10 Best Spotify Promotion Service in 2023

Spotify Promotion Services

Promoting your music on Spotify does not have to be a tedious job. By using a Spotify growth service, you can have your content reach a huge mass in a short time.

Making your content popular on Spotify will require that you spend a lot of time organically creating a following. Getting a Spotify promotion service can make your journey simple and fast. People will be downloading podcasts and digital music from your account in no time. The more engagement you get for your posts the more popular you will become.

Getting promotional services despite being a good way of getting your brand out should not be heavily relied on. It is advised that you try and use promotional services together with organic means. Using more than one service at a time can be confusing as you won’t be able to keep a tab on the orders that you have requested.

This guide comes with a list of ten platforms that will help you to grow your brand on Spotify.

Best Spotify Promotion Service

1. Mr.Insta

Insta-buy-spotify-plays Mr. Insta is a social media growth company that will allow you to promote your songs, podcast, and other content on Spotify. With this platform, you can be guaranteed that you will be safe and that your order will be complete. They also offer a refill guarantee whenever the followers become less and they have 24/7 customer support.

The platform does not require to have your password and the results come in 24-72 hours. The FAQ page is quite informative and your profile must have been set public before starting the campaign. According to the website, you can buy 1,000 plays at $45 which is not so bad.

When you buy Spotify plays, your ranking becomes better encouraging other people to respond to your content. Your credibility will also increase and you can be sure that it is safe and easy to use. The platform also provides growth services for Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more.

2. Media Mister

Media mister Buy Spotify Followers

This is one of the oldest social media growth services around and is therefore known and trusted. Through Media Mister, you can buy Spotify followers, monthly listeners, and more as well as geo-target your audience according to specific countries. Buying 100 Spotify followers will only cost you $2 which is pocket-friendly.

The platform understands that if your music is not being heard, then you’re not doing anything. You need to have more engagement on your profile to attract organic followers because the more popular you look the more credible you look.

Media Mister’s website is trusted, they have secure payment gateways, and the results are normally between 24-72 hours. You only need to select a package, enter the Spotify account details, make payment, and your order starts streaming in. They don’t need to have your password.

3. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is a growth service that you can use to buy Spotify plays and followers. They claim to provide real followers and plays making it look organic. This is because of their user base that has more than 30,000 members.

You can target countries where you want the plays and followers to come from as well as the gender. The platform also has automatic post-detection and you can randomize the plays as well as adjust the speed at which they stream in.

The social media growth website also has 24/7 customer support and is fairly priced. You can get 1,000 Spotify plays at $4.41 and the platform does not need your password. With Stormlikes, you can be sure that your content and brand will become popular.

4. TurboMedia


Turbo Media is also a Spotify promotion service that will ensure that your website receives the credit it deserves. The social media growth site helps to promote organic growth by bringing engagement from real people. You also don’t have to follow the profiles back.

Orders are usually delivered within 24 – 72 hours and the platform claims that it delivers more than what you’ve purchased. Larger orders can take more time to deliver therefore they keep them trickling in. The website is safe to use and has secure payment methods.

Turbo media also offers marketing services to a host of other social media platforms. Turbo media has a free package that claims to provide you with followers every 48 hours. The site also pledges a refill guarantee and you can make a one-time bulk purchase.

5. YTpals


YTpals is a growth tool for social media platforms like Spotify and others. Here you can be guaranteed delivery, it is 100% private and safe, and you don’t need to give them your password. The platform believes that buying Spotify plays and followers can encourage other people to listen to your content.

Results start to trickle in within 24 – 72 hours and the order continues until complete. The platform also claims to provide more than what you order and you don’t need to follow them back.

The platform also guarantees a refill if your followers or plays decrease and that they come from genuine people. The platform also allows one-time bulk purchases with no recurring expenditure. YTpals seems to be enjoying good ratings on Spotify however always ensure you check deeper.

6. Followersup


This social media growth service is perfect for promoting your content on Spotify. Launched in 2016, Followersup has now gained trust among many content creators. It delivers orders quickly, it is 100% safe and it has secure payment methods.

To get Spotify plays, visit their website, choose a plan, provide your Spotify ID, make payments, and wait for your order to come through. Delivery times can sometimes vary based on the size of your order and it doesn’t need your password.

