How to See Deleted Messages on Discord in 2023?

See Deleted Messages on Discord

Did someone share and delete a sensitive conversation on Discord before you read it? Read on to learn how to access and see any deleted Discord messages.

Discord is a free online chat service that allows users to create text and voice channels with up to 200 people. It's popular among gamers and streamers, but businesses and organizations also use it.

So, discord is an online chat platform that allows users to create their servers where they can socialize with others who share similar interests. The service has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2015 and now boasts over 150 million users worldwide.

While it does offer some privacy features, the biggest downside of Discord is that conversations are not saved after they're deleted by the user who posted them. This can be frustrating if you want to go back and read something someone said months ago or if you need proof of something that was said in case of a dispute between you and another user.

Luckily, there are ways around this limitation. You just have to know how to get around them!

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord with Plugin? 

There are many ways of recovering deleted messages on Discord. Some of these methods are quite simple and require little or no effort, while others might take time and effort before you can see them again.

Here are some of the most reliable ways you can see discord deleted messages:

Access the Better Discord App and Download It

Better Discord App is a free and open-source application that allows you to do any advanced settings on your server, including viewing deleted messages.

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is visit and download the BetterDiscord


Step 2: Once you have installed the app, you may be asked a number of questions, such as;

Choose Discord Version; unless you have any further information about discord servers, just choose Discord.

installed the app

successful installation

Step 3: So with a successful installation, the app will open up automatically, and you'll see a pop-up indicating the installed version of BetterDiscord.

Download the MessageLoggerV2 Application

Next, you'll need to download  MessageLoggerV2, which is BetterDiscord's plugin to grant you access to edited and deleted messages.

Download the MessageLoggerV2 Application

Add MessageLoggerV2 To Plugins

With BetterDiscord and the plugin downloaded, you'll need to install and activate the MessageLogger V2 plugin. Here's how:

Step 1: Launch the Discord platform on your computer.

Step 2: Touch the [Gear] icon and tap on the [User Settings] option.

Step 3: Scroll through the page, looking for the BetterDiscord header at the far left side of the page.

Step 4: Touch the [Plugins] option below the BetterDisocrd header.

BetterDisocrd header

Step 5: Tap to open\reveal the Plugins Folder.

Step 6: Open the Message with the MessageLogger V2 plugin you just downloaded.

Step 7: Click and drag-drop the MessageLogger V2 plugin into the Discord Plugins Folder.

MessageLogger V2 plugin

Step 8: Next, mark the checkbox or switch by the MessageLogger V2 plugin to enable it.

Step 9: You may be prompted over missing Libraries. In this case, touch the [Download Now] option to reinstall the missing Libraries.

Step 10: Once the download completes, enable or activate the XenoLib and ZeresPlugin Library.

Choose Your Server And Open Logs

With the installations completed and everything set, all you need is to choose the correct server and view any present logs to see the deleted messages.

Here's how to do this:

Step 1: First, locate the server you need to check from your server list.

Step 2: Then, Right-click to open the options tab on the server.

Step 3: A navigation window will pop up; you can then touch the [Mesage Logger] option.

Mesage Logger

Step 4: Finally, a log window will pop up, and from there, you'll touch the [Open Logs] option. Here you can access the server logs from which you can view any specific logs you want.

However, you must note that:

BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 are against Discord's TOS. So, basically, you have no permission to use them and, therefore, must accept to bear any risks coming with using them.

Note: You may need to know that BetterDiscord and MessageLoggerV2 both run on the client side. This means they only capture information received on your Discord system.

The good news presently is there are no Discord checks known of checking for modifications on the client side. Typically Discord has no history of any bans for users that modify client-side features and activities.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord with Dyno

Dyno is a great tool that allows you to easily add additional customizable functionality and other moderation features to your Discord server. You can use it in various ways, from accessing deleted messages to notifying you when messages are deleted on your server. However, this method involving the use of Dyno can only be used by people with admin rights. Dyno comes with an action log feature.

In addition, Dyno also has free and premium paid features. These, however, differ in the number of saves to keep the messages recorded. While the free feature saves the most recent ten messages, the premium feature saves 100 messages. This draws the line on how you access the logs since when using the free version, you may need to be quiet first to access the logs since the more other users communicate on the server, the more deleted chats get inaccessible.

Here's how to use the Dyno bot:

Step 1: Go to Dyno Bot on your browser.

Dyno Bot

Step 2: Scroll through, then click on the [Login with Discord] feature.

Step 3: Enter your Discord Details, then Sign In.

Login with Discord

Step 4: Choose the server you'd like to use Dyno Bot on.

Step 5: Tap on the [Continue] button to give Dyno your Discord access.

Step 6: Grant every other necessary permission, then select the settings for your bot and tap on the [Next] option.

Step 7: Redo the process for the other two screen pages, and the Dyno bot will be automatically added to your server.

Step 8: On Discord, tap on the small [arrow] close to the [Text Channels] to set up a dedicated channel for your deletion logs.

Step 9: Name your channel, then switch on the toggle on [Private Channel], then touch the [Next] option.

Private Channel

Step 10: Next, include Dyno as part of the members, but be careful not to add anyone else unless you want them to also access deleted messages.

Step 11: Touch the [Create Chanel] button and add your latest channel to your server.

Step 12: Go back to the Dyno Website and click on the [Manage Servers] option.

Step 13: Choose the relevant server and tap on the small [arrow icon] close to the [Modules].

Step 14: Choose the [Action Log].

Action Log

Step 15: Adjust the [Log Channel] to the new channel you created in Discord.

Step 16: Scroll through to the [ Message Events] option, then mark the [Message Delete, Bulk Message Delete, and Image Delete] options.

Message Delete and Image Delete

Step 17: So, with the action Log set up, whenever a message is deleted from your server, you will receive a notification in your private channel. The great thing is that this notification will include details of the deleted message.

Other Ways to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Screenshots are also a great way to see deleted messages on Discord. This method is simple but very effective. Screenshots are basically pictures of your screen, and you can take them with just about any device when you are afraid that a user might delete some message.

Although you can take screenshots with any device, whether a computer or a mobile device, it is good to know that screenshots can be easily manipulated. So they may not be used as proof on some legal issues, but they are still far better than doing nothing.

You can also take the old-school route and copy-paste the messages on a notepad. However, keeping such a log can be quite hectic, more so when you are searching for a specific comment, reply or message to report.


If you want to see deleted messages on Discord with ease, then the above-mentioned tools can help you out. As for which one will come down to your personal preference and needs, we suggest that you try them all out and pick the one that feels right for you.

However, even as you go along with how to see the deleted messages, you must remember that if you can see them, someone else can also access your deleted messages as well. Therefore, it's important that you be keen on what you send not only via Discord but via any platform on the Internet.