Kicksta Review

Kicksta review

Are you looking for an Instagram automation tool to automate your daily tasks or kickstart your account growth? Kicksta is here. Please read our article to discover some of its best features on the market.

A large percentage of people worldwide are online and, to be specific, on social media platforms. There is potential to find the target client for your business products online. Thus, it is more beneficial to market your brand online and present your brands to the people, which is even economical.

Currently, most businesses have taken their marketing campaigns online, meaning stiff competition. So for you to survive in online marketing, you will have to sacrifice your passion, strong will, and desire so that your business can thrive. This is vital, especially when marketing on Instagram.

However, it is hard to connect with the right target followers manually. It takes time, and time seems to be limited. Finding the right audience consumes time and is a challenging task. The journey starts when you get a target audience that can easily convert to loyal customers to your business.

This is where third-party software like Kicksta comes in. Kicksta automates your Instagram growth through various metrics. So, let us give Kicksta deeper reviews now.

Kicksta Review

We all know boosting your Instagram engagement is not an easy task. But Kicksta is here to help you. Kicksta is a tool that can automate Instagram growth and take your brand to the next level with the right followers and marketing techniques. His Instagram automation tool can quickly lighten your load while increasing your reach, exposure, and online presence.

Though the company is still tiny, it is growing and taking over the market. They claim that they can help you get more targeted Instagram followers through hashtags. This guarantees you organic Instagram promotions services.

It is tough to get authentic social media followers, but Kicksta works with their technical team and dedicated account manager to help target the audience from the following accounts. This implies that you will be exposed to real-life people interested in your content.

Thus, Kicksta is an effective Instagram growth tool. It can safely scale your Instagram account to another level. Setting up is pretty straightforward. You only have to provide the competitors' accounts, specifications, and username or link to your Instagram profile. They aim at competitors to get you targeted followers.

They go, follow, and like on the photos and contents of competitors who later follow back and like your Instagram account. The key term here is organic followers.

  • It is easy, simple, and quick to set up in the first place
  • It targets followers using the competitors' accounts and hashtags
  • Modest and affordable pricing plans
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat available
  • Simple site with thorough breakdown analysis
  • Guarantees your targeted audience with interest, easily converting them to loyal customers.
  • You can use it to manage or grow multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • It does not automate commenting, which might look suspicious on your behalf.
  • They guarantee you money back when they fail to deliver within 14 days.
  • It offers automated services. It is not a natural person
  • The basic plan does not have  live chat customer support
  • it does not support Instagram ads.
  • It does not have an intelligent filter tool to separate topics and interest targeting features.

Why We Like Kicksta   

Kicksta Feature

Kicksta is a customized Instagram automation tool that you can rely on to grow your Instagram account and business at large. They claim to offer organic followers who are the potential customers. The device can help you reach the target audience who have similar interests. Everything looks pretty good this far. So, here are some of its features.

  • Working of Kicksta

Kicksta operates using different techniques. They have social media marketing experts who know their task. The tool allows you to choose the target audience based on the competitors and hashtags.

The tool likes a few photos from the target competitors who later follow the account. The account you select must reflect your brand so that you can have followers with the same interest for increasing the possibility of following. They also have a personal account manager that backs your profile every time.

  • Quality over quantity

Kicksta always promises to deliver quality followers to your account stead of focusing on the quantity. This promotes loyalty and trust by creating an entire network with the target followers. It reflects on the account growth, which is the long-term benefit. It is also one way of building a solid brand reputation and staying ahead of the competitors.

You need this kind of engagement which other companies do not promise to deliver. They value quality more than quantity, which you need to grow your account organically.

  • Detailed analytic report

You can access a detailed Instagram growth report right on the dashboard every month. But again. You can also access the daily stats and find the real-time program. They also display the interaction with the target followers with your account. The results are super reliable for any actionable steps towards profile growth.

  • Creating professional plans

Kiscksta offers you 3 pricing plans. Each plan has different features and filter tools like ignoring private accounts, suspicious accounts, inactive and brand new versions. The pricing plans involve standard, premium, and boost plans. You can also use them to manage multiple accounts based on the plan. They both have different pricing plans, as we will see in the next section.

  • 14 days money-back guarantee

Though there is no free trial, instead, it allows you to buy their plans and try them for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you can now decide to proceed or cancel the plan. This seems to reduce some fears among the customers for the risk of trying the automation tool.

When it does not give you the expected result or what they promise, you can always request a refund within 14 days. This is a good sign, and it is guaranteed to all customers even without appealing.

  • Target account performance

Besides the performance analytic report and daily stats, you can also view the performance of your target account or competitor's account on the dashboard. So, when the target account is underperforming below your expectations, you can permanently remove it from the list.

