10 Best Instagress Alternatives in 2023

Instagress Alternatives

Has the shutdown of Instagress affected your Instagram activities? Worry not; here are the best Instagress alternatives to help you automate your Instagram accounts effortlessly.

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform with billions of monthly active users. If the users make it feel intimidating, how can a business stand out from it? Validating a brand on Instagram has become problematic due to the presence of many business accounts online.

Small businesses understand the struggle here. You can face real hitches growing engagement and audience base. It is even frustrating to create an Instagram presence, especially with no immediate results. Using an organic growth service provider becomes the best option if not buying followers.

In our article today, we are going to explore various Instagram growth service providers. Instagress is among the few best alternatives to boost your online presence and audience. Let us look at Instagress first.

Instagress Review

Instagress was a firm that offered automated Instagram software which could help curate Instagram engagement. It could automate all Instagram tasks, even in your presence. These included auto-following, unfollowing, commenting, and audience targeting based on many aspects. The bot is used to make the growth process convenient.

This is because most influencers did not have to spend their time carrying out tasks aimed at building brand presence and traffic generation. Instagress brought all followers using hashtags relevant to the brands and target audiences.

Instagress was a popular tool in the Instagram marketing industry. Many users loved it due to its instant result and swift management services while saving time. Since they trusted it, most of them never took their time to go on its dashboard and customize its setting to comply with ever-changing algorithms. Though the service was standard like other current providers, Instagress was the best option for adjusting for personal preferences.

Unfortunately, Instagram closed down Instagress, and many online rumors are trying to explain. Instagram requested them to stop operating, and possibly, the cause could be a combination of various reasons.

First, the leading cause was the phrase' insta, which was controversial to the Instagram API. Some proposed that Instagress was shut down due to automation features that appeared spammy, leading to this third-party violating the community guidelines. Whatever the claim, Instagress was shut down as an Instagram bot.

With that information in mind, you are here looking for the best Instagress alternatives to grow your followers' count and boost brand engagement. Here are our best-vetted automation tools to help you maintain your online presence.

Best Instagress Alternatives

1. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock social is an Instagram growth tool. Their website claims that their Instagram growth services have zero spams, no bot, and no fake followers. Their goal is to help you get authentic and targeted audiences with real-time results. We are not ranking due to the follower count, but also ease of use, target audience, many followers, and guaranteed Instagram growth.

Its organic growth ensures that your account gets real engagement, and the target followers can easily convert to increase sales. This tool is perfect for creating your brand awareness with less effort and time.

Flock social comes with many advanced features. Once you create your business account, the tool matches your preferences with the competitor, gets genuine followers with interest, and grows your account with the selected audience. It offers monthly and annual pricing plans, which you can cancel anytime. It also provides users to access well presented analytic and insights.

2. Social Sensei

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is also a social media automation tool. It is the best Instagress alternative that can work across different platforms. It relies on the power of celebrities and powerful influencers. They promise that using their new strategy, delivers results and you can gain followers on your Instagram account safely. This agency targets followers based on their location.

In the basic plan, you can access audiences from the UK, US, and global, while when using the business plan, you can target the audience based on age,  niche, and gender. It offers high-quality services that these followers can convert to leads, thus ultimately increasing sales. Account safety is their utmost priority, and their services comply with the Instagram API. Instagram can never shadowban your account or block you.

Reduce the workload using social sensei and connect with the target audience. Besides premium services, they also offer free trials to test their services. When you work on engaging content, social sensei brings you the audience. This is the best tool to try out.

3. Kicksta


Kicksta is another Instagram growth tool. It claims to offer organic services on the market. From the internet review and our test process, we are inclined to believe that this tool works well with Instagram. The pure organic growth tool is powered by its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

They promise to target only real Instagram followers without fake engagement nor bot in growing your account. This old-growth tool uses the right target audience to deliver reliable services. Instead of buying engagement, the developers of Kicksta believe that their real followers are better off than fake and spammy services other tools offer.

They get followers from over 100k influencers and managers. They assure customers of steady growth, and their unique approach sets them apart in the market. The impressive targeting uses gender, hashtag, and location in refining the audience who meets your niche. It's been on the market since 2015, thus safe and secure for everyone.

4. Social Boost

Social Boost

Social boost is an Instagram marketing agency. It can help grow your Instagram account with real followers who promise to comment and engage with your content online. The agency offers many automated features which they claim are the best on the market.

These features provide organic growth services that are compliant with Instagram APIs. It is 100% handmade growth done on real devices, thus safe and secure. Besides 27/7 customer support, it also comes with advanced optimization features that constantly improve the targeting results.

They have many active users who are happy and satisfied with their services. Get to know these guys and enjoy a dedicated personal account manager immediately signing up. The tool can custom audience targeting based on gender, geo-location, similar accounts, and age. You can decide and use the agency packages to turbocharge your Instagram growth, but all packages guarantee minimum growth services.

5. Instaboom


Instaboom is a powerful tool you can rely on and grow the Instagram account with organic and targeted followers. They believe that they can meet their monthly target of 3k followers using artificial intelligence. Never buy followers anymore instead, go for this tool and let it grow your audience base sustainably.

