20 Best Instagram Bots to Grow IG Accounts

Best Instagram Bots

Do you need the best Instagram bots or automation tools to boost your account and take your marketing strategy to a new height? Read our review and discover the best bots we highly recommend on the market for your use.

Instagram is a famous social media platform. When you have the right move, you leverage your popularity on Instagram and grow an account to sell your brands. As a marketer, there is an opportunity to make money here. Unfortunately, this is not done quickly. Some even find it hard to get famous on Instagram as per their expectations. There is stiff competition. Even when you follow the best marketing practices, the beginning is always slow.

To hit the ground and emerge, you should consider doing something unique. Using an Instagram bot is the best option. They are fast and automated every process. But, it would be best if you were extra cautious to evade bans because Instagram has anti-bot software. Be aggressive and intelligent.

Aside, there are still other bots that comply with the terms of service on Instagram. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Instagram bots. So, we should start by defining Instagram bots.

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagram bots are software that automates your Instagram account growth. This can be achieved under different functionalities. There are many plethoras we can look at like automatic follow and unfollow of targeted audience. This helps reach more audiences and obtain more followers. Instagram bots can boost or break down your marketing strategy. Influencers are using bots to get more followers and likes and grow their accounts since this is an automated method.

We should also clarify that these are just bots, but here we are referring to automation tools and software. Most of these bots have made the life of social media marketers easy by generating hashtags and scheduling a post. Thus, they save a lot of time. Let's dive into our list now.

Best Instagram Bots Recommend

1. Inflact


  • Cost: $57/ Account
  • Free Trial: 3 free posts
  • Used for other platforms: No

Inflact is the most popular Instagram bot. This is the best automation tool to help you grow your account, get more followers, unfollow non-targeted audiences, and schedule Instagram posts. This tool can do all strategies and run ads as well. In short, it is perfect for Instagram automation. It is more than just an Instagram bot.  They offer the best Instagram marketing strategies that come with many features besides automation. It takes your account to the next level in the shortest time possible.

When you sign up, all users are prompted to get more audience, content or clients. Their services keep your account active even in your absence and sell your brand. Besides these features, the bot is also perfect at creating content to get featured. They only provide targeted growth to all users, and be confident that the bot will give you a natural and relevant audience that goes hand in hand with your brand or content. This is the safest bot and can help you do well on Instagram.

2. Flock Social

Flock Social

  • Cost: $49/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

Flock Social, previously known as stim social, is a company recreation, but it can help you do many things and automate your Instagram accounts. Their biot has recorded the best retention rate, and they can boost your account with reviews via Trustpilot. However, most people don't trust them and especially with their reviews.

The bot has many features where you can select from. You can use it in smart following or unfollowing irrelevant audiences. This implies that the bot can unfollow people who are not engaging with your posts fully. From our experience, they also have advanced targeting settings suitable for targeting the needed audience and where to post or when to post the contents online.

A hashtag is not left behind; the bot efficiently comes up with perfect tags for your brand. It is easy to get more reach and human traffic when you have popular tags and then promote your brands online. Try out this bot even though they don't offer a free trial, but it is worth your pocket, and you won't regret it anymore.


3. Social Sensei

Social Sensei

  • Cost: $299/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

Social Sensei is another trusted bot that provides its users with real Instagram followers on their profile monthly. They brag as the best Instagram influencer marketing company and have served many famous people. However, most micro-influencer get ahead. The biggest surprise is that the bot can help you get more followers safely on the profile. It is secure, and you don't need to share your login credentials—no need to risk the information to possible hackers. Stay safe using their service.

Social Sensei can offer thousands of followers for each promotion, and keep in mind these are real followers who engage with your posts. They promise to give a high audience retention rate with the highest engagement. Your engagement will never fall again. However, they do not have a free trial.

4. Kicksta


  • Cost: $49/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

Kicksta is another automation tool. It is the simplest, and we recommend it for the beginners on our list. It only has a single function. It only works with following relevant audiences and unfollowing those who don't engage with your posts. This is good for those marketers looking for simple tools without massive features like other bots on the market. The checkout feature is just a click and straightforward. The user interface is overly simple, which comes with video onboarding functionality.

