19 Best Instagram Growth Services for Organic Followers (2023)

Top Instagram Growth Services

Do you want to grow your Instagram account but don't know where to start?  Come on in here and read our best Instagram growth service providers on the market. They are reliable and effective.

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Thus maintaining a strong online presence is the very first step to the growth of your account. Most marketers use it to promote and create brand awareness daily. You need more audience to your account to maximize the reach, which is not easy.

Many influencers have opted to invest their time in Instagram growth services. These services are vital for increasing followers and reach. Many growth services are available on the market, but you should be extra careful. Some offer fake engagement and followers that, in the long run, cause your account to be banned.

However, there are still reliable and effective growth service providers on the market. Our list comprises the best Instagram growth services provider that offers organic followers. Check out the list below.

Best Instagram Growth Services



Inflact is the best tool in offering automation growth services. They promise to adapt your Instagram account, build a target audience, and engage and plan your content. It can help your target audience discover your brands and build their trust with only 3 steps.

This tool also offers competitive pricing. Few companies offer such services at an affordable price like Inflact. It is trusted by over 15k clients keeping you 24/7 active. This helps you grow your Instagram account interaction while spending your quality time somewhere.


  • Smart targeting audience
  • Client CRM feature
  • AI hashtag generator and trend
  • Influencer search
  • Scheduled posting
  • Auto-reply chatbot.

2. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social is a reliable Instagram growth tool. Its Instagram growth strategy relies on organic services with no fake accounts. The main goal here is to create an authentic relationship with your online followers. This means it does not only limit followers' accounts but goes beyond other audiences.

This tool grows your audience base using targeted followers and real engagement, which improves your online presence. The main goal of Instagram presence is to increase the conversion rate, drive leads and increase brand sales.

When you sign up for Instagram stardom, it is easy, and in a few minutes, you will be gaining real and guaranteed growth. Join Flock Social today and start growing your Instagram account organically.


  • Organic growth
  • No spam
  • Easy and fast
  • Real engagement
  • Targeted followers

3. Social Sensei

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is a great Instagram growth service provider on the market. Many businesses and marketers depend on it for automation services. It works on Instagram and works well across other social media platforms. Their website claims to offer real and human growth services with no bot or scripts at all. So, these guys are committed to offering long-term growth services to all their clients.

They assign a dedicated manager to each user who controls their account growth. Thus, it becomes easy for a dedicated account manager to meet your needs because they can learn more about your account. They specialize in full Instagram growth services besides followers.

Our research can conclude that their organic growth purely comes from their loop giveaway and location targeting. They are also readily available to offer you a free consultation. Therefore, their growth service is organic, making it easy to convert followers to leads.


  • Total account safety
  • Advanced targeting
  • Organic growth
  • Content creation
  • Dedicated account manager

4. Kicksta


Kicksta is another powerful and well-known tool that provides Instagram growth services. Expect real and organic growth with no fake followers nor bot in use. They claim to offer real followers whom you can convert to buyers.

This tool depends on AI technology in its targeting hence interacting with potential audiences on your account. You can also use this tool to target your competitors, related influencers, and other relevant targets. They thus focus on targeting accounts offering services in your niche. They assume these followers are also interested in your content. It also automates liking and following competitors' content where they in turn follow and engage with your account too.

This tool can organically grow your Instagram account through AI targeting and automation. It offers different pricing plans, but you should go for a premium plan for you to access advanced targeting. They assure you of 24/7 non-stop growth with actionable insights. It is safe and secure.


  • Impressive AI targeting
  • Easy to use
  • Organic and gradual growth strategy
  • Actionable insights
  • Safe and reliable.

5. Social Boost

Social Boost

Social Boost is a marketing agency that can help you grow your Instagram account. They provide real followers who engage with your content. Their growth services rely on an organic growth strategy.

They assign you a dedicated account manager to help you manage the campaign. They will ask you questions to help you understand your real target audience. They only offer handmade growth involving real people. The manager is responsible for liking and following your target preferences.

