Xbox IP Address Finder: Find Someone’s IP Address on Xbox

Xbox IP Address Finder

Do you know that you can find the IP address of someone on Xbox? If you are not aware, then come in now and read our article to find out different methods.

Before technology advancement, people could not host video games on various platforms using video game software. Since we are evolving, it is now possible through Xbox by Microsoft. It is online gaming, and there are plenty of scammers.

So, if someone wrongs you during the game on Xbox, you might be interested in finding out the location of the tricky guy. Thus, in our article, we will guide you step by step and take you through different methods of finding a particular person's IP address.

Use Xbox Resolver

Any Xbox player is given a unique ID known as Gamertag. Thus, it is possible to track the player's IP addresses using a Gamertag. However, it is hard to track when the person is live/online or acting at a party. Below are the steps by step guides on how to find IP address on Xbox using xResolver:

Step 1: Open your Xbox account and select the friend you want to find the IP addresses. You can add the person who is not on your friend list. To add someone as a friend, search for them using Gamertag through a magnifying glass icon located at the bottom bar, then scroll to the Gamertag profile and click add friend.

Step 2: Create a connection with the person under the question as it is essential in identifying their IP. You can do this by inviting them to the live game or through a chat forum.

Follow these steps to invite them to play a game with you on Xbox.

  • Start the game
  • Press the person's button and select their Xbox Gamertag in your Xbox controller.
  • Click A while on your controller on the person's profile, and you will see the invite option.
  • Then choose the invite to game option.

You can also create a connection through live party chat. Go to the guide option and click on parties and party and go for the invite option and choose the friend you want to track the IP addresses.

Upon successful invitation, the person needs to accept the invitation so that the Xbox resolver can easily sniff all the packets and traffic. Proceed with the following steps.

Step 3: Start a friendly chat with the gamer and get a clickable link and share with them. You can export links from external sources like Facebook or gaming links.

Step 4: Launch Xresolver link and establish Gamertag spacebar.

Gamertag spacebar

Step 5: Copy and paste the Gamertag of the person, then tap on resolve.

Step 6: Please scroll to the IP finder option in your Xresolver and paste the clickable link to shorten it. Xreolver uses an ARP sniff that initiates a port scanner and tracker.

Step 7: When the person clicks on the link, the ARP sniffer process begins with packets linked to their network.

Step 8: However, for the software to load IP addresses logged in, you must specify your IP address shown in the ‘ from' and then change to the ‘ To' box.

Step 9: Navigate to the filter tab there and type in 3074; press ‘A' so that you load the ‘start pulling' icon. From here, you can see the IP addresses of people in games or party forums.

Use Xbox IP Puller

IP pullers are essential in helping you track someone's IP addresses from your Xbox device. There are different IP pullers, but our case will define steps to grab an IP address using Lanc Remastered. This is a vital tool when you want to track Xbox IP addresses.

Step 1: You need to download the Lach Remastered software, and before that, you should ensure that you have WinRAR or 7zip, NPcap, C++ redistributable package 2010, Win10PCAP, and Net Framework 4.5.2 ready installed.


Step 2: For Lanc mastered to work correctly, you must modify your internet connection. On Windows 10, navigate the settings > network and internet> go to change Adapter options> find networking tab and choose internet protocol version 6 from the list. Untick the option and then restart your PC.


Step 3: Upon rebooting the PC, Download and Install Lanc Remastered. You can extract the files with 7zip or WinRAR, open and click the icon LANC and run it. Double click to open the program. You will see a pop-up error; click Ok and proceed to ignore it.


Step 4: Tune Lanc Remastered for it to work with your Xbox. Go to the network adapter on app windows and type in the internet connection, Wi-Fi, or wired—Tick ARP spoofing option and filter. Navigate to your Xbox, open the settings> Network settings, and note your IP address.

Go to the Lanc Remastered windows and note the destination port. You should type in 3074. Ensure that the FROM address defaults to the gateway or a router. Do verification and ensure everything is in order.


Step 5: Then pull XboxIP using Lanc Remastered. Go to the Xbox account, create a party and invite the users. When people join, tap start. You will see new IP incoming in the APP window under the connection tab. These incoming IP addresses are the players' IPs joining your Xbox party.


Use Wireshark

Wireshark is a famous network protocol analyzer that can help you know what is happening up to a microscopic level. You can use Wireshark to access the IP addresses in the Xbox. However, you must be playing the same game with the person in question. Once you have a peer-to-peer connection, it is easy to grab the IP addresses. It would help if you worked your way out to track the IP address since the tool is incompatible with the Xbox. Follow these steps to achieve the task successfully;-

Step 1: Download and install Wireshark on your computer. It sniffs all the packets sent to your console.

Step 2: Establish a direct connection between your router and computer and link with your console(Xbox) through the ethernet cable.

Step 3: You will see any package reaching your console on the Wireshark interface. Through this process, you can easily pick the linked IP addresses of the person in question.

Use Grabify IP Tracker

There are different methods of finding the IP address, and our last option is the Grabify IP tracker tool. This is a popular tool for grabbing the IP address of the gamers in your Xbox. The good news is that you can use it at no cost. The software is simple and generates clickable links. Here are steps to follow:-

Step 1: Get the website content that you are sure the target person might be interested in reading, then copy the URL.

Step 2: Visit the Grabify homepage and paste the URL into the blank field.


Step 3: Click on the ‘Create URL' to shorten the URL. You will have a code for tracking the IP address of the target users in Xbox.

Step 4: Open the Xbox and head to the user, share the clink and let them click.

Step 5: Immediately they click, go to the Grabify website and enter the tracking code.

Step 6: Tap the ‘ Track code' button instead of the creating URL.


Step 7: Next, it will display the user's information and OS, user agent, and geo-location. Simple, and you got it.



Xbox is a popular and perfect gaming console unless one binds their information loopholes. This is because getting the IP address of these Xbox users is not a complicated task. You can use different methods to grab the IP address as discussed above. These methods are vital but not for malicious purposes against the online protection law.

However, you can mask your IP address and refrain from malicious activities by using VPNs and proxies in your Xbox console.