AIGrow Review

AIGrow Review

AIGrow claims to provide you with real Instagram followers. Is that true? If not, do you have another better option?

Businesses need to advertise on social media platforms and reach out to the potential audience who converts to become the customers. Instagram is famous and among the major social media platforms. Maintaining an online presence is hectic when you have limited time. Well, developers never sleep without tapping the opportunities.

Therefore, many firms online promise to offer Instagram growth services by generating followers and other metrics. The problem here is deciding the best and most reliable company among them. Thus, it would be best to have a clear overview of other companies before picking the best option, as long as you can spot the differences.

It is also hard to tell which one can hurt you at the end of the day. It is one of the best starting points while seeking help to grow your Instagram profile if you can think that way.

Instagram growth companies look alike but understanding the differences is one key factor here. Among the firms is AIGrow. It sounds like they know your needs and tend to compare themselves with other alternatives. This got our attention, and we were curious to learn more about this company.

But is this company legit and worth investing your money in? We have done meticulous research and now presenting the AIGrow review. Keep reading with us to find out.

AIGrow Review

AI Grow Overview

AiGrow is an Instagram growth company that brands itself as the top-rated Instagram follower tool and well-ranked as the best for curating Instagram content. You know that Instagram has s strict no-bot rules and automation tools that generate followers. It does not use the bot and is a 100% human-powered tool.

How accurate is this claim? It is the AIGrow website; you can realize that the tool not only provides real and targeted Instagram followers but also offers other tools and services. Such services include social monitoring, Instagram giveaway picker, bulk post deleting, all-in-one bio link, Instagram account auditing, posts and rewards, DM tools, post mate, and managed Instagram services.

Yes, AIGrow has a simple website and claims to feature on many major platforms like Forbes. More about this we will cover later.

AIGrow automates many tasks from the website, including unfollowing, following, and DM management. We like the tool because they give you control to decide the kind of followers; thus, this is where targeted followers come in as they claim.

Therefore we can say that the services this company offers clients are problematic and can result in your account being blocked. Secondly, since Instagram is on the radar of bot usage and bots do not guarantee a high interaction level, there are zero customer results. Sounds harsh? Ouch, that is the plain truth.

Another thing is that while they claim to have friendly and responsible customer support even through Whatsapp, that is not the case. The customer support is slow and especially when you ask for a refund. Most of the customers have complained about various platforms online. There are many other drawbacks to using this tool to grow your Instagram profile. Just, in summary, let us look at the pros and cons before concluding the AIGrow tool.

  • Offer a free trial.
  • They have a detailed FAQ page.
  • Simple website.
  • Affordable pricing
  • They depend on automation services which risks your account
  • Slow customer supports services
  • No refund policy on their services
  • Low retention rate that seems fake.
  • Does not guarantee online privacy and security.
  • The company is not accountable for its services.
  • Spammy posts and rewards services.

Features of AIGrow

AiGrow comes with many advanced features. Most people tend to believe that this is a legit Instagram growth company through these features. The tool has multiple attractive features, which they use to their advantage and lures more customers. Besides the free trial, you must think beyond and consider the online reputation before using their services. some of the features they claim to offer online are as shown below:

  • All in one bio link

they offer a tool that they claim to help you create one link in your bio so that you can redirect your clients once they click on it. This is an essential service that many other firms online offer. There are even other firms offering a more advanced link service than AiGrow.

  • Targeted Instagram followers

AI Grow Overview

this is one of the best features for Instagram growth. one needs to select targeted followers so that you can have an appropriate audience who can engage with your Instagram profile. There is no need for multiple audiences who are not even interested in your services. Thus, AiGrow guarantees you targeted followers based on the account name, location, and hashtags.

It creates a list based on these aspects to select the usernames you want on your profile. If not, you have the control to adjust the followers targeting till you arrive at your targeted services that fits your needs. However, the process is tedious when the bot fails to understand your request. This is a frequent challenge with AiGrow.

  • Multiple accounts management

AiGrow allows users to add more than one Instagram account. They lure people with a free trial. They offer a free trial, budgeting a hint alone; one must pay for it. However, the number of accounts varies.