To date, they have managed over 23k Instagram accounts. So, if you are lagging, let these guys do it for you. Their data scientists also track and optimize your advanced targeting that constantly improves the result. Custom targeting is a powerful growth strategy.


  • Targeted and handmade growth
  • Growth analytic report
  • Real followers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced optimization

6. Instaboom


Instaboom is another perfect choice for growing your Instagram account effectively.  But again, they also promise to deliver 3k real followers per month. This is impressive because we believe they are successful in offering Instagram growth services. They also offer automatic interaction through views, comments, liking and followers based on artificial intelligence technology. All this is natural, and followers are targeted according to your niche.

Instaboom also designs a custom-made strategy to help get the targeted audience. They never waste your time. Instead, they attract the attention of real people that are interested in your brand.


  • Targeted followers
  • Organic growth
  • Automatic interaction
  • Personalized strategy
  • AI engines and secure servers

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout social is another company that offers Instagram growth services. It also works across other platforms. They can help you transform your Instagram profile and take your business to another level. They offer analytic reports important for analyzing your performance and revamping where necessary.

This management tool is perfect for unlocking your Instagram account and curating your content to fit the audience. When you work smart with sprout social, they promise to offer you powerful insights. It can schedule your posts, comments, monitor hashtags, run reports, and manage multiple accounts. Managing and replying to messages and reposting user-generated content has never been an issue with sprout social tools. Sign up and get a 30-day free trial.


  • Multiple Instagram account
  • Reposting user-generated content
  • Monitor hashtag on feed
  • Collaborate and management services
  • Analytic reports

8. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is a management tool that can help auto-pilot your Instagram tasks. It provides Instagram growth services through optimizing and boosting your Instagram management strategies. When you sign up, you can have access to many advanced features.

You can use this tool to manage multiple Instagram accounts and other social media platforms. It lets you interact with your audience through their curated stellar posts. Their insightful analytic report is also important in evaluating the performance.

The SocialPilot is a publishing and scheduling master offering all users capability to customize the posts, get views, automate content calendar, and many more. Its analytic report is based on the followers' behavior and performance to better your Instagram results.


  • Analytic report
  • Cross-platform management
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Content curation
  • Social inbox
  • Virtual support

9. SocialBee


Social Bee is another powerful tool. You can use it to schedule your Instagram posts, share carousels, including visual posts on your Instagram for one place. This is an all-in-one tool when it comes to reusing your content automatically.

This tool also comes with many advanced features and can import important content via RSS feeds even zappier integration to ensure a steady stream of your content to share. It can even repost your evergreen content that drives real engagement to your high-quality posts.

It can also offer content creation; a concierge service by in-house marketing specialists across other social media platforms. It also assures users the first Instagram comment, tagging and mentioning different accounts, as well as real-time grid preview before publishing.

It is also perfect for adding location tags to your posts, saving hashtag collection, and many more. Lastly, it can also analyze your account views, impressions, reach, audience growth, post history, and many more. Get more leads with less effort.


  • Evergreen content
  • Bulk editor
  • Category based scheduling
  • Emoji library
  • Zappier integration
  • RSS feeds
  • Custom URL and link tracking

10. Crowdfire


This is a one-stop solution to all social media needs. It can help you discover and schedule your Instagram content. You can also use it to manage your multiple accounts in one place. This is among the leading Instagram growth service providers on the market.

It can curate attractive content that meets the needs of your followers. The contents are shareable on IG and other social media platforms. You only need to enter the topic, and i=the tool does everything for you.

You can also use this tool to create bulk content, pre-schedule them in advance for posting in the future. Crowdfire also promises to offer an analytic report to evaluate your Instagram performance.  It tailors each post and reduces crafting headaches based on your topic. And above all, they have affordable pricing plans which come with a free trial.


  • Pre-scheduling content
  • Analytic report
  • Chrome-extension
  • RSS feeds
  • Targeted contents

11. GOSO


GOSO is also considered the best Instagram growth service provider. It can grow your online presence using its specific tailored packages. They are always developing new features based on safety. They are also updating their tool to meet the needs of ever-changing Instagram algorithms and improve their customer experience.

