20 Best Grabify Alternatives to IP Logger & URL Shortener in 2023

Grabify Alternatives

If you have tried Grabify and it failed, or the process seems complicated, then we have you covered. Read our article to learn more about Grabify alternatives for optimal results. 

Cybercrime is on the rise on social media and other well-known platforms. This means you are likely to be exposed to potential hackers online if you are not keen. Besides hackers, you might as well come across someone annoying online and would wish to take a step against them.

For that, the tech-savvy and software developers have joined hands and come up with different platforms and software to help you track the IP addresses of someone violating your account online. Such tools have special technology they rely on to trace the IP addresses of someone. They give you the IP addresses and detailed information about the target person.

Grabify is one of these tools online. It is widely used and has built a solid reputation for its free services tracing IP addresses worldwide. Since there are many tools online, Grabify manages to be among them. This means there are other grabify alternatives online you would wish to recognize. They also offer the same services as grabify. So, before going into details, let us look at Grabify in depth.

What is Grabify

Grabify is an online platform where you can load your URL and search the details in the shortest time possible. But before that, Grabify is well known as a URL shortener. You can shorten the URL and create a unique URL with a special tracking code. The tool is simple and provides search results in marketers of a second. This is why it has become popular among users online.

Users only have to load their unique URL, which they can use to generate URL addresses. You can then send the generated short URL to the target people. When that person clicks on it, you can quickly go back to the website and trace their details using the tracking code.

Since this software has become popular among online users, the catfish can quickly identify the scheme behind the URL. For that reason, Grabify also offers the URL customization feature to their customers. You can recreate the URL to make it unique. You can select some special domains and add them to the URL. After that, proceed to distribute to the target audience.

Grabify also comes with a smart logger. This is a champion when it comes to extracting data from someone. This includes but is not limited to location,  phone battery level, and other notable details. In short, the tool is used to shorten the URL and grab the IP addresses. It is web-based and does not cost you a penny.

We can say a lot about Grabify, but to this far, let us now evaluate some of the  Grabify alternatives on the internet.

Best IP Grabber Alternatives to Track IPs

1. XResolver

Xresolver Homepage

XResolver is a website-based platform that can help you trace the IP address of someone online. It primarily works well when using the Gamertag. This means XResolver relies on the details behind the Gamertags to obtain the IP addresses of participants in the Xbox.

The tool sniffs all the packets sent via the Xbox party chat connection. It then fixes any IP addresses of someone in the party or everyone playing in a particular session with you.

The XResolver uses a sniffer tool known as  ARP in sniffing the details. It opens the tracker and the port scanner, which is vital in capturing all packets sent during the game session or to a specific party. For the case of Xbox, it uses port number 3074 in most cases. All the internet packets are channeled in this port.

The platform has updated XResolver 2.0, a new website with new features. And claim that this is just the beginning of the new XResolver to come. For you to access all the features, you must register first. You can access Xbox resolver, PlayStation resolver, and Premium Geo IPs on this platform. Up to today, they have recorded over 24 million database counts.

2. IP logger

IP Logger Homepage

IP Logger is another URL shortener, but it offers advanced analytics to traffic through the links when you get visitors. With the help of the IP logger, you can quickly grab the IP addresses of someone and then use it to trace their location as well as access other related details.

This URL shortener tool offers the most advanced data for each click on your generated links. Like Grabify, it also creates a special link then generates a tracking code. It provides a collective method in getting the IP addresses of someone online. You can use unique geo logger services, invisible pixels, well known as invisible images, or use short links.

This tool is second in command after Grabify. This is because IP Logger has more advanced options available on their homepage. We are sure that you would, without a doubt, love the famous invisible image icon. It tends to track the target to click on the generated URL without knowing because it is hidden.

You can also generate the specific GPS information using the Goe-logger icon to target the user's location and other related information.

3. PSN Resolver

PSN Resolver overview

PSN resolver is also a tool that you can depend on in getting someone's IP address. Unlike other tools, PSN resolver uses sniffing technology. It can change the Playstation Network (PSN)  username or the ID  to their real IP addresses.

It can also do vice versa. As DNS evaluates the  IP addresses using the domain name on the request sent on the website, so is the PSN resolver. It selects the IP addresses from the information on the PSN network.

