Blastup Review

Blastup Review

Does Blastup offer reliable growth services for Instagram influencers and marketers? Read this review about Blastup and determine if they provide what they promise customers on their website.

The algorithm of Instagram is constantly changing. It makes it hard for a post on Instagram to be seen hence complicating the growth journey of most businesses and service delivery. Another thing is that immediately your Instagram posts are seen, it again becomes hard to get engagements in terms of likes, comments, and views.

But remember, it is only the algorithm that can easily shift such a trend and take your posts to the right audience. This is where Instagram growth tools play a vital role.

When you go online, you can find many Instagram growth services providers. Before selecting one, consider the safety and security of your information. It is hard to identify a firm that complies with the Instagram API. It is frustrating to get your account blocked or banned for breaking the Instagram API when you use a bot. If you have a fixed budget, focus on it and ensure you find a reliable company that matches all your needs.

In this article, we will review Blastup in detail and find out if it is worth investing in it for Instagram growth services. If not, there are other alternatives online. First, let us find out from this review.

Blastup Review

Blastup Overview

Blastup is an online platform that claims to offer real Instagram likes, followers, views, and even automatic likes. They allow customers to purchase these Instagram engagement metrics. They offer different packages. But before that, they have a free trial package on their website.

That is free Instagram likes as a test before buying other metrics. It is popular for providing limited offers for Instagram growth services. Even though they claim this platform is the best place to buy Instagram followers, views, and likes, you are yet to know the company. Keep reading and find out from this genuine review.

The Blastup platform is simple and easy to use that even a newbie in this game can find it simple. You only need to select a package, check out the payment, and sit back to see the results. Something funny here is that, from their platform, we can notice that they encourage people to try their free package, which is only the likes, instead of reading online reviews.

Someone might be hiding something here. Otherwise, the company guarantees quick results, delivery, and faster observable results on your Instagram profile. Also, you can delay metrics delivery when you want to meet a certain style.

They also offer a free follower count by only mentioning your username. You can also find Instagram videos and photo downloader tools. Their customer support is available 24/hours to help you. This company was initially called Yes, Blastup has an experienced technical team. The website is secure and has multiple secure payment methods.

However, the pricing is extremely cheap, indicating that there is the possibility that these guys are using bots. Even though, from their website, they claim that these metrics come from real people worldwide who have active Instagram profiles. But from our experts in the trial session, the outcomes indicated something different. If you are curious about this, let us compare the pros and cons of the platform first.

  • Offer a free trial to test their services.
  • They have affordable pricing plans.
  • Secure the website and do not request a password.
  • Multiple secured payment methods.
  • have a flat rate of automatic likes monthly, saving time and effort.
  • 24/7 available customer support.
  • The monthly flat rate does not indicate the number of likes the account can receive.
  • Poor customer reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Claim to offer metrics from real accounts, but the delivery speed seems like a bot.
  • They are also not transparent in terms of where their metrics come from.
  • Their free trial likes are poor.
  • No refund policy

Is Blastup Safe?

Blastup Details

From their website, it appears to be safe since it is secured but looking at the reviews; this is not a safe company. The reason behind our claim is bad reviews on Trustpilot. Most of the reviews are negative, which signifies their customers' services. Therefore, you need to take precautions while using this platform. Delivery speed is also not good. The Instagram algorithm can detect bot activities abb=nd even block or ban your account.

Do We Recommend Blastup for Your Instagram Growth?

We do not recommend this company from the reviews online and our experience using their Instagram growth services. Balstub is not good for your Instagram growth, and from your perspective, they do not offer high-quality services even though the pricing is affordable.

First, the free trial and service terms are poor. Their fere likes are only limited to 10 likes which is hard to judge the other metrics. This indicates that, though their website seems legit, they can easily send you fake accounts using bots. This is risking your account. They also do not offer a refund if they fail to deliver and meet your expectations.

Secondly, the reviews on Trustpilot are terrible. Most of the reviews indicate that the company is a scammer. Many customers also claim that Blastup does not deliver what they promise on its website. And the little they offer has a low retention rate. Thus never waste time investing on this platform. Instead, go for other alternatives online which offer high-quality Instagram metrics at an affordable price.

Let us now go to other available Blastup alternatives on the market.

Blastup Alternatives

1. Mr.Insta

Mr Insta Homepage

From the name, Mr.Insta is simply the perfect tool when you are looking to take your Instagram account to the next level. It is well known for providing free Instagram followers. Otherwise, they offer the best Instagram growth metrics such as likes, followers, views, comments, reel views, profile optimization, hashtag research, etc.

