10 Best Soundcloud Promotion Services in 2023

Best Soundcloud Promotion Services

Do you have quality music on SoundCloud but not getting exposure to the target audience? You can get noticed with SoundCloud promotional services. Please read our article to grasp the concept in detail.

You can produce high-quality music and post on SoundCloud but never receive the anticipated exposure. This is hectic, especially for eh talented artists, due to the saturation of artist clusters on the platform.

However, multiple promotional services on the market can quickly help you. While few are scammers, most claim to offer organic followers and natural streams through a bot. It becomes hard to distinguish between two scenarios. Don't worry; we are here to serve you, and we assure you that there are real SoundCloud promotion services on the internet.

So in our article, we will round up on the best and legit SoundCloud promotional services and get real followers and streams, which expenses you. Read this article to the end if you are searching for authentic SoundCloud exposure.

Best SoundCloud Promotion Services

1. SocialEmpire

SoundCloud Promotion Services for SocialEmpire

SocialEmpire is a reliable firm that provides social media growth services. More specifically, the company can help you gauge growth metrics on your Soundcloud profile. As a result, they can accelerate organic growth and increase your reach. On SoundCloud, SocialEmpire specializes in offering SoundCloud plays and followers.

They provide real promotional services on your SoundCloud account. They can also help you on other social media platforms such as youtube and Facebook. You can also cross-promote your SoundCloud content on other social media accounts and increase your audience with targeted followers.

This improves your online presence, and SoundCloud plays.SocialEmpire SoundCloud promotional services are effective, especially when promoting multiple social media platforms.

SocialEmpire guarantees you, high-quality followers, with only one single payment without recurring. They also promise to deliver followers and plays within a duration of 1 to 2 days, irrespective of the package you select.

However, play plays come with optional likes, reposts, and comments. The order process is simple. These guys are the best option since they guarantee you lifetime retention and 100% fast and globally sourced plays.

As you know, high retention ensures longer watch time. The services are anonymous and discrete; thus, you should not worry about your details since no password is needed. Their 24/7 customer support is another excellent thing to look for.

Generally, they have a secure payment method and site. They have also recorded good customer reviews. We highly recommend SocialEmpire for providing SoundCloud promotional services.

2. SMGains

SoundCloud Promotion Services for SMGains

SMGains is another perfect choice when searching for real SoundCloud plays that are entirely 100% organic. Their promotional services aim at increasing your chances of becoming popular in the music industry. SMGains is a perfect requirement in your music carrier. And on their website, they have indicated that they offer various SoundCloud metrics, including likes, bundles, and plays.

They have the cheapest pricing on the market. They also claim that they can deliver SoundCloud plays with only a button click. You can select a promotional service from a wide range of selections on their website. The website is simple but displays all the required information.

Buying SoundCloud promotional services from SMGains guarantees you instant delivery, easy reach, fame, get noticed, and go viral in the shortest time possible. Their customers are so happy due to high-quality promotional services.

Their pricing starts from as low as $0.50 for Soundcloud plays. And they also have a discounted promo that you can take advantage of to win more high-quality promotional services. Their customer support is impressive, and their payment methods are safe and secure. They also have a refund policy that applies when they fail to deliver.

3. Followersup

SoundCloud Promotion Services for Followersup

Followersup also works like the above SoundCloud promotional tools. Instead, they go ahead by providing SoundCloud followers, likes, plays, and reposts. We know that you have heard of Followersup before and its effectiveness. This is a beat when it comes to providing promotional services on your Soundcloud profile. They have diversified their features to enable you to select the metric that fits your need.

They cover every SoundCloud's growth aspect online. They even go beyond SoundCloud and offer other social media growth services from Instagram to YouTube and Facebook. But if you only need help with SoundCloud promotion, they have a tiered package. There are different options on their website, which you can select from a friendly pricing plan.

Followersup lays out all features on their homepage. They also let you continuously choose your expenditure to work on or within your budget. They have dedicated customer support, and all packages come with a lifetime warranty. 500 plays cost $3, which is relatively cheap and can be delivered within24 hours.

There is no password required to start delivery. Followersup can organically boost your music and go viral in a few steps.

4. YTpals

SoundCloud Promotion Services for YTpals

YTpals, though it was designed for providing youtube services, has grown and expanded its services. They now offer SoundCloud promotional services. Their streaming services offer you 100% guaranteed Soundcloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments, and reposts. All the above metrics YTpals guarantee you delivery.