However, it is not that robust, but it gives higher reviews based on UX. The bot is not cheap but affordable. They claim that their followers are organic with no spam and bots involved. The technology is powered by artificial intelligence. They have served over 100k influencers and managers for the last five years. This is better than buying followers. You will never risk it. While they don't have a free trial, they offer a 14 days refund policy. You have enough time to test their services.

5. Nitreo


  • Cost: $49/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

You might be looking for an Instagram automation tool centered on your safety. Nitreo is your choice then. It is easy to set up this bot, and thus you should consider it in your budget. This bot is beyond its physical appearance.

The bot doesn't offer any free trial, but they offer clients 14 days to test their services. They guarantee your money back if the service doesn't meet your expectations.

The growth rate is organic and never entertains any kind of spam. They get you, real followers, at a faster pace. The provider has been on the market for years, and safety is their first concern. Many clients trust them. So, this is a no-brainer company. You can decide to go for it, and it is precisely for Instagram automation.

6. Social Boost

Social Boost

  • Cost: $59/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

Social Boost is also another Instagram automation tool. It mainly focuses on Instagram growth. They provide real followers allegedly. They engage with the target audience hence providing you with relevant followers who actively engage with your posts. They coordinate these followers with real people using smartphones. This ensures that, when you use their tool, you never get banned by Instagram. Instagram does not allow the use of bots to buy followers.

They have a professional website that can easily convince you. The provider has put a lot of effort into designing it. They present themselves to be authentic. They have decent customer support. When you run into problems, you can always reach out to them via live chat. They are available 24/7 to serve you. Try this bot and take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level with more reach, leads and conversions.

7. Instaboom


  • Cost: $99/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

InstaBoom is an online Instagram Growth Service. They focus on automating normal Instaboom is an online social media growth service provider. It is mainly concerned with Instagram. It offers automatic follows, liking, comments and story views. They focus on the usual daily interaction activities to save your time as they increase exposure.

They claim to help you grow your Instagram account with organic followers. This is real, never doubt it, and the customers speak the truth. They are gaining a lot of clients. Besides, they also have a dedicated account manager and offer support through phone calls.

However, everything that liveth has a downside. The bot does not have a free trial and never guarantees money back. It is a bit expensive for most marketers as the plan is not varied. However, this bot is perfect for automating your Instagram account. Try it out and feel the power.

8. Jarvee


  • Cost: $29.95/mo
  • Free Trial: Yes
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Jarvee resembles Follow Adder. The bot has gained a good reputation since they have been around for a long time.  They have all customer trust making it a great contender on our list. The bot is struggling in changing Instagram marketing strategy by coming up with new techniques every day. This is an excellent choice with a trusted reputation in service delivery. We guarantee you that this is the best bot for your account automation.

It is easy to use and never takes your time to be online. Check out its reviews; it will amaze you. They have maintained a good standard. If you value reputation, then go for this bot. One of the best things is that Jarvee offers a 5 day free trial to test before committing. It does not only support Instagram but all social media platforms.

9. Socinator


  • Cost: $9.95/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Socinator, sometimes referred to as the social dominator, is a social media growth platform based on the internet. They offer many automation tools on different social media accounts. This is not the worst, but we can consider it customer-friendly and affordable among the few on our list. This automation tool offers the automatic following, likes, comments, and auto-responses to the DMs. This ensures that audiences are constantly engaged in all aspects, even in your absence.

However, the bot has many negative sides. For you to use, you should first download it, and they don't have any free trial and no 24/7 customer support to help when you are stuck. But, if your primary target is engagement and automating your Instagram account, go for it; you are a pro.

10. Bigbangram


  • Cost: $59/mo
  • Free Trial: 3 day
  • Used for other platforms: No

Bigbangram is a service provider consisting of 6 Instagram bots. It is an all-in-one. It gets you covered with everything you need on Instagram. This includes automating the Instagram account and many other features. It is the best, and we can say that this is the easy and safe method of growing and promoting your IG accounts. They offer a free trial to test the services. Though in our previous article, we said free trials are not safe but are still reasonable.

The provider offers gifts to the newcomers who join by signing up on their website. Go and check out their offers. Improve your online presence with Bigbangram bots, get more leads and increase your Instagram sales. Integrate the bot in your marketing strategy today.