GOSO has specific packages that are designed to provide Instagram growth services. These range from hypervisibility, hyperlikes and views, hypergrowth, and many others. Hypergrowth packages have increased engagement, account safety,post-growth, audit, and dedicated account manager. They rely on AI technology and adapt it to your account growth, making these guys unique.


  • Hypergrowth
  • Hypervisibility
  • AI comments
  • Powerlikes and views
  • Targeted followers and niche

12. Jarvee


Jarvee is an Instagram marketing automation company that has been on the market for a long time. They claim to offer their Instagram users over 100k followers monthly. There are pros when finding and extracting real followers to keep your account engaged. This is the best tool that beats the Instagram algorithm. This is why Jarvee is well known and has built a solid reputation on the market.

This tool offers many advanced options aimed at increasing engagement. The automation feature includes likes, comments, blocking, following, reposting, and unfollowing. It also supports proxy, and thus you can use it to manage multiple accounts without being detected.

Proxy also increases your privacy and online security.  Aside, you can use Jarvee for important data from other tools easily. This tool comes with the spin syntax tool that saves your time and helps customize your messages to look authentic at the same time.


  • Post scheduling
  • Automation
  • Hashtag research
  • Managing DMs
  • Followers moderation
  • Support proxy
  • Extract targeted users

13. Combin

Combin Homepage

Combin is a tool that offers both growth and content planning services. Depending on your needs, you can select each service separately on their website. Combin growths services come loaded with powerful features, including audience targeting based on gender, location, and niche, well-presented analytic reports, management, and engagement services.

You can build a loyal community and increase followers using Combin. Besides filtering tools, it also uses machine learning technology to access the targeted quality accounts that you can convert to leads.

Combin also helps to detect the audience engagement and bulk unfollow those who do not follow you back. It can also automate repetitive actions, enabling you to engage with multiple Instagram accounts without appearing suspicious.


  • Audience targeting
  • Scheduling tool
  • Audience management
  • Advanced search
  • Repetitive action automation
  • Manage multiple accounts

14. Socinator


Socinator is an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool. It offers all kinds of automation services, including likes, comments, following, and following back. And when you are struggling to manage multiple accounts, this tool offers you the best option to juggle multiple Instagram accounts efficiently. Users can also schedule profile photo changes,  delete old posts that do not get engagement, as well as broadcast messages to their Instagram followers.

Socinator also provides advanced targeting features. You can find and extract only targeted followers, likes, and comments using many filter options based on hashtags or keywords. It also supports proxy for increased privacy and online security. It runs Instagram using its HTTP proxy.


  • Hashtag extraction
  • Targeted users
  • Live chat
  • Proxy support
  • Post scheduling.

15. Followadder

Followadder Homepage

FollowAdder is an Instagram automation tool that puts all IG activities into auto-pilot mode. It provides services from followers, likes and views. You can also use this tool to schedule your posts and target audience based on hashtags and location and automate photo liker activities. It also sends an automated DM to the Instagram followers while enabling users to create a list as well.

FollowAdder progress analytic report is another vital feature that helps you evaluate your strategy. Their growth services use an intelligent algorithm that mimics human behavior, thus hard to detect. They offer affordable pricing plans with free 24/7 customer support and software updates.


  • Profile targeting
  • Progress analytic report
  • Post scheduling
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Intelligent algorithm

16. Simplygram

Simplygram Homepage

SimplyGram claims to offer the best Instagram growth services on the market. It is effective, but from their website, they also promise to deliver 5k Instagram followers each month. They value your time and money, and we can assure you 100% of new followers who are highly targeted to engage with your content. They also guarantee you organic growth services through boosting your Instagram follower base and improving over time using  AI-powered optimization technology.

They also offer you potential clients, even with their free trial. These guys have gained customer reviews due to their genuine and authentic services. The packages are affordable, and all guarantee 1 to 1 consultation,bank-level security, and utilizes cloud-based technology. Set up your campaign without downloading and watch the magic happen.