They have different options to select from. When buying SoundCloud plays, you do not have to share your password. Thus, their services are risk-free, 100% safe, and private. They also offer 24/7 customer support. The provider is fantastic. Their website is simple since they have divided growth services into specific packages.

YTpals claims that their SoundCloud promotional services encourage others to listen to your music, follow your profile, like or comment on your SoundCloud profile, etc. The result starts within 24 hours and gradually continues until complete. Sometimes, they even deliver more than what you order. This ensures a high retention rate and, in case of a drop.

The site also has recorded an excellent Trustpilot rating, and over 500k clients trust them. Thus, this is a legit company you can rely on with multiple secure payment options.

5. TurboMedia

SoundCloud Promotion Services for TurboMedia

Another reliable site that offers authentic SoundCloud promotion services is TurboMedia. Though they provide services across multiple social media platforms., they also have specific packages for SoundCloud growth. These have also been divided into various metrics, which you can select based on your needs and preference. Both are genuine and authentic from real accounts.

Thus, TurboMedia offers premium services covering SoundCloud downloads, comments, followers, plays, likes, and reposts. They offer a tiered pricing plan, which means they only offer you what you request.

On the contrary, they can even deliver more than when you ordered just in case of a future drop. However, TurboMedia guarantees safe delivery, and the orders start in a range of 24 to 72 hours which continues until complete.

Their services are risk-free for the fact that, in case of a drop, they guarantee you a free refill, and they never ask for your password. Their website is also encrypted, meaning; their SoundCloud promotion services are 100% safe and discrete.

These SoundCloud promotion services from TurboMedia make your account look more legit and engage a wider audience. Your privacy is crucial, and they never share your details with a third party. Their website is simple and has professional customer support available 24/7.

6. Stormlikes

SoundCloud Promotion Services for Stormlikes

Stormlikes is the best platform to get SoundCloud promotions services. We have ranked it among our list for many reasons, and one of them is that Stormlikes is a trusted vendor on the market. They have built a strong reputation among their customers through satisfaction.

Secondly, they offer authentic SoundCloud promotion services. This means their sales are verified as 100% safe and secure. Thus, you can never have your account restricted to access some features. Stormlikes also offers other growth services covering various social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. But when it comes to SoundCloud, they offer plays and followers.

They claim that their services are safe and secure with guaranteed high-quality SoundCloud plays and followers to your profile. They make everything easy and deliver their services on time. Their followers are genuine since they source them from active and real SoundCloud users worldwide.

Did we mention that Stormlikes has affordable pricing? Well, now you know. Stormlikes has a24/7 excellent customer support to help boost your online presence. Stormlikes streamlines the organic work and delivers results quickly. their website is simple and has incredible pricing. They have different payment methods you can consider. You must select the delivery speed you want from gradual or instant.

7. SoNuker

SoundCloud Promotion Services for SoNuker

SoNuker is a company worth mentioning when you hear about SoundCloud promotion services. They offer a wide variety of growth services. With SoNuker, you can buy sound metrics such as comments, likes, followers, plays, downloads, and reposts.

They are reliable when it comes to top purchasing plays for your SoundCloud profile. These features help you attain a higher recognition on SoundCloud and get more organic play. They do this by encouraging other followers to listen, follow you, and download your SoundCloud music.

SoNuker guarantees you delivery of their promotion services, and results start within 24 to 72 hours until complete. They are 100% safe and private, with no password needed. Because their website is secured, the above makes us believe that SoNuker is legit.

Their customer support team is available 24/7, and in case of a drop on their promotion services, they also guarantee you a free refill. But at a time, they deliver more than you order. They pride themselves as the leader in this industry.

8. Mr.Insta

SoundCloud Promotion Services for Mr Insta

Mr.Insta, though well known for providing Instagram growth services, can also help you with SoundCloud promotions services. Like other providers on the market, Mr.Insta also sells metrics like SoundCloud downloads, plays, comments, likes, followers, and reposts. These promotion services aim to increase organic engagement and let your profile reach out to many targeted audiences.

Mr.Insta also guarantees you delivery; results appear within 24 to 72 hours. And they also claim that their promotion services on SoundCloud are 100% safe and private. one thing we like about Mr.Insta is that their customer support is available 24/7. These guys are perfect for increasing your SoundCloud profile credibility song ranking and attracting more organic followers.

