How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page?

Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

Are you planning to add the admin to your Facebook page? Wonderful for making such a step. It isn't very easy, but we have you covered with relevant steps. Read along to the end and discover the do, don't, and procedures.

Key Content:

  • Add an Admin to a Facebook Page on Desktop
  • Add an Admin to a Facebook Page on Mobile Device
  • Add an Admin to a Facebook Page on Facebook Groups

If you own a business and mostly enjoy promoting products through social media platforms, you might have difficulty managing your Facebook page. Are you thinking of adding n admin to your business Facebook page?

Then that is a good move and an indication that your business is growing well. Increasing your business team means you must delegate duties to other people. Some need help you run the media marketing campaign and respond to the customers when the need arises while you are busy with other tasks.

Therefore, when you add someone to your Facebook page as an admin, congratulation gives them a high chance and permission to manage the page. Thus, it pays to have a team regardless of whether you make the business or personal brands. They help in publishing and curating content for your page to inform the audience and inform them.

Facebook allows users to add the admin to the pages, but here, admins only have some limited permissions. Such roles are what we call the admin. Many people are searching online for how to add a Facebook page admin. This is the right place to be if you are one. Our article will take you through detailed guides on adding Facebook page admin and delegating duties. Let us dive into it without further ado!

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

Before you start off the process, first of all, You Need to Be an Admin to Create or Add an Admin. You can't give Page access to a gray account. But al,o Facebook does not have a limit on the number of admins you can add to the page. But remember, you cannot add everyone on the page as the admin. Therefore, the admin page is only available on the classic Facebook page.

Therefore, if you just switched to the new Facebook experience, you do not have such an option but only to give the person some kind of admin role to act as the legacy admin while accessing the Facebook page. Hence, the procedures through similar while using different devices; there are few deviations as you are about to see. Let us start with using a desktop.

On Desktop

If you are using a desktop, whether it is windows or mac, the procedure is the same as long as you are on the Facebook website. Here is what you need to follow:

Step 1: Launch the preferred browser, head to the Facebook website, and log in with your details.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the settings sections found at the top right of your screen on the Facebook page, and tap on the page roles.

see page

Step 3: This will launch up a new menu and form that menu, select the menu again, called the page roles.

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Step 4: Under the section titled assign new page role, start typing the name of the person you want to make the page admin roles. You see the suggestion of the name on the drop-down menu. After that, select the person from the list based on your needs.

Step 5: When done, tap on the menu close to the name you picked and click on the admin as the next option.

page onwer

Step 6: You will see a reminder popping up stating that ‘ “If you're adding a new admin to your Page, please keep in mind that they'll have the same permission as you do to make changes to this Page.”

Step 7: Accept and tap the add button when you have the relevant name and agree with the notification. After that, Facebook will again prompt you to type in your Facebook password, which is only meant for authentication to prove that you are the owner of the account.

Step 8: Beneath the option ‘ exiting page role,'  you can now see the name of the person you have just assigned the role of a Facebook page admin. However, it will have a red pending message close to the name.

fb p

Step 9: The person will receive the request from the other end. Immediately they accept the role, and it will become visible under the existing page role tab. You will see everyone on the Facebook page from this section categorized based on their role or permission. Such includes the admins, editors, etc.


Note that at such a point, the Facebook owner can use this menu while delegating the new roles and editing the permissions of each admin under this area. For instance, when someone is listed as the editor, you can amend to become admin, which you only tap on the edit icon.

You will see the menu on the drop-down list indicating different roles. Therefore, you will not have difficulty reading the people on the page, but you can remove the users.

On Mobile Device

The next step is when you are using a mobile device. as stated, the procedure though similar, but there are some slight changes. Find out in the steps below.

Step 1: First, have the mobile devices launch the Facebook application and log in to your account with relevant details. The mobile can be android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Step 2:Then, while on your Facebook account, click on the three horizontal lines. If you are using the iOS device, these liens will be located in the bottom right corner of your screen, while on android users, these lines are typically at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Head to the menu page, then click on the ‘ your X page' to access your Facebook page, Where X represents the number of pages under your Facebook account.

Step 4: Then, from the list, choose the Facebook page to which you want would wish to assign someone as the admin. Then, head to the right corner of the page and click on the gear button.


