Follow Adder Review

Follow Adder

Do you want to get more and real Instagram followers? Follower Adder is here to stay. It is the best automation tool offering organic IG growth services.

Creating successful brand awareness on Instagram is hard without help. There is very stiff competition in different specializations. However, those old accounts are already established and have bulk followers, hence dominating the platform. Luckily, there is much automation software to help you jumpstart your account growth.

The problem comes when deciding which tool is relevant and offers high-quality growth services at an affordable price with real engagement. There are few reliable and legit tools, and in our article today, we will be reviewing Follow Adder in detail. Can it deliver and meet all your needs? Let's dive into it now.

Follow Adder Review

Follow Adder is a powerful organic Instagram growth service provider on the market. It is an automated software compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. This tool on their website promises to offer real followers, views, and likes to your account through a hand-off approach.

They run your account, and you can access it and manage its activities. These include following, scheduling posts, unfollowing, liking, automating DM response, and you can use many advanced search engine features. This helps you explore the demographic.

Besides being an automation tool, it is also an Instagram bot powerful for boosting your traffic. However, they claim that they do not use a bot or provide fake results on their wite. Instead, they have SMART software which automates organic growth. This is a powerful move to expose your account to your real target audience.

Therefore, Followadder offers a broad category of Instagram management and growth services.

  • Attract target audience for the brand
  • Automated account managed to improve workflow
  • Increases blog traffic through IG
  • Effective product promotion
  • Good for creating brand awareness.
  • It saves time and effort.
  • Don’t support other social media platform
  • You must download software
  • Questionable followers
  • Must supervise and maintain it.

Features of Follow Adder

Features of Follow Adder

1. Target specific hashtag

This is the right move in splashing the right audience, which increases the follower base. Select the hashtag that will define your niche, brand, or topic when setting up. Using the hashtag accounts automatically reach out to find relevant comments, photos, and actions related to the hashtag.

This connects you with the right audience. When you select well, there is a possibility of getting bulk followers interested in your quality services. There are many platforms you can use to generate these hashtags. Please read our other articles.

2. Bulk Photo upload

This is also another feature that enables you to share relevant photos. Large upload saves your time. This means a lot for a time-pressed user as this feature can do all editing, including clever captions at once with easy settings. Upload bulk photos, save time, and concentrate on other things.

This feature also offers you a chance to like many photos at once, which increases Instagram engagement with the possibility of gaining followers. You can thus publish these batch photos at your scheduled time. This is more convenient.

3. Direct messaging

Although this feature might look unuseful, DMing your new followers is advantageous and in order. However, it would help if you were keen when using this feature because, in campaigns, it potentially reflects spammy activities. You can also use it when promoting a certain brand, service, or product. It creates good brand awareness.

4. Lists

This is our favorite feature. It gives you the capacity to make any list, thus useful in narrowing down your niche for essential targets while evading subset followers. You can create lists and use them to send messages and follow, favorite photos to like and comment, highlight good comments for use, and use the list to return follow or unfollow. The capacity to follow is the most used area here. This is a good move to increase your Instagram followers.

5. Search tool

You can use this feature for scraping Instagram accounts to get a good idea of managing your account. It improves your efficiency and gains more followers on the account.

6. Run Contest

Followadder also comes with this feature that can help you create brand awareness. When you run the contests, it tends to drive the active engagement on your account. It involves giving out prizes, rewards, etc. while using specific hashtags.

Price of Follow Adder

Follow Adder Price

Regarding Instagram growth service providers, Follow Adder offers affordable pricing options with standard features. Their pricing is up-front. Meaning they operate on a pay-as-you-go or subscription payment. Therefore, you can commit to several monthly options available.

The basic plan is best for operating one Instagram account. It costs $24 per month with all growth features available. Whereas the Premium package goes for $48 per month, users can manage up to 10 Instagram accounts. Lastly, they also offer a pro package costing a $94 monthly payment and capable of operating 25 Instagram accounts simultaneously.

All above pricing plans come with free updates, all targeting features, 24/7 customer support, and you can cancel anytime. They also guarantee users 14 days' money back. Their payment method is secure and is not worrying you anymore.

Follow Adder Alternatives

Followadder Alternatives and Similar Software

When you use the Follow Adder automation tool at a low pace, Instagram won't detect its process. There are also some other alternatives on the market that offer faster and better growth services. These are  Combin, Jarvee, Nitreo, and Socinator. We did thorough research and tested the above alternatives, and we at this moment confirm that they offer exactly what they promise on their website.

For instance, Jarvee enables you to share and automate tasks across all social media platforms other than Instagram. At the same time, Socinator is perfect for small and mid-sized firm accounts.


1. Will your account be banned from using Follow Adder?

It all depends on your pace. Instead of flooding followers, which is suspicious activity, introduce the automation slowly and avoid insincere messages. You may end up in hot water when caught spamming. Rather, make it covert and enjoy the benefit of Follow Adder for a long time. High speed gets your account banned. We recommend using this tool sparingly in your marketing strategy. Make it natural and include ads alongside the press releases.

2. Why do you have issues using Follow Adder?

Instagram keeps on updating its sites and adding more anti-automation tools while the tool is also constantly fighting to reduce bugs with some glitches. This brings some issues.

3. Will Follow Adder get shadowban?

Shadowban is when your account posts are restricted to appear on the featured search by hashtags. A hashtag is the major component of the follow Adder, and it should not worry you anymore.

4. Is it safe to use Follow Adder

The tool is safe to use, and many users have been using it for a long time. Again, they have never received any notification of account suspension as long as you keep in line with the etiquettes and avoid spammy activities.

5. Does the Follow Adder offer a guarantee?

Yes, the following Adder guarantees all users 14 days' money back. This only applies when you are unhappy with their services and within the first week. Inform them, and they refund money without any question.


Instagram is an important platform for getting your target audience and promoting the brands. You can also use it to draw the attention of your followers. However, it would be best to have an automation tool to maximize the marketing strategy to gain more revenue.

Follow Adder is a perfect tool to help you increase engagement, get more leads, and fuel the brand endeavor. We recommend it because it offers the simplest method of addressing all your Instagram needs. It is a good and advanced automation tool on the market.