How TikTok Reads Your Mind – TikTok Algorithm Exposed!

How TikTok Reads Your Mind

Are you wondering how the tiktok algorithm works in reading your mind? It has been running through various people's minds, and today, we need to address the issue and make it clear to remove any assumptions. Please read our article and find out how tiktok reads your mind.

Tiktok is a popular social media platform that has managed to rank as the most popular video app around the world. It has taken over the world and has more than 1 billion active users. As well, it has dominated smartphone users around the world. You must be wondering what magic TikTok is using to trick people. Well, it sounds entertaining, and to an extent, the is likely to be something behind this trend.

Some people claim that TikTok reads users' minds. Hover, the platform has four main goals to achieve through its algorithm. That is 用户价值, 用户价值 (长期), 作者价值, and 平台价值 and these are translated as user value, long-term user values, creator values and then platform values. This is what is building this addictive application which others term as entertaining.

But how true is it that TikTok reads your mind? We can find the answers right in our article. You need to understand the algorithm to understand the core value better. Let us find out how TikTok is reading your mind.

How TikTok Reads Your Mind?


In reality, TikTok does not read your mind, but the term clearly describes the scenario well, especially when launching the application. TikTok algorithm works in a way that it seems to read users' minds. The other social media platforms, like Instagram, as well have their algorithm system, which we covered in other articles.

However, neither of the social media platforms' algorithms is as powerful as that used by the TikTok application to make the videos trending. One of the leaked documents in the New York Times gives us a clear insight into this big portal and a glimpse of understanding this viral platform. We will cover more on how the algorithm works section under this article.

Otherwise, from our latest research, the success of the content of the short videos on the platform relies on answering these questions; why it matters, how we did it, and what we found. TikTok is well known for trending and selecting nature on the video to display on your page, and they seem to portray the user's taste. The algorithm behind the personalization is the company's asset and remains a s their secret.

But according to the research conducted by the WSJ with the fake persona traits, there are few things they obtained.

First, the investigation noted that in most cases, TikTok responded sensitively to one signal based on the duration someone spent on a particular video. Therefore, TikTok starts displaying similar and popular videos to that personal trait and finds out which catches your mind. Hence it tends to work well; most people term it reading mind.

But again, the WSJ research concludes that TikTok can still lure individuals into developing certain habits deeply to a particular content hence shaping your attitude through reinforcing group behaviors of the dominant trend. Hence you might come across things like selective in posting to the particular content creator that has already dominated the TikTok platform.


So, before you claim over the mind reading, it will be a good move to have some basic fundamental aspects regarding TikTok and other social media platforms that do not have anything related to mental or mind reading.

  • The first thing you must note is that social media activities are controlled by technology that is a machine. Hence, liking or commenting on a particular video is one of the automation scopes of particular software. Therefore, this rules our mind-reading notions as irrelevant.
  • Secondly, you must also note that TikTok is designed by a machine to achieve a particular signal within a specific noise. Therefore, the mentality and your preference have nothing to do with the goals of the machine while sorting the clear categories based on your behaviors.
  • Then again, the last point is that no person has a social media mentality or identity. This is what we call one's identity, persona, or mind, all of which are illusions and are the consequence of a name being attached to a specific task that is kept in a database.


This is the flow chat reprinted by  The New York Times and recommended that it is the one sue buy the TikTok algorithm. This was obtained by the internal document leaked by the TikTok staffer to the Times.

How Does TikTok Algorithm Work?

As mentioned earlier, there are four main goals that the TikTok algorithm aims to achieve. These are the user, creator, platform, and long-term values. Therefore, with these goals, the app, through algorithms, becomes powerful at reading someone's preferences and showing you some of the other sides of the platform. Tiktok aims at keepin you engagemgene tna dwatchiong as long as it can. This is one of its main goals.


Though it sounds simple on a plain surface, it is a challenging mechanism with multiple variables attached. These goals were revealed by Hillary McQuaide, who is the company spokesman.

