Viralyft Review & Alternatives

Viralyft review

Does Viralyft offer genuine social media promotion services, and if not, are there the best alternatives? Read our article to evaluate the legitimacy of Viralyft and its best options on the market.

Social media marketing has taken a new phase, and now they are primarily using third-party companies to outsource their growth. Social media marketing has plenty of experts knowledgeable enough to you ahead of the others. Many third-party software companies are ready to offer growth services.

However, not all are reliable, meaning; you should be keen during selection. This is because most of these companies are here to scam you. Most of them claim to offer magic, while magic is not the only thing you need. Instead, you need an authentic company with real followers and genuine outsourcing services.

Using fake providers lowers your account credentials, and there is a high chance of algorithm detecting bot s which will block or ban your account. You should buy real followers, not fake ones, instead of the efficacy of social media growth services, like Viralyft. Let's look at it in detail.

Viralyft Review

Viralyft overview

Viralyft is a company that claims to offer all social media growth services. They cover various social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Viralyft has a simple and secure website. They have got a lot of features you can select from on their website. The services are aimed at getting you to the next level.

You can rely on Viralyft to help you grow your social media accounts. They boost the profiles using various metrics such as likes, followers, views, comments, etc. However, the company has received multiple negative reviews, as we will see.

  • The company has affordable pricing plans compared to others
  • Supports multiple social media platforms
  • 24/7 customer support is excellent
  • Secured payment methods
  • They offer global outreach services.
  • Low customer retention rate when you do not engage with the followers
  • Offer fake engagement using a bot
  • There is a concern due to lack of security on personal details
  • Low-quality engagement can quickly red flag your account
  • It is costly in the long run since you are likely to lose the audience
  • The terms and conditions warn you against using their services against social media API.
  • No sign of a high level of credibility from their website.
  • The site received multiple negative reviews.

Features of Viralyft

Viralyft offers different services across multiple social media platforms. Thus, the features differ depending on the platform under the question. let's start with Instagram, as shown below:


Viralyft Instagram Followers

Viralyft offers Instagram metrics to help you grow the account. They promise to provide Instagram followers, comments, likes, views, and auto likes. These services come at an affordable price, have fast delivery, and promise a rock-solid result.

The pricing is structured depending on the metric you want. This means you will only pay for what you want to receive separately and never request your personal information. Pricing is generally friendly, and an example is, 100 Instagram followers cost $2.89. This is only applicable to high-quality followers. But there are also other packages costing premium followers.


Viralyft Youtube Subscribers

Viralyft has a set of YouTube promotion services. This section is mainly meant for YouTube. And on their website, you can buy youtube likes, subscribers, views, comments, shares, and dislikes. They guarantee you fast delivery with the potential to increase your channel credibility.

Pricing is based on the package you want as 100 youtube subscribers go for $9.99. This is a cost-efficient plan that guarantees you top-quality metrics and increased engagement. Every package is changed separately.


Viralyft Facebook Followers

There is also a package of Viralyft for Facebook. Here, you can buy multiple promotion service metrics. These include Facebook page likes, post likes, followers, and page views. There are different packages with different options to choose from.

They are tiered pricing, and you can only receive what you pay for on their website. You can buy top-quality Facebook followers and enjoy fast delivery across the globe at an affordable price. Followers start from $6.99 for 250 top-quality followers. They guarantee you privacy as they do not need your password to prompt delivery.


Viralyft Spotify Followers

Viralyft covers Spotify promotion services. Thus, you can buy Spotify plays and followers to boost your reach and impression. They do not cover a limited location but source their Spotify followers worldwide.

And when you get an issue while surfing on Spotify, there is always customer support 24/7 to help you. They offer Spotify plays and followers at an affordable price. For instance, 1000 high-quality Spotify plays costs $4.99. They also have quality play services with different pricing. The same applies to their followers' packages.


Viralyft Soundcloud Followers

Soundcloud is also a musical, social media platform. Viralyft offers a range of growth services, but pricing is slightly different with other music platforms like Spotify. They offer services like SoundCloud plays, likes, and followers. Viralyft is the best choice for providing SoundCloud promotion since they have experienced experts.

