FollowLiker Review

FollowLiker reviews

Is Followliker a scam? Our review will help you make an informed decision if this tool is worth your time, effort, and resources.

Even though Instagram automation seems controversial, it is still practiced in our daily life. Every marketer wants to auto-pilot the processes, but first, you must learn how to do it the right way. There is much software to help you save time managing your Instagram account. A provider like FollowLiker is a perfect choice. It claims that it can help you automate all Instagram tasks. This is too bold; however, you need to grasp it with a bit of salt.

FollowLiker Homepage

Read our article for a detailed review. Can FollowLiker compromise with your account? and does it work well? There are many answers online, and our article will give you one nuance conclusion.

FollowLiker Review

FollowLiker is a  reliable software used mainly for social media management. Their website claims to be effective, super flexible, and multipurpose software that can help you automate all your social media activities. Though not sure about it, they say they can help grow your social media accounts without using spammy tactics.

If you are a fan of Instagram, this is the tool to take your profile to another level. It works well even with other social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. In this article, we will focus on Followliker for Instagram. We will cover more about its features later.

But, this software can perform unlimited actions on Instagram, including following, sending messages, unfollowing, photos search, scheduling posts. This is to mention a few of its functionality, but there are many.

FollowLiker Review

The above stands to be accurate, and we can arguably conclude that FollowLiker is a compelling Instagram growth software. Though not entirely as a management tool, it is an easy task. From their website, you can see that everything is fine. It is a better choice even though other heaps of software are similar to Followliker. If you need to know more about this software, proceed with us in the next section.

Most businesses, agencies, influencers, and celebrities use this tool to promote their accounts, promote brands, create an audience base, generate leads and traffic. It has everything you need under one roof to grow your audience. It combines the marketing power of all social media accounts with a single software. This tool is optimized and automated for Instagram and can run 24 hours non-stop. It is easy to set up and enjoy the benefits.

  • Secure website
  • Compatible with all social media platforms
  • Instead of sugar-coating, it is transparent
  • Detailed FAQ page
  • Easy to use
  • Verified and authenticated payment method
  • No genuine reviews on the internet
  • No mobile version
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Only supports windows
  • No refund

Features of FollowLiker

Features of FollowLiker Instagram

When it comes to the FollowLIker Instagram edition, most users want to know the automation tool's features. Therefore, let's start here. This tool offers many automation features. These include:

  • Auto-follow and Unfollow

Followliker offers users the capability to automate following and unfollowing their target audience. This tool targets the audience based on their location, hashtags, and language. This functionality mimics human behavior allowing you to follow accounts and later unfollow after a user has followed your profile. And after a certain period, the tool also unfollows users that do not follow you back as well as whitelisting users that you don't want this bot to auto-unfollow.

  • Auto-DMs and Commenting

You can also use this tool to send users automated DMs. Marketers prefer sending a welcome message to their new followers and thanking them. It can also auto-comment on a particular photo. Use this functionality with caution because most audiences can differentiate a message or comment automated using a bot.

  • Post Scheduling

This is another attractive feature of Followliker Instagram edition software. The tool has the ability to post videos and photos on your feed. Marketers are always busy, and as such, post scheduling is perfect for managing content calendars in advance. This is a good move, and it can post directly to your Instagram account. However, be extra careful while using this tool.

  • Auto-Liking

Users can also automate liking and unliking posts on Instagram. This can be the photos of an audience, target user, or equally creating a list of photos to automate liking. After a certain period, you can also auto-unlike the posts or pictures. Although not sure of the benefits of this functionality,  the Followliker tool comes with it.

  • Run Multiple Accounts

Using Followliker software, you can run various Instagram accounts. However, this is only an application when you buy or subscribe to the relevant plan. And when using the safe auto-piloted features, this is an attractive option. You can also use it to manage your friends' Instagram accounts simultaneously.

  • Find Follower

This is another positive feature of an Instagram automation tool. You can search users based on various criteria and filters. This is also a good feature as it helps evade unwanted audiences and only focuses on the audience that converts.

How Does FollowLiker Work? 

Using the Followliker tool is easy, but first, you must download the software on your pc. It is compatible with different OS; however, you must maintain your computer working effortlessly. Setting up is somehow complicated but manageable. The tech pro can never experience hitches, but non-tech-savvy should follow the manual or consult first.

As stated earlier, you can use this bot to manage multiple accounts depending on the package you select. to set up the Followliker software, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select the passage from the website and purchase. After that, you will receive an email with the link
  • Using the link, download the software and install. You can install it on Windows, Linux, or macOS.

NOTE: there are some limits for Linux and Mac users. They must use Microsoft virtual private servers. Therefore, users must sacrifice to undergo extra miles installing. It isn't straightforward, and the provider does not mention it on their website.

  • After installation, customize your settings, select the task, and set the target audience based on various parameters.

The software is ready for use upon achieving it, but you should be extra careful. limit your manual interaction and keep your computer powered on. This ensures that you do not go beyond the daily engagement limits and stay safe.

Is FollowLiker Legit and Safe?

Many articles online refer to this software as a scam. It has received bad reviews on Trustpilot of 1.4, making it terrible for this service provider. They've gotten terrible reviews from users in recent years. But should we trust them? The reviews mean customers are not satisfied with their services. Most claim that the bot does not work well, and you cannot reach out to their customer support team.

There is no acceptable method of contacting the support team other than a contact form. And they do not often reply. Another concern is that the tool resulted in many users getting their Instagram account banned when caught using it. Most of these negative reviews were about the Followliker Instagram edition.

Whether this software is safe or not, the possible answer would be no. The company is reliable when it comes to privacy, and they never overcharge. They have a secure site and verified payment methods. But we conclude it is unsafe because it gets your Instagram account banned if you don't use it with extra keenness.

The Instagram algorithm is updated now and then; hence can easily detect it. Thus, it becomes risky to use this software. Another point of view is that they never offer a refund; therefore, any possible customer can get dissatisfied. Linux or macOS users must have a VPS to use it, and above all, there is no free trial to test it.

FollowLiker Alternatives


You can also explore the best alternatives of FollowLiker that are secure and come with new features. If you want to try different solutions, you must consider some factors when searching for the best alternatives. Some alternatives are Jarvee, Flock Social, Nitreo, and Kicksta. They are easy and reliable.


Followliker is a good service provider with many advanced features for automating your Instagram account. However, it is risky, and setting up this tool is complex. Again, it is expensive. While it has good features, there are many other alternatives online that have new features for automating Instagram and other social media platform accounts. They perform the same function but at a lower price, reliability, and less hassle.

This software has had terrible reviews online this year. So to play it safe,  we would advise you to go for other alternatives on the market.