ViewerLabs: Why It Shut Down & Best Alternatives to ViewerLabs

ViewerLabs Alternatives

When your viewerlab bot fails to function, there are many alternatives on the market. Please read our review to see some of the best Viewerlabs alternatives.

Technology has made everything possible and more specifically for social media marketers. However, it leaves us with a lot of things to accomplish within a limited time. Today, it is even hard to manage our social media accounts due to the limited time, resources and efforts needed. Social media account growth is important, but prompt attention becomes a problem.

The lack of time makes us rely on third parties for support. We now trust twitch bots due to their immense value. There are many precautions to take while using these twitch bots, but overall, you should manage them well. Because of these strict terms, one of the twitch bots was shut down. And this bot has been well known among marketers as Viewerslab.

It has now become necessary to seek credible alternatives to Viewerslab. Before going into details about the existing reliable alternatives, let us first re-evaluate the Viewerlabs bot.

What Happen to ViewerLabs?

What is ViewerLabs

Viewerlabs is twitch accounts automation third-party automation software. It has been one of the reliable twitch bots with affordable pricing on the market. Before it was shut down, the bot has been offering all kinds of twitch growth services and comes with credible features.

Their dashboard was super easy to use, offering easy control of your Twitch channel.  We are here to give you unbiased reviews and informative content. So, if you are to engage with it, it is your decision. Thus, Viewerlab could give you that little nudge to get famous on Twitch. But how was this possible?

A good question, from their website, you could guess. This twitch bot perpetuated twitch views, followers, channel views and also offered chatbots. Everything was well, but you doubt the authenticity of their services. Views, followers, and streams are necessary for your twitch account to grow and gain your reputation.

Viewerlab offered the best services, but everything was manipulated and was shut down due to selling fake engagement. Twitch took this action intending to combat streaming their platform using bots. Viewerslab ceased its scamming clients by selling fake views, streams, chatbots, and followers. The company is yet to make any statement due to its closure, and any step is still uncertain.

However, the business should continue. While some of their clients were not happy due to poor services, we here wish to give you the best alternatives to the Viewerslab on the market. Could you read our reviews to the end?

Best Alternatives to ViewerLabs

1. Followersup – Best safest & effective choice


  • Offer: Followers & Views plan
  • Cost: Start from $2 for 100 channel views

This is the best and safest social media automation tool. It cuts across all the social media platforms besides Twitch. If you want to boost the growth of your Twitch channel with real engagement, then this tool is your wise choice.

They can completely control your channel even in your absence to let it stand out from the rest. They mostly target to grow your engagement using a real and targeted audience. This way, it offers you the best relevant exposure while increasing your online presence.

It is one of the trusted providers, and its services are 100% safe and delivered quickly. This tool has many things in common with other existing reliable social media bots. To an extent, this bot is also quite flexible when you buy their premium services. The pricing plan options are also flexible. This means you can only pick the services you need on your social media platforms. Most importantly, they offer followers and views plans.

2. Media Mister – Best variety package choice

Media Mister twitch

  • Offer: Followers & Views plan
  • Cost: Start from $2 for 100 video views

Media Mister has received lots of reviews because it has been in operation for a long. It has the most desirable track of record among the existing alternatives. But, this tool comes with its unique features when it comes to social media and twitch channel automation.

It has a variety of packages with different choices. One of its advantages is that this bot supports multi-platform automation. Therefore, it takes over all tasks on any social media platform and automates your twitch accounts.

These activities target to grow your social media accounts and make you famous. So, when you use this tool on your Twitch, be sure to save your time and effort. You can thus dedicate this precious time to creating your content and doing other tasks. The provider is also proud of its comprehensive range of enhancement services for social media purposes.

3. Stormlikes – Best overall performance choice

stormlikes twitch


  • Offer: Followers & Views plan
  • Cost: Start from $2.99 for 500 views

Stormlikes is an efficient social media bot. You can purchase authentic Twitch views and followers at an affordable price. Its performance is the best overall on the market. And it works not only on the twitch channel but also on other social media platforms. These guys guarantee instant delivery upon payment.

They have friendly plans, as you can see from their website. If you plan to promote the content on Twitch or any other platform, this is the best choice. The bot can beat the social media algorithms in many ways. It can utilize the followers and views to place your content on top of the rest. This way, it could be placing you to your target audience on Twitch and increase the traffic.

Immediately you subscribe to a plan; you will see gradual changes increase organically in terms of views and followers. Your account can never be flagged or banned because they source these views and followers from real people hence not suspicious activities. And above all, they pride themselves on delivering authentic services to their clients. When clients are happy, they are happy, and we are happy too to recommend this bot as the best alternative to Viewerslab.

4. – Best budget alternative to ViewerLabs

  • Offer: Chatbot, Followers & Views plan
  • Cost: Start from $2 for 1000 channel views

Are you searching for the easiest way of automating your Twitch channel? Take action today and check out the bot. On the market currently, they offer views and followers. As well, they can auto-pilot any activity on your twitch channel. Not only do they support Twitch, but they are also effective in automating other social media platforms.

This could be your best alternative when you consider your budget. They have different tools, each meant for a specific task. This tool is also equipped with chatbot support.

The array of advanced features makes ViewRuan an impressive twitch channel automation tool. You can use it to increase your online exposure effectively. They also offer varying and flexible [pricing plans to meet your budget. And overall, they are affordable but can easily increase your reach on Twitch. The bot is easy to set up and use; however, its features are limited, but it offers anticipated services effortlessly.

5. FeedPixel


  • Offer: Followers, views, and live stream viewer plans
  • Cost: Start from $1.99 for 2500 channel views

FeedPixel is also a great twitch bot. It offers all the social media automation services, including views and followers. Unlike other bots on the market, FeedPixel offers a tiered pricing plan. Which means you can only receive what you have paid for. What mostly convinced us to list as the best alternative to Viewerlabs is that you can first enjoy free and authentic twitch followers and views before updating to premium packages.

