10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Auto Likes in 2023

Buy Instagram Auto Likes

Have you ever wondered where you can get auto-likes? Auto-likes are vital for Instagram account growth. Please read our article to know where you can acquire reliable premium auto-likes.

Instagram is consistently ranked among the best social media sites to promote your business. When you have a brand you are looking for the best platform to promote your lifestyle; we encourage you to try Instagram marketing. It will do wonders as well as save your time and efforts. You can reach a broad target audience and understand your followers or customers using Instagram.

However, there is stiff competition on the internet over the same followers. It makes it challenging to get the attention of potential customers. For that reason, many marketers prefer buying auto likes, likes, and followers for increased traffic rates. But remember, you must do it wisely and ethically to get secure results. Check out our best sites where you can buy Instagram auto-likes.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Auto Likes

1. SocialViral

SocialViral insta like

SocialViral, as the name suggests, is a platform that offers Instagram services to help you attain viral status. This is what every digital marketer wants to see today. With SocialViral social, you are guaranteed instant auto likes on Instagram posts.

This is like an automation tool that detects your Instagram posts and gives them likes that interest your photos. The tool does not only work on Instagram but also covers other social media platforms. They have established a good reputation among customers for selling Instagram auto likes. It's currently the topmost content in this field.

SocialViral also prioritizes delivering high-quality auto-likes. They never add their services to clients using a bot, as they claim. Their pricing plan is affordable when compared with other firms on the internet. You only receive what you pay for. The best feature that caught our attention is security.

They never ask for your Instagram p[assword while signing up. And when something fails, customer support is available 24/7 to help you. Their auto-likes are automatic. The more you add content, the more you get likes. The pricing starts from 50 auto likes and costs $9.99; fast delivery.

2. TurboMedia

TurboMedia insta like

TurboMedia is also an excellent platform to purchase automatic likes for your Instagram posts. The tool offers different social media platform services and multiple Instagram automated services. Their pricing is a bit expensive compared to the above platform. This is because the premium package guarantees gains of 25 likes per post, automated delivery to new posts, and instant delivery.

However, your Instagram profile must be public, and then it is good that they never ask for your password. This ensures that you stay safe and secure. If you are satisfied with their services, you can cancel susbrip[tion anytime. The guys have excellent customer support available 24/7 to help you with any problem.

TurboMedia pricing plans start from 25 automatic likes costs $20. They have good customer reviews as per the Trustpilot report. This proves that the clients are satisfied, and when clients are contented, it means Turbomedia delivers high-quality automated likes.

Besides, you can also buy comments, followers, views, and many other services. In case their likes fall, they also guarantee a free refill. You can try their free services for 24 hours before committing to a premium package. Evaluate it first, but we confirm it's reliable.

3. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta insta like

Mr. Instais is a reliable platform on the market that can also offer you automatic Instagram likes. Even though their platform was initially designed for providing Instagram services, they go deeper to provide specific features.

This allows customers to attain the type of Instagram growth they need on their profiles. They guarantee you quick delivery when you purchase their automated likes for your Instagram.

While they have a free trial, it's only valid for 48 hours, and after that, you will have to activate the premium package. The premium package costs $20 for 25 likes. The pricing is the same like Turbomedia. However, it's a monthly subscription.

They assure customers instant delivery, auto likes on the new posts,25 likes per Instagram posts, and no password required. Ensure you keep your profile public to receive the services.

Mr. Insta's services are risk-free, and you can cancel anytime. This tool is suitable for newcomers striving to reach the target number of likes on their Instagram posts. They have easy and multiple payment options to access advanced features.

They also claim that their Instagram auto likes are real people with active activities. Therefore, they guarantee engagement with your posts. Their auto-like creates a long-lasting impression on your profile. Many people have benefited from this company; thus, they are loyal. Lastly, to stay safe, secure, and private, they have a limit of 90 auto likes per month.

4. Followersup

Followersup insta like

If you want to supercharge your Instagram growth and fly past your competitors, buy FollowersUp Instagram automatic likes. These likes help fix Instagram engagement faster than you can imagine. They are pretty simple and deliver precisely what you pay for.

They offer auto-likes gradually to your Instagram accounts. This is because they evade Instagram algorithms detecting suspicious activities on your account. They have different plans, but each monthly plan offers auto-likes that suit all your needs.

FollowersUp also offers the option to cancel the subscription if the service does not live up to fulfilling the target. The tool detects your posts and starts delivering likes while your content is fresh.

However, it only limits up to 60 auto-likes per month, but you can request a bigger limit through the support team. Otherwise, you can choose their predetermined plan, sign up within 2 minutes and get the auto likes on any upload for a month.

The pricing starts from $9 per month for 50 auto likes on every new post. No password is required. They have served many customers hence possess a high level of experience. Count on FollowersUp to deliver automatic likes and boost your search ranking.

5. Poprey

Poprey insta like

Poprey is a website that offers almost all Instagram growth services. It also covers other social media platforms. You can buy Instagram likes, followers, and many more to increase the content reach and improve visibility.

They offer Instagram automated likes, and when purchasing, you can select between a per post plan or a subscription. The pricing is pretty friendly and straightforward;y. With only $10.90, you are guaranteed 1000 auto-likes on your Instagram posts. At the same time, a subscription costs $29.90 for 50 auto-likes on every new content.

Poprey gives customers 2 delivery options; It's either gradual or instant. Most people prefer gradual to evade suspicions. But they guarantee that their Instagram auto-likes are permanent and are real from active users. Once you subscribe to a plan or buy a fixed package, they deliver immediately. The likes on your new content attract audience attention.