The mathematical goals of the company attached to the algorithm also go hand in hand with human nature, and cultural cues understood while establishing the new retention rate which users have never experienced. That sound hard to digest, right? Keep it aside and takes a look at some of the proposed methods on how the TikTok algorithm works but in a simpler way:

  • User Retention

To this aspect, there are two linked metrics. That is the true retention and viewing time. Immediately after you launch the application, you access the videos arranged based on the current trend.

However, the more you spend on the platform, the type of videos you watch, and the time you spend on a particular content help the TikTok algorithm optimize the similar video content on the platform for your timeline so that they appear on the feeds. Therefore, the more you watch, the more TikTok displays similar video content.

  • Long-Term User Value


The other thing TikTok fights to achieve is to keep you retained for at least a few minutes. thereaThereafterims at, making sure it at least crafts a long-time strategy to optimize your feeds with the video contends on the preference it obtains. This is one of the challenging aspects that TikTok aims to establish, and in the long run, TikTok has finally got the secrete. It should not sound scary, but that is their price tag.

  • Daily Active Users


Another goal TikTok needs to achieve is increasing the number of active users daily. They achieved this by adding the values of the users to the content. Therefropem TikTok connects individuals with their users on the platform s fast as possible. Today, TikTok takes the shortest time to grasp the user's interest and a few days are enough to get going.

  • Creator Value

Tiktok is a simple application and could not be trending if not for the creators. The creator comes up with video content that the audience loves watching on the platform. Tiktok would not be trending if they would not introduce new features like lip sync, trends, filters, memes, etc. Therefore, what empowers the algorithm is the ability to create value in the content. This is an intrinsic way that benefits the audience and the content creators.

  • Platform Value

If the platform can easily obtain more trends, videos, content, and comments, it will be possible to achieve the platform value by becoming more valuable. To understand this aspect, you must remember that everything happening or shared on the platform has a hidden agenda.

You might be left wondering if you can beat the TikTok algorithm. Well, check this out in the next section.

How to Beat TikTok Mind Reading?

If you want to beat the TikTok algorithm, you can do a few things on the platform. In this section, we take you through and avoid the mind-reading game.


TikTok algorithm feeds off from the users and specifically from your desires. Therefore, TikTok bases its algorithm on self-validation and ego. Therefore, the content creators also need to have many video views, know how they liked their videos, grow on the platform, and get viral.

This is what is termed addiction and is worse among video viewers. People spend a lot of time on the platform only to later realize that they have wasted their time of the day when they would have done something important.

Therefore, TikTok mostly considers your weakness in terms of the content and then tends to attack you elegantly as well as magnificently. The app is machaviellianly designed and crafted to ensure that it meets its goals to retain you.

The thing here is that how the platform reads your mentality depends on the individual. That does not mean that you should avoid using TikTok. The app is trending this far for a reason. However, something that is in excess is not good. And this is one of the social media activities that are real in our daily life.

And it has become more noticeable, especially on TikTok, than before. Take your time and ask yourself how TikTok reads your mind. You might not get the answer now, but when it comes to TikTok, you might have the answer right with you.

Therefore, ht final thing here is that you can delete the TikTok application if you find it is not helping or taking a lot of time, only making you uncomfortable. Install it when you need it. Hence, TikTok will be in a position to control your mentality or will never understand your desire.


While TikTok is taking over social media platforms by storm with trending short video content, it has also become addictive among people of all ages. The platform has four goals to achieve, and generally, it aims to retain an audience while achieving its values and serving content creators. Understanding how the TikTok algorithm works might save your day.

In the article, we have covered everything you need to know about the TikTok mind-reading game. Beat TikTok mind reading and become independent when you feel like it is not serving any importance on your device but install it when you want to use it. Otherwise, TikTok has become a great place to advertise, create brand awareness, generate revenue, and connect with friends.