Their pricing, as said, is a bit different, like 1000 sound plays costs $6.00 and guarantees you global song plays. There are many other plans based on your needs. It is safe since they only need your SoundCloud profile links without sharing personal information. They claim that these SoundCloud services are authentic and organic.


Viralyft Twitter Followers

Like on other social media platforms, Viralyft also offers Twitter engagement metrics. These include Twitter followers, retweets, and favorites. These engagements are affordable with a tiered pricing plan.

Let's take, for instance, Twitter followers. They have high-quality followers and premium quality followers, both sourced across the globe but at different pricing. High-quality followers start at $3.99 for 1400 followers while premium 100 premium followers go for $6.99. They ensure that these twitter promotion services are delivered timely, and you can start seeing the results within 72 hours.


Viralyft Tiktok Followers

Viralyft also offers TikTok promotions services, which involve followers, likes, views, and shares. They claim these services do not require your password to deliver. There are two types of followers: high-quality followers and premium followers. The two have different pricing plans and minimal requirements. For example, high-quality TikTok followers start from 250 followers for $6.99.

All of the above promotional services are delivered within 24 to 48 hours, and Viralyft guarantees you 24/7 customer support. Therefore, when you care about account legitimacy and authentic promotional services, we would advise you to stay away from Viralyft and try looking for better alternatives on the market. Their services are exaggerated on the market, wherein they tend to drop in the long run.

Is Viralyft Legit and Safe?

We would not recommend Viralyft in any situation but instead avoid this tool at all costs. It has had many negative reviews online, including on Trustpilot. Their services are not trustworthy, and most of the clients have complained of a low retention rate and lack of free trials. It would be best to go for a company that offers quality promotion services and has recorded authentic reviews.

This way, you will be putting your social media account in an excellent place to gain reputation and credibility. They have also written a fake review online. Thus, these guys are not worth your time but instead, consider the below best alternatives on the market.

Best Alternatives to Viralyft

1. Upleap – Top-rated Instagram Alternatives to Viralyft

Upleap overview

Do you want exclusive Instagram promotions services? Look no more. Here comes a top-rated Instagram tool to help you with different engagement metrics. Upleap has been around for a while, and the company has built a solid reputation. They offer real Instagram followers from many folds in the shortest time possible. They claim that they deliver this growth metric instantly.

Let your efforts come into fruitful with Upleap company. It is dedicated to offering Instagram services at a friendly price. They have divided their Instagram followers packages into standard followers and premium followers.

The standard package is cheaper than premium, but all guarantees instag=t delivery, 24/7 customers, support, privacy, and no password required. 100 standard followers for $3 is affordable. At the same time, premium packages consist of high-quality followers with a guaranteed retention rate and disco7unt up to 60%.

It would help not worry because Upleap orders come with a free replacement and dedicated premium customer support upon drop. The firm offers the best Instagram growth services as opposed to Viralyft. They have an excellent rating indicating customer satisfaction since 2015. Therefore, it is the best marketplace to buy authentic Instagram followers.

Create a free account and select your package o get started. And besides these impeccable, Upleap has a secured website that guarantees you privacy and safety. They have also featured on various famous platforms. This is the best Instagram growth provider since they understand the game and services are top-notch.

2. YTpals – Top-rated YouTube Alternatives to Viralyft


Instead of Viralft, here come YTPals. This is an online platform that offers free youtube subscribers and likes. If you want to gain engagement on your youtube videos, try out this company. They have an excellent Trustpilot rating and good reviews.

Due to such commendable services, we are inclined to rank it as the best alternative to Viralyft for youtube promotion services. On their website, they provide a comprehensive guide on how to grow your youtube channel organically.

Free services include sub to sub, which literally implies that they source their likes and subscribers from real people with active accounts. They also have a paid plan. This option is good when you don't have time to follow the outlined procedure. The premium services are among the best on the market and come at an affordable price. They are cheap, and you can select enterprise, elite, or celebrity plans on their website.