It also has 24/7 customer support and also provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Followersup also accepts cryptocurrency payments and you can split your order among several different posts or accounts.

7. Fiverr


Fiverr is a marketplace for freelance services where you can hire individuals to take charge of promoting your Spotify content. Each individual offers unique services therefore there is an array of professionals to choose from

Since these are real individuals you’re hiring, you should expect to have authentic engagement. The people you will be hiring can come from different countries, therefore, making your Spotify content feel more credible.

Fiverr is a legit platform for freelancers that is safe to use and has secure payment methods. The charges differ based on the package being provided. Fiverr however only takes traditional payment methods such as credit/debit cards or PayPal. They have a responsive 24/7 customer care team and are known to be credible.

8. Playlist Push

Playlist Push spotify music

This is a credible service that helps artists to have their music reach the masses. It boasts of having more than 800 curators who can help your music reach an audience of over 25 million. To be included in their campaigns, you need to provide them with your song, the type of song, the hometown, and the name of the artist.

The platform claims to only use real accounts to popularize your Spotify content. Playlist Push regularly looks at curators' accounts for inactive and fake followers, people with multiple accounts, and more.

You can also get up-to-date written feedback from every playlist curator to help you know how your song is fairing. To run a 2 weeks campaign will require a minimum of $185 depending on the genre. Playlist Push is also known to have a stronger focus on hip hop, indie rock, and pop.

9. Music Gateway


This is another Spotify music promotional company that works wonders for musicians looking to make their big break. The platform also works on artist development, licensing, and more.

Their promotion packages for Spotify are 100% genuine therefore organic. Music Gateway is also a good platform for promoting your music on Deezer, Apple Music, and radio. The platform is known to be good for music distribution and charges competitive prices.

Other ways the platform promotes your music include pitching several weeks before your next release. This makes the music get seen faster by Spotify curators and the song is automatically added by Spotify to followers Release Radar Playlist.

10. Omari MC


Omari MC is another well-ranked Spotify promotional service that you can use to make your content popular. The platform accepts normal payment methods however also has $Omari Coin that you can pay with and get a discount.

The host “Omari” seems to be using the platform to promote his digital currency however it seems to be providing a legit service. Their FAQ page has tons of informative questions and answers to help you understand the platform better.

Omari MC promotes your songs through playlist placements and ads that advertise other curators’ lists. The song is placed on specific playlists for about 2 – 4 weeks to create the hype before it is released. Omari MC also refunds your money if they believe that your song is not up to standard.

Tips for Spotify Promotion

Spotify is known to be among the best music promotion websites and therefore you need to consider the following five tips.

  • Expand Your Profile Basics

Working on your image is a very important aspect of ensuring that you are getting noticed. This is also important for other social media accounts. Artists need to look well developed, and their social presence helps people to identify their brands. The more content and beautiful the artwork you have, the more people are likely to become interested in you.

  • Generate Playlists

Having playlists is vital if you want to get noticed therefore sharing your mixes will bring in tons of traffic to your profile. Spotify also allows you to use and create mixes with other artists' music. By this, you incorporate the song with other popular artists to increase its chances of being heard. This is a sure way of getting genuine followers and plays of your Spotify profile.

  • Support Other Artists

Supporting other industry artists establishes a rapport helping you to get larger support. Many might think of it as removing attention from themselves, but it helps. Other artists will also take note of your presence and their engagement makes it even more rewarding. Having collaborations with other artists enhances your visibility and credibility.

  • Cross-Promote Your Spotify

Having a presence on different social media platforms makes your viewership grow bigger. Since people will first look for you on Social media, you must ensure that you have synced the accounts to your Spotify profile. This can increase the rate of streaming, your reputation, and your popularity.

  • Partner With Blogs and Influencers

Reaching out to other influencers and bloggers can also be a good strategy for growing your content through Spotify. Being featured on music blogs will take you a long way as well as collaborating with other influencers on different platforms including Spotify. Featuring makes people curious and wants to know you, which takes them to your Spotify mixes and tracks.


Popularizing your Spotify account needs effort and strategy. Collaborating with other artists or speakers can bring a lot of difference to your growth on Spotify. The platform is currently the leading music sharing platform, therefore, you must be in to accelerate your growth. Look for platforms that provide real Spotify plays and followers as others use bots. Start with the list on this guide.