10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2023

Buy Instagram Followers

Looking to get premium Instagram followers? Please go through our list of the best sites to buy real and active Instagram followers.

Instagram is a growing social media platform. People are switching to this platform to boost their online presence. But, growing your online presence takes time and needs a lot of effort. However, there is always a solution to every problem regarding social media automation. Buying Instagram followers is one standard method you might consider in making your profile stand out from the rest.

So, on Instagram, when you have large followers, it implies you are more visible to the target audience. The exact reason we are bringing you this article is to help you identify the best site to buy Instagram followers at an affordable cost. Let's jump right in:

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

1. Upleap

Upleap instagram

If you are tired of growing your Instagram account, visit upleap and buy Instagram followers safely and securely. Upleap is an excellent Instagram follower provider on the market. They offer followers fit for your business and personal profile.

They are ranking among google search due to a long time in this industry. It is among the most popular companies when it comes to selling Instagram followers and other services worldwide.

Uplead does not source its followers using bots. Instead, they claim that their followers are real people with active accounts. This ensures more interaction on your profile while commenting on content, photos, and viewing videos.

It does not only offer Instagram services but also provides services to various social media platforms. So, it does not matter where you want to use this tool to promote the social network.

The guys have real experience, and rest assured that they will offer you professional results. Their website guarantees 24/7 customer support; fast delivery and pricing are fantastic. For example, if you have $3, you securely get 100 Instagram followers. These are standard quality followers and the cheapest on the market. No need to share your password.

2. TurboMedia

TurboMedia instagram

TurboMedia is also a good option for social media growth services. They recognize the importance of social media engagement in your business and influencers alike. Since Instagram is among the largest social media platforms, they do not ignore providing their services.

It can help you with all Instagram growth services. Majorly, they sell Instagram followers, who then bring on many benefits to your profile and business at large.

This company also provides high-quality followers at an affordable price with a guaranteed free refill when they drop. The pricing starts from $10 for 250 Instagram followers. Delivery is gradual until the order is complete. It's 100% safe and private, and delivery begins within 3 days. Privacy is their concern, and so, they never request your password to start delivering.

TurboMedia claims that their followers are organic and help improve engagement, bringing credibility and recognition, and at a time, they can deliver more than what you pay for. Customer service is exceptional, available 24/7.

When subscribing to their services, you can select automatic or targeted Instagram followers. They have kept their website simple. It may be wise to use TurboMedia. They also offer the most brilliant way to get free Instagram followers and likes. However, paid options fit all your needs.

3. InstaMama


We also consider InstaMama as the best site to buy Instagram followers. They offer other services like Twitter and YouTube growth services as well as Instagram likes, but our concern today is Instagram followers.

These guys promise to deliver real and active Instagram followers. This means their Instagram followers are genuine and high-quality, which adds credibility to the business or profile. They claim their real followers are organically obtained from social media communities and groups with no bot or software.

They also get from search engines meaning the followers are targeted. Sometimes, they boost using reputable influencers and bloggers on the internet. The guys are our favorite on the list since they are working in various areas.

Instagram uses unique tactics to bring instant results by providing real-time Instagram followers. They have upfront pricing plans, and their website is simple. For instance, with only $5.5, you can buy 100 Instagram followers. On this plan, they also guarantee over 10 free organic likes. This is a safe promotional method with a high retention rate.

Delivery is gradual to evade suspicion. The services are risk-free because InstaMama also has a refund policy that guarantees money back. No password is required, and you can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 20% when you buy Instagram followers. They also promise that their customer support is available 24/7 and support multiple yet secure payment methods.

4. Likes.io

Likes.io instagram

Likes.io was mainly launched to provide Instagram growth services. Besides followers, they also sell  Instagram likes, auto likes, and views. These services help grow your online presence. Here, real followers mean real engagement and natural growth.

You can achieve all these using Likes.io Instagram followers. These guys can help you get real followers and deliver instantly to reach a larger audience. They offer 2 types of followers. You can select from high-quality and premium followers. High-quality followers are cheaper and start at $2.97 for 100 followers.

