Instagram Automation: What It Is and How to Use It Correctly

Best Instagram Automation

What are the benefits of IG automation? Should you use IG Automation? We have shared a few recommended Instagram automation tools to use. Try and upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy.

Social media marketers and influencers are looking into ways to grow their online presence. This also ap[plies to Instagram, where authentic followers are critical for a serious commitment. Since it is a complex process, most brands turn to Instagram automation tools to help them improve their social media presence, grow engagement and promote their brands.

There are many Instagram automation tools on the market, but some bots only spam your audience. For that reason, we decided to research the best Instagram automation practices, and we will discuss any relevant practices in marketing your brands. First, let us define Instagram automation.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is the integration of third party software in managing your Instagram account. It mainly focuses on autopiloting tasks, increasing interaction without your physical presence.

We can categorize automation into two. It can take control of service interactions which includes commenting and liking or automating tasks behind the scene. These tasks include reporting, publishing and analytics.

When we talk about service control, we know you have heard about the Instagram bot. And using a bot to automate Instagram indeed puts you at a high risk of being blocked. This is because Instagram is against inauthentic activities. They have shut down many automation tools that violate their terms of service.

However, not all automation tools are spammy. Thus Instagram automation tool deals with a backend account. You can automate DMs, comments, followers, likes and your posts to reach an audience when they are active. But why do we need Instagram automation?

Why Need  Instagram Automation?

What is Instagram Automation

Instagram automation is vital in handling social media tasks without human presence. In short, it saves time. We can expound on this considering different aspects. Time is critical, and as you know, business managers are ever busy. So, automation allows marketers to spend their time revamping their marketing strategy rather than carrying out regular chores. Thus, Instagram automation is a legit method of maximizing efforts and time when used authentically.

Automation is also essential in handling tasks on your behalf like following, posting and commenting on posts. The bot is capable of doing this to grow an account and increase your engagement.

Be Careful about Instagram Automation

Careful about Instagram Automation

Even though automation is good, you should be careful when using automation bots. There are many reasons why your aim might fail. This is because Instagram and most audiences hate using a bot, and they can easily differentiate fake likes and comments.

But again, Instagram bots degrade your experience because it works against terms of services. And above all, it's against the community standards to use Instagram bots in gaining fake followers, likes and comments.

Therefore, we highly discourage buying Instagram followers to help you stay on a safer side.

What Can be Automated on Instagram?

What can be automated on Instagram

Having made that clear, we can now look at tasks that you can automate on Instagram. There are so many activities you can autopilot but remember to always remain within the guidelines.

First, you can automate and schedule post time. This enables you to post when the traffic is high for maximum engagement. Secondly, you can also automate DMs responses. This is good when you have a large audience with engaging content which converts more clients.

The chances are that, with high leads, there are many messages incoming. You can effectively automate this option besides responding manually. It is good customer service. Also, automation can be used in tracking hashtags. Automation is perfect for managing your ads for maximum optimization.

You can automate many activities like deleting comments, scheduling analytic reports, replying to comments, following, unfollowing, liking, story viewing, and hiding comments. There are a lot of things to do with automation tools. So, this is the best time to look at the best Instagram automation tools.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

1. Nitreo


Nitreo is the best Instagram automation on the market. It takes care of all the community standards, security and safety of the account. They always remind users of any unauthorized activities to avoid fake engagement.

The tool is best at getting organic followers through automation. They target growing marketers and influencers accounts, brands and increase their reach. On their website, they claim setting up the tool only takes 2 minutes. They guaranteed growth in 2 weeks. Nitreo makes the process effortless, and their website says everything. Obtain real interaction with these folks and take your account to the new height.

2. Kicksta


This is another Instagram automation tool and focuses its attention on account growth. It uses artificial intelligence in creating authentic engagement. However, they don't guarantee specific followers since their services don't rely on a bot.

Their targeting helps you get natural and organic followers. You can use the dashboard to create lists of brands, competitors and influencers with a target audience. This gives you ample time to produce high-quality content relevant to the audience.

The tool comes with many features like hashtag target, live chat support, managing multiple accounts; however, it does not make autopilot comments. They have a friendly pricing plan that comes in 2 plans, standard or premium.

3. Social Boost

Social Boost

Social Boost is an Instagram growth tool. It is alleged to offer organic followers, and they claim that their service targets your audience in boosting the account growth. The provider of the service declares that their followers are real human beings with physical phones. It mainly uses real people to avoid Instagram bans. As you know, buying followers is against the community standards.

They have a professional website designed to convince potential customers. They have managed many Instagrams accounts over 23k who offer bold statements. Since they comply with the community standards, it is safe and secure when used as an automation tool.

We can arguably conclude that this provider is simply using automation in short-tracking engagement and interacting with users. You can try it out and access their services. They are currently serving over 13k active users.

4. Seek socially

Seek Socially

Seek Socially is an autopilot Instagram tool that can quickly help you get more followers and likes on your account. They don't only boost account growth but also offer other services. It is a great all-around provider on the market which aim at achieving high engagement for their users. This tool is among the few powerful automation tools available on the internet. We guarantee you that this is the safest software to use.

Their website can provide you with sufficient information on how they can grow your Instagram reach. This is a good start for beginners. Their customer service team is readily available to help you in case you encounter an issue. It is worth a try, and you will never regret it.


1. Is Instagram automation legal?

Whether legal or illegal, it all depends on how you use it. However, some tools are officially legal, considering the community standards of Instagram or terms of use. You can use it to automate posts, hide comments, delete comments and generate reports, etc.

2. What can you automate on Instagram?

While automation can be considered illegal, you can use tools to autopilot your engagement, comments, likes, DMs, scheduling posts, follows, unfollowing, and many more. Liking posts is the safest way to go because of many audiences like a post without them liking it.

3. Should I try the free trial feature of the automation tool?

Many tools offer free trials before committing to a premium package. It is good but avoids a free trial when they ask for credit card details. Since they keep the details, they end up charging you upon finishing the free trial. Try a free trial when the provider does not ask for credit card details; otherwise, we don't recommend it since most have unlimited features, which might expose you to detection and automatic ban.

4. Why are bots not so talked about?

Most people use bots, and they give satisfactory results. However, most Instagram bots do not comply with the terms of use on Instagram. When bots are detected, your account is likely to be banned by Instagram. Use bots appropriately to comply with the Instagram community standards to get organic and natural follows.


Marketing or managing a social media account consumes a lot of time. However, when you use a relevant  Instagram automation tool, it is a perfect move. The above tools are essential, and they are helping many Instagram influencers in marketing, making authentic interactions and relationships with their followers. They are also effective in getting organic followers hence expanding your brand's reach.

We have provided youth with important information. It is your time to put it into practice and up your marketing strategy today.