How to Find Deleted Tweets?

Find Deleted Tweets

Seeking to learn how to find the deleted tweets? Sometimes, it is worth retrieving the deleted tweets. If you are of the same idea and want to learn more, then find out from this article.

Human beings are talkative beings and collaborative. It is hard to live without conversing with other people around us. The same applies to the Twitter platform. And roughly almost half a billion tweets are shared on the platform daily. Any user tweets their thought based on a particular condition; some ate based on the trending hashtags, while others are simply random tweets.

However, when you tweet about anything, at one point, you might regret maybe you were in a Chao, or the condition forced you. for this reason, people go directly to the Twitter management software and decide to delete all the tweets. Still, they also resolve to do away with the Twitter archive. But using the circle boom makes it easy to access the tweets in bulk within a second.

But again, some come up with the question seeking how to find the deleted tweets and access them. In our article, we will cover more details and address the concern. There are multiple ways, and keep reading to the end to learn more in detail.

Find Deleted Tweets with Google Cache

Find Deleted Tweets with Google Cache

Yes, it is possible that you can delete tweets. While there are multiple methods of finding deleted tweets on the platform, using google cache is the simplest and easiest online method. The process is simple, with few steps involved. Find out in the below procedure:

Step 1: Using your browser, head to the google search or site and search for the Twitter website. The tap on the down arrow found on the URL of the Twitter profile.

Step 2: After that, tap on the cached and access the deleted tweets using the previously cached versions of the profile. Using the same procedure, you can also access the deleted tweets by other users.

Step 3: Then google cached tween on the old version will be launched. Then you will be able to see the time, date, etc., of the cache on the top of your screen. While the new caches can easily override the information, once you see it, make sure you take the screenshot to save for future purposes.

But note that while this method helps you access the deleted tweets, you can still access your deleted tweets faster. But you must ensure you have not recently cleared your caches from your browser. And if not, it will be complex to find the deleted tweets on the platform. For this case, you need to go to the next procedure.

Find Deleted Tweets with Twitter’s Native Advanced Search

The second method of finding the deleted tweets is to use the native advanced search. This is the fastest method online when you need to access all the deleted tweets. Using third-party applications is not reliable since you are always on the lookout for your sensitive details. If this is a concern, then count on this method to be reliable. This is the procedure you out to sue:-

Find Deleted Tweets with Twitter’s Native Advanced Search

Step 1: Lunching Twitter and make sure you log in. Then head to Twitter’s  Advanced Search Page.

Step 2: Then navigate to the subheading titled  accounts and enter your username on the  field titled, find this account.'

Step 3: Then, you will be able to see the next subheading indicated; date' in which you will need to mention the starting and ending date of the tweets you need to access.

Step 4: When you are through, tap on the search icon to start searching all the deleted tweets between the dates indicated.

Besides the above steps, you can still use the shortcut, which is the \word' subsection. This needs you to enter the keywords on the deleted tweets and find the whole specific tweet. You will have different options when you use the word section. Some of these options include:

  • Allow these words -which means you are allowing all the words included in the tweet.
  • This exact phrase- will give you the deleted tweets with the started phrase
  • Any of these words- this is when you are not sure, but it will let you access the deleted tweets that contain any of the keywords you mention
  • None of these words- the tweets you will access will contain any of the keywords you have stated
  • These hashtags- you will access the tweets with the hashtags you mention in the word section, and lastly, you can select the language of the tweet.

Find Deleted Tweets with Your Twitter Archive

It is also possible to access the tweets using the available tweets on the platform. However, to be effective with this method, you must ensure that data is switched off to make any configuration. But in a situation when you need to repost these tweets, you only have to take the screenshot and then post it once again. Another method is to copy and paste to post the tweets.

So, when you want to download the tweet archive, you can access the snapshots of the recent Twitter data, which begin with the first tweet on the account.

Follow the below procedure to access the deleted tweets through the Twitter archive:-

Step 1: Head to the Twitter account settings. Click on the more option or icon, which is found on the navigation bar, and choose your account on the resulting menu.