These guys are glad when they are in charge of your account. They are perfect, especially when you want to jumpstart your twitch streaming carrier and increase your revenue at a smaller cost. You can try their high-quality services for free and boost your streaming at zero cost.

They also have a buy as you package, which is still affordable but guaranteed delivery. Besides views and followers, you can also purchase live stream viewers. They have personal assistants who can help you with special treatment. In less than 5 minutes, you can be in a position to detect the growth after payment.

6. StreamScheme – Make You a Good Content Creator


Streamscheme is a platform that aims at teaching its clients to maximize their content creation. They do not only help you curate your Twitch content but also teach you how to handle and manage other social media platforms as well. They are simply passionate about educating all streamers in this field and becoming successful content creators. This site is ranked by many trusted websites and has maintained its reputation to date.

Besides educating, they can also give you your twitch channel reviews when you get stuck. Their specialized marketers have helped many streamers overcome their humps and get to a sustainable growth path. When your twitch channel is in plateau struggle, these guys are here to help you be it, twitch overlay, emotes, sponsor, music, or extension. They can also help you evaluate your channel if it's ready for sponsorship or affiliate programs.

And if you need professional coaching or group coaching on how you can manage your content, you can book a strategy session with their marketers. They cover all social media platforms in branding, growth services, discord, gaming, equipment, resources, and connections. Their passion is to help upcoming streamers to learn valuable skills.

7. Nightbot – Best ChatBot for Twitch

Nightbot twitch

Nightbot is among the few best Twitch chatbot. If you want to keep your clients engaged, this tool is preferred and simple. You can use it on multiple stream platforms, both Windows and macOS. This is a cloud-hosted chatbot; thus, you can manage your social media platform or Twitch channel on a console or a browser.

You can easily personalize and create commands. This bot has a feature to help you protect your viewers and followers from spamming activities. This is more of a twitch moderation tool than automation.

This chatbot allows your followers and viewers to choose a song from Twitch or another popular platform and stream from your playlist. They also store a lot of metrics about your channel as long as followers have subscribed to your streams. You can get all your accounts done simultaneously so that you get enough time to entertain twitch viewers by creating relevant and attractive content.

8. OWN3D Pro

OWN3D Pro twitch

Own3d Pro is also another twitch chatbot software. It can offer you a branding strategy for your Twitch or other platform streaming. It also lets you access advanced overlays and alerts, which helps you match your content and the needs of your twitch viewers and followers. It makes your branding perfect hence setting your twitch channel looks more professional.

Also, users can create personalized commands to help moderate the channel and even accept a donation via PayPal only when using the pro plugin version. When Someone also gives you a tip on Twitch or other platforms, you use the premium alert tool to highlight them. This is a perfect tool mainly for twitch channel branding and moderation.

9. Streamlabs


Streamlabs is an all-in-one live streaming software. If you want to go live on Twitch and other platforms to grow your audience, then this is your perfect choice. It was well known as Ankhbot. It is one of the easiest ones to use and comes with extra features. You can download it on your windows machine and use it with the twitch channel.

Since it is a chatbot, you can access many commands and moderate your viewers and followers on Twitch. It lets you also create sound effects, and sometimes, you can interlink with OBS. Besides downloading, you can also use their cloud-based bot to get more twitch engagement tools.

This chatbot is so special, and you can use it in hosting polls, chat alerts, etc. It is a wise choice to use this bot to entertain your audience. When you upgrade to the streamlabs prime, you can access all unlocked applications, which helps improve the quality of your twitch streams like overlay and jungle punk, to mention a few.

10. Moobot

Moobot twitch

Moobot is a Twitch bot that offers a unique approach to your channel. You can customize and differentiate each feature. It has been on the market for a long time hence building its reputation. This is because it not only automates every twitch activity, but it is also completely free.

Trying Moobot is not an issue; trust them, it can do wonders on your Twitch channel. They guarantee you account privacy and security, and it is a good choice to start with when you are new on the twitch platform.

It is hard to find a twitch bot that shares all advanced features for free. This might be your best time to try this option to offer effective and efficient help. Get followers and automatically boost your engagement on the twitch community at no cost. Trust, it is fully adjustable and always on without downtime as it is based on cloud servers with backups.

Using Bot is Not a Permanent Solution

Bot is not a Permanent Solution

With that, all well said, you should understand that, but it is not a permanent solution to your needs. This is because all successful streamers besides the bots have an active community that supports them. This is impossible to manipulate using a bot. It is even hard to grow a real follower network when the audience suspects that you are using a bot to stream and moderate your social media account. It becomes counterproductive.

Therefore, instead of fully relying on this third-party software, you should only put your effort into creating valuable content. This is because the audience loves informative and funny streams which, in the end, drive traffic, engage with your viewers, and keep your solid community who enjoys your streams.

Only use a bot to kickstart your journey and, after that, reinvest your money on streams by offering incentives to viewers and getting professional equipment. So, when the audience realizes that you have taken your social media channel seriously, they eventually invest their funds, time, and effort supporting you.


There are many reliable Viewerlabs alternative bots on the market to help you grow your twitch channel and other platforms. It becomes the best choice when you get the right alternative as it takes care of everything. Since the shutdown of this popular twitch bot: Viwerlabs, there is a growing need for other alternatives.

However, only use a bot to jumpstart the journey and brand your channel; after that, concentrate on creating quality content and building a solid community to support you. Otherwise, the above alternative twitch bots are efficient and reliable. Double-check each and select providers that meet your needs with minimal risks, then grow your twitch channel with ease.