InstaFollowers Review & Alternatives

InstaFollowers buy Instagram followers

Are you wondering where to buy Instagram followers? Before you decide on InstaFollowers, read on to learn of its alternatives and why you shouldn’t fall for it.

There's no denying the fact that social media is huge on the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all massive in their own right. It's not at all uncommon these days to see people spending a large part of their time on these social sites.

Whether they are doing it for fun or using it to network for business exposures, you must know that buying Instagram followers is like an investment in your business. With the proper channels, you can be sure of more people interested in what you have to offer.

So if you want to get noticed on the platform — and get noticed fast — buying Instagram followers can help you do just that. Instafolflowers is a name you often heard of, but before you buy it, read this review, so you dive into the process with your eyes wide open.

InstaFollowers Review

InstaFollowers Homepage

As we celebrate today's world automation in almost every aspect, the truth is not every technical development is worth the celebrations. For instance, when you think of purchasing Instagram followers, you not only need to proceed with caution but also with a lot of care to avoid exposing your credentials to the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, InstaFollowers does nothing to complement the celebrated automation. If anything, the page's welcome line of about 1Billion active users should already be a red alert to anyone interested in their services.

If you doubt this, braze resources define the number of active users by each user's active monthly logins. So here is the trap, if InstaFollowers states that you don't have to login in to their site to access any of their services, then the 1 Billion users cannot be accounted for!

A Close Look at InstaFollowers

Any businessperson intending to get the best out of a deal will always be keen on what comes out of any investment. And, the fact that InstaFollowers has free followers package with zero verification and payment as a trial makes their deal too good to be true. It does not matter if the free package offers 20 or 10 followers. The fact that it requests for no payment verification stats should be a straight warning.

Here are some of the site's pros and cons that you may need to know:

  • Varieties of acceptable means of payment
  • Unrealistic pricing policy
  • Master minded customer reviews not matching the reality
  • Zero guarantee on customers’ security while shopping on the site

Is InstaFollowers Safe?

Absolutely not! We do not recommend using this service at all. It is very unsafe and can get your Instagram account banned aside from you getting scammed for your money! They claim to have affordable discounted prices but in reality, the pricing policy is too low to be true.

The account sells fake followers. If you purchase these, they will not engage with your content or interact with other users in any way. This is because they don't exist! These accounts are usually run by bots, which means they will never interact with anything on the site, so they're more likely to get deleted soon after being purchased anyway.

Do We Recommend InstaFollowers for Instagram Growth?

We don't recommend InstaFollowers because it has very poor reviews on two of the largest review sites, SiteJabber and TrustPilot. On SiteJabber, the service has a 1.6-star rating with over 15 reviews, which is much lower than most services we reviewed. On Trustpilot, it's rated 2.3 out of five stars with most customers saddened with the horrible experience from the customer support.

InstaFollowers Alternatives

There's no point in having a huge following if your followers aren't engaged with your posts. This explains the hundreds of Instagram growth services available. All these promises to skyrocket your follower count, but many are either fake or violate Instagram's terms of service and can get your account banned.

Jr Thorpe from Bustle explains how Instagram notices fake followers and the possible consequences.

Here are some of InstaFollowers alternatives that you may need to take note of:

1. Mr.Insta


How much would you pay to go viral and get noticed with many comments and likes? Mr.Insta is a great help to any business, with assured real followers and likes; you can count on them for many new customers. The customer service is also top-notch, which is a huge plus for any business.

The account has a free followers plan, but they are specific about acquiring it and the expiry period within 48 hours. The most interesting fact is that you get followers from profiles of your interest.

  • Free followers plan for 48 hours
  • Automatic daily followers activation
  • Safe and secure
  • Profile must be public

2. Upleap

Upleap overview

Upleap is ideal for busy entrepreneurs and influencers who want to save time, grow their reach, and stay safe from follower automation sites that fail.

So with Upleap:

  • Your account will grow with real followers in your target audience. These followers will like your photos, comment, and engage with you.
  • The account will also grow safely at a steady pace so that Instagram doesn't ban or block it.
  • No passwords are required! You don't need to share your password with the account- ever!
  • Work with an Account Manager who knows your account inside and out. This lets you rest as they do the heavier task for you from engaging with real followers and brands to get more sales in your target audience.
  • Reliable
  • Instant delivery
  • Realistic affordable followers
  • Legit reviews
  • No specific email or phone to contact the support team

3. instagram is the best way to grow your account with organic followers from your target audience and locations. Its outstanding advantage from many other sites is that you don't need your account to be public to get their services.

Their website also has a user-friendly interface, making it super easy to use even for beginners. The service is very reliable, and the support team is always there to help when you need it. What else is better than a loyalty program? This offers discounts for repeat customers with additional seasonal discounts also available.

The account, however, has no in-depth detail on their security factor and this could be a potential risk to their customers' details. Additionally, it is unfortunate that you get notified of someone in the US having bought 1000 followers within one minute stay in the account.

A keen look in this notification is it looks more like bot-generated, considering the time limit between every notification yet the account has no clear database of its users.

  • Straightforward easy service
  • Insecure payment service
  • Unclear details about their services

4. Kicksta


It’s no surprise that Instagram users are skeptical about automated Instagram growth services. After all, it takes a lot of work to make a successful account, and handing it over to an agency can feel like you’re giving up control. At the same time, many legit business owners don’t have hours to spend promoting their accounts on social media every day.

That is where Kicksta comes in. Unlike other agencies that use bots to deliver fake followers, Kicksta promises real engagement from real people. It is based on the philosophy that followers who enjoy your content will stay around for the long haul and that organic growth pays off big in the long term.

  • Real and potential followers
  • Pay as you go with a refund policy
  • Visible security protocol
  • Quite pricey
  • No free trial

5. Nitreo


Nitreo is by far the best Instagram growth service you should ever use. After getting sick of all the spammy services and fake followers offered by different sites, Nitreo gives you relief and a quick growth in your account.

From trusted reviews, the site is incredibly responsive, friendly, and trustworthy. Their customer service is by far the best! This is because they are very careful with their methods and don't just blast your account with random follows and likes as other services do.

You have a guarantee of no regrets signing up for Nitreo.

  • Customer support responses within 24 hours
  • Pictorial illustrations of their services
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Dedicated account manager for each customer
  • Trusted testimonials and reviews
  • No free trials


Buying Instagram followers should not be a rushed activity, you need to take time and be sure you are making the right choice of vendor. You can, however, cut the window-shopping hassle by using sites such as Nitreo which is unbeatably the best; Kicksta and Mr.Insta. However, the final decision depends on you, so choose wisely.