How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth?

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth

Are you confused about what TikTok gifts are and what each gift means on the platform? Then this sit eh right place to be. We are about to cover detailed reviews on the TikTok gifts, what each means or implies, and how to send and convert the gifts to cash. Keep reading along with us to the end.

Quick Answer:

Considering the worth of a TikTok gift, you need to first look at the cost of the diamond as well as the conversion rate of the coins. We will focus on explaining the value of the following:

  • The Most Popular Gifts Worth
  • Most Expensive TikTok Gift Worth
  • Coins Worth Table

TikTok is the best and fastest-growing social media platform. It has become the trending platform not only viable for your carrier path but also good for the promotion of businesses, growth of talents, collaboration, and many more other things.

Because of this, many content creators, marketers, and influencers are making good bucks out of this platform. There are multiple methods of making money on TikTok, guaranteeing you revenue in the long run.

Besides getting money, you can earn gifts, and donations from your faithful audience on the platform, etc. On the gift side, this is where we need to pay a lot of attention in this article. The gift is only one of the samples of the TikTok revenue stream.

With this gift, content creators can generate more revenues. What is a TikTok gift, and how does it work? You might be asking yourself such a question, and our guess is right. Well, let's dive into the details now to learn more.

What Are TikTok Gifts?

To this far, we presume you are well versed with TikTok and how to use the platform well. And sure, you have heard about TikTok gifts though you might not know what it means for one reason: you have never got one, or you are still new to the platform. All this does not reduce you to anything.

Still, in simple terms, TikTok gifts are the donations your faithful followers donate to the content creator, marketeer, and even influencers on the platform. These girts differ, and there are multiple types, but all are evaluated in terms of the coins.

About TikTok Gifts Therefore,  you can easily convert your TikTok gift into a diamond and exchange it for cash. More about this later in this article. This is one of the best methods to encourage content creators on TikTok to become creative as they earn money. Followers and other audience show support. Since TikTok gifts cost some coins, they need real-world money to buy them.

For that reason, you can purchase the TikTok gift within the TikTok application when you have coins. Coins are monetary purchase power that is only available in the application. This unit price is the currency for a particular gift in the TikTok application. These units are the same as other typical coins but only purchased in terms of dollars.

Since TikTok also has limits, you must reach a follower count of 1000 to start accepting the gifts when you go live on the platform. However, virtual gifts are ranging icons where every icon represents a particular currency amount. This is the real value earning for diamonds, and you can withdraw; we will look at how to go about it by the end of this article.

Types of Currency in TikTok

As mentioned in the beginning, the only currency on TikTok is the official virtual coins. Though there are some ways through which the gift works along the coins. On TikTok, you must also understand that it comprises a total of three digital assets which are available within the application. Here are these assets:-

TikTok Coins

TikTok Coins

This is the main digital currency that users depend on to purchase various TikTok gifts. These coins carry a monetary value depending on the regional currency exchange. It is also easy to purchase the coins through the TikTok applications as long as you have a secure payment method.

TikTok Virtual Gifts

You must understand that any virtual gift is bought through coins. That is, they resemble the twitch TV donations. You can receive these virtual gifts when you go live on TikTok. This indicates that users cannot receive gifts through their uploaded short video content on the platform.

TikTok diamonds

TikTok diamonds

On the other hand, TikTok diamonds are the gifts that content creators get with virtual coins. Therefore, when a faithful follower donates the gift to the creator on TikTok, the creator can easily redeem the diamond for real money.

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth

Considering the worth of a TikTok gift, you need to first look at the cost of the diamond as well as the conversion rate of the coins. It is challenging to estimate the TikTok gift worth today because numerous conversions are involved.

And to this date, TikTok is yet to publicize its conversion metrics; hence, there is no exact method for compu6ationof the metrics and coins. This section will look at basic approximations that vary from country to country.

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth

To calculate the diamond's worth, most influencers are only using estimations. Let us find out more details in the next sections. But rest assured that there are multiple TikTok gifts which means we would not even dare share them because you might end up lacking patience./ however, we have selected some of the basic and typical ones in this section.

The Most Popular Gifts

There are over 100 gifts, and if we list them all, it will make the article lose interest among our readers. So, in this section, we have only listed some of the most popular gifts on the TikTok platform. But still, when you click on the TikTok gifts, you can As well confirm the TikTok prices listed. In the table below, we have only listed a few from the least to the most expensive gifts with the price in coins value.

Gift Name Coin Value
Rose 1
TikTok 1
Panda 5
Fire 5
Hi 5
Applause 9
Doughnut 30
Confetti 100
Birthday Cake 300
Gold Mine 1000
Planet 15000

Most Expensive TikTok Gift

Most Expensive TikTok Gift

Besides the most popular TikTok gifts, we have selected some of the most expensive ones. This is only to create a clear picture of the TikTok gifts and their worth. But remember that the coin value is not the exact worth of the gift. This is because everything in the tables is only based on the estimations, which is just the approximate worth.

From the below table, you will also realize that the most expensive gift on TikTok is the TikTok universe. We have listed the least expensive going to the most expensive gift.