You are not alone; the tool can automate natural interaction, increase engagement and take your online presence to another level. It offers services like followers, comments, and story views.

Their team listens to your strategy and works towards getting your targeted audience. They execute right away with a monthly target. This is not a waste of your time according to their perfection level. Try it out; it is also the best Instagress alternative on the market.

6. TurboMedia


Turbo Media is a tool shaping Instagram accounts by offering free followers and likes. This is the easiest and best alternative for Instagress that quickly provides you with safe and high-quality growth services. They also have a premium package according to your growth needs. It has maintained a good reputation on the market, as you can confirm from various reviews on Trustpilot.

Though simple and free, the results are always immediate. The premium packages also ensure you enjoy the quick engagement of your Instagram content and create brand awareness. Most of the activities are automated, which sounds charming. This is because, on their website, they assure customers of safety, genuine services, and account security. So far, this tool has recorded many active users and high ratings.

Turbo media is proudly serving over 500k users. It also works across other social media platforms, and all services have affiliate programs, making money as you grow the account.

7. Upleap

Upleap Overview

Upleap is a viable Instagress alternative. Everything is perfect. It is a good option when considering growing your Instagram account. Their followers can help you develop the account faster. It is safe and secure. They promise to deliver more quickly, and the process is simple. No password because they care about your privacy.

They offer standard and premium followers. The services are generally high and affordable. They have the lowest prices on the market, and you can start with as low as $3. This is the best site with the quality ratio and 24/7 customer support to guide you.

Upleap also assigns you a dedicated account manager, depending on the package. These guys are reliable and never request your credit card information. Their ultimate target is to get you the relevant t followers on your profile, and we are confident that this is enough to grow your account naturally.

8. Stormlikes


Stormlikes offers Instagram services like followers and views. It is also a good alternative for Instagress. This is because their services are genuine, reliable, and delivered within a minute upon payment. Their real followers, views, and likes come from real people using real accounts. No fake engagement, as they claim.

Each service has different pricing, but all in all, they guarantee delivery which can either be gradual or instant from a genuine and targeted audience. They also offer 24.7 customer support where necessary. Their high-quality followers are arguably cheap on the market. This is a credible provider, and they promise that their audience quickly engages, and you can convert them to leads for increased revenue.

Stormlikes uses different growth strategies to achieve its goals. The service and pricing are made well visible on their platform. And reviews on their website speak for themselves. Try it today; it is worth it.

9. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a straightforward Instagram management service provider. They manage not only Instagram but also other social media accounts. They offer the best Instagram marketing agency where they can automate every task for you.

You can use this platform to create valuable content, discover customer interest, schedule content posting, and manage the account all in one place. It includes content creation, publishing, analytic reports, and mentions. It tailors posts to meet the audience demand, which reduces headaches.

Scheduling posts is done over time and leaves everything organized and ongoing, even with your absence. Their website has many positive customer reviews, which means it is reliable and delivers high-quality management services. Currently, it is servicing over 19m active users.

10. GOSO


Lastly, we have GOSO as another best Instagress alternative on the market. However, this offers Instagram management services. It is the best growth service provider with good ratings. The rating is mainly based on affordable pricing, results, and safety concerns. The developers are constantly improving and coming up with many features to revamp its marketing strategy. It also complies with all Instagram algorithms hence safe for use.

Even though it offers services on other social media platforms, they specialize in Instagram. The Instagram services range from hypergrowth services, hypervisibility, ai comments, powerlikes, and views. Their targeted followers are organic and relevant to the niche. Since it uses AI technology, it can adapt to the needs of your account for growth purposes. GOSO is a unique company with high-quality services.

The End of Instagress Brings Us Reflection

shutdown on Instagress

Due to the shutdown on Instagress, users have now realized that companies offering similar services can also be taken down due to various reasons against Instagram algorithms. Therefore, you should understand the risks associated with selecting a growth service provider.

Primarily, Instagram takes down providers who utilize bots even if they are not reputable among users. The takedown also targets reducing scammers online, for instance, a company like Boomul. This does not only affect Instagram but all other social media platforms. Even trusted, reliable and secure companies still expose your Instagram account to risk. When Instagram detects you are using a bot, it can suspend or ban your account.

Use a bot at your peril. However, we recommend you use non-bot alternatives on the market like the above providers. If the risks are not your concern, move ahead with any provider and assume the consequences. Meanwhile, avoid Instagram bots and any tool against Instagram API or community guidelines. The end of Instagress should not discourage you at all costs. Instead, that should open the opportunity for you to try another new alternative service provider.


Instagress was a good Instagram service provider tool, but its shutdown brought many issues. Users got stranded and struggled to find the best alternatives to grow their accounts. However, the above are the best alternatives to serve the same purpose. They are automation and management tools that are easy and reliable to use. You can act on either for replacement based on the needs and budget.

Most of the above tools offer the same services, and any alternative can make up your lost time and go back to the old winning days.