How to Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram in 2023?

Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram

Have you been shadowbanned on Instagram due to excessive activity? Continue reading to find out how to get it lifted and how to avoid it.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It allows you to share your life with friends and family through photos and videos. However, there are times when you might get shadow banned on Instagram without your knowledge. This happens when your profile gets banned for violating some community rules.

Unfortunately, Instagram will never tell you that they have shadowbanned you. It's because they take it as a way to punish you for breaking some rules so that your account remains safe from hackers and spammers. However, it also makes it difficult for your followers to see your posts.

So, with no official way to know whether you've been shadowbanned, the result is your posts will only be visible to people who follow you directly and people who already follow the hashtag you used in your post. We, however, bring to your attention different issues around Instagram's shadow banning; read on to know more about Instagram shadowbanning.

How Do I Know If My Instagram is Shadowbanned? 

If you have a shadowban on your account and don't know about it, you're going to be missing out on a lot of opportunities for growth. The good news is that there are ways to know if your account has been shadowbanned or not.

These include

Reduced Engagement

Reduced engagement

If you have been posting regularly on Instagram and yet, your posts are not getting enough engagement or, even worse, they are not showing up in the hashtag search results, it may be a sign that your account has been shadowbanned.

Your Posts Missing in the Hashtag Search Results

If there is an increase in the number of hashtags used by other Instagram users and yet, your posts with the same hashtags do not show up when using an Instagram app or third-party tool, then it may be because your account has been shadowbanned.

Use Instagram Shadowban Tester

shadowban teste

To check if your account has been shadowbanned, you can use an Instagram Shadowban Tester. It can be a reliable third-party app that will allow you to check if your account has been affected by this issue or not.

Check Your Instagram Account Insights

Account Insights

You can get more information by analyzing your insights data and checking if there are any irregularities in traffic sources and follower growth rates. You can also check if there are any unusual things happening with your followers, like sudden spikes or drops in their numbers, and look for any unusual behavior in hashtags used in posts.

How to Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram?

The Instagram shadowban is a punishment for your account that you may not even realize you have. It will prevent anyone from seeing your posts, but it also makes it harder for you to see who is viewing your account as well.

One of the main reasons that could cause you to get shadowbanned is because of frequent reports by other users. The Instagram algorithm keeps the counts of reports received about specific users, so if the reports about the user accumulate, the algorithm automatically shadowbans the reported account.

Here is, however, your best way to get unshadowbanned:

Delete Banned Hashtags from Your Posts


Hashtags are essential when it comes to promoting your business on social media platforms. If you want people to find you and interact with your brand, then hashtags are one of the best ways to do this.

Unfortunately, it seems like Instagram has begun banning some hashtags as well – which means if you use one of these banned hashtags in your profile's bio or in a post's caption, then it will be removed automatically by the platform without warning and without giving you any information about why it was removed in the first place!

Disconnect Third-Party Apps that Are Linked to Your Account

If you have any third-party apps connected to your Instagram account, disconnect them and make sure they're not accessing your profile or posts. You can find out which apps are connected by going to Settings > Account Security. You should also remove any apps that you don't use anymore, as they could be causing issues.

Contact Instagram Help Center

Help Centre

If you've been shadowbanned yet you see no reason why this has happened, contact the Instagram help center through their live chat service or email their customer support.

Don't mention anything about being shadow banned in your message – just mention your concerns about dropped engagements on your account despite your efforts to grow the account. Then ask how you can improve the quality of your content and engagement on Instagram.

Give it Time and Take a Break from the Platform

Break from the Platform

This is one of the first steps that you should take if you are getting shadowbanned on Instagram. The reason why this works is that it gives Instagram time to process all of your activity and determine whether or not it was fraudulent or abusive behavior.

Sometimes, just taking a break from Instagram for a few days or weeks can solve this problem entirely. During the break, you’ll have to resolve not to comment, like, post, or even log in to the account.

Stop Commenting, Messaging, and Liking Too Much

Another thing that can cause a shadowban on Instagram is engaging in too much spammy behavior, like commenting excessively on photos or liking hundreds of photos per day. Suppose you have been engaging in this type of behavior. In that case, it’s likely that your account has been flagged as spammy by Instagram algorithms and moderators who moderate their platform for abuse. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram?


Once you've been shadowbanned, it can be frustrating waiting for your account to be restored. Unfortunately, there's no set time for the shadowban to be lifted off your account. There have been rumors about it taking two to three weeks. However, some liars whom you probably should not trust have claimed it would take a month or more.

What's your best bet on this?

Banned Hashtags on Instagram In 2023!

There are many banned hashtags on Instagram, and you should avoid using them in your posts. Some hashtags are banned for inappropriate content, while others are blocked because they don’t comply with Instagram’s terms of service (TOS).

Here we have listed some of the most popular banned hashtags on Instagram that you should avoid using in your posts or comments. These hashtags may change with time, but these are what can most likely cause you a shadowban today:

  • #alone
  • #ass
  • #assday
  • #antivax
  • #beautyblogger
  • #bikinibody
  • #boho
  • #brain
  • #costumes
  • #curvygirls
  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #dm
  • #elevator
  • #grafitiigers
  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #happythanksgiving
  • #humpday
  • #iphonegraphy
  • #italiano
  • #kansas
  • #killingit
  • #kissing
  • #master
  • #models
  • #mustfollow
  • #nasty
  • #newyearsday
  • #petite
  • #pornfood
  • #pushups
  • #saltwater
  • #shit
  • #shower
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skype
  • #snap
  • #snapchat
  • #snowstorm
  • #sopretty
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #tag4like
  • #tanlines
  • #teens
  • #thought
  • #undies
  • #valentinesday
  • #workflow


If you have been shadowbanned on Instagram, then you should not take this lightly. Being shadowbanned can seriously affect your business and even end your social media career altogether. However, there are ways to get rid of the shadowban on Instagram if you try hard enough.

One key thing is you want to be respectful and honest. If a shadowban is suspected, then ensure your activity is above-board. If a user reports your content as inappropriate, ensure that it isn't offensive or explicit.