How to Get Unshadowbanned on TikTok in 2023

Are you wondering if you can get unshadowbanned on TikTok? Don't worry, we will let you know how to get your TikTok account unshadowbanned. It may not be as difficult as you think!

The TikTok algorithm can rank your video and become visible under the FY section to turn you into a sensational overnight. Though it takes effort to grow the audience base, TikTok can still take away the followers or even ban your account if you do not operate it within the community guidelines.

A shadowban has been around for a long and applies when your account is blocked for a limited time. When TikTok bans your account, it affects your account reach and engagement. So, before we get into details about how to unshadowban your TikTok account, let us first understand what TikTok shadowban is.

What is TikTok Shadowban?

TikTok account gets shadowban, which means your account is restricted from receiving engagements like comments, likes, and views, and even you cannot get FY page traffic. But the term shadow implies that you can never understand the reason behind the action.

This act is an automatic process where the TikTok algorithm applies while protecting the platform or users against breaking the community guidelines, preventing adult content from even protecting the copyright.

The good news is that shadowban disappears unnoticed unless one of the friends that struggled to get into your video content sports it. But you can do a few things to know when TikTok has shadowbanned your account. Keep reading and find out.

How Do I Know If My TikTok is Shadowbanned?

TikTok is Shadowbanned

TikTok cannot notify the users when the account is shadowbanned. However, if it is your account, there are hopes you can notice the action. First, you must note that when your TikTok is shadowbanned, you will not be visible on the FY page, your videos will never be visible in the hashtag search, not on the feeds, and your account can not get new followers, comments, and even likes.

This implies that your TikTok followers will not be in a position to see your video content. In simple terms, the TikTok algorithm takes a step to automatically hide your video contents from TikTok users or hide parts of the recently uploaded video contents.

But note that shadowban is different from regular banning because one can still sue the TikTok account. Some of the consequences of being shadowbanned on TikTok is that your account reach will start experiencing a sudden decrease, decreasing the post engagements.

Multiple TikTok shadowban testers claim to offer the service, and we recommend that you avoid using them for your privacy and security. Using the signs mentioned above, you can make a judgment and take the necessary steps.

How to Get Unshadowbanned on TikTok?

Once in a while, you might bump into this situation and discover that your TikTok account has been shadowbanned. Therefore, you can do a few things to get your TikTok unshadowbanned. Here is what we would suggest following:

1. Delete Any Offensive or Controversial TikTok Content

Going against the community guidelines on TikTok might cause the action. Therefore, you must consider deleting any video content you uploaded and suspect that they have to go against the community guidelines.

Once you delete inappropriate or controversial content like videos containing political issues, give yourself 14 days to get the ban lifted from your account. Keep refreshing your TikTok device and account to check if the action has been lifted.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok

Uninstall and Reinstall TikTok

After deleting all the recent uploads to your TikTokaccount and you can not see any chances, you should consider uninstalling the application and installing a free to your device. There are chances that your TikTok applications need to get the updates with the latest version so that they can start working effectively.

3. Switch to A Pro Account

This is the most common TikTok online that can help you get your TikTok account unshadowbanned. Many people have advanced to change your TikTok account through settings and then switch it to a pro account.

This is because you switch to the pro account and then pinpoint how the audience engages with your videos. Therefore, it becomes easy to monitor your videos and find out which one has dropped and which content has increased. From there, you can take a necessary step to delete the video content with decreasing engagement since they likely cause the shadowban.

4. Post Original, Innovative Content

Post Original, Innovative Content

Immediately you gain back the account and start posting content; you must ensure that the account follows the community guidelines and never get shadowbanned again in the future; this means you must post unique and original video content.

Try to behave since the account has been flagged for one thing. You need to become innovative and creative. Avoid posting the same content, as it will result in the same action. Have innovative ideas, try brainstorming your ideas, and come up with unique content so that you can be free from copyright infringements on the platform.

5. Put TikTok On Hold for Sometime

Immediately you delete the offensive TikTok content; become you close the app, you first must clear the caches. After that, update the application, and you need to take a break from the platform. This is only for a few days. When you do this and come back signing in to your account afresh, you might get your TikTok account unshadowbanned and start sharing the content with the audience.

6. Know Your Audience More

It is the responsibility of the TikTok content creator to maintain a healthy environment. This is because TikTok is full of minor accounts and millions of kids. Therefore, keep off from sharing sexual themes on your account.

Avoid sharing nudity or pornographic content at all costs and suggestive content. This is the main cause of the TikTok shadowban today, and understanding your audience might save you from falling victim to the TikTok shadowban.

7. Rethink Your TikTok Hashtags

TikTok hashtags

Be keen and watch out for the innocent hashtags that the TikTok algorithm can misinterpret as offensive. Indeed, the TikTok algorithm does not even understand the humor or sarcasm context. You should note that TikTok does not allow users to edit the video description. Once you have selected a TikTok hashtag, you can not remove it unless you delete the entire video content and then later re-upload it with the relevant hashtag.

8. Update your TikTok Profile Description, Profile, and Name

Ensure your TikTok description and username do not have any curse words or contain bad language that the algorithm might misinterpret. Also, counter-check the profile photo and ensure that the avatar does not contain sexual imagery or violent content that can result in shadowban.

9. Contact TikTok Support

TikTok Support

If all the above methods do not seem to work, you need to contact the TikTok support team for help. This is the last means to try and report the issue you are facing. This way, you might get detailed insight and reasons why your account has been shadowbanned.

But you should also note that it might take up to 4 days to get a reply from customer support. Therefore, be patient before you receive the directive measures you need to take.

How Long Does It Take to Get Unshadowbanned on TikTok?


From the research online, we have noted that the early stages of the TikTok shadowban can last up to at least 24 hours. However, based on the latest and updated algorithm, the duration shadowban lasts continuously growing. Today, the TikTok account can get shadowbanned for up to 14 days.

And there are a few things which you will note. For instance, within the first 7 days, you will notice a drop in the TikTok followers as well as the views on your account. Unless videos are public, you will not be able to make any tag or even upload new video content sot your account within these few days of the account shadowban.

Why Do People Get Permanently Shadowbanned on TikTok?

permanently Shadowbanned on TikTok

As earlier stated, it is harmful to your TikTok account when you continuously upload content that goes against the community guidelines. You might get severe consequences beyond shadowbanning. When TikTok regularly flags your account for the same mistakes, you can quickly get permanently banned or permanently shadowbanned.

Some peopel are odnieing hwo will you knwon that you have eben permanenelt banend. Well, this time round, TikTok will send you a notification to let you know that your TikTok account has been permanently banned. In the notification, you will get a detailed explanation of the ban.

Again, you should note that, previously, TikTok paid over $5 million since the application was going against the privacy protection act of the children. In response, TikTok has banned many accounts to protect children's privacy. For instance, many accounts have been banned when they could not verify their age besides having the legal age on the platform.

Besides children's privacy, the video content might again go against the TikTok rules. When it is consistent,t then it results in your account being shadowbanned. This time, it becomes challenging to recover your account. Though there is hope when the account is permanently banned, you should not count on it.


TikTok is one of the effective marketing tools among many social media platforms online. Though it might sound easy to go viral on the forum, you must operate within the community guidelines to avoid facing shadowban. Many things can bring about TikTok account shadowban.

However, you can quickly get an account unshadowbanend following the above recommendation in our article. Always ensure you abide by the community guidelines and share the content that only resonates with your audience on TikTok.