Stormlikes Review

Stormlikes review

Are you searching for an Instagram growth tool that offers cross-promotion services across other social media platforms? Stormlieks might be your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Increasing your online presence on Instagram is a complicated process when you decide to manually. But today, there is always another option for online services. Followers, likes, and commend come in handy and are considered as everything you need to increase your Instagram presence and engagement. Different third-party software can help you achieve real-time interaction in the shortest time.

The automation software does not replace the organic network with the target market. Instead, combine effort and achieve the same goals while creating interest and attracting more followers to your profile. Increasing the target followers increases your conversation rate, thus improving your brand sales and reach to the market.

That is in mind; we are convinced to consider Stormlikes. Stormlikes is a popular Instagram promotional tool. There are some other alternatives, but they all provide the same services. Please read our article to get enough information and know-how to get the good growths services that meet your needs.

Stormlikes Review


Stormlikes is an automation tool that provides social media promotions services. It is known for offering Instagram growth services that are genuine. They cover Instagram likes, followers, views, and auto likes.

Besides Instagram, it also covers almost all major social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, and Soundcloud. They promise to deliver the services within a minute once you make payment—the company boast of being the best Instagram marketing firm on the internet.

The statement is bold and has made us carry out more profound research. But what we found out turned out to be true. We now believe that not all bots are bad.

Stormlikes offers services that comply with Instagram API. They care much about their clients and cannot exceed the daily limit. We assure you that when you get Stormlikes services, then you have struck gold. The company has built a robust reputation and seems that it is not interested in money more than offering quality services to clients.

Their website is secure, simple, and has excellent customer reviews. We bet by the end of this review. We bet you will have all information you need to know to make an informed decision. We have divided the article into various sections for easy understanding and now let us consider the positive and negative sides of the Stormlikes.

  • They have visible pricing and a simple website.
  • Detailed FAQ page and help section.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • The site has genuine reviews on its website.
  • They have affordable pricing plans.
  • Support multiple and secured payment methods, including PayPal.
  • Guarantee authentic and organic interaction with real people with live accounts.
  • Offer services across other social media platforms not only limited to Instagram.
  • They do not indicate where their Instagram likes are sourced from. Hence, no transparency.
  • Do not offer a free trial.

Why We Like Stormlikes 

StormLikes is a versatile company that offers various social media growth services. Thus, it has a lot of features to cover. So, if you think about using StormLikes services, continue reading to learn more about their features. We have highlighted them out as shown below:-

1. Offers Premium Likes, Views, and Followers

Stormlikes offers likes, views, and followers to your Instagram account. You can visit their website and select a package that has tiered pricing. All the above metrics are vital to growing your online presence on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Hence, they help improve your online ranking and increase the account to reach your target audience. This is an excellent deal since they come from real and active accounts.

2. Offers Country Targeting Services

This is a valuable feature of StormLikes as well as their customers. Every marketer has a target audience. StormLikes can get your audience from your specified country. It guarantees you real-time engagement where you only focus on creating amusing content to achieve decent results

3. Gender Targeting Growths Services

Besides country targeting, you can also target an audience based on gender using StormLikes. Select the gender you want to deliver the engagement. This is possible because many businesses offer different services to reach a specific gender, cosmetic targets females.

4. Likes Randomization

This feature is essential, especially when managing Instagram, from raising alarms for suspicious activities. The feature ensures that you do not breach the daily limit and spread the engagement over a specified time for it to look more organic.

5. Speed Management

where likes randomization fails to cut, the tool lets you manage and adjust the speed. You lower the rate when engagement is too fast or speed up when low.

6. Automatic Post-detection

StormLikes automatically detects a new post when you upload new content on your Instagram account. Immediately the tool sees, it starts sending engagement based on the speed you set. It ensures that not any of your content can go unlimed for a long time. It gradually delivers likes until your purchase is complete. We are not sure if customers can set the number of likes per post.

7. Decent Customer Support.

StormLikes has excellent customer support. You can always reach out to them using the contact form they promise to respond to within a day. They do not have any fast methods to contact the technical team. However, they also have a detailed FAQ page that you can look at to answer some of your concerns.

8. Cross-Promotion

StormLikes does not only offer Instagram promotions services; it also delivers growth services cutting across multiple social media platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, Soundcloud, Twitch, and Facebook. Thus, it is a one-stop-shop for all primary social media platform growth services on the market.

