TikTok Filters Not Working: Why & How to Fix It?

TikTok Filters Not Working

Are you frustrated by Tiktok filters' failure to work? Read on to learn the possible causes and fixes for the same.

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos with special effects, filters, and music. The app has been downloaded over 1 billion times and has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

This also explains why TikTok is quite addictive, and it's not surprising that some people spend hours and hours getting entertained on the app. However, if the app is not working, it can be frustrating and annoying. This is often the case when you can’t use your favorite filters, you can’t make videos, and you can’t share them with your friends, family, and followers.

There is, however, no specific reason behind the failed Tiktok filters. Some users suggest that it might be due to a server overload or network issues, while others believe it could be related to some kind of bug in the app's codebase. However, there has been no official word on what causes this problem.

So, read on as we highlight everything related to this issue and how to go about them.

Why Are TikTok Effects Not Working on My Device?

TikTok Effects Not Working

One of the most popular features in TikTok is the ability to add effects to your videos. There are hundreds of different effects that can be added to any video you record with the app. But when they fail to work, it feels quite heartbreaking. Here are some of the reasons behind these effects not working.

Outdated TikTok Version

TikTok is a very popular app that is used by millions of people. The app has been updated many times for various purposes and different purposes. Some updates fix bugs and improve the user experience, while others make the app more stable and secure. If you have an outdated version of the app on your device, it might not be able to support all features in the latest update.

Unnecessary Cached Files

Cached files can slow down your device and make it less responsive than usual. These unnecessary cached files also consume space on your device,, reducing its storage capacity significantly. You can clear these cached files using third-party apps like CCleaner to speed up your phone or tablet.

Bad Internet Connection

First of all, make sure that you have a good internet connection. If your internet is slow, it’s going to take a while for the effects to load, and they will not work. So if you are having problems with the effects, go ahead and check your internet speed on SpeedTest.

TikTok Server Issues

If something is wrong with the server, you will not be able to use any of these features on the app. This may cause an issue when you try to upload content from your phone or when you try to start editing it with an effect applied to it. If this is the case, then wait for a few minutes and try again later, as this could be temporary downtime for the servers or due to maintenance work being carried out by the developers of this app.

First, Check If You are Using Filters and Effects Correctly

Filters and effects are a great way to spice up your photos. But if you're not using them correctly, they can make your photos look amateurish.

Here is a quick guide on how you ensure you use your filters correctly:

Step 1: Touch to open the Tiktok app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Then, click on the [Plus] icon at the mid of your bottom panel to navigate to the Camera screen page.

tiktok plis icon

Step 3: This will open the camera page with an [Filter] option on the right of the screen and an [Effects] option on the left. Touch the [Effects] option and click on the effects you would love to use.


How to Fix TikTok Filters Not Working on Your Device?

If you are a keen user of TikTok and have been using it for a long time, you might have faced TikTok filter failure. This can be very annoying as you cannot use them to edit your videos. Also, if you are a new user, this problem might hinder your experience with the app.

Here are some great solutions to help you solve this issue:

1. Update the TikTok Application

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The first thing you should do if your TikTok filters are not working is update your app. This can be done by going into Google PlayStore or Appstore -> Search for TikTok app -> Tap on the “Update” option. If an update is available, it will download automatically and install onto your device. After installing this update, restart your phone and then open up TikTok again to see if your problem has been fixed.

2. Turn off Any VPN in Use

Another thing that can cause this problem is using a VPN service or proxy server to hide your IP address or location while using the internet. If you are connected to any such service while using the TikTok application on your mobile phone or tablet device, then it may cause this problem. This is because these services tend to slow down data transfer speeds due to security reasons or firewall settings etc.

3. Log Out of the App and Login Again

Login tiktok

This is one of the easiest fixes to try. All you need to do here is log out of the application and then log back in again. This should trigger an auto-update for your account, which should fix any issues that may be causing this problem with filters not working on your device. You can also try clearing your cache and data for the app if this doesn't work for you.

4. Clean TikTok's App Cache

Cached Files

First, you need to clean TikTok's app cache from your device. This can be done by going into Settings and then into Storage & memory. Here, you will see an option called Cached data which will allow you to clear any data that may be causing issues with filtering.

Make sure you do not clear any important information like photos or messages before doing this step, as it may cause further problems with your device. This should solve most issues related to filters in TikTok's app but if it doesn't work for you, then continue reading below for more solutions.

5. Update Your Mobile Device's OS

Update Your Mobile Device's OS

If your mobile device has an outdated operating system, you might face issues with the application. First, make sure that your device has an updated version of the operating system installed on it. The latest version of Android comes with many new features and bug fixes which will help you fix these kinds of problems easily. After upgrading your phone's operating system, restart your phone and check if the problem still persists or not.

6. Switch the Device in Use with Another

The first thing you should try is switching devices. If TikTok works fine on one device but not another, this can indicate a problem with your device rather than an issue with the app itself. If you have more than one phone or tablet, try using them all to see if they work properly. If so, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere for answers.

7. Confirm TikTok's Server Status

Confirm TikTok's Server Status

The best way to confirm whether it's a server-side issue or not is by checking if there are any known issues on the official website or app store page of TikTok. The best site where you are sure to get reliable news about the platform is Downdetector.

Here you can also read through other users and comments; if they are similar to your Tiktok Filters issue, then it means the server has problems. If, however, no one mentions the issue you are experiencing at hand, it could mean there may be other underlying problems on your side.

8. Check Your Internet Connection

Bad Internet Connection

If you are facing this problem while using TikTok, check your internet connection before doing anything else. If your internet connection is good, you should be able to use all features of the application without any problem. If it doesn’t work, try reconnecting your device with WiFi/LTE or mobile data and restart your router.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall the Application

If you are having issues with the TikTok app, there may be an issue with the application itself. To fix this, you can try uninstalling the app from your phone and then reinstalling it again. This will ensure any bugs or glitches are removed from the application and make it run smoothly again.

10. Contact TikTok Support

Contact TikTok Support

The first thing you can do is contact the support team of TikTok and let them know about the issue you are facing. The best way to contact them is via email or by filling out an online form. You can find their contact details on the official website of TikTok.

11. Restart Your Phone

You can also try restarting your phone, as sometimes it may solve the issue, at least temporarily. But this method often doesn’t work in fixing all types of problems. So if you have tried everything but still can’t fix your problem, contact the TikTok support team for further assistance.

Bonus: How Do I Save the Effects I Like?

Pro Tip: If you watch a video having some effects you admire, it is possible to save it. The effect will pop up at the lower right side of the video so you can save it with your other favorites. Once saved, you can always access the [Favorites] tab from the left side of all options in the Effects Window.


TikTok filters not working is something that’s bound to happen one way or another. It should, however, not stress you out. There are several ways you can clear it off. Most commonly, you can restart the device and try using the app again.

If you get frustrated again, clear all temporary files from your device, and if this does not fix the issue, follow either of the above guides. After carrying out these steps, you should be able to fix this problem.