In contrast, premium followers cost $3.95 for 100 followers. So, either type of follower plan is cheaper on the market. The only difference is that premium followers guarantee lifetime followers and are real people with active accounts. Meaning, high-quality followers do not guarantee refill or engagement.

However, customer support is available 24/7 through live chat. They also accept different payment methods. Another good thing about this company is that it does not store confidential information and has low pricing.

However, they do not accept PayPal payments. Otherwise, Likes.io can help you improve Instagram profile popularity by boosting followers. This way, they prioritize your content and push it up on the queue to create awareness.

5. SocialViral

SocialViral instagram

SocialViral can be your rescue when you want to stay on top of social media marketing. This is a platform that provides different social media growth services. Specifically, you can visit their site and buy Instagram followers right at your fingertips.

One metric that matters most in boosting your Instagram follower is the followers' count. The guys can help you take your Instagram profile to another level. They offer high-quality followers and guarantee fast delivery. They do not require your password and promise you online safety.

This platform is fantastic for both influencers and marketers in promoting their brands. It also offers services on multiple platforms. With assured customer care and a 24/7 support system, customers can never make a mistake with SocialViral.

Their pricing is moderate, and with as low as $1.44, you can buy 50 Instagram followers. This is affordable to anyone serious with the brand or business, and when you purchase in bulk, they guarantee you a more significant saving. Purchase their genuine Instagram followers with total peace of mind.

6. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta instagram

Mr.Insta is the best tool for Instagram followers in this industry. From the name, you can guess that these guys specialize in Instagram's services. This proves the quality of their services, together with excellent customer reviews and ranking.

When you buy their followers, they guarantee you quick delivery. One of the good things is that you can target the followers from a specific country, and above all, the process is entirely risk-free.

This is because they do not even need your password. Instead, they guarantee 100% safety and private transactions. The result starts within 3 days and continues until complete. When the followers drop, they also promise to refill.

Mr.Insta has super excellent 24/7 customer support. We assure you that these guys can use followers to bring credibility, promote organic growth and increase your profile engagement. They can even deliver more than you purchased. Their pricing is also friendly that with $10, you can have 250 high-quality Instagram followers. The price ranges from $10 to $190 for 10,000 followers.

In targeting the audience, they use the Instagram ads method and hashtags. The company is growing to become one of the leaders on the market, offering great quality followers.

7. Stormlikes

Stormlikes instagram

When you are tired of ghost followers, we are sure you will appreciate Stomrlikes' services. You can visit their site and purchase Instagram followers instantly, safely, and efficiently with a few clicks. They have 2 different deals. You can select between premium or high-quality followers. Both bring real growth services to your Instagram account.

The packages on high-quality followers are affordable, and 100 followers cost $2.89. They claim that these followers are sourced from real people who actively engage with your content. No password needed means the services are risk-free.

You can decide to get gradual or instant delivery. The platform also provides services to other social media platforms. On Instagram, it does offer not only followers but also views, likes, etc.

Stormlikes also tries to tailor each customer experience to meet specific needs. This implies that they have responsive 24/7 customer support, and followers are provided on schedule.

Other than the country, you can also target the followers by gender. You can also get a snack discount when you have multiple Instagram accounts. The pricing is competitive and comes with a lot of options. Their website is simple and has a well-detailed FAQ page.

8. Followersup

Followersup instagram

Followersup is a company that offers various social media services. Like other providers, this platform provides pretty good Instagram services. They know that you need high-quality Instagram followers to grow your profile and promote the brand.

As a result of the experience, they offer good services right now. The thing is, Followersup can help with exponential Instagram growth. This covers the follower count across different platforms. They have also invested a lot in customer support.

Since followers count is the first thing the audience sees, Followersup can offer you the best packages at a friendly price. They encourage that you maintain a healthy engagement by buying likes and views to maintain the balance. Otherwise, these guys guarantee quick delivery, and the purchase process is simple. You only need one minute to complete without a password required.

Can you imagine that 1000 Instagram followers cost $14? The average delivery time is 24 hours and comes with a 1-month warranty. They still have other broad and varied features. Their website is secured, so the provider is legit and well-versed with customer information security.

