15 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in 2023

Buy Instagram Likes

Do you want to promote your Instagram with more likes? Take it easy and consider buying Instagram likes. Please read our article to find credible sites to buy Instagram likes.

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms influencers and marketers use to connect with their target audience. However, you must have a stable audience base. Meaning when you are new to Instagram, it might be hard for you to get started.

There are many ways to make things happen faster, and buying Instagram likes is one. In contrast, there is no need to buy Instagram likes when you have already established your online presence and consistently produce high-quality content.

Equally, buying Instagram likes and combining them with your online presence attracts organic likes. Thus, it is good to buy Instagram likes and jumpstart your growth journey. There are various sites where you can buy Instagram likes. Here are our top picks from the internet. Remember, they sell authentic Instagram likes which are safe and secure for you and your IG account.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

1. AppSally

Buy Instagram Likes for AppSally

AppSally brands itself as a curated marketplace where you can access social media growth services. And right off the bat, AppSally is a monster. Currently, they offer many services online. Besides Instagram engagement, likes, and others, you can also buy growth services across other social media platforms, including  Twitter, Facebook, and youtube. Our focus today is on Instagram likes; it's still bizarre.

They claim that they provide 100% legit Instagram likes compared to other providers on the market. They also promise their clients that they prioritize zero bot activities in their operation, guaranteeing real Instagram engagement.

You can quickly buy their Instagram likes to promote your photos, videos, and posts. This metric is essential in raking your posts on Instagram higher on the feed. Since more likes attract companies to advertise with your profile, it's worth it buying from AppSally.

Their website is also simple and displays pricing plans. You can combine growth services or go for their Instagram likes packages, starting from as low as $18. If there is any drop, they guarantee free replacement. They use handpicked marketers to deliver your Instagram-like orders. Their customer support is also on another level. They offer cost-effective pricing and the safest Instagram likes.

2. Media Mister

Buy Instagram Likes for Media Mister

Secondly, we have Media Mister as a well-known social media growth services provider. The platform has been around for quite some time. These guys have managed to maintain a good reputation and excellent rating.

They offer different services, but you can purchase various metrics when you come to their Instagram services. This is because they pride themselves on providing a comprehensive range of Instagram enhancement services. These range from likes, followers, mentions, and so on.

It is a bit different since when it comes to purchasing Instagram likes, you must also select a specific package from posts, comments, live videos, reels, TV, and ad likes. Both are targeted based on location, gender, and language. Furthermore, you can decide to go for an automatic package or a one-time purchase.

Overall, Media Mister offers cheap pricing. The least you can purchase is 100 Instagram likes going for $3 while the maximum is 1000 delivered within 4 days but costs $24. These guys have experts and excellent customer support with a personal touch.

They also promise you safety and privacy. However, if you are not satisfied or fail to deliver, they guarantee you money back. This provider offers a high level of customizability and covers all aspects of Instagram.

3. Followers.io

Buy Instagram Likes for Followers.io


The key to your Instagram success depends on multiple metrics. Thus, followers.io offers organic Instagram growth services. They also claim that their services are delivered naturally. They have been around for many years, and now they have narrowed their packages to tiered pricing. You can decide to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views separately.

You can beat the algorithm of IG using followers.io Instagram followers. They offer the ultimate growth strategy through likes. Since they offer real followers, they guarantee you real Instagram likes and engagement to obtain real results. This is the best platform to purchase your IG likes and soar higher.

This is a legit company that promises real success. They prioritize your safety and privacy and guarantee never to share your data. They can help you boost your IG likes instantly. Accelerated growth is not only about likes; it is the right likes from targeted or relevant accounts. They only bring likes to your account from followers interested in your brands.

Before buying, you can select between high-quality likes and premium quality likes. High-quality likes are cheaper since they do not have the option to split likes on multiple posts. Either package is inexpensive and offers secure payment options.

4. GetAFollower

Buy Instagram Likes for GetAFollower

GetAFollower is the most reliable site when it comes to buying Instagram likes. They pride themselves on offering unbeatable prices on the market. They have market-leading services cutting across multiple social media accounts.

They make it easy and quick to buy Instagram likes. They also guarantee customers that their likes are 100% authentic from active followers. Their experienced veterans know every corner of social media growth.

Other than likes from real people, they have good reasons why you should select them. This is because their likes are targeted to your niche, guarantee you money back, privacy and safety are their concern, and when you have an issue, they have outstanding customer support. You can also select between automatic or one-time packages where 50 likes go for $2.

5. Stormlikes

Buy Instagram Likes for Stormlikes

Stormlikes, as the name states, can bring you storms of likes to your Instagram account. Though it is a platform offering social media services, it is well known for providing the fastest Instagram likes from real people. This makes their IG likes 100% safe and secure. They also offer other types of engagement metrics besides likes. You can buy Instagram likes instantly, safely, and efficiently with only a few clicks.