First, on their website, you will come across a space requesting you to enter the  ID or the username of the target participants. This means that this tool can grab the IP address and  PSN ID of a specific user you target to trace in the PS4 gaming session. Octosniff is a feature that comes with the PSN Resolver, and it automatically uploads your UIP addresses to the PSN resolver.

This is a well-known resolver online with millions of usernames stored on their database. They also claim that thousands are added to their database daily. They have active bots scraping information such as the Gamertag and IPV4 online.

4. Opentracker

Opentracker overview

Opentracker is one of the best Grabify alternatives on the list. It has built an online reputation due to its unique features like real-time analytics to ensure that the clients are engaged. It also lets you feel relaxed and watch the engagement with the target client.

This tool comes with many different features like IP tracker, conversion reporting, converting an IP address to geolocation, cross-domain tracking, real-time reporting, tracking unique visitors, and audience segmentation with many other cool features. They derive all the  IP addresses locations from all searchable databases. They claim that it is hard to locate the exact location using the  IP addresses.

Their IP geolocation is accurate since they use vast data sources worldwide. The tool also offers you 4 weeks to enjoy a free trial before proceeding to the premium package.

5. WhatIsMyIPAddress


WhatisMyIPaddress is an online platform that offers you an opportunity to trace the details and location of someone using the IP addresses. You only have to visit their website and paste the IP address of the target person in the unique blank field, then lookup for the details with only one click. And within the shortest time possible, it displays the results of the target user, which includes the location and network with other details. It is the best alternative since it does not only offer an IP lookup service and indicates your IP address, helps you hide your IP addresses, sells you the VPNs, and offers a variety of tools.

When your biggest concern is security, p[rivacy, or unauthorized access, then come and try out this platform. You can also use this tool to do breach checks, trace the email addresses, and speed tests. For their case, you can use IPV6 or IPV4, and the site designs IPV6 format convenient when using it.

6. IP Tracker


IP Tracker works with the same principle as an IP Logger. It depends on the IP address to grab all the details related to that particular victim. The details may include but are not limited to the personal resident, browser, phone with other information. The IP tracker is unique because it offers updated and advanced IOP tracking features and technology on the market. This guarantees you the best and most reliable results.

The new technology of IP tracker involves an IP checker tool that uses the local access network to trace the IP address details; the IP Locator tool is perfect in exploring and tracing the IP address on a Wide access network. Still, it also has the WhoIs IP Lookup tool to extract critical information of a particular domain.

You can also come across the email tracking tool, which is excellent in removing the I[ address from an email sent to you and identifying the sender's location. Many other features come with this track and trace tool. It also displays your public IP address and all network details in real-time.

7. IP Location

IP Location

IP Location is a good and reliable tool for tracking someone's location. Therefore, this tool uses geolocation as the most concern of the IP addresses. When you have the IP address and need to trace the location of someone, then IP location is your best choice online.

The geolocation tag feature helps identify the location of your target person. The website is compatible with all kinds of IP addresses, even the newest IPV6. It also can search for the domain name of a particular IP Lookup.

The tool comes with many advanced features such as indicating your real Ip address and other details, changing the IP, hiding IP, the API services, VPN, proxy, and DDOS, and generating and managing passwords. You can also trace the source of the email addresses using this tool.

So, when you load your target IP addresses on the website, it displays all information, including the location, browser, proxy, and ISP, with many more. This is a perfect tool and another best Grabify alternative on the internet.

8. TraceMyIP.org

TraceMyIP org

TraceMyIP.org is an online tool that seems simple when dealing with it. It is well known to offer unique IP tracking services such as website surveillance. They can help you target real people, access the performance of your website, and later improve the google ranking and lead spiders. The site is also perfect at utilizing the email reminder concerning your IP reports.

The tool is one of the most advanced IP address tagging trackers of 2023. We have listed this tool because it traces not only the IP address of someone but also indicates the device ID, and you can also see the IP address of the target change in real-time.

The tool does not inflact the statistics; instead, it tracks real people. Besides indicating your IP address details, it also creates a visitors tracker tool. TraceMyIP.org uses the HTTPS/SSL protocol for secure tracking services. But again, you can access the HTML or javascript code to track snoopers using the domain name or their surname.

9. ipTRACKERonline


ipTRACKERonline is a premium online tool. Though they need you to buy their license key, they still have a free trial version on their website. Therefore, when you open their website homepage, you will see the space for entering the IPV4 or IPV6 and the valid keys.