  • Dedicated Account manager

when you have a paid plan, you are eligible for the dedicated account manager feature. Once you subscribe, AiGrow assigns you an account manager they promise will guide you through for 10 hours per week. These account managers also provide at least 2 to 3 Instagram posts per week and post to your profile.

  • Post and rewards

This is one of the unique features of the AiGrow company. It is effective in that they allow you to share the reards and offers to the Instagram followers via DM. for instance, you can request your followers to tag the other people either in a comment and command AiGrow to reward them once done.

It sounds unique, but in reality, the feature is disorganized and sometimes taken as a spammy activity since it is generic. It thus alerts Instagram through algorithms that diminish your online reputation.

  • Automated Instagram¬† engagement

The main point of AiGrow is to automate the engagements. This is troublesome as you understand how Instagram works. Thus, we cannot rate this as an innovative feature because automation bots have been around for a long. Again, Instagram is targeting automation tools that risk your Instagram accounts, and the possibility is that you will be deleted and blocked because of implementing automation tools.

Instagram accounts have different daily engagement limits. It is this limit that helps the Instagram system to flag the bots. Thus, breaching the limits restricts your account, and if you repeat using AiGrow, you will be permanently blocked.

  • Social monitoring

One of the best services that AiGrow promises to provide is analytics services. This ranges from accounts and hashtags to profile mentions. This is the safest feature that it offers and seems practical. However, it is still possible to analyze the performance of your Instagram through Instagram insights. Thus, it still does not seem to be a groundbreaking feature anymore. All these are simply essential services.

That is well covered; let us now look at its pricing.

Price of AIGrow

AI Grow Price

While AIGrow offers a free plan from their website, they also have other premium plans. Their free plan does not offer Instagram growth services, and many issues are linked to it.

With the premium plans, there are about five packages. The growth plan, postmate plan, scheduler plan, unfollow plan, DM plan, and bulk post delete the plan. All these plans have different packages and offer various services with monthly subscriptions except the bulk post delete plan, which is a lifetime.

Since we are interested in Instagram growth services, we will base our pricing services on the growth plan. This section has 4 growth plan packages where pro-managed weekly costs $29. in comparison, the highest plan is pro-managed annually and costs $99 monthly. Each plan guarantees different services and features like a giveaway, safety, targeting, and automation. The same applies to other plans, as mentioned earlier. The pricing is ridiculous.

Is AIGrow Legit and Safe?

After understanding the services AIGrow offers, it is clear, and you can even deduce that AIGrow company is not legit. It does not provide real Instagram followers. And following history, you might realize that it is simply a rebrand of another company taken down by Instagram as Tagscout. No one should be fooled here, and this is a red flag.

Another thing you will notice is that the reviews on their website are not legit; the FAQ page seems generated with incorrect answers from the start. Even their plans are full of fluffs but with limited results. The negative reviews online clearly indicate the legitimacy of this company.

The company fails to deliver and does not have a refund policy where when you cancel a plan; they continue deducting your credit card. This AIGrow is not a safe tool to help you grow your Instagram account.

You can be impressed by their homepage, but the decision remains with you. If you are looking for Instagram organic growth companies, it is good to try elsewhere for authentic Instagram engagement.

AIGrow Alternatives

Since AIGrow does not provide what they promise from their platform or offer basic services to your Instagram account, you might be interested in finding other options. So, in this section, we will give you some of the best AIGrow alternatives. These options provide organic Instagram growth services and cross-promotion services at a very competitive price.

Thus, grow your Instagram account with the best AIGrow alternatives which meet all your needs. Here we go.

1. Kicksta

Kicksta review

Kicksta is a famous company that offers Instagram growth services. It has been on the market for long, serving influencers, marketers, agencies, and business owners through organic followers. The company mainly emphasizes organic growth than automation as opposed to the AIGrow. They mostly rely on AI-powered proprietary technology, meticulously developed to help all your needs.

Thus, when you select Kicksta instead of AIGrow, you are guaranteed stable Instagram growth with a strict no-bot or spam activities rule. And what sets it apart as the best AIGrow alternative is its unique approach. Buying Instagram followers is risky, but Kicksta has professionals who understand the Instagram algorithm and have served over 100k happy clients with millions of real followers.

