How to Find People on OnlyFans in 2023?

Find People on onlyfan

Are you new to OnlyFans and wondering how to find people on the platform? Read on to learn about the same and much more.

OnlyFans is a relatively new social media platform that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. It’s similar to Instagram, but the only difference is that it’s completely private and only for your fans.

The privacy fact that you are just limited to a fan base of your own, means that it can be quite difficult to find new fans. This can be especially frustrating if you’re just starting out and don’t have a large following. On top of that, if you want to make money from OnlyFans, it will require you to have an engaged audience who loves you enough to spend money on your posts.

So, for you to do all these, you'll need to get more followers on OnlyFans, which means that you will need to find people first.

How to Find People You Know on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans social media platform is slightly different from Facebook and Instagram. This platform focuses on no strangers in sight – just friends of friends and all-around trusted connections.

If you've ever wondered how to find people on OnlyFans, then we have good news for you: It's fairly easy

Here's how:

  • By Someone's Username 

Step 1: Start a browser of your choice.

Step 2: Copy and paste the following link [] but replace the username entry with the user's OnlyFans name.

OnlyFans name

Step 3: Next, touch the [Enter] button.

  • By Someone's Real Name 

If you want to find a specific person and not just a random stranger on OnlyFans, OnlyFinder is your best tool to use.

OnlyFinder is a search tool useful to find profiles in OnlyFans. So to use OnlyFinder:

Step 1: Type the creator's real name on the search bar, then touch the search icon.

touch the search icon

Step 2: The result from the search will display all profiles close to the name you provided. So you'll need to scroll through and locate the exact one that matches your search.

Step3: However, you must be cautious since the search results may display some not-safe profiles for work ethics.

  • By Someone's Location  

If you are searching for a content creator whom you overheard people talking about but you are not sure of their username or real name, using the location procedure is also one of the ways you can find them. However, not every profile in the specified location may show up on your search, but all the same, it is good to go ahead and search for whoever you want.

Here is how you can do this:

You'll also need to use the OnlyFinder tool here.

Step 1: Visit the [] website.

syntax in the search bar

Step 2: Type the location syntax in the search bar, followed by the location you want. For example, if you want a creator from Pretoria, you will type:

Location: “Pretoria”


Step 3: Then hit the [Enter] button. This way, anyone with their OnlyFans account in your specified location will appear on the search results.


Step 1: Visit the official [] website.

Step 2: Touch the [Map] button under the search bar. This will launch a world map similar to that of Google maps.

Google maps

Step 3: Tap on any town on the map or the city you want. OnlyFinder will automatically generate the OnlyFans creators in that location.


Step 4: However, if a user recently changed their location from what you are searching for, their profile won't display on the search results.

  • By Other Social Media Platforms

You, don't have to struggle to find people on OnlyFans when you don't know their usernames. You can find them through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The fact that the creators in OnlyFans have a way to make money on the platform guarantees that they'll definitely advertise the same on other social media platforms. In fact, most creators are known to link their OnlyFans account with their social media bios. Typically, a good number of them are known to use all-in-one link tools such as AllMyLinks or LinkTree.

So, whenever, you see someone with a LinkTree or an AllMyLinks bio on any social media account, check for their OnlyFans link there.

  • By Someone's Email   

Finding people you know on OnlyFans is easy, but it's not obvious. If you have the email address of someone who's already signed up for OnlyFans, you can easily find them on the platform.

However, this procedure does not give you the exact account on OnlyFans using the email. Instead, it gives you an idea of whether there is an account existing under that email address.

The good thing is that even when a content creator deleted their OnlyFans account, this procedure will still give you wind of whether there was an account under that email.

OnlyFans account

Here is how:

Step 1: You'll need to try creating a new OnlyFans account using the person's email address.

Step 2: If the platform accepts the email address, then the user is not on OnlyFans. Or, they may be registered on the platform but under a different email address.

Step 3: If OnlyFans denies the email, then it means there is a running account with the same email on the platform.

How to Find OnlyFans Accounts in Your Area?

Finding OnlyFans accounts in your area has never been easier. But, with a simple search, you can find several OnlyFans account users from within your vicinity (if any).

So, as before you will need to use OnlyFinder. Here's how:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Use the [Location + Distance] syntax. The location stands for the country, city, or town you are in while the distance entry stands for how far an OnlyFans user might be.

Step 3: For example, if you are in Beijing, you'll search for:



Step 4: Finally, touch the [Enter] button to start your search.

Step 5: One of the things you must note when keying in your entries is you must always use capital letters for any city, town, or country you are in. You should also avoid using spaces on the search bar.

Step 6: So, this method works for any country worldwide apart from the US.

Step 7: You must also know this method will only locate OnlyFans creators who have not turned off their automatic location settings.

How to Find the Latest Creators on OnlyFans? 

Since OnlyFans focuses more on privacy, new OnlyFans creators are most likely to converge and create small groups or communities on platforms such as Reddit where they can have like-minded people.

So any platform such as Reddit having the ability to host persons of similar interests and passions makes a great asset for OnlyFans creators looking to advertise themselves.

Therefore, browsing Reddit will get you to any content creators promoting themselves in various subreddits communities.

Here is how to find such creators on Reddit:

Step 1: Visit and open Reddit's official website.

Step 2: Type in [OnlyFans] on the search bar.

Type in on the search bar

Step 3: Scroll through to the [Communities and Users] tab.

Step 4: Swipe through and select any Subreddit.

Step 5: Next using the [New] filter, check for any new OnlyFans content creators who recently posted on Reddit.

How to Find Free Accounts on OnlyFans?

Find Free Accounts on OnlyFans

OnlyFans lets content creators charge users who want to join any profile. However, this does not mean there are no free accounts on the platform, here is how you can find free profile accounts:

Step 1: Using the official OnlyFinder website, touch on the [Free] option.

Step 2: The results will display countless free accounts, so you won't get bored if you don't have money to subscribe to a specific account on the platform.


1 . Why doesn't OnlyFans offer a search?

OnlyFans platform gives access to content that most users want to hide from their friends and loved ones. In fact, most content creators go overboard to hide their payments from OnlyFans in their bank accounts.

So, the only best thing OnlyFans can do for its content creators to feel secure is to remove the search feature, for the creators to remain anonymous. This way it's also easy for them to make more connections by attracting more users and content creators.

Although to some users, who are openly confident with what they do, this may be slightly inconvenient, at the end, many creators would rather remain anonymous, so it's a win for the platform and the users.

2. Can I find someone on OnlyFans without an account?

Despite OnlyFans being perceived as a privacy-oriented account, it is not a must to have an account on the platform for you to search for an account.

So, if you only needed to check for a specific account or you are just curious whether someone you know is a content creator on the platform, there are many other ways you can use to check for an account on the platform, even if you haven't created an account there.

Therefore using either of the ways mentioned here, you can look for any account you want on the platform, without necessarily creating an account that you might never use anyway.


So hopefully now you know how to find people and the next step is getting their attention. If you want to start a conversation with someone you can leave them a comment, but there are billions of people on OnlyFans so if they don't feel like responding, they won't.

In addition, if your main aim was to satisfy a curiosity urge about someone you think is on the platform, you don’t have to create an OnlyFans account. Just search for them with either of the ways mentioned here. If you fail to find the person you wanted, maybe they don’t have an account on the platform or they just don’t want to be found.