  • Organic growth services
  • Targeted audience
  • Filter by competitor
  • 24/7 customer support
  • AI-powered optimization
  • Affordable
  • Comply with Instagram API

17. Trusy Social

Trusy Social Homepage

Trusy Social is a new organic Instagram growth service provider in the industry. Many might doubt them, but they seem to have powerful Instagram expertise. The guarantee all users targeted followers from their large network developed over time.

The tool gradually sends automated services, e.g. likes, visits, impressions and followers, which accelerates your reach and exposes your Instagram account to the target audience. They also provide hashtags and targeting based on the location for achieving relevant engagement.

Sometimes, Trusy Social relies on loop giveaways and celebrity partnerships to drive your Instagram growth. The customer support is decent and guarantees a quick delivery.


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real engaged followers
  • Boosting reputation
  • Organic growth

18. Ampfluence

AmpfluencAmpfluencee Homepage

Ampfluence is a top-notch tool best for offering Instagram growth services. As the name suggests, they promise to amplify your Instagram tasks. They offer real followers, ensuring organic Instagram growth with no fake accounts involved.

This is 100% human-performing tasks. They are focused on growing your Instagram account through a targeted audience. They have maintained a consistent social interaction with their right audience hence growing their accounts organically.

The Ampfluence team uses a safe and time-tested organic strategy. The dedicated account manager needs to learn more about your target through consultation when you sign up. They later reach based on the competitor and then create a mutual relationship to grow your engagement rate and followers base. The tool is best for a targeted approach, grabbing attention, exposing your profile and brand, and growing your reach and Instagram influence.


  • Email support
  • Organic growth
  • Audience targeting
  • Analytic report
  • Hashtag research

19. Path Social

Path Social Homepage

We highly recommend checking out Path social if you want organic Instagram growth services. It offers real and targeted followers. They have gained a good reputation and collaborated with many brands and influencers on the market. They build a community using AI growth technology that does not rely on the bot.

Although gradual, Path Social guarantees result and their follower ranges are sufficient to generate interest, grab attention from the competitors and engage around your Instagram profile. Try them today; they offer 24/7 customer support with affordable pricing plans.


  • Lasting organic growth
  • Real followers
  • Highly engaging users
  • AI targeted growth

How to Choose the Instagram Growth Service Provider

The above top 19 best Instagram growth services are all effective. However, selecting might become hard. Consider these factors to come up with the relevant provider on the market:-

1. Growth strategy

First, you should consider the growth strategy of a provider before choosing. Ensure that it works and complies with Instagram API. When their strategy breaks the guidelines, it can easily ban your account. Most claim to offer organic growth services which are slow but steady instead of huge followers at once. Natural growth strategies are the best option because they comply with terms and guidelines.

It is worth waiting to grow your followers slowly but with surety. They use the like or follow and follow back option to automatically engage with your content. Only target the relevant followers that have interests and can convert. You can also buy bulk Instagram followers but ensure that the provider releases them slowly to look natural.

2. Customization option

Go for a provider that considers your account needs. A good provider must give you the capability to customize your experience to meet all your needs. You customize and personalize your needs through location targeting. The tool should offer you a chance to set your target and follow relevant accounts. The target accounts are effective in shaping your followers. We do not recommend a provider that offers fake followers anyhow. This is because it is only the right target interested in your topic or niche.

This makes sure that your followers are active and engaging with your content. You might also be targeted based on gender and many other things. You can also use the hashtag. But again, you can customize your experience by filtering and setting parameters to only target the common interest.

3. Customer service and price

A good provider always sets up their customer service available to help you meet your target needs and attend to all your questions. Support is very important.

Lastly, price is a vital factor. Select the growth provider that falls within your budget and needs. It should offer ideal pricing.


Social media plays a vital part in creating brand awareness. Instagram is among the popular platforms you can take seriously to boost your targeted audience and engagement. Growing your account is not easy without a third-party tool.

The above Instagram growth service providers can help you grow your account organically with real followers. Consider a few factors before making an informed decision based on your budget and needs.