This implies that the report is low-quality with low converting followers or a desirable rate based on your needs. This is a vital feature that worked well during our practical testing session.

  • Goes beyond follower count

They promise you that their services go beyond unique and organic promotions to include an aesthetically pleasing display that convinces the target audience to follow back. They can also generate relevant hashtags for your account that match your niche.

Instead of using the bot to provide fake engagement, Kiskcta guarantees you booting interaction and engagement rate to your Instagram account through like and following. The company is worth more than any other known company when offering promotion services.

  • Extensive research

Kicksta does not only come with the above features and allows you to better understand and identify the target audience from the competitor profiles. This is an effective technique in the growth journey. It also avails detailed insights on how your competitors are working and how they are growing.

Price of Kicksta

Kicksta Price List

Kicksta has 3 different pricing plans that are available on their website. This includes a standard procedure, premium, and boost plan packages. They claim that the standard plan ensures moderate growth speed. The package comes with onboarding and multiple accounts targeting 10 contemporary accounts with limited other features. The package costs $49 per month.

The second package on offer is the premium plan that guarantees you maximum growth, supports target accounts up to 40, and comes with VIP email customer support, a blacklisting option, and advanced targeting features. This package is charged monthly, starting from $99.00.

Lastly, they have a boost and TSMA plan on their website. This comes with all features of the premium package. Still, it goes beyond to guarantee you over 850 organic followers per month, with no logins needed, get the followers from global influencers, onboarding videos, and premium 5 days per week text customer support. The plan costs you only $218 per month.

The pricing is super friendly, and thus this is the kind of social media marketing company you should be going for. So we are inclined to believe that, when you commit to a plan, you will be paying the right money for the high-quality services.

Is Kicksta Legit and Safe?

Yes, Kicksta is a reliable Instagram promotion company to affiliate your IG account. We are 100% concluding that this Instagram automation tool is safe to use. As you can see on various social media platforms and other online sites, there is enough proof that they offer high-quality and reliable services on the market at affordable pricing plans.

They are genuine since they source Instagram followers from the target accounts, building a solid reputation online. The tool is probably worth considering, and the pricing plan also indicates that it is a legit firm. If it were a scammer, it would offer cheap services. So, the price is not high or too low but moderate, which is a good feature.

Their pricing reflects the quality of their services on clients because high-quality followers mean high pricing. They also have a detailed FAQ page, and their pricing is also visible on their website.

Thus, when looking for an Instagram growth tool, go for a safe tool instead of a tool that offers fake engagement risking your account being banned. The website of Kicksta is encrypted; thus hard to trace the logins.

This means you can operate the tool safely. Another thing that made us conclude to be a safe tool is that it mimics human behavior and cannot go beyond the Instagram daily limit. The device is legit and always wishes the best for you, and they are working hard to remain on the top list.

Kicksta Customer Reviews

Kicksta has recorded good reviews online. Some customers are satisfied with the quality services, while others complement the customer support. Though slow, it is steady. On Trustpilot, the tool has a rating of 3.7 out of 416 reviews. Here is what the clients are saying.

Kicksta Review

And when you go to the G2 platform, you can also find an average rating of 2.3 out of s stars. So, here are some of the reviews we encountered on the G2 website.

Kicksta make Review

Kicksta Customer Service

Kicksta Customer Service

When it comes to customer support, Kicksta seems dedicated to helping you, and it is doing it very well. They have customer support readily available 24/7 online for other firms. They have kept their website simple with the responsive support team.

So when you want to contact them, you can create a support ticket and ask the concern via the inquiry form. They promise to respond to you via the email address, or if possible, they can give you a call. The response is automated, which acknowledges your issue. This level of customer support is accepted.

Besides the ticket, they also have a detailed FAQ page where you don't have to wait for the response. But getting in touch with them via ticket is pretty enough. The customer support services have plenty of positive reviews online, as you can see on the Trustpilot. They have the best customer support on the market.

Lastly, you can also contact them through social media platforms such as Instagram. Otherwise, they have detailed guides and case studies to guide you when you encounter any issue.

Kicksta Alternatives

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Kicksta is an excellent choice online as the best tool to automate your Instagram growth. However, sometimes you might want to try out the other available options. If that is the case, then here are some of the best Kicksta alternatives we think you can rely on. They include Nitreo, Instaboom, Inflact, Sprout Social, and SocialPilot.


Kicksta has proved to its customers the best and most trustworthy company with excellent reviews online. They provide you with precisely what you want to automate your Instagram growth. They claim to offer legit services guaranteeing your organic growth. It never comments or posts on your behalf, making it hard to flag the services as spam. They aim at providing safe and reliable organic traffic to your profile.