They also encourage others to like, comment, and play your music on SoundCloud. They work across multiple social media platforms, and they rely on advanced methodologies to drive traffic to your SoundCloud channel.

9. Fiverr

SoundCloud Promotion Services for Fiverr

Fiverr is our last company that provides SoundCloud promotion services. Though it sounds new and offers relevant services, you need to meet your SoundCloud projects successfully. They claim organic promotions, paid advertising, and music streaming services. Music streaming enables you to increase your SoundCloud plays.

In contrast, organic promotion guarantees you more followers, comments, and authentic engagement with other metrics. The platform offers various services, including writing and other related. They have different marketers and influencers ready to take up the role and promote your music Soundcloud.

This is more than a promotion site, but it's reliable since working with professionals. The site has a secure payment method and is safe. They offer Soundcloud promotion services and provide other social media promotion services on the market.

Free SoundCloud Promotion 

Promote on SoundCloud

Besides the above premium SoundCloud promotion service providers, some free promotion providers are also online. Or Instance SoundCloud Pro is a self-service tool that can help you promote SoundCloud. It can help you reach a large audience base interested in your music. They later follow you as an artist.

This is a free tool and guarantees unlimited upload time, managing music payment, and providing advanced listener insights. The tool also can enable your music feature on the top page. It offers the best results, especially when coupled with a repost feature. The free version guarantees you long-term success and the ability to promote unlimited tracks.

How Do Real SoundCloud Promotion Services Work?

Real SoundCloud promotional services operate using a simple approach: mostly rely on their record label partners, reposting your contents, and the significant follower count page. Sometimes it depends on the tactic of following to download gates. Thus, your track reaches a large and active SoundCloud audience to attain more followers ad stream.

The above approach is the opposite of the fake Soundcloud promotion services. They claim to offer authenticity instead of firms that provide fake followers and streams using a bot. Though it gives you a stream, your account won't have actual exposure to the real users. This calls for meticulous research and selects authentic SoundCloud promotion services on the market for promoting your music.

Tips for SoundCloud Promotion 

we also encourage you to concentrate on your growth strategy besides using the above Soundcloud promotion services or combining them simultaneously. This implements authentic and natural growth effective way. to achieve natural performance, read out tips, and get better results

1. Use Hashtags on Your Music

Use Hashtags on souncloud

Tagging your music makes it more discoverable among SoundCloud users. Hashtag enables your music to reach new listeners looking for your type of content. You can still go for a branded hashtag for quicker tracing.

We recommend using genre, location, moot, and more relevant hashtags. But you must first understand your audience and performing trends. When you find new listeners, they end up liking, sharing, and reposting to their platforms for other people to enjoy

2. Telling a Story Through Waveform Comments

Story Through Waveform Comments

This perfect tool enables you to comment on your audio to engage you and your users. It increases your online presence, and you can even enlighten the audience on the track that is telling behind the schene stories. You can also use this tool to track your audience's feedback. This is another way of increasing engagement that triggers SoundCloud's algorithms to rank your track.

3. Engage with Other Artists

Engage with other Artists on soundcloud

when you share other artists' music, you can also get noticed. This establishes a lasting relationship that returns a favour by sharing your music tool with its audience. Thus making partnership, collaboration, and beneficial gigs. You can even end up with more promotions besides getting inspiration.

4. Optimize the Profile and Art of Your Album

Optimize the Profile and Art of your Album on soundcloud

Use captivating artwork on your track or music album. This is even vital when your content is shared on other blogs. This makes your music more attractive to people who come across it. Target the audience and ensure it stands out among the audience base. Include your profile photo open the profile and album artwork. You might end up getting more followers if people find something meaningful to stick around for.

5. Cross-Promotion

Share your SoundCloud track on all social media platforms Share your SoundCloud track on all social media platforms as many times as you can. This allows you to expand the audience base. You can even use third-party software to auto-post on linked accounts. The more you cross-promote your music, the more you get listeners and increase the stream.


Artists, in most cases, always look for a way to fortify their SoundCloud music performance to increase their plays and engagement. Manually achieving it is complex. Instead, the best move is to use the above best SoundCloud promotion services.

They are trusted third-party companies that guarantee you authentic promotion services at affordable pricing. They are reliable guarantees delivery with zero bot engagement. Use them while implementing the pro tips to develop and boost your SoundCloud profile and become famous organically.