6 Best Social Envy Alternatives in 2023

Social Envy Alternatives

Are you stuck that Social Envy was shut down? Worry no more. Here are the best Social Envy alternatives on the market to help grow your Instagram account.

These days, there are many Instagram marketing platforms. They offer the best method of getting marketers to stay ahead of their competitors. Jumpstarting engagement is what everyone yearns for now. However, it required time and effort to achieve it manually. But, when using a company like Social Envy, things become quite simple.

Social Envy Review

Social Envy Review

Social Envy was a services company that specializes in offering Instagram organic growth. Instead of using bots, Social Envy claimed to rely on real humans. And back in the day, Social Envy was one of the most popular organic growth tools for Instagram out there.

Social Envy was a perfect choice and consisted of many advanced features. It consistently ensures that users are covered. The company obtained relevant information using the hashtag and targeting specialization to reach potential followers. It also maintained its weekly report that all users could access and improve marketing strategy. They used a dedicated account manager instead of automation. That is what they claimed to offer, but somehow, they did something wrong.

Nevertheless, besides the above features, the company also offered automation services. Users didn't have to download the software. However, what went wrong?

Why Did Social Envy Shut Down?


Either you are looking for the best alternative to Social Envy, or you want to know why it was shut down. We have you covered but first, let us see a few speculations why it was shut down. Even though the exact cause is yet to be verified, some theories seem to contain senses.

Some theories claim that the platform was shut down because it went against Instagram guidelines. Most automation tools that offer followers are breaching Instagram terms. This is because; they rely on bots and spam activities to grow the account. Instagram is actively working to reduce spammy activities on its platform.

But again, some growth service providers shut down due to multiple negative customer reviews. While it has many customers who trusted and relied on them, it had many customer complaints on the internet. Most complained about their extra charges upon canceling their subscription. And many also raised the alarm on the quality of their followers.

The above theories are plausible, and the possible cause seems to arise from the legal issues of the founder. Facebook recently sued it for selling its users' fake engagement. It was in 2018 accused of fake growth services and stealing user data.

Best Social Envy Alternatives

1. Kicksta


Kicksta was known as Instagram. It is the best Social Envy alternative depending on the growth strategy. It offers fast organic Instagram growth services. Since its operation uses AI technology, it uses a smart targeting algorithm to help you gain real followers and grow Instagram accounts.

It also pairs its clients with successful team members to help manage your account. Through gauging account interest, it only targets potential followers. Based on the subscription, you can define a varying target audience.

The tool can interact with many accounts while targeting features to gain a good customer experience. Its pricing is comparable to Social Envy. However, it offers 3 plans; standard, premium, and boost plans. These plans vary with varying additional features. While the standard plan costs $49 monthly, the boost plan is $218 monthly.


  • Advanced Instagram targeting
  • 14 days money-back guarantee
  • Hashtag generator
  • Engagement rate generator
  • Onboarding courses
  • Monthly growth boost

2. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is an advanced Social Envy alternative. It integrates websites, collects information, and curates branded content for your Instagram account. It does not only work well on Instagram but also on all other social media platforms. You can use it to schedule your blog posts. It has advanced tools that enable it to post content at the right time and use the peak engagement time.

It can customize each content to meet your needs. This ensures that you post only what is relevant to your audience. It also has a chrome extension perfect for no-brainer content curation. This tool offers end-to-end services from publishing to analyzing for you to refine your marketing strategy.

The Mention feature is also excellent at improving the engagement rate. It has over 19 million happy users around the world. It offers a free trial for newcomers, but you can upgrade to different plans starting from a $9.99 monthly plus plan.


  • RSS feed
  • Track mentions, comments and messages
  • Timeline queue meter
  • Automatic analytic report
  • Chrome extension
  • WordPress integration

3. Nitreo


Niteo has a very small difference compared to Social Envy. They depend on real people for Instagram account growth services. Their customer support team is always there to serve you anytime. The followers do not disappear but guarantee you a high retention rate.

The tool also provides a monthly analytic report that can help you evaluate the progress and decide where to adjust. They offer the best innovative method in growing your Instagram account and engagement. Nitreo comes with many targeting options based on gender, location, and similar users. Its advanced targeting parameter maximizes or minimizes the followers.

Recently, they have added more features like smart hashtag and suggestion functionality, improvement, and the suggestion that updates underperforming hashtags, as well as Instagram live reaction.  Auto-blacklist removes and organizes explicit content. This is the perfect tool for content creators, influencers, or Instagram marketers.


  • Smart hashtag and suggestion,
  • Targeting and filtering by gender or location.
  • Advanced targeting parameter.
  • Whitelisting
  • Instagram live reaction
  • Auto-blacklisting derogatory content

4. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social is also another reliable alternative. It offers safe and secure Instagram growth services. They do not use bots, nor do they entertain spammy activities. The pride lies in their advanced features. They can help you get the target audience and grow your account using real people.

Flock Social just launched after the ban as Stim Social. Today, they comply with all terms of use. Other than growth, you can also use this bot to schedule audience interaction with your profile, hashtag targeting, and access advanced analytic and insight reports.

Their engagement is authentic and converts to customers. The tool is faster and easy, with a simple dashboard to save your time. They offer different pricing plans which you can cancel anytime. It starts from $49 monthly for a personal account. They guarantee 600 followers each month and access to useful features.


  • Hashtag and competitor targeting
  • Schedule profile interaction
  • Advanced insights and analytics
  • Business account manager
  • Easy and fast organic growth.

5. Inflact


This is an Instagram marketing bot. The bot has many more advanced features than just an automated tool to grow your Instagram reach and profile in general. When you sign up, you are prompted to select the growth service. It offers client services that include bulk DMs, auto-reply chatbots, and CRM features.

The audience growth services include smart targeting, influencer search, profile analyzer, and growth analytic tool. At the same time, it can help with scheduling, the AI hashtag generator tool, and hashtag trend in the content section. All these are aimed at growing your Instagram account and curating the marketing strategy.

The developers also promise to provide targeted growth services to get relevant followers who convert. It is safe and reliable to use 24/7.


  • 24/7 active Instagram account
  • Plan posting
  • Hashtag generator tool and trend
  • Smart targeting account follower
  • Growth analytics
  • Profile analyzer
  • Auto-reply chatbot and CRM feature

6. Jarvee


The last Social Envy alternative is Jarvee. It is a versatile Instagram automation tool that helps you grow your followers and target audience. It offers the best marketing strategies not only for Instagram but also for other social media platforms.

Instagram users can automate various tasks, including liking, commenting, deleting, following, unfollowing, managing comments, blocking, saving posts, and auto-reposting. It is also a moderation tool to manage comments and block audiences. Because it supports proxy, this tool can manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

Jarvee has a hashtag targeting tool to obtain and interact with potential followers. Its time-saving features are exceptional. This is also one of our top picks, with affordable pricing starting from $29.95 monthly.


  • 5 days free trial
  • Window based software
  • Scheduling posts
  • Hashtag research
  • Find and extract targeted user
  • Support proxy
  • Import data from other tools
  • Spin syntax tool


Instagram growth services are vital for influencers. Even though Social Envy was shut down, there are still plenty of growth service alternatives on the market. Each tool above offers the same services that are perfect Social Envy replacement.

We suggest you try out the above as they are most loyal, reliable, and secure. They are cheap and can save you time and effort. Choose wisely depending on your budget and needs. You will love them.