Gift Name Coin Value Cash Value in $
Unicorn Fantasy 5000 69.797
submarine 5199 72.575
jet plane 6000 83.75
Yatch 7499 104.68
interstellar 100000 134.99
sunset speed 100000 134.99
castle fantasy 20000  279.188
golden sportscar 29999 404.82
lion 29999 404.82
TikTok universe 34999 536.18

Coins Price Table

Coins Price Table

In the below table, we have listed the coins' prices for comparison before you decide to purchase a gift for someone. And looking at it keenly, one coin costs around 1.3 cents.

Number of Coins Worth is $
100 1.29
500 6.49
2000 26.99
5000 66.99
10000 134.99

How to Buy TikTok Gifts

Purchase Request

Before you send the TikTok gist, TikTok has a few requirements you must meet. The first one of the age limit, where you must at least be 18 years and above. However, in japan and south Korea, the age is 20 and 19, respectively. The requirements apply whether you send the gifts on the non-live or live videos.

Then you must have the coins in your TikTok digital account to be able to send the gifts. TikTok coins cost you money to purchase through the app. there are multiple ways to purchase the App store, google play, etc.

The last limitation is that you must be in a country that supports this feature to be able to send the gift. Since this feature is still new, it is not yet available worldwide. Some videos that do not have gift icons are from regions that do not support the feature.

Therefore, you must consider the above limitations to purchase the donations. The coins are a virtual currency app you can use to send gifts. Also, ensure you have active accounts before purchasing coins. Following the Follow:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application ether you use iPhouseroid. Then log in to your account as usual to access the profile.

TikTok application

Step 2: Then head to the settings menu of the TikTok application.

Step 3: Afterwards, tap on the balance icon,

balance icon

Step 4: Locate and click on the recharge button

recharge button

Step 5: Then select the coin bundles from the menu based on your needs. Pay and have the coins on the app, which you can use after that to send gifts to family, friends, and relevant people.

How Do Creators Turn TikTok Gifts into Cash

There are multiple means through which content creators on TikTok can earn diamonds. But for you to be able to cash out the diamond, there are a few limitations, such as the minimum requirements.

For one to be able to withdraw, you must have a minimum of $100. but with anything below that,  you won't be able to withdraw or turn gifts into cash. And also, there is a weekly limit of $1000 on withdrawal, and you cannot exceed $4000 monthly withdrawal.

How Do Creators Turn TikTok Gifts into Cash

Based on the locations, some people can only withdraw cash from the TikTok application through PayPal alone. No one is permitted to withdraw to the bank account or any other means. Before turning the gifts into cash, link the PayPal account to your TikTok account.

Most TikTokers get stranded on how to turn gifts into cash. And in this section, we are going to remove all your worries and make everything clear. It would be best if you remembered that when you have a diamond, TikTok is entitled to a commission of $50, whereas the diamond has a value of $0.05.

Thus, to withdraw $100, your account needs 4000 diamonds; TikTok takes 50% as a commission. Though the rate is high, you can still make some good bucks from the platform.

Other creators even utilize fundraising tasks or the giveaway on the application. There is a donation option if you go by fundraising to help the people in need. Also, note that there are scammers on the platform, so guard your gifts. Some users use the in-game currency to catch the gifts when they get followers and likes.

Therefore, once you get the gifts or send them to the creator, they can decide to convert them into diamonds and get real cash. But also earlier stated, TikTok has not published the exact conversion on what the gifts are worth. In summary, the diamond costs 50% of the coin's value, whereas TikTok grabs a commission of 50%. Therefore, in the next section, we will find out how to cash withdrawal requests.

Cash Withdrawal Request

So sending the cash withdrawal request is something anyone can do. First, you need to accept the gifts on the platform to proceed with the withdrawal request. Again, you must at least have 1000 followers. However, the number of followers you must have to start withdrawal sometimes varies based on location.

Another requirement to withdraw money on the platform is that a content creator must have attained 18 years and above. This also varies based on the location. For instance, in South Korea, you must be  20 and above.

Weekly exchanges are only limited from $100 to $1000. another tight requirement on the platform is that the only means of withdrawal available on the platform is through PayPal. The platform does not allow users to withdraw using their bank accounts or other means available in your area. You, therefore, need to add the PayPal account to TikTok to start sending the withdrawal request.

How to Turn TikTok Gifts into Cash

You can withdraw money from the TikTok account if you meet the above requirements. It is a simple process. If you are unaware, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application and ensure you are logged in to your account.

Step 2: Head to the TikTok account page and click on the settings. This is found on the profile tab; once you click on the profile photo, it will redirect you to the settings menu.

settings menu

Step 3: Then click on the balance and tap on the Live gifts. Balance is located within the settings menu. Then under the live gifts, you can access the gift balance, which resembles the diamond.

click on the balance

Step 4: After that, you can cash out the TikTok live gifts. Here, you have to choose the quantity of the diamond you want to cash out. You must be using a verified PayPal account while withdrawing.

TikTok live gifts

The above steps are straightforward, and in case you encounter issues, you can seek support from the TikTok support staff. That is everything for today about TikTok gifts.


We have shared a lot about TikTok gifts. This is one of the best methods to encourage content creators and influencers on the platform to be more creative. as long as you can send TikTok gifts on the platform, there are a few limitations you must meet before you start to send and even receive the gifts.

In the above article, we have shared detailed tips and tricks about the worth of TikTok gifts and how to send and withdraw the TikTok gifts. When the content creator is eligible to receive the gifts, followers generously cash into gifts to the users, who in turn withdraw the cash and become popular simultaneously.