discord with friends. There are still many things you can learn so that you bring out the best on discord. Other things include turning off the discord notification to avoid disturbance when watching your favorite movie or show with friends or learning how to send a particular video to your friends on the discord platform.

So, it would be best if you were equipped with knowledge on how to add friends on the discord channel. More about this later on.

Is It Legal to Stream Disney Plus on Discord?

The best answer to this question is no since streaming Disney plus through discord is illegal. This is the reason for raising this claim about screen-sharing features regarding streaming. However, the restrictions cannot stop people from sharing their content and streaming with friends worldwide.

This was accelerated during the inception of the corona pandemic as most peopled shifted to video calls and watching Netflix or Disney plus shows and movies. Thus, we can say that it is not legal to stream Disney plus content on discord. People are gaining access to streaming Disney plus on discord but without express permission from either side.


People have friends all over the world. Sometimes, it is possible to stream or watch favorite movies in real-time. In our article, we have shared the guides on streaming Disney and discord with your friends. We have covered detailed step by step on different devices.

To avoid the black screen and other related issues, read the above guidelines and fix them in the discord to have a smooth Disney plus streaming experience. All alike, you also enjoy the GroupWatch Disney plus feature to connect with friends even with your mobile application.