10 Best Boostgram Alternatives in 2023

Boostgram Alternatives

A strong presence and engagement are important for your brand. If you want more followers and enjoy organic growth services, read our top Boostgram alternative list before deciding.

Instagram has billions of users with different purposes. But today, most brand companies depend on this platform to advertise their products and get a target audience. However, marketers cannot just create an account and become popular. This is where Boostgram plays a part in the growth process. Instagram growth is related to engagement. Therefore, one must grow the followers base, gain popularity and increase impressions.

However, it is hard to achieve this in the shortest time possible without Boostgram growth services. Before going to other alternatives, let us consider the Boostgram in detail.

Boostgram Review

Boostgram Review

Boostgram is an Instagram automation tool that can help you increase your online exposure. Before then, this platform provided real engagement likes and comments to spur your account growth.

This tool on the market had amazing dozens of features. You could use this tool to schedule Instagram posts, target the audience by gender and location and provide an analytic report. This is critical when evaluating a marketing plan.

This tool was also perfect for managing multiple Instagram accounts. Even though the bot was user friendly, it was shut down. Their services were based on the website. A user could access all features once signed up, including a free trial. while their pricing was expensive, it was not economical at all too.

Why Use Boostgram Alternatives?

Use Boostgram Alternatives

Even though Boostgram promised to deliver safe and high-quality services, equipped with all advanced features, it was still shut down for various reasons. The below claims made customers look for other alternatives.

1. Low-quality services

They heavily relied on bots to provide followers, of which Instagram flagged their services often. Customers had to send a message, receive a link to request a refund. They offered a tiresome canceling procedure that landed most customers not receiving refunds. Before then, the services were often cut out without notification.

2. Negative customer reviews

Boostgram got many negative reviews online involving flags and poor services. Some customers even complained about the hidden prices, which were expensive for low-quality services.

3. Poor customer support

Its customer service support was hard to reach out to them. And if they respond, they would take longer than expected to reply to the message. In most cases, they would even charge customers but never provide services.

Due to the above claims, Boostgram was shut down, and this is a sufficient reason to make you go for other alternatives on the market.

Best Boostgram Alternatives

1. Nitreo


Nitreo is an Instagram growth service provider. They offer followers, grow accounts, and organically expand your reach. This platform has all the features you need to start and grow faster. Set up the account and give them access by specifying the niche. It will work around the clock using a hashtag and follow-unfollow method to increase engagement.

They have multiple targeting features that enable them to offer real results with real followers that you can convert to buying customers. This tool understands the Instagram algorithms and suites to be considered the best alternative on the market. The tool has friendly pricing plans, essentially costing $49 monthly. However, they do not offer a free trial.

2. Kicksta


This is another professional growth service provider tool on the market. It is the best alternative that can meet your needs. If you are looking for real followers with no bot involved or spam activities, then Kicksta is here for you. They seem to use real humans to provide their Instagram growth services. All in all, the process is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. This is better than buying fake followers.

They claim that their growth service is 24/7, non-stop, with actionable insights. The targeting method is based on gender, location, and hashtag, which refines the audience to meet your needs. This is an impressive, safe, and secure service they have been offering since 2015. The pricing is based per user per month, starting from $49 monthly, and guarantees 14-day money back.

3. Social Boost

Social Boost

Social Boost is a marketing agency that offers Instagram growth services. It depends on organic growth strategy as it claims from their website. They assign you a marketing manager who helps you create your campaign by specifying the target audience.

According to this agency, they do handmade growth where a manager is responsible for liking and following based on the provided preferences. The real followers engage and comment on your Instagram content that keeps the account growing. This marketing agency understands the modern marketing process.

Besides growth, they also guarantee advanced optimization, analytic reports, and online safety. Their strategy works flawlessly with 24/7 customer support. While they offer 2 months of free services, the pricing starts from $59 billed monthly.

4. Instaboom


Inataboom is the best Boostgram alternative to offer Instagram growth services. You can rely on this agency to receive targeted growth and get you started. They guarantee to increase your followers between 1500 to3000 monthly. They have designed their strategy from scratch and improved it via an artificial intelligence engine. They promise to optimize all processes to gain the best result.

When you don't have time, Instaboom is your solution and saves your time with automatic interaction. They use a secure server with private IP addresses. The tool has affordable pricing on the market. It starts from $39 monthly, and you can cancel anytime until 1 day before the end of the cycle. The company was founded in Europe.

