Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt: Why & How to Fix It?

Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

Has Instagram just notified you of someone trying to log into your account? Read on to learn about what to do next after this security feature.

Instagram is social networking and photo-sharing application with over 1 billion users. It allows users to share photos, videos, and other content with their friends, family, and others. The application also offers different features like filters and collages that can be used to enhance your pictures.

Instagram has been experiencing a lot of suspicious login attempts lately. In fact, the company revealed that the number of suspicious login attempts on its platform has been on the rise over the last few weeks.

The hacking claims were actually confirmed as recently; many people reported suspicious login attempts on their Instagram accounts. Some of these actions are often done by hackers using their own account or someone else’s account to log into the victim’s Instagram account.

So, if you receive any suspicious login attempts on your Instagram account, then it should not be ignored because it might lead to a major security breach in the future.

Why Does Instagram Say “We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt”?

We Detected An Unusual Login Attempt

Instagram has a security system in place that monitors your account for suspicious activity. If the system detects something unusual, like multiple login attempts from different locations or devices within a short period, Instagram will send an email notification to your inbox.

This notification will say, “We detected an unusual login attempt.” It will also provide details about the suspicious activity being detected on your account and a link where you can review the activity logs.

If you, however, are unsure about the possible cause for this notification, here are some of the probable reasons.

  • Phishing

Phishing instagram

Instagram warns you that someone may be trying to take over your account. This can happen when you click on links or open attachments in emails that appear to be from Instagram. Don't click on any links in emails or text messages asking for your login information, even if they appear to come from Instagram.

Except when you are sure you were the one trying to log into your account, and even then, you have to confirm it's actually from Instagram.

  • Password Stealing

Password Stealing

Another type of hacking attack involves stealing passwords from other sites using keyloggers or browser extensions. These tools capture every keystroke entered on your computer screen and send them to hackers who use them to gain access to your Instagram account.

You can avoid this by installing antivirus software on your device, keeping up-to-date with security patches, and regularly changing passwords for all important accounts, including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Instagram Bug

instagram bug

This happens when you fail to update your Instagram application to match the platform's recent upgrades. You may need to reinstall your Instagram application after confirming it's not happening to other people at the same time as yours.

  • Theft of Access Tokens

When you log in to the app or website on the Internet, you provide your username and password (or other credentials). These credentials are used to generate an access token for your account. This token is used to identify your account so that you don't have to log in again to use the app. If someone steals this token and uses it to log in as you, they will have full access to all of your data!

  • Unsystematic Change in IP Address

If there is any change in your IP address, it will trigger a warning for Instagram to take action against your account as they think someone might be trying to hack into your account. This could be the case if you changed your IP address or moved to locations with different time frames.

  • Logging Into Your Account with Different Devices

Logging into your account with Different Devices

This error message appears when multiple devices are trying to log in to your account from different locations at once. The most common reasons for this problem are:

  • There may be more than one device logged in with the same username and password combination at different locations at the same time.
  • Someone might be using your username and password combination on another location without knowing about it or without your permission.

How to Fix Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt?

How to Fix Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt

When you receive an email about a suspicious login attempt, you should not panic because this is Instagram's way of confirming that it's you login in from a different location or with a new device. So, whether you are attempting a login or whether it's not you, here are some of the things you may want to do to fix the issue:

  • Switch the Default Browser or the Device

If you are having issues logging in because of the suspicious login attempt, you can try changing to a browser if you were logging in using the app. However, in some cases, you may have to change the device and use a different one altogether for a successful login.

  • Turn Off the Two-Factor Authentication

Turn off the Two-factor Authentication

If you are stuck on the suspicious attempt screen page when logging in, the best thing you can do is turn off the two-factor authentication from your PC if you have enabled it. Ensure the feature is turned off from your PC, then on your phone's screen, tap the [Yes, it's me] button.

  • Avoid Logging in to Too Many Devices within a Short Span

Sometimes when you try logging into your account from different locations or devices, Instagram might see this as suspicious activity and flag it as a suspicious login attempt. To prevent this from happening again, avoid logging in from multiple devices within one day. Or even better, only log in once every few days so that you're not flagged for suspicious activity!

  • Avoid Log in  On VPN

off VPN

If you are using a VPN connection, then it’s better not to use it while logging into your Instagram account, as it might trigger an Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt alert. This is because when using a VPN, you probably use a network from another region. For instance, if you are from South Africa and are using a server in Miami, Instagram will flag the login as suspicious.

  • Link Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

If you don’t already use Facebook to log into Instagram, then head to the Facebook app or website and follow the instructions to link your accounts. Once completed, head back over to Instagram and try logging in again. This strengthens your captcha feature since it makes you seem more human.

  • Remove All Third-Party Apps Linked to Your Account

Remove all third-party apps

If you have installed any third-party app on your smartphone which is connected to your Instagram account, then it’s better that you should remove that app immediately. Some of these apps often have permission to collect your data. So when they try fetching your Instagram data, the platform will sense it as a suspicious login attempt.

  • Verify the Login Attempt

If it's actually you trying to log in and receiving the suspicious attempt notification. The best you can do to override the notification is to verify the login by clicking on the [Yes It's Me] button. You must be cautious since hackers have ways of sending suspicious attempt messages, making you think it's Instagram.

Therefore, you must not click on any other links in the email, more so when you are not attempting to log in to your account.

How to Prevent My Instagram Account?

The Instagram account is a valuable asset. It can make a huge impact on your business and personal life. That's why it should be secured from suspicious login attempts. There are many ways to do this, including:

  • Change Your Password to a Strong One

Change Your Password to a Strong One

The first step towards securing your account is changing your password to a strong one. You should use a combination of numbers and letters for better security. Also, make sure that it is not something that can be easily guessed by others and yourself!

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication means that when someone tries logging into your account, they will need both their username and password along with a special code which will be sent over text message or email. This helps prevent unauthorized access even if someone manages to steal your password from somewhere else, like social media or an online service provider such as Google or Facebook.

  • Confirm and Verify Your Login Credentials(Phone Number and Email)

You must verify your login credentials before using any web application or service so that you can protect yourself against any fraudulent activity that might happen in the future. You can confirm your mobile number through automated calls, text messages, or email verification codes sent to your phone number registered with the Instagram app.

Similarly, you can confirm your email address through an automated email sent to your registered email ID, which contains a verification link that needs clicking upon before verifying your account successfully. You need to know hackers are always using these details to receive the login passwords and links once they change them to their contacts or emails.

  • Scan Your Mobile and Computer Devices with a Reliable Antivirus


Scan Your Mobile and Computer Devices with a Reliable Antivirus. This will help ensure that no malicious software is running on them that hackers can use to gain access to your private information or accounts.

You must also ensure you are using reliable antivirus software. One thing you should never forget is a keen eye on your security settings plus great protection software turns your Instagram account into a fortress.

How to Fix the “Suspicious Login Attempt” without Email and Phone Number?

When you try to log in and get the following message: “Suspicious login attempt detected from your IP address”, the best solution has always been to use your email or password to receive a security code. But when you remember none of these, you can always click on the [I can't access this email or phone number] option. Alternatively, you can contact Instagram Support for further help.


The suspicious login attempt can be an annoying and frustrating notification. You, however, need not worry about it anymore. As long as you were the person making the login attempt, the procedures listed in this article should guide you effectively to outdo the issue.

You may, however, need to be concerned when you receive the notification, yet you weren't making any logins to Instagram. The best thing to do in such a case is to ensure every security measure is enhanced.