Step 5: Then navigate to the settings and then, from the menu, click on the page roles.

Step 6: Then click on add person to page, an option found at the top. Sometimes Facebook might ask you to enter your password, type in, and proceed by clicking the continue icon.

Step 7: Then, under the add person to the page ‘ displayed on your screen,  navigate through and click on the text field and type in the name of the p[erson you want to delegate the role on your page. You will have the drop-down list with suggestions. Select the targeted person and tap on the name to add to this section.


Step 8: Then locate the button edit person found on the page under the page roles section, choose the admin from the menu, and then click add icon.

The user you have just added as admin will get a notification requesting them to join as the admin. And when they accept the request, they will resume the role. You can as well decide to remove the person from the admin. This option is also under the page role. Then besides the name, you will have the option to remove it under the pencil icon—more about how to remove someone as admin in the next section.

On Your Facebook Groups

That all have been about the Facebook page. In this section, we will add the admin to a Facebook group. This is only possible when you are the current group admin and, if not, a moderator. When you are sure you meet this requirement, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Launch Facebook either using the mobile device or desktop application and log in to your account.

Step 2: While on the feeds, navigate through and click on the groups, which is an option found on the left menu of your screen, and choose the group from the list. When you can not access the target group, tap more to see the whole group list.


Step 3: Then, beneath the cover of the group, tap on members, and if you cannot locate the target person, tap more.


Step 4: After that, once you find the person, click on the 3 dots found close to the name of the person you wish to delegate the admin.



Step 5: Then, from the menu, click on add as an admin. You can work as well as the member as the group moderator based on your needs. Once you are done, it will send the invitation to the person.

Remember that you can always cancel this invitation when you make a mistake, maybe to the invited moderator or admin. To o this, you also need to head to the 3 dots close to their name, and you will be able to see the cancel option on the pop-up menu.

Otherwise, all the group members must be active so that they can qualify to be group admins. Immediately the person accepts and becomes the group admin; they can remove not only the members but also other moderators and admins from the group or demote them. Again, they can edit the group description and many more settings.

If a Facebook degroup does not have an active admin, then, in this case, Facebook can decide to identify the eligible member and invite them to be the admin as long as they are a group member. If the admin has not engaged with the group for some period, then that becomes an inactive member or admin, and Facebook considers such things while selecting admin.

In cases where the group does not have any admin, members qualify to claim the role. And when one has a grey account, they do not qualify to become the admin unless they create a new Facebook account.

How to Remove an Admin on a Facebook Page

Facebook page and Facebook group are different. To remove someone on the page as an admin, that particular person must first approve the removal request. But if the other person does not approve the request within one month, Facebook will take a step to auto-approve it.

Therefore, when someone you have delegated the role of the Facebook page admin is not doing their part, you can decide to remove them. It would help if you did not get stuck here. The process is simple and clear to the point below:

Step 1: Launch Facebook, and log in to your account to access the news feed.

Step 2: Then ehad to the fabeook page secttings section. From there, click on manage page roles'

page v

Step 3: When through, form the list of the admin and editors, locate the person you want to remove, and tap on the edit icon, which is found beside the targeted name. Other than deleting the roles, you also have the option to remove the person.

Step 4: Then, close to the person's name, you can locate a  small pencil button, click on the icon, and from the menu, tap remove. The person from henceforth will not be able to access the admin feature on the page.

What Page Roles Are Available on Facebook?

On the Facebook page, you can delegate members to different roles. As of now, the Facebook page comes with a total of six roles available and active. these include:-


  • Admin: This role offers someone full control of the Facebook page. Therefore, the admin decides not only to add but also to remove other admins from the page.
  • Content Creator: This is responsible for editing the page. It includes roles like posting on a page and sharing videos and photos on the page.
  • Moderator: This limits the role of removing and hiding comments, photos, and posts that do not conform to the community guidelines or business standards.
  • Analysts: this role allows one to access the page insights and the performance of a post on that particular page.
  • Marketer: Responsible for curating the ads as well as accessing insights about the marketing.
  • Developer: It is possible to design the pages' apps and manage them where necessary.