5. Inflact


Infact is an Instagram automation tool that is more effective in growth services. They use artificial intelligence more and maneuver mundane tasks on Instagram. This ranges from scheduling posts, interacting and smart targeting, and growth analytic and profile analyzing. It comes with many advanced features based on audience, clients, and content. When you are using Instagram for sales, this is the tool to grow your revenue.

Their marketing strategy relies on streamlining leads, adjusting auto-replies, using Kanban boards for orders, and finding hashtags to increase your reach. It only provides targeted followers on your Instagram account to avoid spammy activities. Pricing is another because each module comes with full features starting from as low as $37 per account for 2 weeks—another perfect alternative.

6. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock social is a real Instagram growth service provider that does not depend on bots. There are no fake accounts or ghost followers. They create a genuine relationship with new and targeted followers on Instagram. They offer a fan base with real engagement that improves your Instagram presence.

They aim for an audience that includes conversions, driving leads, and increasing your sales. Signing up is easy, and you start growing your account in minutes. They guarantee growth and analytic reports, which is important. It is a purely natural growth service provider.

The tool is perfected, which grants amazing results. They understand the Instagram algorithm and playground for perfection. Let them find your target audience with as low as $49 monthly charges.

7. Combin

Combin Homepage

Combin is another boostgram alternative but comes with more automation features. It is the best post scheduler on Instagram, similar to other growth tools on the market. The best marketing tool for content planning. It can work as a scheduler or Instagram growth service provider.

As a growth service provider, it can offer audience management and attraction. You can try each category for free. Other than attracting followers, it can also track your growth activity, manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. Over 60k users are happy using their services.

However, the growth is automated and might be risky, but the scheduler can work for your wonders. It also promises targeted and real followers who easily convert to increased sales. It can help you build a loyal community for your brand. You can also restrict who should not follow you on Instagram. You can run the tool on Windows, macOS, and ubuntu.

8. Social Sensei

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is an Instagram growth services provider but heavily uses powerful influencers and celebrities to promote your growth. They can deliver reasonable followers who are real per month. It also relies on giveaway loops that users join by following your account.

Their pricing is expensive but guarantees real followers. However, they will continue with a small charge when they don't meet the expected target. The tool comes with key features such as a dedicated account manager, fast and safe delivery, etc.

Using their experts will ensure that you receive thousands of followers based on your location, which reduces your workload. They also prioritize your account safety. Real people guarantee real results. Silver plan costs $299 per month with 3000 global followers and one loop giveaway. Use this tool to take your online presence to the next level.

9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a management social media service provider. They also offer Instagram automation services that can expand your account in the shortest time. It can help you in all sectors of Instagram interaction and monitoring.

The provider can also organize your posts and expand the sales of your brand on Instagram. This is the leading platform that can extract real followers from social media. You can gain powerful insight with this management tool when you work smarter. You can also use it to run your reports and manage comments.

They have a 30 day free trial with no credit card needed to test their service. It can manage multiple Instagram accounts, and we appreciate that. It works across other social media platforms—test before making a decision. The premium plan starts at $89 per user per account billed annually.

10. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a smart tool designed for Instagram and other social media users. Never confuse it with a bot. They recently added advanced features that you can use to suggest Instagram hashtags. And the best part is that you do not need to be an expert; it can schedule and post on Instagram directly. This means publishing is automated.

It has reduced push notifications and more downloads. You can also use this tool to manage your followers and get smart insights. This is perfect for scheduling your campaign and evaluating the best time to post for optimal engagement.

The tool comes with a free version to test. The available version supports iOS, Android, and Windows. It can help you discover relevant Instagram content based on your brand and audience. Above all, it also has a chrome extension that enables you to share your articles. Lastly, you can add your RSS feeds.


1. What is good Instagram Growth?

A good Instagram growth is when you initiate genuine followers, likes, comments and engagement to your Instagram account. It helps you evade ban or suspension by Instagram.

2. How do you get Organic growth on Instagram?

You can only get organic growth when you rely on organic follower strategies or go manual. You can also utilize this growth by using genuine service providers to grow your account on auto-pilot.

3. What is Instagram engagement Rate?

You can use this number of followers to evaluate your strategy and tell you about the performance quality. While there is no official way of calculating it, people still utilize some formulae. It measures audience interaction rate.


Boostgram was an amazing Instagram growth service provider, but due to many reasons, it was shut down. It could provide many services. However, the services were flagged often. More people are forced to look for other alternatives on the market that come with a complete package. The above tools are best for growing your Instagram engagement and saving time.

Read and test them carefully before making a choice. They are reliable and secure.