Kicksta also promises time-tested safety, authentic connection, and meaningful engagements to your Instagram profile. Choose Kicksta and join the growth marketers today. The AI-powered technology efficiently provides targeted followers who then interact with your posts. This implies that the followers have a high conversion and retention rate. They facilitate following related accounts, which follow back, likes, and comments to your Instagram profile.

This is one of the best Instagram growth companies that only specialize in Instagram growth metrics which they offer at an affordable price. And on their website, you will have access to the hashtag generator, engagement rate calculator, comparison of the growth tools, and Instagram marketing guides to help you. Above all, Kicksta is a simple, transparent, and honest Instagram growth tool.

2. Nitreo

Nitreo Review

The next AIGrow alternative online is Nitreo. This tool is exclusively meant to provide Instagram followers. With followers from Nitreo, you can quickly expand your reach, build your brand and grow your Instagram account organically. This is because the company offers authentic followers from active Instagram users.

One thing we are sure about Nitreo is the delivery speed. This company ranks as the premier tool for building an Instagram audience base. They grow your account without hitches or hassles from your side.

Fake followers and fake account is none of Nitreo's business on the market. This company takes care of the whole growth process, increasing engagement. It is a hand-free tool, and this means they generate real followers. However, you need to sign up, which is super easy to start receiving more Instagram followers.

Nitreo has qualified account managers who understand their algorithm to attract organic and genuine Instagram followers to grow your account. So if you are looking for the best AIGrow, Nitreo is here to serve you better through multiple targeting features.

3. Social Boost

Social Boost

Even though Social Boost is an Instagram marketing agency, it is still a more reliable tool than AIGrow.They mainly focus on offering Instagram growth services. And we assure you that Social Boost provides real Instagram followers who are targeted to engage with your profile through comments and likes.

We have ranked it among the best AIGrow alternatives because they use an organic growth strategy. And once you decide to create a campaign through Social Boost, the company assigns you a dedicated account manager who will then help you get the targeted followers that fit into your niche.

According to the information on the websites, Social Boost does handmade Instagram growth through real people worldwide. The account manager is responsible for following and liking based on the targeting preference. The pricing plan is affordable, but the company never comes out clearly about its top-tier plan. However, Social Boost is the best for organic Instagram growth services.

4. Instaboom


Another reliable AIGrow alternative on the market is Instaboom. It is the best Instagram growth company as well as an agency to an extent. And it can help you with 10k Instagram followers to get started right away. This is a European company but has grown to offer services that cut across the world. And they sell organic Instagram growth services. As they promise on the website, we believe that the numbers talk for themselves.

Instaboom also has multiple packages with different pricing, but all come with automatic renewal. And their growth strategy mainly targets personalized, meaning they offer targeted Instagram followers from real people. The firm also ensures that you are secure through private IP addresses. It also guarantees their clients' dedicated account manager to take over the responsibility. the customer support, online privacy, and security are fantastic.

5. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social offers organic Instagram growth services as opposed to the AIGrow company. They operate with a strict rule of no bot or fake accounts. The main goal of Flock Social to their customers is to establish an authentic relationship with the new audience.

It is more than just getting followers on Instagram and maintaining them through engagement. The company gets you targeted and genuine Instagram followers, engaging with the profile and increasing your online presence.

The main target of any growth company is conversion, and so is Flock Social firm. They guarantee you growth since the firm has established a strong reputation online. Thus, with your Instagram account, the company exposes you to the relevant followers that convert. While delivery is fast, the tool is also simple to use.

If you are ready to gain organic growth, start creating an account today and find the competitors to grow your account. Pricing is affordable based on monthly and annual. In terms of targeting, these guys use the location, hashtags, the competitors, etc.


AIGrow claims to offer real Instagram followers but never lives to provide its promises. Most online reviews are against their services. And because of the Instagram account safety and success, you can use the AIGrow alternatives above to grow your Instagram accounts organically. These companies are safe and reliable and guarantee the delivery of Instagram followers at affordable prices. Utilize them to their full potential.