So, every role here has selective duties set aside, and one cannot access someone's roles under their dashboard except admins.

How to Change Someone's Facebook Page Role?

There are two situations here; a Facebook page can be a classic page or even a new page experience. Currently, the new page experience is still unavailable on all the pages. Therefore, we will base our guide on the classic Facebook page. And for you to manage any role, you should be the admin of the page. But Facebook is simple and does not limit you to the number of people that can manage the page.

The only exception is when you have a grey account. In this case, you cannot be added as the group admin or moderator in any role. We would encourage you, in this case, to create a new Facebook account before getting the responsibility. You can change someone's Facebook page role if you are the admin. It is simple:

Step 1: Launch your Facebook and log in to the account as normal.

Step 2: Then tap on the pages, a button on the left menu of the Facebook feeds. Sometimes when you have multiple pages, you might be forced to tap see more to find the page.

Step 3: Then navigate to the Facebook page and head to the settings section, which is found under the menu located on the left-hand side of your screen.


Step 4: Then tap page roles from there.


Step 5: Next to the targeted person's name, locate the edit icon, and tap on it. This must be the name of the admin you want to change the role. Then you will see a list of different roles on the drop-down menu. Please select the relevant role you want to change and tap on it.

pag setting

Step 6: When you are done, tap the save icon, and Facebook will prompt you to enter the Facebook password to verify you are the owner.

Always remember that when you are not friends with the person you are adding or changing the role, they must first accept the invitation to begin the roles on your page. Also, note that new admins do not have this permission until they finish seven days active on the page to be able to demote, change roles or even remove someone on the page.

Pros and Cons of Adding an Admin to Your Facebook Page

while there are benefits of adding someone on your Facebook page as the admin, there are still a few setbacks that you are likely to suffer as well. Let us go through some of the pros and cons of the action:

  • Standby Backup in Case of the Emergency

Well, many bad times happen often, and you never know when it might befall you. Sometimes, you might get locked from accessing your Facebook account. For this case, the additional admin might take up the role and get access to the business page as usual.

This is also important when at some point, you might not be feeling happy or have come across an abusive comment calling for moderation. Still, updates are needed based on the hours because of the weather when the clients need the reply as fast as possible while you are not around. Someone assigned a role can take it up and represent you in your absence.

  • Delegating Tasks


This is the best thing most admins enjoy on the business pages. When you add someone as the page admin, you give them tasks. These include advertising, editorial roles, moderation of the page, analytics, developers, and many more as the business is concerned. This is the first step in making your marketing strategy easy and efficient on social media platforms. Everybody has a particular role.

  • Taking Sick and Free Days, Even Vacation

since you have someone that can take up your role on the page while you are out of the office, it is obvious that you can take a leave. Give the person permission and have an easy time enjoying on vacation, have an easy time when you are sick or on leave while the page remains functional. This is important for any growing business under social media marketing.


However, there are also setbacks here. And the first cons here of adding the admin to your page is the security which starts with you. There is a possibility of risking cyber security breaching on your page. When this happens, it impacts your business, not just the marketing strategy but also creates a bad reputation you took time building.

This means you should only promote someone on your business page as an admin if you completely know that individual. The thing is that an individual can d decide to remove you on the page as the admin, hijacking your page in no time.

And when you feel that you are unsure about the person, then list them as the page editor. Such action enables the person to carry out multiple daily activities on the Facebook page about the business. Still, it cannot change the role or amend any important information like adding admin or removing.

Moist businesses have to take this step and increase their admins on the page to enable them to take their business to the next level. as the business grows, you also need to delegate duties to other people. However, ensure you follow the right procedure and take the necessary precautions, as stated in the above article. That way, you will never have any challenges with the business page.


Facebook page is the way to go on the social media marketing strategy. When the business roles, business owners delegate duties to other people in the business. Therefore, one of these is adding an admin to the Facebook page. Before you add, ensure you know the person's trustworthiness when interacting with your page.

We have shared relevant steps and advantages of deleting duties as well as changing the page roles. Facebook does not limit you to the number of admins you can have on the Facebook page, but a grey account does not qualify. Before making an informed decision, go through the pros and cons and avoid adding a stranger as a Facebook page admin.