Each plan comes with different features, but to start receiving these services, you must set your channel to public and have one video. But the good news is that you can cancel anytime. The above plans are monthly subscriptions and are 100% automatic in delivering youtube subscribers, views, comments, shares, and watch hours. Besides the monthly plan, you can also go for their tiered pricing options. They are both affordable.

3. SocialViral – Top-rated Facebook Alternatives to Viralyft

SocialViral overview

SocialViral, as the name suggests, is a site that provides social media services to make you go viral among your audience. This is the best alternative on the market for delivering Facebook promotion services. It is more reliable and authentic compared to Viralyft. It provides different growth metrics, including Facebook followers, posts likes, page likes, and Facebook views.

They claim that their services are first class and quickly make your Facebook viral. You should not wait immediately you sign up. Their customer support is also available 24/7 to help you out.

SocialViral also ensures that their Facebook growth services are safe and secure since they do not need your password. They guarantee you authentic services were they 100% source from real users. And when their metrics drop, they guarantee a free refill.

You can get Facebook followers quickly and deliver orders within 12 hours. When you want to buy facebook promotion services, SocialViral is here for you. They also offer growth services across other social media platforms. Their website is secure and has multiple secure payment methods.

4. Fueltok – Top-rated TikTok Alternatives to Viralyft


Fueltok is a beast when you want to buy TikTok promotions services. They can make you start using different growth services. They offer TikTiok followers, likes, and views at affordable pricing.

Before going for premium services, they offer you 7 days free trial to evaluate the quality of their TikTok engagement metrics. They have expanded even though they are new, and today, they have TikTok bots on their service lists. They guarantee you the magic of automation.

Fueltok promises their clients to source their TikTok followers from real people worldwide. Delivery is instant upon purchase when you are on premium packages. They have served many customers who always come back for more.

Thus, the company has built a strong reputation among its happy clients. We like them because you always control delivery speed and do not need your password. Pricing is friendly that with €3.99 you are guaranteed 100 organic TikTok followers. You can also filter your target audience using parameters such as quality, number of followers, and activity or niche.

5. Mr.Insta – Top-rated Spotify Alternatives to Viralyft


Mr. Insta is an Instagram growth tool and offers Spotify promotion services. They have a variety of services on their website, and when it comes to Spotify, you can get Spotify plays, playlist followers, and followers. They claim that the process is quick and guarantees you the best result instead of the Viralyft tool.

Their services are affordable but have set minimum requirements. For instance, if you need Spotify plays, they start from $45 for 14000 plays. The option goes up to 50k Spotify plays. They promise that their services are 100% safe and secure. We believe them since their website is secure and supports secure payment methods.

The good thing about Mr. Insta is that when an order drops, there are here to refill at no extra cost. 24/7 customer support is another thing that makes it rank as the top-notch alternative. When account credibility is your worry, Mr. Insta can help you increase song ranking. All the above Spotify elements are vital for growing your Spotify account.

6. InstaMama – Top-rated Twitter Alternatives to Viralyft

InstaMama overview

InstaMama is known to offer social media growth services. Besides Instagram, the site has expanded to include Twitter promotion services. They now provide Twitter followers, which they claim are genuine and exclusive from real and active users. They use influencers and celebrities to promote your account and guarantee a high retention rate and 100% safe promotions services.

Besides, they deliver Twitter followers gradually and reach out to these users through the Twitter ads method. We are inclined to believe that these are high-quality followers due to the company's reputation and good rating. This means customers are satisfied, and if you have an issue, their customer support is always available 24/7.

InstaMama has affordable pricing, and 100 Twitter followers cost $8.50. They also have secure payment methods; thus, privacy should not be a concern as the site is even secured. Believe in InstaMama when you want genuine Twitter promotion services.


Viralyft offers social media promotions services, but they are not up to the standard. They have received bad reviews online due to the low retention rate and lack of free trials. Due to these facts, you might opt for the best alternatives on the market that offers genuine growth services at an affordable price.

The above platforms are reliable and offer pleasant services to the customers. Select the one that meets your requirement and avoid Viralyft at all costs. Otherwise, privacy, legality, and quality of the services matter; hence, be keen when choosing.