11. Instoo


  • Cost: $9.9/mo
  • Free Trial: 14 day
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Instoo is a bot that supports many social media platforms. It also offers 14 days free trial to all new users. But the tool comes with limited features. It is simple and highly recommended for new users—test before deciding to use the bot in your Instagram automation.

Instoo offers autopilot services like likes, follow and unfollowing inactive audiences, views, automatic Direct messages, targeting, and you can adjust its automation speed with one click. This bot allows you to connect bulk Instagram accounts for multitasking.

Basic targeting features are critical in evaluating hashtags and are far from just optimal points. Again, its chrome extension might interfere with your personal details, and it is affordable. Although there are many more reliable bots, they might be suitable depending on your budget. You can use it to supercharge your Instagram growth.

12. Somiibo


  • Cost: $10.95/mo
  • Free Trial: 2 sessions
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

This is a social media bot that automates all marketing activities on all social media platforms. It is also perfect for Instagram automation. It is good for anyone in need of marketing at their fingertips. Automate the process in easy steps. Samiibo offers 2 sessions free trial, but to enjoy complete control, get a premium package that is friendly and billed monthly.

This bot has many features, and it gets your Instagram account to another level in a few steps. It automates and schedules posts, manages your content, segments customers. You can use it to filter keywords and manage multiple social media accounts. It also gives users an analytic report to evaluate their Instagram marketing strategy. The provider does not cost you anything to try it. Get organic growth and real followers. It is hard to detect because it assigns each tab a new proxy.

13. Likegrowers


  • Cost: $15.99/9 day
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: No

The website shows that the Likegrowers bot offers an organic and safe growth approach on the Instagram account. They aim at fulfilling their dream and making liking strategy interactive through the creation of exciting content. They have an excellent rating from many reviews, and this tells you something cool. Most providers strive for reviews. From the look, they offer secure, easy, powerful and affordable automation services. These are most of the features an Instagram bot should possess.

The company has a reasonable pricing plan, and everything is covered. Never worry about your engagement anymore. It is a professional Instagram auto liker bot. They primarily aim at generating attention to your account. It is a cloud-based tool and uses AI algorithms as well as big data in its operation. You don't need an app or a specific browser.

The Negatively Effect of Using Instagram Bots

Negatively Effect of Using Instagram Bots

1. No real engagement

Instagram bots are suitable for growing engagement, but they can never replace human interaction. Most of the audience can identify fake likes and comments from a real user. Thus attention to auto-piloted posts might end up being low or without real engagement.

2. Lots of useless followers

using a bot to follow many accounts, you will end up with a random feed. Adding these random followers on your network hides posts from relevant followers. It is not a big deal if a feed is not your concern. However, it has real consequences when you use a bot to connect with your network.

3. Violate Instagram's Terms of Use and Shadowban

Using a bot to buy followers is against the terms of use, and when you violate the API, your account can quickly be banned. Be aggressive and competent because IG recognizes activity using anti-bot software. If it does not shut down your account, possibly it will shadowban hence reducing your reach. When shadowbanned, you can create content, but it does not attract new audiences.

Best Alternatives to Instagram Bot

1. SocialPilot


  • Cost: $30/mo
  • Free Trial: 14 day
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Socialpilot is an analytic and automation tool used by many marketers and businesses in their social media operations. You can access many features when using this tool. You can manage clients and schedule your Instagram. It does not only support IG but all social media platforms. It can operate simultaneously on these platforms.

It has a social media calendar for easy management of your social media campaigns. You can also use filters to group the campaigns. It can also analyze the performance and give feedback relevant to many influencers and marketers on engaging the audience. It has a top-notch browser extension, and you can publish interactive videos. They offer five ways of automating your accounts.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

  • Cost: $99/mo
  • Free Trial: 30 day
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Sproutsocial is another alternative. It is a huge marketing platform with many automation features. It has anything you need from a marketing platform like scheduling, automatic publishing and analytics. On social media automation, it stands out from the rest. It has sets of features relevant to carrying out these tasks. These features include bot builder to help you deploy our chatbot, automated scheduling to target the highest engagement, and message prioritization feature.

Besides the above, it also has a listening tool that helps influencers listen to the pulse in brand sentiment. This is the best alternative not only in automating but also optimizing your Instagram accounts.

