xResolver Review & Alternatives

xResolver review

Do you love playing online video games and want to track other players' location details? We recommend using the xResolver and other Xbox IP grabber tools. Why? Read on!

Cybercrime has been rising lately. This covers every area, and it includes online gaming sectors. For this reason, the developers have also been working day in and out to help curb this issue. Thus, some of the IT gurus have managed to come up with different platforms or tools that you can use to trace the IP address of someone either violating, abusing, or violating your account.

The tools are developed with unique technology which enables them to trace the IP address of someone and process their details, including the location and even internet provider.

xResolver is one such tool or platform anyone relies on to get services like tracking the IP address. So, if you want to know more about xResolver, read our article to the end. We will also list some of the better alternatives on the market to make an informed decision. Therefore, keep reading to find out.

About xResolver

Xresolver Homepage

xResolver is an online platform that contains a database of Gamertags and some Xbox, PC users, and PS IP addresses. The data is publicly available to the people, which is lawful, to some extent, it to bring in serious issues, especially for online gamers that game often.

Alongside the database stored, the site also provides services that a player must pay a fee to get their IP addresses removed from their log forever. Though, we do not recommend this. For that reason, xResolver is a good IP puller and IP grabber tool we have online. When looking at the security concern, your IP address reveals your geographic location to the potential hackers.

The information stored on xResolver allows hackers to target specific gamers for any user. The good news is that you can block your IP address using xResolver. This tool is essential because it helps you track the IP address and location of someone but also helps you blocklist our Gamertag or username from appearing on the database.

How Does xResolver Work

There are different Xbox resolver tools online. One of them is xResolver and Xbox resolver. For our case, we will consider xResolver. Thus, xResolver is a perfect tool for locating someone's IP address in your Xbox; You can utilize Gamertag, a unique ID any Xbox player uses. The good thing about the Gamertag is that you can use it to trace someone's IP address.

All Xbox resolvers work similarly. Once you grasp the procedure, you can use either tool to resolve the Gamertag of the target person to get their IP address and, consequently, locations. Here are step by step guides:

Step 1: Launch your Xbox account, log in with your details, and locate the person you want to track their IP addresses. A person must be your friend and if not, then add them first. Follow this procedure to add someone to your friend list:-

  • Type in their Gamertag then searches using a magnifying glass icon located at the bottom bar.
  • Navigate through on the Gamertag profile and then click add friend.

Step 2:Go to the profile and find the target person's Gamertag. Go to their profile information to get the Gamertag, then copy it down. Copy the ID which is publicly displayed.

Step 3:Then go to the xResolver web page. You will find a button indicating get started, then tap on it. Scroll down until you find a spacebar. Paste the target person's ID or Gamertags you copied and tap on resolve.

Step 4:After clicking resolve, the tool will find the details linked to that Gamertag of the person in question. After that, the tool will display the Xbox user's IP address.

However, sometimes, this method fails to deliver. If you experience such cases, then we recommend trying out the below xResolver alternatives. When both the tools fail, then try another method.

Alternatives to xResolver.com

1. OctoSniff

OctoSniff Homepage

Octosniff is the number one IP sniffer online. Different people, as well as hackers, use it. Online gamers use it to increase their connections and win. The tool makes it easy to know your gaming opponent while online. This tool is compatible with most tools, PlayStations, and Xbox, with many more hosts of the famous consoles on the market.

Octosniff is easy to install, and you can find plenty of tutorials on their website in the knowledge base section. You can always check them anytime. Among the features, Octosniff comes with advanced packet filters, the geo IP locator tool, The username to Ip functions, and the DDoS protection lookup features.

This tool guarantees 100% malware-free with a friendly user interface. The customer support team is available 24/7 to serve you. It is also worth mentioning that, though it has a free version, it lets you access advanced features with premium packages. Generally, the premium version is affordable.

2. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS Homepage

Lanc Remastered PCPS brags itself as a free Xbox resolver, PSN, and well known as a Gamertag IP puller. This is the best xResolver alternative on the market. This is not always free, but it also comes with more advanced Gamertag resolving features. Since it is easy to use, their community or database is continuously growing exponentially.

Lanc Remastered PCPS was created to intercept and pull the IP addresses from the Xbox live, PC, PlayStation, and other well-known gaming consoles. They have a packet that quickly resolves the Gamertags to give you the IP address. The tool is perfect in its operation and delivery because it constantly updates frequent releases. This makes Lanc Remastered PCPS a stable and reliable alternative IP puller and grabber.

It is a free tool, and that makes it awesome. Setting up the tool is easy. They have many user guides as well as setup instructions. The good news is that you can use the tool regardless of whether you are online or offline. Even when playing offline games, you can still get the gamer's IP address and other information.