Simply fill the spacebar and submit. In that case, the tool will direct you to the map indicating the target person's location. This means they depend on the IP addresses to track the user's location online. It will also be possible to access other related details such as the city, country, and area code.

The site also indicates your IP details on their website. And it comes with other tools such as a DNS recorder, email analyzer, and Whois. Whois questions the domain about the person they assigned a specific domain to.

After looking up the details, you can then download the report or copy it to your clipboard for future users. Besides offering IP addresses services, it also guarantees Geo marketing and many other services.

10. Aruljohn.com

Aruljohn overview

If your concern is tracking the mobile or someone's IP addresses, consider the services from Aruljohn.com. This is a platform that offers a wide variety of services. This is because it traces the phone and tracks email, address, Ip addresses, converting IP to hostname, analyzing HTTP headers and wireless network keys.

There are other services the tool performs. If you can only combine Aruljohn.com's services in one package, count yourself as the maestro tracker capable of tracking the cybercriminals or any possible snoopers.

You need to get started using the target user's  IP address, telephone number, or email address. Aruljohn.com uses specialized technology when tracing the email address, which spoofs the headers of the target email. From there, it can show you the sender, their IP address, time, and location that email was sent from. The website has a collection of tools that have been around for a while now.

11. ps3CFW

ps3CFW overview

ps3CFW is a website-based tool that offers premium web tools and APIs services. The site has an IP logger tool that helps track someone's IP addresses. You can also use it to easily log someone when you let them click on the link. This means that, when you go to their website, you can first go and generate a special URL by clicking on the generated IP logging URL.

Then you copy the shortened link and share it with the target person. When they click on it, you have to go back to the site again and use the Lookup IP logs option instead. It displays all the details just like Grabify. It does not only show the location but also IP addresses and other related information. If you want to shorten the URL  and mask hiding it, this is the tool you need.

Besides The IP logger tool, they also have other services such as the ping test tool, VPN detector, IP geo-location services, changing the domain to IP addresses, as well as the Cloudflare resolver and WHOIS Lookup. It is a one-stop-shop for all the services and the best Grabvify alternative.

12. IPligence

IPligence overview

Lastly, we have IPligence as the Grabify alternative on the IP grabber list. You can use it to find your website visitors' IP addresses and locations. It also goes beyond and gets their country and more details using this tool.

This online free tool comes with an IP geo-locator, email tracing, map of the website visitors, and bulk IP address location statistics. Try out this new free geolocation API tool that guarantees you real-time results etc.

Though free plans, they also have premium packages with more advanced features. But generally, it is cheap and promises all the internet geolocation solutions to all your online needs.

Best URL Shortener Alternatives to Grow Your Social Media Audience

1. Bitly

Bitly Homepage

Bitly claims to be the best link manager tool on the internet. It is well-known as the URL shortener and believes that a short link results. This tool is built using a powerful tool to help you grow your business and brands online. It does not only generate short links but also goes beyond monitoring its performance. They also guarantee you a secure URL that is proctored using HTTPS.

The tool comes with many advanced features, like link management, branded links that increase engagement, mobile links to create a seamless user experience, campaign management, and analytic reports, which help optimize your touchpoint. Lastly offers QR codes that are powerful for bridging online and offline experiences.

Though Bitly is a premium tool, you can get started for free. So, when you want to integrate an essential API into a URL, then trust this site. You can also customize your shortened link through SMS codes. Meaning, they have over 700 integrations on their website for use.

2. MetaShort

MetaShort overview

If you want to quickly change your business URL and shorten it with an SEO-friendly domain, then MetaShort is the best tool to use. It is the best URL shortener tool and an excellent Grabify alternative.

It is simple to use as it only needs you to copy the URL and paste it on their website on the field, then presses the shortener icon. The tool is responsible for generating SEO domains such as the title, description, and keywords which you can use as meta tags.

In most cases, MetaShort shortener is used on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc., due to its SEO features. The developers of this platform also guarantee you that the customized links will not warrant you to use some of the complex meta tags all time. Otherwise, MetaShort is best in improving productivity, as a social media tool and for offering analytic reports, if not SEO and marketing tools.

3. Linktree

Linktree overview

Linktree is a platform that can easily connect your social media platforms followers under one roof. Linktree has an option to invite all your social media friends to come and read your post or watch video content as well as pictures.