3. SocialBee


  • Cost: $99/mo
  • Free Trial: 14 day
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

SocialBee is also another option. It is an Instagram scheduling tool that you can employ in planning your content i]on different platforms. It is to manage your online campaign using this tool. Assign each post to a particular category to keep it on track. If all works well, you can pause a post through the scheduler tool and make bulk edits. It is perfect on Instagram and many other social platforms.

But again, you also use this tool in generating tracking codes important in measuring interaction on various links. It is recommended for reputable and large businesses as it can multitask more than one brand. So, this is a comprehensive tool.

4. Crowdfire


  • Cost: $9.99/mo
  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Crowdfire is also an excellent social media automation tool.  Apart from scheduling posts, it also allows marketers and influencers to manage their  Instagram accounts. They Can use it to follow and unfollow inactive clients.

The tool also can suggest articles or topics perfect for sharing with the audience. The tool stands out from the rest because it connects social media accounts, blogs, and other platforms. They offer a free plan but with limited features. To have unlimited access, go for the premium version.



  • Cost: €300/mo
  • Free Trial: No
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

GOSO is a social media growth service provider but mainly focuses on Instagram than other platforms. It helps boost the accounts with more engagements. This means, its automates liking, comments, and automatic DMs while being friendly to the audience. Most people claim they sell fake engagement, but we have yet to prove that because it tends to provide engagement off the ground.

The tool has Instagram detection, which updates on any activities concerning posts or content uploaded. The detection is faster than any other available tool. This tool has many good features, and we consider it as the best alternative to Instagram bots.

6. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

  • Cost: $10/mo
  • Free Trial: 15 day
  • Used for other platforms: Yes

Zoho Social was designed to meet the need of ever-growing businesses. It matches the efficiency of the requirements. Since it is an automation tool, it works with a team to monitor conversions and brands on social media platforms. You can access unlimited scheduling activities and create a custom analysis report about social media platforms. It is perfect at managing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and others as well.

The tool comes with many features like smartQ, integrating with CRM, and producing automated reports. It is exceptional in automating Instagram tasks.

7. Hootsuite


  • Cost: $49/mo
  • Free Trial: 30 day
  • Used for other platforms: No

Hootsuite is our last alternative though there are still more other automation tools. It is famous as a social media automation tool. It has many features that are compatible with different platforms. Many big businesses and agencies use it due to its complex features.

This tool is good at managing bulk social media accounts simultaneously in its stream. You can also use it in evaluating brands and getting updates.

The Right Way to Use Instagram Bots

right way to use Instagram Bots

There are many ways you can use Instagram bots and evade detection. We have highlighted some of them here.

  • Ensure you use a bot that automates and schedules your posts and contents.
  • Use bots effectively in gaining followers, views and likes. Focus on organic growth instead of buying.
  • Never use a bot in responding or sending DMs, commenting or answering polls.
  •  Be smart and adjust your timing on follows, likes and views to be different as you naturally flatulate the number throughout the process.
  •  Often don't use bots that generate their profiles when boosting the engagement rate.
  • Try to combine bot and other relevant social media tools like Crowdfire in enhancing the quality of posts and tags.

1. Should You Buy Instagram followers

We don't encourage buying Instagram followers. This is because it is against Instagram terms of use, and you can be banned. However, when you decide to buy, you should choose your seller carefully.

2. How do Instagram bots help grow your account?

Instagram bots offer you an opportunity to grow followers on your profile. You can also use it to gain more views and likes. Instagram bots are a promising avenue since managing an account is complex and might overload you. Instead, use Instagram pet peeve; it is not your fault.

3. Are Instagram bots still working?

Just like what we said in the article, some of the bots you previously used might not be working to date. The possible reason is that your bot is shadowbanned, blocked or your Instagram account is almost getting disabled.


Instagram marketing is expanding, and the old strategy might be irrelevant to your clients. Therefore, you should get a good social media automation tool to endure the impression of your target audience. Our experts prepare the above list, and each Instagram bot and automation tool is top-notch.

However, when you use an Instagram bot in growing your profile and increase the followers, keep authentically interacting with them. Your effort can be rewarded in the long run; else, it won't bring you any revenue.