Can You Change Your Twitter Handle?

Change Your Twitter Handle

Are you finding your Twitter handle archaic and need to change it asap? For whatever reason, you can quickly change your Twitter handle or username wish. Please read our article for the detailed procedure to change the Twitter handle on different devices.

Twitter is a popular social media platform. Sometimes, you might have created a Twitter account and, in the end, find that your Twitter handle is not the way you need it on the platform. The unique identifies on the platform that needs attention are the Twitter handle and display name.

We need to mention sometime, a Twitter handle is sometimes known as a username on other social media platforms. When creating an account, this is the first thing you need to have and set up before you complete registering the platform. Your Twitter handle plays a vital role on the platform.

For instance, to receive the direct message, mentioning, appearing on the tweets and comments. Twitter handle is unique and makes Twitter users different from the crowd and is the one that identifies your account since you need it to log in to your profile. Some people also use the username to search your profile on Twitter.

Twitter limits users to select characters between 4 to 15 to manage the tagging on Twitter. Though it should not be a real name, it matters. You might be prompted and urged to change your Twitter handle for any reason or personal reasons. This is what we are about to cover in this article. If you have issues and need to work on getting a unique Twitter to handle, then keep reading our article for detailed procedures.

Can You Change Your Twitter Handle?

Can You Change Your Twitter Handle

Twitter allows users to change their Twitter handle or what we call the username. You can select whichever name you like as your Twitter handle. Some social media platforms limit users from changing their usernames. For instance, it limits you to change twice within 14 days. But when it comes to Twitter, it only postulates the limits on how often you can change the username or Twitter handle.

Therefore, the first thing your new Twitter handle must meet is that the username must at least have a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 15 characters. and this should involve letters, underscores, and numbers.

Also, Twitter insists that when you modify your Twitter handle, it is an excellent idea to let your friends know of the changes. Thus, it becomes easy to receive replies and messages through the new Twitter handle.

But before we proceed to change the Twitter handle, there are a few things you need to consider. Keep reading to find out what these things are in the next section.

What to Notice Before Changing Your Twitter Handle?

What to Notice Before Changing Your Twitter Handle

Note that changing your Twitter handle or username will hugely impact your account. Thus, before you move ahead, there are a few things you must remember. In this section, we are dedicated to making you aware of these things so that when you change the handle, you do not get impressed by the consequences:

Step 1: First, when you change the Twitter handle when the account is verified, it automatically removes the badge or verification status, meaning you will need to set a time and reapply again after that.

Step 2: Unlike other social media platforms like Snapchat, when you change your Twitter handle and switch to the new name, another user can still claim the old name since Twitter makes it free and available.

Step 3: Changing Twitter handles means that Twitter will not be able to directly redirect the visitors to your new Twitter handle when they tap on the old Twitter handle or when you navigate from the old profile to the new profile.

Step 4: Also, note that any tweets when your friends mention you using the old username will not be directed to your new accounts.

Step 5: Your friends or audience will not be aware that you changed your username or display name. Twitter does not notify friends when you change the handle in any way. Twitter does not limit users on how often they can change their username or handle. But, you can change as often as you need.

You can change the Twitter handle when you are aware of the above consequences and agree to them. But remember, it is somehow complicated because you might be struggling to search for the option to change the Twitter handle with everything in vain. Twitter decided to make things complicated and hide the option under the privacy deep below the privacy. But do not worry; get in touch with the procedures in the next section

How to Change Your Twitter Handle?

Well, after we have mentioned the above cautions, it is time to go through the procedures and teach you how to change your Twitter handle. It is simple if you follow the correct process. since we are dedicated to guiding you, we have broken this section into subsections for easy understanding based on your device.

On Desktop

You can change the Twitter handle of the username on the desktop but using the browser. Therefore, you need to follow the below steps but pay attention to the details:

Step 1: Launch the browser on your desktop and visit the Twitter website. Then make sure you have logged in to your account with the relevant details,

Step 2: Then navigate through your account menu, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen, and on the drop down, tap more on the options available.

Step 3: Then, from there, click on settings and privacy.

Step 4: On the settings, tap on the first section, and tap on account information. Sometimes, Twitter might ask you to enter your password. Enter it and proceed with the next section.

Step 5: After that, tap on the username that is the profile username

Step 6: You can now select the new username that you 3ant to change, and when you are done, click save and confirm the changes.

That is all, and you are done changing the Twitter handle using the browser on your desktop. When you are using a mobile application, proceed with the next section.

On Mobile Phone

when you can not access the desktop for personal reasons, you can still change the username using the Twitter application on your mobile phone. The process is also still simple, just like when using a desktop. here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch the Twitter application with your phone and log into your account if you are not signed in.

Step 2: Then click on the Twitter profile icon or avatar

Step 3: From there, you can access the side menu on your mobile screen's left-hand side. Then keep scrolling until you access the settings and privacy option on the menu and click on it.

