How to Delete Venmo Account?

Delete Venmo Account

Are you tired of using your Venmo account and would like to delete it? Read on to learn how to do this.

Venmo is a mobile money transfer application that allows users to make payments and send money digitally using the Venmo balance or their bank account.

Since its creation over a decade ago, the app has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most popular apps for sending money to friends and family. Venmo has also helped people save time and money by making it easy for friends to pay for things such as bus tickets, rent, and dinners.

However, Venmo isn’t without its problems. Some users have reported issues with their accounts (e.g., unauthorized charges), while others have simply grown tired of using the app or want to delete their accounts entirely. So, whatever your reason for deleting the app is, here is how to go about the same.

What Should You Know Before Deleting Venmo Account?

As much as it's possible to delete your Venmo account anytime you want, there are several things that you must get to know about the same.

Your Profile Is Irrecoverable Once Deleted


If you delete your Venmo profile, all of your data will be permanently removed from the platform. That means no one will be able to search for your name or find any information about you on Venmo profiles.

You'll Need to Transfer Your Funds Before Closing the Account vv

If you have pending transactions that haven't been completed yet — either because they're still being processed or because they have yet to be confirmed by both parties — it will be impossible to delete the account. This is because the delete option won't be available unless all pending transactions are cleared.

Save Every Transaction History Before Closing the Account

If you want to save all the transaction history associated with your Venmo account, then do so before deleting it. Once deleted, there won't be any way to get back any information related to previous payments made through Venmo. So, ensure that whatever amount of money is being transferred gets saved before closing the account. Otherwise, there won't be any way to access it later on.

How to Delete Venmo Account on Desktop? 

If you are wondering whether it is possible to delete your account from Venmo or not, then you need not worry.

Here's how to go about the same:

Step 1: Using your web browser, log in to the Venmo account you want to delete.


Step 2: Scroll through your account, looking for any incomplete transactions. As we said above, you can't delete the account with any pending transactions, so this is an important step.

Step 3: Transfer any remaining balance in the account to your preferred point. Remember, if anything, once deleted, you can't access any funds in the account unless you contact Venmo's support team via email.

Step 4: So to transfer money, locate and click on the [Transfer Money] button from your account's homepage.

Step 5: Touch to open the [Settings] tab from the top part of the website.


Step 6: Scroll through and touch the [Close My Venmo Account] tab.


Step 7: Touch the [Next] button to proceed.


Confirm the relative email account; you will have deleted the Venmo account. Every detail, including bank credentials and transaction history, will be removed completely from the account.

How to Delete Venmo Account on iPhone? 

Venmo is one of the most popular peer-to-peer payment apps available on iOS and Android. If you use it to send money to friends or family, you might want to know how to delete your Venmo account if you no longer need it. Remember, the iOS approach below is similar to what you’ll do on your android device.

Here's how to delete it on your iPhone:

Step 1: Log in to the Venmo app on your iOS device.

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Step 2: Click on the [You] blue dollar-like sign.

Step 3: Touch the [Add or Transfer] button.

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Step 4: Enter the amount to withdraw from the Venmo account balance. Remember, this amount should be exactly what is in your Venmo account balance.

Step 5: Select the [Instant] option if you are paying a small fee or the [1-3] business days at no cost.

Step 6: Select the bank account or credit card to receive your transfer from Venmo.


Step 7: Confirm the transfer by touching the green [Transfer] button.

Once the last sent is transferred from your account, the transaction will take a few days to be complete. You must, however, remember that Venmo will notify you of the successful transfer but advisably, before proceeding to delete the app, check with your bank account to ensure the funds have indeed been reflected in the account. You can then go to Venmo's website and delete the account.

How to Delete the Deceased's Venmo Account  


Are you in charge of managing anyone's finances after they die? Your client may probably have had some funds in Venmo accounts, so if you are unsure how to go about deleting the account, there are a few steps you may need to follow:

Try Logging In to Their Account

Of course, the first task you'll have is breaking through the deceased's security to get access to their account. However, if this person legally had you in charge of their finances, you may have their email and a way to log in the same as well. With this, it's possible to reset the account and receive the reset password link through their email.

With the password access, log in to their Venmo account through the platform's website on any browser. You can then delete the account after the due transfer procedure of any funds in the account.

Contact Venmo

Venmo has not set legal procedures for family or relatives to access the account of a deceased. So if you have no way to log into their account, you can reach out to Venmo at 855-812-4430. Explain your immediate situation to Venmo and have supporting documents that may include the deceased's ID card and death certificate.

How to Delete Venmo Account Without Logging In  

Are you unsure about contacting Venmo's support team and how long it might take them to delete the account? Here's how you can delete the account without logging in.

Recover the Venmo Account

Step 1: Sign in to the account.

Step 2: When prompted for the password, choose the [Forgot Password] option instead.


Step 3: Type in your email or phone number. As long as you have access to your email or phone, Venmo will send the reset link to the phone or mail entered. Remember, this has to be an email or phone number related to the account or used in signing up for the Venmo account.

add email

Contact Venmo


There are different ways to contact Venmo; you can:

  • Call: Reach Venmo via phone at 855-812-4430. This should, however, be on Mondays to Fridays between 10. am and 6 pm ET.
  • Chat: This is perceived as the fastest service. All you have to do is chat with the Venmo support team on their mobile app. For faster responses, ensure you text them between Monday to Friday from 7 am to 1 am ET. This should be between 9 am to 11 pm ET on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Online: You can also fill out Venmo's online support form to contact them.

However, either way you contact Venmo, you must be ready with the following supporting documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • ID card

How to Delete Venmo Business Account?

Do you have a Venmo business account in addition to your personal profile? Since Venmo treats them differently, when you no longer need one, you must know that closing the personal account will also close the business account.


You can, however, close the Venmo business account without affecting the personal account. At the same time, closing the business account is not done on the platform's app or website. Instead, to close the business account, you'll need to contact Venmo directly.


But, before then, there are some things you'll need to note:

  • First, once the business account is deleted, the procedure cannot be reversed once the business account is deleted.
  • For tax-related purposes, Venmo would want to verify your identity before going on with the closure of the business account.
  • You won't be able to open another Venmo business profile related to your account.
  • Advisably, it is best to keep all your business account transactions.

So, to delete your Venmo business profile, here is where to Contact Venmo.


Venmo is a finance-based popular app with millions of users worldwide. But there are cases when you may want to delete your Venmo account. There are many ways to do this, but we have compiled this article on how to delete a Venmo account, and you will have no problem deleting your account as well.

So, deleting your Venmo account should no longer be a problem, as long as you remember every key procedure, including clearing any balances and saving your transactions.