What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube

Are you getting confused with the highlighted comments on YouTube? They might not mean what you are thinking. This article will exhaust everything you have to know and how to use the feature navigating the comments section.

YouTube is a video streaming social media platform where active and interactive with the creator are aspects like likes, comments, shares, and even subscribing. But one of the perfect ways to give the content creator feedback on the video is through comments. Once you watch a video, you can later give your opinion on the video, and anyone can comment on the platform based on the few settings placed in order.

To an extent, while navigating through the comments section, there is the possibility to you have ever come across the highlighted YouTube comment. Sure, you asked yourself what the comment meant without getting a satisfying answer. But from our point of view, the highlighted comments serve multiple purposes we will see in the next section.

In this review, we will cover the details around the highlighted YouTube comments, their importance, how to go about it, and highlighting a YouTube comment. This is because the platform is evolving at high speed, and massive features are being introduced, which you also need to know how they are used. The feature was recently launched, and most people are even astonished at how it works. Let us find out more in our article.

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on YouTube?

The highlighted comments are only visible to the content creator or the channel owner and are displayed at the top of the comment section. This means that the person who can see it is the one who opens the comment notification through the channel email address.

This is an automated feature and aims at making the users have an excellent experience on the platform. Therefore, the highlighted comment is important regardless of the creator or a subscriber.

And once you interact with such comments, they disappear. And when you open the comment through the notification link in your email address, YouTube reloads the highlighted comment again.

Before discussing the importance of the highlighted comment, you first need to understand what a highlighted comment is. Therefore, highlighted comment on YouTube is only a comment on the platform, but it is selected as important to you.

In most cases, these comments appear to have a grey mark on the sides and have time when that particular post was posted. These comments are visible for a reason but most importantly, they help the audience interact and navigate through the comments.

In layman's language, we can say that highlighted comments flag the audience's attention and help you interact easily with the comment. Not even the subscribers of the content creator highlight the comment; they are not meant for the negative but only target to get your attention so that you can start interacting.



Therefore while you go through YouTube and find the highlighted comment, it has multiple meanings as it appears above the tagged name. In some cases, it appears when someone relies on your YouTube comment. This helps you have an easy time locating the reply.

The same applies to a situation when you have a video on the platform and someone posts a comment. The comment will also be highlighted once you access the notification. You also need to note that highlighted comments go above the pinned comment for this case. once you see the highlighted comment, the video will be reloaded, and the comment's author will be notified.

How to Highlight a Comment on YouTube?

First, we must agree that you can never highlight a comment on the YouTube platform. If we agree on that, then we can proceed. The thing is that creators and users can only generate the URL  with which, if you share and someone visits the content using it, will, in the long run, see the highlighted comment.

Therefore, once you create the URL, you can post or share it with friends directly through messages on social media platforms. Equally, it is possible to make it when you have a website, as anyone that clicks on the link will be redirected to the highlighted comments on YouTube.

This si simpela s it sounds. Here is how to go about generating the link:

Step 1: First, navigate to YouTube and locate the video with the comments you want to highlight.

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Step 2: Scroll through and locate the comment section, then pick the comment you intend to highlight.

Step 3: Tap on the time or instance 2 days ago, which is close to the username of the person who commented.

two day

Step 4: The page will refresh, but it will generate a new comment URL. The =URL will come with the IC parameter.


Step 5: Then choose the new URL from the browser bar and then copy it.

That is all, and the URL you just copied you can decide to share or paste for the people on other social media platforms to use in accessing the highlighted comments on that YouTube video.

How to Remove Highlighted Comments on YouTube?

Removing highlighted comments is very simple; the process only takes simple URL adjustments. This is because the highlighted comment makes use of the unique URL. Therefore, you need to work on eh generated URL and remove some parts to do away with the highlighted comment.

Once you are done, you can access the original video with the UL without seeing the highlighted comment or reply. No worry about other people accessing the highlighted comment because the highlight is only visible to you while others will see the typical comment section.

Follow the below steps to remove the highlighted comments on YouTube:

Step 1: First, start by heading to the browser URL

Step 2: Then navigate through and locate the  ‘&Ic ‘ found on the URL

& Step 3: Then make sure you delete the code from the URL

Step 4: After that, click enter and reload the URL on the browser. When it reloads, you will not see the highlighted comment section again. The LC is the linked comment placed on the URL identifier for this case.

Do Highlighted Comments Get More Views?

The highlighted comments on YouTube do not give YouTube videos more viewers. Instead, it is meant to grab the viewers' attention on the particular comment thread. For it to be popular, the comment depends on the user's interaction level. For it to be trending and rank higher, it must scoop many comments, replies, likes, etc., underneath it.

However, when you intend to get more YouTube views, refer to our previous article about the marketing strategies that might save your day. But rest assured that content creation is not a simple task. It needs tricks and engagement. And highlighted comment is one of the tools used in the marketing strategy on YouTube.

But generally, the highlighted comment is a time server as it makes your YouTube channel look more effective. And when someone highlights your YouTube comment, it is clear they might as well highlight your YouTube channel, which can drive traffic to your channel.

Bonus: Tips for Writing Highlighted Comments


Most people are online looking for ways to ensure that they have their YouTube comments pinned on the videos of prominent content creators or even highlighted.

However, everything depends on how you write the comment. And because of this high demand, we have also crafted some tips to help you get started and become a pro in writing the highlighted YouTube comments to go viral.

  • The first thing you need to do is to go through the whole comment section and confirm what feedback other viewers have made.

This step will guide you through and help you figure out the point lacking from the feedback. After that, you can start to write a comment concerning what is lacking in the feedback section as long as the video is concerned. The other thing you need to consider is the language; make it simple. Then always remember to complement the YouTubers because of the skills they have put together in generating the video.

  • Also, remember that not all the viewers have enough time to review the lengthy comment.

Reply or respond. Therefore, try your best to make a comment as short as possible and make sense smaller while bringing out the point clearly to convey the idea and opinion. In the research, most brief comments tend to get the reader's attention since they go straight to the points most people are looking for.

  • Then when you are done crafting the comment or response.

You must get time to go through and check if everything is as accurate as you need it to be. Google and YouTube are the leading search engine, but they hate grammar mistakes.

  • You are yet to be done, so never click the public icon to this point.

Instead, double-check the feedback or comments and ensure that it has all the needed or targeted components mentioned above.

  • If you are satisfied, then this might be the time to post a comment.

When you are done posting, give it a few minutes before you start reposing in the comment section. Therefore, the YouTube comment will get highlighted only if it complies with the community guidelines, and then search engines will locate the comment as distinctive. This way, a unique comment will be highlighted easily.


YouTube is a perfect business marketing platform for the pro, but the beginners, it is daunting. Everyone is fighting to increase their popularity on the channel. Even though the highlighted channels are not aimed at giving YouTubers direct benefits and boosts, they are still good at optimizing the journey. You can connect with new subscribers and increase your fan base.

Therefore, highlighted YouTube comment is crucial in tracking a particular reply on multiple YouTube videos. Therefore, keep an eye on the highlighted comments, increase the audience and improve the platform.

In our article, we have covered all things linked to the highlighted comment. These range from the importance of the highlighted comments, how to make the highlighted comment, and removing it from the YouTube video.