Their website is straightforward and displays every package with pricing. You can go for high-quality or premium Instagram likes. High quality is cheap, while premium is expensive, it comes with more targeting features.

They all guarantee delivery, and you can split these likes on multiple posts. Since it's a risk-free service, they will not ask for your password. 24/7 customer support is excellent. Their excellent reviews online are another thing filled with positive praises.

6. InstaShop

Buy Instagram Likes for InstaShop

InstaShop is also an excellent social media growth site. They also offer high-quality Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, and automation services. This is the best place to boost your Instagram account using likes. It is simple to become famous by only buying InstaShop Instagram likes.

Their most popular packages consist of 5000 likes from real people, $29.39. That means you can also go for packages like 200 likes up to 50,000. They have to take a free test of 50 Instagram likes.

InstaShop also offers 24/7 customer support. They also have a 2% cashback promotion ongoing. Once you pay for the likes or select the package and pay, the delivery is automatic./the process is quickly and efficiently boosts your posts. Their website is encrypted and has secure payment methods.

7. TurboMedia

Buy Instagram Likes for TurboMedia

TurboMedia is a social media site offering free Instagram likes and followers. They have an easy and effective strategy to help you quickly gain high-quality likes and followers. Their Trustpilot rating is excellent, meaning their customers are satisfied with the growth services.

Besides free, they also have premium Instagram likes packages. These start from $6 for 100 likes. The premium packages come in handy because free likes are only valid for 48 hours.

However, TurboMedia insists that your profile be public to start receiving likes. Otherwise, they are safe and guarantee privacy protection. They even do not need your password to begin delivering likes. They also provide customer support 24/7 through email and phone calls. TurboMedia's website is secure and has a detailed FAQ page.

8. SocialEmpire

Buy Instagram Likes for SocialEmpire

SocialEmpire, like any other provider, also promises to offer Instagram services. These range from followers, views, likes, and more. They use various marketing tactics to get targeted followers and likes. They also offer services on other social media platforms like youtube etc.

And from the SocialEmpire website, they obtain likes from social marketing, premium networks, sponsored placements, and famous influencer accounts. Their influencers share your content with their followers and drive likes to your profile.

SocialEmpire guarantees the highest quality, 24/7 customer support, anonymous and discrete services, and instant results. Since they do not need your password, it is the safest marketing method. Even reviews and customer recommendations on their website speak a lot. The company is new but knows the role well.

9. SMGains

Buy Instagram Likes for SMGains

SMGains offers growth services. You can easily buy social gains from these guys. And more specifically, they offer Instagram likes, followers, and views. When it comes to likes, SMGains is excellent.

This is the right place to buy Instagram likes and grow your account. They also claim that their Instagram likes make your account look more genuine and rank on top of many hashtags. This depends on the number of likes you purchase.

This is a unique platform where you don't have to request Instagram likes. Instead, you can quickly get the likes from community support and easily reach your target. Post a high-level engagement garners and hit the golden buck of your audience's needs. It is a quick process, and Instagram services are available in bundles.

This provider takes care of the affordability rate. Pricing is also inexpensive; with 100 likes, you can spend only $1.50. They also have a refund policy and support multiple secure payment options.

10. Followersup

Buy Instagram Likes for Followersup

We recommend considering Instagram growth services to increase your Instagram presence and engagement. And when it comes to Instagram likes, FollowersUp is here to help you. This site offers various social media growth metrics. When you visit their website, you can select a package, and they will start delivery automatically upon payment.

And in case you have an issue, the customer support team is available to help you. This has been the leading Instagram likes provider since 2016. They also ensure that your data is kept safe and private. Their customers are happy, and no single cause has been reported.

Followersup has a simple pricing plan but starts from 500 likes going for $6 with a lifetime guarantee and delivery period is up to 24 hours. Their likes are non-drop, and in case of anything, they also guarantee money back.

11. Buzzoid

Buy Instagram Likes for Buzzoid

Another site that offers Instagram likes instantly is Buzzoid. They promise that you can buy their Instagram likes faster, safely and the process is simple. But on their website, they have 2 options. You either go for high-quality likes or premium likes. Either package, likes are real from active Instagram users. Both offer options to split the likes to different pictures and 24/7 customer support.

When you buy these likes, they also come including video views, and the process does not require your passowed.50 high-quality likes costs $1.47 while premium packages start from 250 likes going for $4.99. The site has been featured as among the best platforms providing Instagram likes. They have now been in this business for over 6 years.

Buzzoid has also developed a strong reputation among the customers due to its reliability. They also work with top-rated influencers to offer these services.

12. Goread

Buy Instagram Likes for Goread

GoRead is also a good website offering affordable Instagram likes. Their services are the cheapest on the market we have ever come across. You can also buy Instagram followers and views.