9. SocialPlus

SocialPlus instagram

SocialPlus provides the perfect opportunity for users who want to build their Instagram accounts SocialPlus is an ideal site and offers users the opportunity to develop their Instagram accounts, consequently actualizing their dreams. The site provides growth programs that drive gradual, safe, and organic increases in your profile's followers' count.

These guys make sure that the Instagram followers align with your niche and are interested in your content from the organic policy. This means they sell targeted Instagram followers, which you can easily convert to consumers. Thus, customers benefit from increased followers and engagement. Besides Instagram followers, they also work across other social media platforms.

SocialPlus is a reliable and high-quality Instagram follower provider. They also promise increased visibility when you purchase their followers. They also have secure payment methods. For example, 100 Instagram followers go for $3.95. These followers have a high retention rate and come from high-quality profiles. It's risk-free, and no password is required.

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. This is a safe promotional method. And the platform has served different customers. Try them and build a valuable Instagram profile with a premium package.

10. InstaShop

Instashop instagram

Lastly, we have InstaShop. Our list could not end without InstaShop. This is the most outstanding service provider that can help you become famous. They engage with your profile by selling the highest quality Instagram followers, as they claim. On our list, this is the cheapest provider on the market. It's affordable but guarantees real and active followers.

And you can also buy likes, views, comments, and automation services on their website to balance the engagement rate. The pricing starts at $4.19 for 250 Instagram followers. There are various packages which you can access on their homepage. Besides, InstaShop offers 2% cashback when you purchase an order while logged in to your account.

Still, InstaShop has 24/7 customer support to help you with an issue. And they never share your information with anyone guaranteeing privacy. Test their free trial and check their services if it's trustable. Their site is secure with detailed information that covers everything.

The Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

There are many advantages of buying Instagram followers. This is because bigger businesses use their reputation to gain the audience while smaller firms do not have the resources to match the power and gain followers. So instead, most opt for buying followers.

  • Followers guarantees immediate visibility
  • This is the cheapest method of getting target followers
  • Followers help you build your business credibility faster
  • Buying followers needs less time. Thus, marketers get enough time to handle other business duties.

The Possible Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

There are also disadvantages to buying Instagram followers. This is only applicable when you select the wrong provider. Some of the consequences are:

  • It's expensive to buy Instagram followers: Because there is no return guarantee. High-quality followers are even expensive but not assured on return.
  • Shadowban:  Lousy transaction on your account might make it to be reported. Some followers breach rules of which accounts can be blocked against Instagram terms.
  • Fake followers damage profile credibility: Instagram removes counterfeit followers immediately, the algorithm detects. Fake followers are a scam with more harm to damage your reputation. Thus, be vigilant.
  • Do not explicitly improve engagement: This is because buying is not the final step; you need to spend time interacting with followers and convert them to consumers. Thus, buying increases the audience base but not the commitment.

Free Instagram Followers Vs Buy Instagram Followers

Paid Instagram growth services

Free Instagram growth services are, to an extent, useless. Thus, we highly recommend choosing the reliable provider from the above list when you decide to buy. This is because we only pursue real growth services. The merchants are trustworthy and offer real followers to kickstart your dream, become famous and convert the audience to real consumers.


1. Does buying Instagram followers work?

Buying Instagram followers works, and there is a high demand not only for buying followers but also likes, views, and comments with many other services. Were it a scam, the market demand would have been minimal.

2. How many followers do I need to be classed as an influencer?

No specific answer here. This is because the number varies depending on the niche or field, the commitment of your followers, and long-term gains. At one point, some firms will use you as their influencers, while others have different expectations from you. So, 200 is the absolute floor, but most range from hundreds to 20,000 followers.

3. Will I lose followers after buying?

You are likely not to lose your followers unless you buy from fake merchandise. So instead, there is something else you should consider in your mind, the engagement rate.


The above platforms are the best site to buy real Instagram followers. However, the list is limited because it only consists of the genuine and legit providers on the market.

So, we guarantee you natural and organic Instagram growth using either of the above companies. Choose the best that meets your budget and falls within your needs. They can help you become an Instagram superstar. While there are disadvantages and advantages of buying Instagram likes, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Work smart and stay safe.