Step 4: Form the resulting menu, click account

Step 5: After that, proceed by clicking the username

Step 6: Then, inside the field indicating update username, you can then click on the new username. Sometimes, Twitter sends prompt notifications to confirm if you are sure you want to change the username; when you are contented, then click continue.

Step 7: Then, type in the new Twitter handle or username of your choice. The username must meet the minimal requirements; this means it must be at least containing 4 to 15 characters, containing the underscore, numbers, and letters without spacing, etc., but when the username is not available, then there is a high chance that you are using the wrong character for this case, Twitter will display an error notification to amend.

Step 8: But when you are done with the username, you can finalize by clicking the done icon in the upper right corner of your screen. And that is everything you need to do here.

Difference Between Twitter Display Name and Username

Twitter Display Name and Username

Some people get confused when you mention your Twitter username and display name. Others fail to understand which means or represents what is on the platform.

So to start with, a Twitter username is the name visible on the Twitter profile URL and is unique to you used as an identifier. It is typically used when you want to login into the account, receive direct messages, or even get replies as well as mentions. The name contains up to 15 characters with a minimum of 4.

But when it comes to the display name is considered your identifier, and it can be a business name or your real name that is visible on the Twitter profile page. Friends use such a name to identify you when you use a unique and unfamiliar name on the platform. This name can contain a maximum of 50 characters long.

How to Change the Twitter Display Name

Line Twitter handle or username; you can also change your Twitter display name. But your display name is more prominent on Twitter even than your username. The name before first on display even before one accesses your Twitter photos or profile. So people quickly notice this name. It is somehow intuitive to change the display name because it is located deep down in the profile.

So, here is how to go about it:

Step 1: When you log in to your Twitter account, click on the profile icon.

Step 2: And besides the display name, tap on the edit icon. This will give you a field to update the display name. Type in the name and save it, then you will be done.

Note that once you change the Twitter handle, you must update all essential links.on multiple sites, websites, forums, blogs, etc

If I Change My Twitter Handle, Will I Lose Followers?

Lose Followers

Changing your Twitter username or handle does not have any impact on your Twitter followers, nor does it delete the tweets. The renaming process remains seamless on the platform, and to make it fun, the followers will not notice these changes.

However, when you decide to change the profile name also, the followers might not notice it immediately or might not even be in a position to remember why they followed your account in any way. Such confusion might cause some people who cannot identify you or can not evaluate why they followed your account to end up unfollowing you on the platform.

For this reason, we would encourage you before you change your Twitter handle; it is a perfect move to let your followers or friends understand that you are working on changing your Twitter handle. Thus, it becomes easy for them to direct the new reply, mentions, and messages to your new Twitter handle.

And when you are managing a business, remember to update the references on your Twitter account website, business cards, media channels, documents, and email signatures. So, the audience will rest assured that they follow the correct Twitter account.

What Should You Do If Your Twitter Account is Taken?

What Should You Do If Your Twitter Account is Taken

There is this situation also when you are a typical existing Twitter user. Still, with the desired Twitter handle at heart, you discover that it can make you more prevalent and easily accessible on the platform. v, but then, the handle might be taken by someone else on the platform. Here, there are a few things you can do:

  • Connect with the person that is using the desired Twitter handle and then inquire from them if they might be in a position to give it away so that you can take it over
  • Also, when it is a business name. You have the trademarked firm; then, you can issue your complaint to Twitter for the right action.
  • You can still use the same name but add terms such as INC, HQ, or location to the desired username when you are operating a business.
  • Try getting creative and replace the words in the username, omit, and add numbers.
  • If the person with the preferred username is inactive, you can contact Twitter support for help.

Then you should note that if you are caught selling or buying the Twitter username or handle, you will be violating the community guidelines, and the result is to suspect your Twitter account.

How to Choose the Right Handle

How to Choose the Right Handle

In summary, your Twitter handles, just like the business name, might try to be unique, easy to remember, and short. Therefore, when you find it hard to select the correct username, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Ensure your Twitter handle is short; avoid going beyond the character limits. But when the business name is a mouthful, you can use the initials
  • to avoid using the symbols and numbers on the Twitter handle. This is because, when you include them, they only make the username look cluttered, challenging the audience to find you on the platform.
  • Avoid using keywords since, to an extent, such a word gives your audience an impression to consider your profile as spam. Instead, use the keywords in the Twitter bio section.
  • Try to use the same or one unique username across your social media platforms, which makes the cross-promotion simple on your multiple social media accounts.


Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter allows users to change their Twitter handle or username as often as possible. The same applies to the Twitter display name. In the above article, we have covered all the needed steps to change the Twitter handles and display name. Again, we have highlighted the tips to guide you in selecting Twitter handles and many more things.

However, you must never forget that changing the Twitter handle poses some concerns to your account, but when these effects on the account do not matter, follow the above steps to change the Twitter handle. Regardless of the devices, you are using, you can change out Twitter handle in simple steps.