So, when you advertise selling a product using Facebook, your friends on other social media platforms can quickly locate and find the products hassle-free. They only have to register on this platform, and from here, they will be able to fill in the name and enter the base addresses.

You can then manage all social media platforms with ease. You will not have to drag and place your new files on the Linktree box again. This is the only shortened link you will ever need.

You can use Linktree anywhere to do anything and even make payment since it is secure. It is easy to manage, safe, private, and secure for use. Again, you can customize your Linktree to get analytic and insight reports as well as robust third-party integration services. There are many more features, and you can give it a try using a free version.

4. Rebrandly

Rebrandly overview

Rebrandly is a reliable platform that does not need technical skills to use it. This is not a URL shortener like the one we discussed above. Most brands link up with Rebrandly to obtain their custom domains. The process is simple.

Have the URL of your target website, then paste the URL on the space bar of the Rebrandly platform and proceed to click on the ‘shorten URL option. When you sign up for their service for the first time,  we guarantee you a demo session that does not cost anything.

However, consider the premium op[tions on their site when you want decent results. The tool guarantees you many benefits, such as online social media growth. You can also use it to crack the location of someone like SEO, search them, and track the CTRs. Generally, the tool is perfect for managing and enhancing your brands. You can now embed special links.

The developers of this software also guarantee your training and support, domain name management, real-time collaboration, analytic, and ht traffic routing.

5. ShortURL

ShortURL overview

ShortURL is a web-based platform that also offers services similar to grabify but focuses on shortening long links for you to become famous online quickly. You only need to copy the URL and later when can link up. You can also check the website for a straightforward step-by-step guide on recovering the shortened IP address.

The tool is also compatible with many different devices. In simple terms, ShortURL is a URL shortener that supports HTTP protocols and data protection. They offer their best quality services at no extra cost. It is a simple and faster URL shortener tool.

Besides shortening the URL, it also shares and tracks the URL easily and securely. You can also access the statistics or the number of clicks your URL has received. Thus, this tool is reliable since it deletes all malicious activities.

6. TinyURL

TinyURL overview

TinyURL is a URL shortener tool that works all free of charge. It makes it easy to post short articles instead of long ones. However, you need to use the real or actual URL and achieve the target results. The tool offers users preview features so that, before selecting the relevant shortened URL, you can easily decide which link is best. It has the best fiend or button you can click to shorten urgent links quickly.

You can create a free account today and enjoy the entire link history, customized TinyURL, and accessible link shortening services. The site is simple and only needs you to copy and paste the link. Besides the above, TinyURL also comes with branded links, campaign monitoring, analytic reports, etc. They have premium plans, but still, you can check out the free version when you are a newbie.

7. Cuttly

Cuttly overview

Cuttly is a URL shortener tool with a user-friendly interface. Besides that, it is also a link management platform that offers branded URLs. You can use it to generate some of the QR codes for every generated short link, But again, when using Cuttly, you will access a preview mode feature. This is crucial for protecting and evading some of the suspicious links.

When you copy and paste a link to be shortened, the free URL shortener presents a sortable list of the generated short URL for use. The software is free, but you can also get a premium package to enjoy advanced features. This platform has all the features you need and efficiently tracks the URL.

8. BioLinky

BioLinky overview

BioLinky is the last on our list but not least. It is a  famous URL shortener that offers advanced features. You can just shorten the URL, but it can consolidate all your links into one short like. You will enjoy everything under one link. This allows you to share various links at once.

This sounds good as it is a beautiful way to track the performance free of charge. These guys have an attractive webpage that lets you feel great when sharing the content with others. It is simple to operate this website which makes it friendly. The link also comes with shareable links which can easily send followers to your Instagram account and many other platforms.

Besides creating short links and sharing, you can also use this tool to trace the location and find various details about the clients or views. It is crucial, especially when marketers or influencers want to increase their leads. This company fixes the brand domain for use with ads. Thereafter, it can track your product viewership and other services. Generally, this is a safe and reliable platform to use anytime.


Grabify is an excellent tool to use when you want to trace someone's IP address and consequently track their location. But there are also many Grabify alternatives. The above consists of the IP grabbers and URL shorteners, just samples of the best online tools.

The task is now left to decide and select the best tool to create a customizable URL with a secure username. You can go for shorter links generating branded domains to get high internet traffic. And ensure you test a service provider before making payment on premium domains.