Streambot Review & Alternatives review

This is our comprehensive Streambot review when you are stumbling for one. Streambot or alternatives? Please read it to the end before making a choice.

Twitch is becoming a popular media network. It's held by amazon in premiering all things, including video games. It has helped many people rise to fame through content creation and live stream.

Due to its popularity, there have emerged many automation tools. These tools effectively grow the account with viewers, audience, and likes. But, the practical tools are limited. Therefore, Streambot is one of the automation tools you can use on twitch. It provides many services, as we will see in our next section.

Streambot Review

Streambot overview

Streambot is an online twitch bot. When you are having problems growing your twitch audience, Twitch Bot can provide you with an effortless online solution and boost your popularity. Since it's a viewer bot, it helps users promote their live stream, appear famous and reach more people through generating interest among the followers. This bot comes with different features relevant for growing the account and minimizing the risks. We will cover that in this review.

Streambot guarantees users 100% privacy and their services do not involve any ads. This sounds amazing, though, blackmailing users. While they promise to make a difference to the twitch account, some clients still don't trust them. This is because they cannot verify where the followers come from. From the look on the platform, Streambot does not have detailed information or a customer support section.

But, it claims to offer anything you need to to start and grow your twitch stream. They can offer viewers, chatters, and followers; a safe service to get you started on their website. Because of their cheap pricing, we are compelled to believe that it is a mere bot. We condemn using a bot when it comes to twitch growth services because it puts accounts at risk.

Streambot believes that the more followers and viewers, the more the audience. The more this bot gives you views, the more your video appears on the top or becomes famous. So, the Streambot service ensures that more people get your stream whom it converts to long-term viewers. Let us see its features now.

Features of Streambot

Streambot Feature

Streambot helps its clients with unlimited usage, and it comes with many features. some of these main features are as follows:

  • Multiple channels

This Streambot can help you manage multiple channels. So, if you need to manage all your accounts, you can change each one after 2 days and get them growing.

  • No download

This tool is efficient and does not require any download. This is because it is web-based and works on any browser with any device. This is advantageous to most users.

  • Customizable

The tool also offers their customers the capability to add the quantity, the origin of the viewers, the interval, customize the chat log, and remove or add viewers live. The user can decide and has complete control.

  • Flexible pricing and free trial

Streambot comes with a free trial plan for one day. It gives all users time to test their service before upgrading. But again,  if you are a new twitch streamer or you want to partner, they got a plan for you.

  • Unlimited usage

There is no limit on the use of this automation tool. When a user has an active membership, they can enjoy unlimited use. However, it limits the length of your stream.

  • Privacy matters and direct access

When you purchase this premium tool, you can start using it directly on any device. Since they value your privacy, they do not have ads, logs, and trackers on their platform enabled. They only keep your email.

Price of Streambot

Streambot Pricing

Whether you are a pro stream or a newcomer, Streambot has plans that fall within your budget. They offer weekly and monthly plans. Each of their 4 pricing comes with different features. In the trial version, weekly costs $10 per week during the same package monthly goals for $25 per month.

There are basic, pro, and partner plans available on their website. Both offer viewers, chatters, and live viewers. The weekly program seems realistic. A basic plan costs $45 per month, while if you want a shared or partnership plan, it goes for $90 per month. This is pretty cheap with all functions and customization features.

How Does Streambot Work?

Streambot Homepage

Streambot is simple to use. You only need to visit their website and sign up for your account. After that, select a plan and make a payment. Once you are done with that process, send the live views on the dashboard when you start streaming directly.

On the dashboard, you can enter your details, including channel name, select the number of views you need, set up the interval, and decide on the origin of your viewers or traffic. Its dashboard is appealing and simple for beginners. It comes with many functions. Here, the user has complete control of the twitch stream traffic instead of other bots on the market.

Why Need Alternatives for Streambot

Alternatives for Streambot

1. Negative customer reviews

Because of the bad reviews on Trustpilot, we would not recommend Streambot. Before going for their services, always ensure you check for the reviews and Streambot customers seem unsatisfied. Trustpilot is reliable for reviews, but unfortunately, Streambot got all negative reviews. We cannot recommend it when we are sure you will never be satisfied because many customers refer to scammers.

2. No customer support.

We do not recommend this bot growing your twitch stream because there is zero customer support. The page is not available without any visible means of communication. So, if you get into any issue, there is no one to consult. Since any legit service provider must have a support team available to ensure customers are happy, it's worrying. We would 100% recommend using other alternatives.

