10 Best Twitch Viewer Bots for More Video & Live Views in 2023

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Do you want to stand out in the streaming world? Come here, and get the best twitch viewer bots to help you!

At a time, growing your social media platforms requires external support. Twitch is one of them, and if you have ever experienced how it operates, you now understand what it takes to engage your content and get started. However, it is difficult when you don't have prior experience to figure out the best companies on Twitch.

Therefore, to be successful, you will need Twitch viewer bots. Keeping this in mind, let us see why you should trust and rely on these bots. You can get exposure using Twitch viewer bots but first, what are Twitch viewer bots?

What are Twitch Viewer Bots?

Twitch viewer bots are automated software that is designed for making streaming uncomplicated and making the process convenient. The software is essential, especially when you are used to uploading bulk live streams and avoiding technical issues due to time limits. Therefore, you should seek moderators on your chat; however, sometimes moderators make mistakes besides making it easy.

Sometimes these moderation tools have higher speed than an ordinary computer and can efficiently react to a message in a chat. Hence, these twitch viewer bots have replaced human labor and saved their time and money. They are recommended for automating simple chores and managing your live streams.

This implies that you will have plenty of time to focus on content creation instead of moderating your Twitch account. Free Up your schedule when using a Twitch viewer bot and create high-quality content to stand out. But, there are a few things to note before using a Twitch viewer bot.

What Need to Know Before Using Twitch Viewer Bots?

Before Using Twitch Viewer Bots

There are many things you should consider before you get started. Here are a few tips to keep you secure while using Twitch viewer bots:

1. Be Smart

Using a bot on a Twitch account is like a fraud. When users see that you have many viewers, they perceive your streaming as high quality hence converting them to follow your account. Work smart and avoid using them to simulate your presence because it misleads the viewers, and consequently, they will unfollow you. Hence your account will seem untrustworthy.

2. Twitch Viewer Bots Negative Consequences

Using a bot on a Twitch account is against their terms and conditions. When detected using it, you face the potential consequences, and the account can be shut down or suspended. This is because it is considered fake interaction.

Therefore, only use a Twitch viewer bot to kickstart your dream and moderate the account brightly and intelligently without being detected. Otherwise, they can quickly ban your account or IP address.

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

1. Media Mister

Media Mister twitch

  • Cost: Start at $2 – 100 Twitch views
  • Offer: Twitch views & followers

Try out the Media Mister bot if you are looking for a trusted company to get more viewers on your twitch account. This is a perfect option for you with an affordable pricing plan. The impact of Twitch viewers lies in its impact and its appeal to social signals. This bot can help you enjoy the benefit of accumulating viewers and setting the wheels in motion. It has been in this industry for a long time and thus has a long-standing reputation with customers.

Again, the company has spent a lot of time since its inception in perfecting its features. Media Mister does not only help you gather Twitch views and followers but also works well on other platforms. This is a perfect opportunity for an all-around influencer as this bot can do everything on all social media platforms.

You have to select the type you want and commit to it for payment to get these viewers. They always deliver within 2 days. You can either go for video viewers, click viewers or live video viewers. All packages are available depending on your needs. And above all, they have an excellent customer support team and offer friendly pricing that is hard to beat on the market.

2. Stormlikes

stormlikes twitch

  • Cost: Start at $2.99 – 500 Twitch views
  • Offer: Twitch views & followers

Stormlikes is an online platform where you can buy your twitch viewers other than followers. They offer an incomparable service for Twitch account viewers, which helps you increase your account popularity. When you are tired of your streams not receiving viewers, this is the right place to try and kickstart your dream. It can help you build the most popular streams on the Twitch platform. They can boost you and improve your standing to prolific streaming services around the world.

The viewers boost your content, and they guarantee instant delivery where they immediately start rolling upon payment. This bot offers high-quality viewers on the market with 100% guaranteed services. What made us trust them was their 24/7 live chat customer support. There are also a lot of features you can choose from when using the bot. It is just mind-blowing since it works on Twitter and is compatible with other social media platforms.

3. Followersup

Followersup twitch

  • Cost: Start at $4 – 100 Twitch views
  • Offer: Twitch views & followers

Followersup bot works with the same techniques as Media Mister. It has been on the market for a long time and has gained customer trust with an outstanding reputation. It comes to good customer support and high-quality features to impact your Twitch account. You can select this bot to get the exemplary growth service for your account. On Twitch, you can buy viewers or followers at a cost, but the results are instant.

This is the best platform to get sorted if you need twitch viewers to boost your account and popularity among relevant audiences. A tiered pricing system is a good thing we like about this provider. You can select the number of viewers you need on a specific stream, depending on your budget. Their pricing has been constant since the beginning, and in fact, they are even giving discounts to their potential customers.

Each twitch viewer you purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee. They promise to deliver the service within 24 hours, and in case you experience any issues, you can still contact them via a chatbox. Other than Twitch video views, they also offer Twitch channel viewers different pricing. Channel viewers are cheaper than video viewers. Your security is their concern; try them today.

4. SoNuker

SoNuker twitch

  • Cost: Start at $35 – 2000 Twitch channel views
  • Offer: Twitch channel views & followers

Just like other companies, this is also a trusted Twitch viewer bot on the market. This bot can help you gain more Twitch channel viewers and followers as well on your streams. Upon payment, they guarantee you deliver within 3 days.

They are 100% safe and secure where they guarantee you a refill when it drops below your order. It can also help you gain instant recognition on your Twitch profile and encourage other audiences to watch your streams.SoNuker is a perfect choice when it comes to delivering more than what you order.