Price of Stormlikes

Insta Followers Price for Stormlikes

StormLikes offers tiered pricing plans for their services. This means they have different services grouped with various pricing plans. It does not only cover Instagram but also Facebook and other social media platforms.

We will consider different Instagram growth metrics and pricing plans for our case. As mentioned earlier, StormLikes offers affordable pricing plans visible on their website. On Instagram, you can purchase likes, followers, views, and auto likes separately.

For instance, Instagram likes are again divided into high quality that starts from $1.39 for 50 likes and goes up to 750 likes costing $9.99. whereas premium likes are somehow expensive because they come with advanced features. So, 50 premium likes cost $3.49. You cal also distribute this Instagram likes on multiple Instagram pictures.

Insta Likewise Price for Stormlikes

Likewise, followers are also divided into 2 categories. High-quality followers start from $2.89 for 100 followers, while 2500 goes for $24.99. These are friendly and affordable services from real and active people. The views and auto-like also come at a lower price.

All the above packages come with standard features, including instant and guaranteed delivery, organic growth, 24/7 customer support, the ability to split likes, and free video views on every package. They also do not need your password to start delivering the services.

We would suggest that, when selecting a package, we would recommend going for the gradual delivery, which is best suitable for your account. You can go further and get other social media growth services, but the pricing remains affordable and is somewhere in the middle of the road.

Is Stormlikes Legit and Safe?

Stormlikes is a safe and secure platform that you can rely on to provide Instagram growth services and other social media promotion metrics. They offer 100% legit and organic Instagram followers, views, and likes. They have received various positive reviews on Trustpilot, and their website has genuine reviews.

However, they have mixed-up thoughts on the Sitejabber. When we purchased during our trial session, we could not see any problem with the quality of their services. The website is secured by HTTPS and supports multiple yet secured payment methods. Meaning the customers' data are safe from hackers.

They never request your password to start delivering the growth services on Instagram. They only need your account name. You can always control the delivery of services to not go beyond the daily limit or against the Instagram terms and conditions of use.

Stormlikes Customer Reviews

There are mixed-up customer reviews online about Stormlikes. This is specifically on Sitejabber, where most customers compliment while others claim poor services give negative reviews. On this site Sitejabber, Stormlikes has a 3.3 out of 5 stars on 49 reviews. This shows that a large percentage of customers are certified.

Stormlikes Customer overview

While Trustpilot, the platform has scored a rating of 3.7, which is average compared to the 376 reviews. It is reasonably cool to have such ratings. Thus, stormlikes is a reliable firm that offers reliable services through some good, others are bad, and malicious reviews, as shown below.

Stormlikes Agencys

Stormlikes Customer Service

Stormlikes Customer Contact

Stormlikes is a firm that cares about its customers. They are even willing to share detailed information behind the door. They have excellent customer support services, which are available 24/7. If you have any issues or want to give feedback, you can always contact them via live chat or email when you have a non-technical-related problem.

The easiest way to reach out for help is through a live widget which is only available from Monday to Friday at the set time. But email support is available 24/7. You can also create a ticket they promise to respond to through an email address.

Most of the positive reviews complement their responsive customer support besides high quality. Customer support is the root of winning a solid online reputation, and Stormlikes seems to understand this approach.

We are happy to conclude that their website also contains many information and a well answered and detailed FAQ page. You can check the guides and the page for any concerns before contacting the support team. There is enough data on their website to help you make a decision.

Stormlikes Alternatives

Twitch Promotional service for MrInsta

Stromlikes is the best automation tool to grow Instagram and other prominent social media platforms. Thus, we don't see the need to consider other options. But just for the sake, we have included them.

There are many stormlikes alternatives on the market. You might need them since the social media marketing industry is unpredictable, and there is no guarantee for which company will remain on the market forever. Due to uncertainty, it pays to have a few up-sleeves that you can look for. These include tools such as  Mr.Insta, Upleap, SocialViral, and TurboMedia.


Stormlikes is a social media automation tool that offers promotion services, including Instagram growth metrics. It claims to provide genuine followers, likes, and views, as well as auto likes to improve your online presence. It provides targeted followers based on the competitors, country, and gender.

These services enhance your impression of real customers. Therefore, giving stormlikes a try guarantees you high-quality services compared to the affordable pricing plans on their website. It is an excellent option when operating on a limited budget.