Like other companies, GoRead also offers 2 categories of likes; high quality and active likes. Both guarantee high quality, drop protection, safety, and a simple purchase process. Again, they guarantee instant delivery and 24/7 customer support.

This is one of a kind firm that gets your likes on your posts, videos, and pictures with the highest quality in this industry. They have tailored their pricing to meet all your needs. This is the right choice when you need real Instagram likes.

13. Instafollowers

Buy Instagram Likes for Instafollowers

Instafollowers is a secure website that offers social media growth services. Despite supporting other platforms, they have Instagram packages too. Today, you can buy Instagram likes as a separate package.

They claim that their Instagram likes come from real and active Instagram followers. The Instagram algorithm cannot detect that you have bought Instagram likes since it promises to deliver them over time gradually.

Instafollowers provide affordable packages that can fall within your budget. This ranges from 10 likes to 50 k Instagram likes. 10 likes cost $0.29. They have excellent customer support, which is available 24/7 through live chat. Their Payment method is also encrypted.

14. Twicsy

Buy Instagram Likes for Twicsy

Twicsy is a marketplace that was designed to offer Instagram growth services specifically. Consider Twicsy if you need real Instagram likes from active people worldwide. The site has been around for over 3 years and has established a strong reputation online.

Their website is easy to use and encrypted. They guarantee you high-quality Instagram likes, followers, and views. They also offer a range of likes, from high quality to premium Instagram likes. Your Instagram likes or followers will be delivered with only a few clicks.

Twicsy's website is safe and reliable, with excellent customer support available 24/7. Their likes are relevant in promoting your Instagram posts and brand awareness videos or photos. They also have options to split the likes among multiple photos. All packages are supplemented with free video views, and they do not need your password to start delivery. 50 likes cost $1.47. This is literally affordable.

15. iDigic

Buy Instagram Likes for iDigic

iDigic is an excellent choice for quality and affordable pricing. They never go wrong and offer various packages for Instagram growth. Besides Instagram likes, they also sell followers and views. And before buying a premium package, they also offer a free trial to test their quality services. They also claim to provide unmatched price points, provide likes that are 100% genuine, and 24/7 customer support.

These guys guarantee a high retention rate, and 50 likes cost $1.49. These come from real people with real accounts. Additionally, they also promise you free video views on their packages, and you can split their likes on various Instagram pictures. You can decide the delivery speed per hour.

iDigic is the best choice to help you accomplish Instagram-like needs. The platform has an easy interface with professional marketers. Try their services today.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Likes

You can enjoy many advantages while buying Instagram likes from legit providers. at the same time, you might also experience some drawbacks when you purchase fake Instagram likes:

  • Instantly boosting IG account and improving the visibility
  • Buying more likes creates credibility, thus ranking higher than competitors
  • Providers self genuine likes at an affordable price
  • It saves time while building an account, therefore, focusing on content creativity
  • It is hard to detect scammers in the industry without meticulous research
  • Buying Instagram likes from fake providers poses a ban risk to your account
  • Supplementing likes with comments and followers is quite expensive.

How to Choose the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

Consider these aspects before selecting the best site to buy Instagram likes:

  • Reputation and rating: Select a site with a good rating and maintain an excellent reputation among the customers online. Invest your cash in providers with experience.
  • Budgeting: Before selecting a provider, look at your budget and the quality of the likes. And also remember cheap is expensive. So, go for high quality at an affordable price.
  • Payment security and encryption:  Ensure that the provider's website is encrypted and uses secure payment methods to protect data. Otherwise, you will fall for scammers.
  • Consult other influencers: Connect with other influencers on Instagram with the same interest and seek their advice on the best Instagram growth providers.
  • Simplicity:  Go for a provider with a simple purchase procedure that you can easily understand. Also, the availability of customer support is critical.

Other Organic Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram likes is not the only solution to your Instagram profile growth. You need to do more than that to grow your online presence organically. The combination ensures success.

  • Create high-quality content and gain attention from your audience: High-quality content makes people engage and share your content across other platforms, thus expanding your reach and growing organically.
  • Being creative is another good aspect: Don't just use Instagram to advertise but also entertain your audience so that they can recognize your brand voice and get comfortable. This way, you will draw many Instagram likes and followers to your profile.
  • Focus on your niche and be real: This is easy and enables you to create fantastic posts to get a high conversion rate as more customers keep coming back.
  • Use the relevant and trending hashtags and reach the explore page
  • Try promotion across your social network to get more followers and clicks
  • Use IG stories to boost your engagement and create awareness
  • Engage with other content on Instagram.

It is challenging to increase your Instagram engagement metric manually. You can save yourself time and effort by buying Instagram likes. Likes can help get your photos and content on Instagram noticed. Thus, we have listed the above best sites to buy real Instagram likes from to make it simple. All are legit and trusted with solid reputations and secure websites. Check out the one that suits your preferences.