So you need Poprey to buy automatic Instagram likes. Customer support is also available to help you when you have an issue. And besides, the service is risk-free as they have a refund policy.

6. Likes.io

Likes.io insta like

Likes.io is another cheapest company that sells automatic Instagram likes. The platform is presented professionally with solid policies. You can buy Instagram auto-likes at reasonable pricing. You can choose from nine plans which also come with discounts.

The higher the subscription, the bigger the discount. The pricing starts at $9.99 for 50 auto likes. The likes range from 50 the least to 10000. They consider all customers and any budget you have; they also have a plan.

When you subscribe to the premium packages, they ensure that they deliver these likes instantly. Meant, they do not add all likes once. Instead, they deliver gradually over time to maintain your Instagram account legitimacy.

Furthermore, they source these likes from real and active humans, not a bot. When the likes drop, they guarantee to refill at no cost. All packages come with free video views, and customer support is also available 24/7.

7. Famoid

Famoid insta like

Famoid is a versatile company well known for providing Instagram growth services. They offer the best and most advanced method of going viral. Covering a few social media platforms means more focus on specialization. Thus, if you need Instagram automated likes, this is the best place to start from. They sell real automatic likes that work fine.

Their auto packages do not have a sharing limit. Any subscription on the auto-likes guarantees auto likes on all future posts for 30 days. This is the time to buy Famoid automatic Instagram likes.

However., it's expensive but comes with advanced features. These include unlimited sharing, 100% safe with no password needed. They claim that they get likes from real and active users, valid for 30 days. For instance, 50 auto-likes per post for 30 days costs $79.95.

We like these guys because their delivery rate looks natural, and safety and online privacy are their primary concerns. They always ensure that you are protected. These auto-likes enhance your online presence and assure a perfect experience. However, if you have a problem, the support team is available 24/7 online to help when anything happens.

8. Blastup

Blastup insta like

BlastUp is a company that was established to provide Instagram services. When you visit their website, you will find that they sell automatic Instagram likes.

They claim that these likes come from real users who instantly deliver them to your Instagram posts. The pricing is so friendly. The tool offers top-notch support as well as guarantees instant post detection to ensure that they provide auto-likes.

While they offer a free trial, the premium package has more advanced features and options. They pride themselves on providing the lowest pricing on the market, which is unbeatable. As well, you can decide to end the subscription anytime without restrictions.

The other thing about BlastUp is that they also give customers the capability to choose the time delay of automatic likes on the new posts. They also guarantee to match their likes with the video views on Instagram.

So go for it; it's worth your pocket. with $9.99, you are sorted with 50 auto-likes from real people per month. Subscription to start receiving their best quality is simple. They support different payment methods which they claim to be secured.

9. Fastlikes

Fastlikes insta like

Fastlikes.io is a company that does not mess around, and you can interpret it from its name. It is one of the best platforms to buy real Instagram auto likes. These likes boost your profile visibility and credibility in front of the target audience.

Though it covers other platforms, they have standard plans for their perfect Instagram auto likes. The package starts from 100 auto likes that costs $17.99. This is affordable for most people on the market. In addition, they guarantee fast delivery, refill on drops, and targeted followers from around the world.

Fastlikes.io calls it premium quality with a satisfaction guarantee. Customer support is available 24/7 if you have any issues. In addition, auto likes increase engagement. This company has a lot of positive reviews on its platform. This implies customers are satisfied with the quality of their services.

10. Auto Likes IG

Auto Likes IG insta like

Auto Likes IG  is a company that specializes in Instagram automation services. They guarantee to help you grow your Instagram account, boost Instagram engagement, and get automatic likes anytime. This means they have a package specifically for Instagram auto likes.

Their pricing is flexible with guaranteed growth results. For instance, 50 to 60 auto likes cost $3.49 per week. Besides weekly, they also have monthly plans. The same range of 50 to 60 auto likes monthly costs $10.99. Either package has a different likes limit. It ranges from 60 likes per post to 2500 likes per post. Incredible!

Besides likes and views, Auto Likes IG  also has a package for impressions. However, their auto likes are only valid for 3 posts per day, and the duration ranges from 1 week to 1 month. In addition, they offer a free story view on either plan.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Auto Likes

While Instagram likes are vital, it sounds pretty cool to get likes once you post. This is a good idea for your Instagram profile. So, critically analyze the below pros and cons before making the best decision. Your next steps determine account growth and long-term strategy. Here we go:


  • Content boosting:  when your post gets more likes, it becomes popular and looks well-received among your followers. This ensures perpetual growth in the long run.
  • Increase engagement: auto-likes are instant rather than likes. They bring in attention, thus getting more engagement from the real audience over time.
  • Stiff competition: When there are many famous accounts in your area, many likes help you stand out from the crowd, thus giving you a competitive edge. This enables you to get more attention.
  • Simplicity:  The service is automated and does not require your presence. It gives you time to create more compelling content.


  • Do not change Instagram strategy: auto-likes are only supplements that need you to create great content and a new approach. However, it's essential for maintaining growth and reputation. This means there is no shortcut to achieving top performance without your content input.
  • Additional cost:  Auto-likes recur, which means you must have a budget to maintain them growing. However, you may experience a decrease immediately if you stop using them.


Some people are far away from the truth and believe that buying Instagram auto likes is unethical. Buying likes is one promotional method that boosts your Instagram profile to rise above the competitors and reach the target audience.

The above list of platforms provides real and legit auto likes that fall within your budget. All offer high-quality auto likes but, keep the expectations realistic and watch for the gradual results to take effect. You must invest your effort and time to attain an Instagram celebrity to grow your Instagram account.