Step 2: Then tap download an archive of your data

Step 3: You will be prompted to enter the password beneath the download an archive o the data and finish by confirming

Step 4: Then, you must tap send code to verify your identity through the email address or phone number. Then it will redirect you to the account information section

Step 5: Then, you are required to enter the code sent

Step 6: When you are done, tap on the request data icon. The account is connected to the periscope, offering another request option.

Step 7: Then immediately, the download is ready, and you will receive the mail to the email connected to the account to download the data. Then, in the settings section, you can tap the download data icon beneath the download data section.

Step 8: Tap on the download icon from the mail notification as long as you are logged in. the file is zipped and contains the archive tweets.

Before proceeding with the procedure, make sure that you confirm your email address and log in with the same browser to your Twitter accounts so that you can easily download the archive files. Still, you can decide to download the machine-readable archive that is linked to the account in JSON or HTML format

Find Deleted Tweets with Internet Archive – WayBack Machine

If the above method does not display all the deleted tweets within a specific time frame, then you can try accessing them using this method. This is because the above might fail. After all, m the data servers need to compile a lot. Even the advanced search might not give you full access to all the deleted tweet archives you need.

The best option is to try your luck using the time machine. Specifically, the internet time machine. There are multiple time machines, but the best one base on the Dalorean is the WayBack Machine. It guarantees you a functional flux capacitor. This tool is funded by the nonp[rofir organization's internet archive. This digital archive is perfect and can scour the internet while taking screenshots of a particular page.

With this method, you cannot access the total tweets but only screenshots. The WayBack machine only takes random screenshots at different random time ranges, but you can access the deleted tweets and accounts. Though, there is no guarantee here.

But, here is the procedure:

  • You must first check the WayBack machine and enter the full URL of the Twitter account. You need to access the deleted tweets. Paste the link into the search bar and click on ‘ brose history.'
  • When the tool has crawled the page before this time, you will be able to see the screenshot of the page. The data is organized base on the year and day.
  • Then select the year and the day you need to find the deleted tweets and the screenshot.

How to Find Deleted Pictures on Twitter?

How to Find Deleted Pictures on Twitter

Twitter is a unique social media platform. This is because immediately you upload a tweet, you get the unique link. therefore, anytime the tweet is deleted, the photos are also deleted. However, you can still recover the photos you shared on Twitter even after deleting them.

This is only possible when you have a direct link to the deleted tweets. This, to some extent, might be implying that the photos when you delete your tweet are not deleted. So, when you need to recover the deleted tweet image, follow the below procedure:

Step 1: First, launch the Twitter application and login into your account using relevant details.

Step 2: When you upload your tweet, open the tweet, then right-click on the photo and choose ‘ copy the image address

Step 3: When the tweet you just shared becomes deleted, copy the deleted tweeter image link into the new browser. Surprisingly, you will still see the image existing using the URL on the browser.

Step 4: After that, please right-click on the image and proceed to save it on your device for future use.


1. Can I use a third-party tool to find deleted tweets?

Since your account safety is at risk, we do not recommend using any third-party application to access the deleted tweets.

2. Why are deleted tweets still showing?

Even if the data is outdated, anything deleted on Twitter is still available on google. This is because the search engine stores the copies of the recent files on the cache, which is updated often when new content comes. It can even take years before updating the new content of your Twitter profile.

3. How long can Twitter keep deleted tweets?

Once you deactivate the accounts, all the data are available for only 30 days. However, Twitter does not control search engines, archives, screenshots, or mirror contents.


It is frustrating to find out that you have deleted tweets worth keeping. However, in our article., we have highlighted some required methods to retrieve the deleted tweets. When you follow the detailed procedure, you can access the deleted tweets without hassle.

Also, Twitter has no control over the Google search engine, screenshot, and archive. Thus, even after deleting a tweet, you can still access tweeter images on google with the above methods.