Your purchase is final, which is not good, especially when a client is satisfied with the service.

3. No refunds.

Streambot does not have a refund policy. Since their services do not work well and don't offer a refund, we would not recommend this provider. Instead of a free trial, they still offer a paid trial plan.

Best Alternatives to Streambot

Since we do not 100% recommend Streambot, we urge you to go for other alternative automation tools on the market. Here are the better reliable and practical tools for growing your twitch streaming.

1. Mr.Insta

Mr Insta Twich follower

Mr.Insta is our favourite automation tool for giving you growth services on your twitch account. Though it's well known for other social media platforms, it also comes with different twitch packages. Besides free twitch followers, you can buy premium followers, live twitch viewers, or channel views. They guarantee delivery, 100% safe and secure, with no password required.

They value your privacy more than anything. This provider has excellent Trustpilot reviews, which indicates their high-quality services. Even though expensive, they deliver the best quality. When not satisfied, you can also request a refund, and one sure thing is that they always make their customers happy with 24/7 support.

2. Followersup


Followersups is a social media automation tool that offers you specific services. It is perfect for providing twitch growth services. You can use this tool to buy twitch viewers, followers, and channel views. All these are affordable and got a package that fits every budget. It comes with high-quality features with excellent customer support.

We like these guys because users can select the exemplary growth service that meets their needs. Of course, any twitch growth services you can find on their website. Their offers depend on your budget, meaning; you can only receive what you pay for.

It has been in this industry for a long time, thus reliable and effective. Each twitch service comes with a lifetime warranty. You use their chatbox to consult the support team. Followersup is a better choice than Streambot. Go for it today.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister overview

If twitch viewers are your problem, we highly recommend you to Media mister. It is a perfect alternative for providing twitch growth services. Though it works across other social media platforms, it still offers twitch packages. Users can buy twitch views and followers; this only is enough to enhance your twitch services for any purpose comprehensively.

They have resources to make you stand out from the crowd. For customer support, they have an excellent team. Privacy is their concern, and the service has a personal touch. Since they are experts with experience, they guarantee you targeted twitch followers and views based on the location around the world.

When not satisfied, they guarantee you money back on your initial purchase without any question. The company has a long-standing reputation, and they are still perfecting the features. It's a great option and the best alternative on the market for influencers who want to manage multiple social media profiles. It is simple to use, select a service, pay, and sit back to watch your twitch channel grow. It's hard for other competitors to beat Media mister.

4. Stormlikes


Lastly, we have stormlike. While known for Instagram automation services, It also offers twitch views and followers using ghost accounts. It prides itself on providing genuine growth services from real people around the world. Stormlikes has the best twitch followers and views targeted from any world region. you can explore their packages and select the one that meets your needs.

All packages guarantee delivery. It can be gradual or instant, depending on your needs. But be aware that they consider your privacy and never ask for your password. Like other providers, stormlikes also offers 24/7 customer support to help and make their clients happy.

This automation tool guarantees fast service to enable you to gain popularity on twitch faster. Their views are incomparable when engaging and increasing your profile ranking. It seriously boosts and ensures that you receive prolific streaming services at an affordable price.


1. What is a Twitch Viewer Bot?

Twitch viewer bot is a computer automation software that can help you automate and boost your twitch streaming services. It offers views, followers, and other services to help your profile rank higher and become famous.

2. Is Streambot legit?

According to its bad reviews, it is almost impossible to say that Streambot is legit. Most customers refer to it as a scam. Since it does not offer customer support and the free trial doesn't work, we recommend using the other alternatives above.

3. Why do you need a twitch viewer bot?

A twitch viewer bot is vital for jumpstarting your streaming journey on twitch and helps you become famous by increasing your audience. Due to high competition, you need a third-party tool to moderate and grow your twitch channel with views, followers, and other services. It is hard to succeed on your own without a twitch viewer bot.

4. What does a good twitch viewer bot look like?

Make sure that a twitch bot complies with twitch API when using the software. And also, ensure that a provider is here to stay and prepared to keep you safe and provide support when needed. Privacy and good reputation matters a lot. Therefore, we highly recommend checking on the above alternatives since they are prepared to offer you a free trial to test.


Streambot has many negative reviews on Trustpilot, which do not portray a good picture. With no customer support and refund policy, we would like to recommend the above alternatives. They will offer you high-quality twitch streaming services. Make use of your favourite, grow your twitch channel,  and get ranked to become famous. Select the best alternative based on your preference. Otherwise, they all offer the same growth services.