This bot has an excellent customer rating on Trustpilot, and they are here to deliver the best. When you have any problem, you can always reach out to their customer support 24/7. However, they have a high minimum requirement which starts from 2000, and it might sound a bit expensive to a newcomer. The signup process is easy. We can also conclude that this is an AIO bot because it functions not only on the Twitch platform but also on other social media platforms.

5. GetAFollower


  • Cost: Start at $2 – 100 Twitch  views
  • Offer: Twitch views & followers

This is also another cheaper Twitch viewer bot on the market. It is based on the internet and is simple to use. You only need to paste the link of your Twitch stream, make payment and sit back to watch the viewers grow. It comes with pretty specific features besides being compatible with other social media platforms.

It can accommodate all platforms, and other than viewers, you can also buy Twitch followers. The views are only meant to help you jumpstart your online presence and target large followers. It can also help you stand out from the crowd with high retention, and this is a great idea to get your profile ranked and recognized.

You can select viewers based on the clips, videos, or live videos on their online website. Both of which are generally cheap with different minimum requirements and pricing. This is the best bot for you when you have a busy schedule but need to keep your twitch account moderated.

Another advantage of using this bot is that they offer targeted services, meaning you only receive what you have paid for. They offer a great opportunity with the stiff competition that vie for the same rank.

6. Nightbot

Nightbot twitch

  • Cost: Free
  • Offer: Twitch chat bot

Nightbot is another twitch viewer bot that can be used on many other platforms to make it versatile and friendly. Among our list, this is the most user-friendly bot and is highly recommended for beginners. Thus it is super simple to use it. Since their services are hosted on the cloud, it has reduced the workload of downloading files.

It comes packed with extensive features but is easy to customize and meet your requirements. You can set up commands in simple steps. It is worth your time because it protects your Twitch viewers from spam and has a past chat log search feature. Other users might find it a bit advanced though.

However, the bot targets making your life simple. It is the best Twitch bot when it comes to reputation. This means most people trust their services.

7. Moobot

Moobot twitch

  • Cost: Free
  • Offer: Twitch automation tool

It is good to find Twitch viewers. But if you are looking for free twitch viewers, then come in try this free Moobot bot. It has a good reputation in the industry. Since it is free, it is high time to try and determine if it's worth your time when increasing your twitch viewers.

According to our research, you can trust this bot on your Twitch channel. The bot offers security and cares about your online privacy too. Thus your details are safe from online hackers, and the risk of being banned or suspended are minimal.

Moobot comes with a customization feature; hence it is simple to use, and you can also customize it to meet your needs. However, it is exclusively meant for Twitch viewers. It effectively increases viewer engagement and loyalty while removing any distraction as you get the desired twitch community to take your account to the next level. You can also enjoy building in support on various platforms.

8. Wizebot

Wizebot twitch

  • Cost: Free

While WizeBot offers you Twitch viewers, it also offers the customers many more advanced features. These features are easily customized to take your channel ahead of others. Hence, this bot is well known for customization and is free of charge. But, the developers are constantly developing more features to make it better and evade any downside while using this bot on the Twitch channel.

You can install this bot on your account and moderate the twitch growth in a few minutes. It comes with over 100 features. This is good, especially when you need to cover comprehensive tasks. Although they are still developing, we can trust their service and give you genuine viewers on your twitch profile. They are likely to introduce premium packages in the future.

9. OWN3D Pro

OWN3D Pro twitch

  • Cost: Free

This is an OBs compatible plugin, but it offers twitch streamers advanced features to manage and enhance their live videos while increasing viewers. It aims to be an AIO  by providing all services you need under one roof on your streams. You can also use chat box and notification features to keep your viewers engaged through interaction.

You can use their basic version for free, while the premium version has a small price tag. But the premium version comes with advanced features. It has an embedded Twitch chat where it displays on your stream. It is a good and reliable bot to help you gain more views on Twitch to get started and gain popularity. In a nutshell, this is a free Twitch viewer service provider, but you can upgrade to a premium plan that is charged per month if you like their services.

10. Views. run

Views. run twitch

  • Cost: Start at $5 – 100 Twitch  views
  • Offer: Twitch views & followers

The last Twitch viewer bot is Virew.run the bot. It is a unique bot since it offers many types of bots services on your Twitch channel, depending on your needs. And it is the easiest way that offers high-quality services in automating your twitch actions.

They not only offer views to their clients but also sell followers and automation tools to your Twitch channel. The view comes with chat support. It supports different payment methods, and each is reasonable based on our views.

When you use this bot, it can help you increase visibility hence reach on the Twitch platform. It is easy to set and offers cheap and flexible plans. In the premium package, you can target live viewers, channel views, clip views, and currently, they have introduced video views. Boost your Twitch viewers safely with instant delivery to meet your affiliate's minimal requirements to start earning revenue.

How to Choose a Good Twitch Viewer Bot?

Good Twitch Viewer Bot

Choosing a Twitch viewer bot depends on various things.

  • First is compatibility, make sure that your watch viewer bot complies with the terms and conditions of the twitch platform.
  • Second is the security and privacy. This Is also another aspect you need to consider. The bot should always keep you and your information safe from any cyber attack.
  • And lastly, the cost and features. A good Twitch viewer bot should have features that you can customize to meet your requirements at an affordable cost.

Therefore, we highly recommend finding a Twitch viewer bot from the above list to help you meet your needs in the shortest time.


We have covered a lot about Twitch viewer bots, and the above is the list of the best Twitch viewer bots to help you boost your visibility. Before committing to one, make y=sure that it cares about your online privacy and safety. It helps keep your account secure and avoid possible troubles.

With that in mind, you can buy Twitch viewers to jumpstart your dream and find relevant viewers and engage with them on your Twitch streams.