How to Change Language on Disney Plus?

Language on Disney Plus

Do you want to change Disney Plus's language while the title plays? Well, it is simple as long as you know how to switch the audio settings on the box icon. If you want to know more, keep reading and find out.

Key Content:

  • Change the Subtitles & Audio Language
  • Change the Interface Language
  • Change the Language on Samsung, Roku & Apple TV

When watching Disney Plus, you might find that it is displaying the titles in a language you don't understand. to an extent, the users can as well change the language. But you must also remember that the process followed in changing the language is similar regardless of the device you use but with minimal differences.

However, you can only watch the legacy Disney content in 4 languages. Still, when it comes to the Disney Plus original, there are plenty of languages one can access from the title settings. Today, the subtitles are accessible, ranging from up to 16 languages, as we will find out. But also note that this does not mean that every language is available for every title.

Besiedes changing the show or ovie title, you cana s well change the langauegs in the app settings. However, the changes are only applicable to the particular profile. The good news is that different people in a household can enjoy the app using the language of their choice. In our article today, we will take you through multiple steps to change the language on Disney Plus on various devices. Stay with us to the end and be posted.

How to Change the Subtitles & Audio Language on Disney Plus

The first thing to this article is to learn how to change the language on the subtitle and audio on Disney Plus. Here are the relevant steps you need to follow along:

Step 1: Launch the Disney Plus application on the device you are using. Equally, when using a desktop, visit the Disney Plus website and p[roceed with the next step.

Step 2: Then click on the movie or the TV show you want to watch in your preferred language.

Step 3: Immediately, the choice you have selected starts playing; click pause before you tap on the settings button, which is found on the upper right-hand side at the far corner of your screen.

Step 4: Then, a popup window will open with two columns. Then from the first window, you will have the audio option, so choose the language you prefer to watch the movie or TV show.


Step 5: On the right-hand side of the second column, choose the subtitles. However, you can elect OFF when you do not intend to sue the subtitle.

Step 6: Then click the X icon to close the window. Sometimes it is a back button immediately you are done with the language settings. Then you are good to go on watching the movie in the preferred audio langue or subtitle of your choice.


How to Change the Interface Language on Disney Plus

The interface language is the second thing you can again amend on the Disney Plus besides the audio and subtitle language. Again, here are simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the Disney plus application. If you are using a desktop, visit the Disney Plus website with the preferred browser

Step 2: After that, tap on my profile section located on the upper right-hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Then, from the menu, choose edit profile.


Step 4: Move ahead by selecting the pencil button on the profile of the choice you need to amend the language.


Step 5: Then, on the dropdown menu, choose app language.


Step 6: From the options, pick the language of your choice and proceed.


Step 7: Then, when done, tap on the blue icon found at the bottom of the screen to save the selected language. Hurray!

How to Change the Language on Disney Plus on TV

First of all, Disney is a popular name that is recognized around the world. What makes the name so popular is that different users worldwide can watch TV shows and movies in multiple languages of their choice. So, even if you are staying in a household with bilingual people or are just interested in the best character and how it sounds in Spanish, getting to the audio settings is simple, and you are good to go.

So, if you want to change the language on Disney Plus on TV, you must understand that there are different devices with different settings. This section will take you through different steps on different devices. Let us get started.

On Samsung Smart TV

The steps you must follow to change the Disney language on start TV are the same as on the desktop or mobile phone. See the below steps:

Step 1: Launch the Disney Plus app or visit the Disney Plus website as the first step.

Step 2: Then choose what you want to watch, then make sure you pause it.

video Step 3: After that, click on the settings icon, which is found on the top right-hand side of the screen. Then under the audio from the two windows, select the preferred language.

lovr Step 4: Then, choose the profile from the home page and change the default language.

mobilev Step 5: After that, click on the edit profile from the menu.

Step 6: Locate the profile settings and click on the app language from the menu.

Step 7: Then, on the list, choose your preferred default app language and save the changes. You are done with settings the Disney Plus audio and default language on the smart TV, as simple as that.

On Roku TV

Step 1: With your Roku TV device, launch the Disney Plus and select the movie or tv show to watch.

Step 2: Once you choose, tap on the star icon to start the movie.

Step 3: Then, using the remove, launch the audio menu


Step 4: Then, from there, select the preferred language from the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 5: You can proceed to watch the Disney Plus movie in the preferred language on your Roku TV gadget.

On Apple TV

Step 1: On the apple device, launch the Disney Plus application.

Step 2: Then choose the title of the movie or tv show you want to watch.


Step 3: On the apple, remove, swipe down.

Step 4: From the menu, choose audio found on the top of your screen.


Step 5: You will have a list of the languages, select the preferred one and go back to watch the movie or tv show in your comfort.

On Amazon Fire TV

On the same streaming sites we have covered, you can watch Disney Plus using amazon fire tv. However, this is a different approach to changing the Disney Plus language. The option is not within the Disney Plus on the amazon fire tv. Instead, you can amend the language from the amazon fire tv settings. So, if you want to change and enjoy a movie in the preferred language, follow the below procedure:-


Step 1: On the amazon Fire tv, head to the settings and click on it.

Step 2: From the resulting menu, tap on the preferences available on the home screen.


Step 3: After that, choose the language. You will have a list of various languages available on amazon fire tv. Then once you select the language, it is adjusted to the streaming application, and you have an easy time watching the movie in your favorite language.


Can You Change the Language When Using GroupWatch


Here is another catch on the Disney Plus. When using the GroupWatch feature, you can also change the language. However, remember that you will be streaming simultaneously with friends worldwide when using this feature.

When you start to watch the movie on GroupWatch, every friend in GroupWatch can also change the language of the movie without even interfering with the watching experience of friends from the other end. Changing the language is the same as discussed in the above guidelines.

That is, head to the top right corner of your screen, select the audio from the windows, and amend the language on the Disney Plus movie as you wish. Note that it is also possible to watch the Disney Plus using discord. But, one thing is that people using discords to watch Disney Plus do not have the option to change the language, and they are not in a position to subscribe to the premium package for this case.


1. Why can't I change the language on Disney Plus?

You can change the language on Disney Plus. However, when there is a glitch, it becomes a challenge. For this case, you must contact customer support to resolve the issue with changing language.

2. What languages does Disney Plus support?

At first, Disney Plus only had 4 languages, but they increased to roughly 16. However, the language options vary depending on the region, country, and title. When you cannot find the title in the required language, then the language might not be in the region.

 3. Why was the language changed on my Disney Plus?

Sometimes when the Disney Plus account changes language without your consent, it might be an alarming situation since there is the possibility that someone has compromised it. You can resolve the issue through app settings and ensure you secure the payment data and address. After that, contact the support team and change your account password to stay safe.


Disney is a popular name online around the world. If you have an active subscription, you can change the Disney Plus language to your favorite one. The article shared guides on changing the Disney Plus and GrouWatch language on multiple devices. However, make sure you are secure while watching Disney Plus in your comfort. Follow the above steps and make changes where necessary.