This is among the best Blastup alternatives online, which not only offer growth services for Instagram and cover other major social media platforms such as youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and SoundCloud. All the metrics come at an affordable price.

Mr. Insta promises customers a free trial that lasts for only two days. This can give you a clue about the quality of their services. The delivery is gradual; hence the services look more natural growth strategy. The site is simple, easy to use, secure and friendly for anyone. When you want to jumpstart your Instagram or other social media account growth, look no more than Mr. Insta. They guarantee you a free refill in case the order drops.

2. TurboMedia

TurboMedia Review

The enxt Blastup altertnatievs online is TurboMedia. TurboMedia, even though still new in the industry, delivers what they promise to its potential. The company is spreading over the market by storm due to high-quality services and cross-promotion across major social media platforms. This means that they not only offer Instagram growths services and cover other platforms. These include TikTok, youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. When it comes to Instagram, they have comprehensive services to select from. Anything you need to grow your Instagram account, TurboMedia has a package for you. Besides followers, views, likes, comments, and optimization, they also sell package deals, impressions and reach, real views, optimization, and automation services.

The company has established a strong reputation on Trustpilot due to its simplicity, free use, and guide of immediate results. The free package last for 2 days which is good for testing the quality of Instagram's growth services. Customer support is available 24/7 to help you as well.

3. Upleap

Upleap overview

Upleap is also a relibale Blastup alternative. However, it does only provide Instagram growths services. The platform mostly specializes in selling Instagram followers. They have been around for a long time, and no client has complained about their services.

The company guarantees users 24/7 customer support and gradual delivery of Instagram followers at a friendly price on the market. This makes their followers look more natural. Hence, this is the right platform when you are looking for Instagram followers with a high retention rate.

Upleap has a 50% discount on any package you order. When it comes to Instagram followers, they sell standard and premium followers. They never request your password since they value your privacy. If you want high-quality followers, we recommend you go for premium packages. Both have affordable pricing plans.

Only the follower guarantees other metrics such as likes, comments, views, etc. Once you place an order, they give you a dedicated account manager to help you take your Instagram account to the next level. The website is simple, has detailed information, and is secured with multiple payment options.

4. SocialViral

Social-Viral Overview

SocialViral is the best alternative when looking for exclusive Instagram growth services. The Instagram growth metrics include followers, views, likes, comments, and auto likes. It also offers Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, and Facebook growth services. Check the services and quality of metrics online. You will find that the company has a robust reputation online. It only takes you a few steps to gain Instagram popularity.

They have an effective network built on advanced technology to offer lightning-fast services on Instagram and other social media platforms. Save your time and provide a little information without sharing personal details to get started and enjoy high-quality services. They also claim that their retention rate is permanent, which we can attest to that since they only guarantee organic traffic. Customer support is also available 24/7 to help you when you experience any issues.

Pricing at SocialViral depends on your need, the package, and the budget. Otherwise, SocialViral is the best Blastup alternative you can find on the market.

5. InstaMama

InstaMama overview

The last Blastud alternative online that you can rely on for Instagram growth services is InstaMama. We ought to list this platform due to the quality of its services, the pricing, and the safety it guarantees its customers. The company ensures that information concerning any customer is kept safe.

And when you suspect the quality of their services, you might claim that positive reviews online are not enough but still, they have a free Instagram likes package for you to test before coming yourself to premium plans. This is the real deal you need to grow the profile that is not only on Instagram but also on youtube and Twitter. They claim that their Instagram followers, likes, and views come from real accounts. Thus, they guarantee customers credibility to their business accounts.

InstaMama has zero tolerance for bots and software programs. They claim that their Instagram followers are sourced from social media communities, groups, influencers, bloggers, etc.InstaMama ensures that you get high retention on metrics, gradual delivery,  and 100% safe promotion of your account.

Above all, their platform is secure, and you should never worry about your online privacy. They support only secured payment methods. They offer 50 Instagram free trials anytime you need. Turn to InstaMama to grow your Instagram account.


Blastup is an online platform that claims to meet all your needs for growing Instagram accounts. Yes, they have the service, but they never deliver as promised. The free services are poor and do not have a refund policy. Because of these, the company has poor reviews on Trustpilot.

However, other Blastup alternatives offer high-quality services at an affordable price from authentic sources. The above tools are reliable and effective; hence best to turn to instead of Blastup. Visit their website, and test the service before making a reasonable decision. But we guarantee you high-quality Instagram growth services.