3. Bootyou

Bootyou Homepage

Another best xResolver alternative is the Bootyou. This is another advanced and website-based tool or IP logger. However, to access the features, you must purchase the premium package and login into their portal. Its website is straightforward and seems easy to use.

It does not only offer IP pulling services, but you can also get other services from the website. This is the most accessible IP logging tool on the market, which you can depend on tracking or logging the IP addresses of someone in the Xbox with a simple click.

Bootyou is the cheapest but strongest stresser for YouTube, Gyazo, and Imgur. The tool also comes with more advanced features like ping tools etc. The friend and enemies list lets you blocklist someone on the Xbox. They are soon introducing more advanced features such as attack panels and VIP attack panels. Their customer support is available to serve you anytime.

4. Lanc-Remastered


Lanc-Remastered is also a reliable tool with a trust score ranging from average to good. Thus, it is yet another good xResolver alternative. It is a safe and easy-to-access tool that functions like xResolver.

It has been on the market for a long time, thus has gained experience and has a reasonable database. This makes it the most popular IP grabber, puller, and Xbox resolver. It can quickly help you locate and track any Gamertag hassle-free. However, the tool is only compatible with PS4, Xbox, and PS5. It works with an inbuilt ARP spoofing that is compatible with any connection.

Lanc-Remastered is a good alternative we have come across since it also offers CEO IPs. Meaning you can use Lanc-Remastered to track players' data from the county up to the ISP. The best Xbox resolver online can efficiently resolve the Gamertags to the linked IP address. This tool can boost people online and comes with the best IP booter tool. Their website has detailed guides on how to use it.

5. WebResolver

WebResolver Homepage

WebResolve is a simple and easy-to-use online tool. When you need your account blocklisted on the website and all the APIs, you can buy the service from Webresolver. This tool offers different services. You can search the IP address in their database linked to a skype username and get a username linked to any particular IP address, etc.

It also goes beyond letting you get all the Skype accounts linked to the specific email address, get you any email linked to the Skype username, and many more. This is a good IP resolver tool when you have a skype username. This lets you search through its database and get information from the domain, including the IP address history and domain scores.

The tool has a well; detailed knowledge base for any guide you need. It also comes with a chrome extension for easy usage. This is the best skype resolver on the market.

6. Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver Homepage

Xbox Resolver is the top xResolver competitor on the market. Thus, it is the best xResolver alternative that can help you extract the Xbox player IP address using their ID, Gamertag, or  Xbox game code. This is a good IP sniffer tool that can quickly help you resolve and collect information about your gaming opponent.

You can then use the collected data to have an advantage during the game session. So, when you need the best Xbox IP resolver, go for Xbox Resolver. It is recommended for personal network monitoring as well as identifying the packets. It is a great choice you should consider instead of xResolver. The tool is simple. When you only need to have the Gamertag of the target opponent.

To make it even better, Xbox Resolver uses advanced algorithms to get the person's IP address, location, and other information. This tool, like xResolver, supports a dual network, allowing foolproof protocol tracking.

However, it might take longer than it should when retrieving the gamer's data using the IP puller tool. They also recommend that you refresh the page when you experience a delayed response. You can also join their discord discussion group to get advanced support when you have serious issues.

There are also other tools on the market which work the same as the above-listed tools. They deliver the same services and sometimes even with better customer experience. The other tools are not limited to Ipgrab.github, XboxReplay, and Console Sniffer.

What will be Happen When They Grab Your IP address

The above hacking tools, especially OctoSniff, are used to scrape your IP addresses online while you play games. This action is possible since your IP address is public when you are in an online gaming session.

A tool like OctoSniff sniffs the data and then decrypts your information while you play. This allows a log that identifies the IP address linked to the Gamertag. The details are then added to online IP grabber or IP resolver tools like xResolver. Hackers can easily access your IP address using the Gamertags and target you as a single Xbox player.

How to Change Your IP Address

Change Your IP Address

The best way to change or hide your IP address is to use VPN services. There are many VPNs online, both free and premium. You can also consider using proxies.

However, we recommend using personal VPN rather than proxies due to the high-speed bandwidth, secure connection, private access to the restricted sites, easy usability, and even selecting your target country or city. The two services show the world different IP addresses. They mask your real IP address, making it hard for hackers to get your information.


We tested xResolver and all the above alternatives and found that they are the perfect tool for resolving the IP address of an Xbox player using their IP addresses. They are easy to set up, and others are free, while premium ones are even affordable. We recommend using them to pull the IP address easily using the username or Gamertag.