10 Best InstaMacro Alternatives in 2023

InstaMacro Alternatives

After Instamacro was shut down, many companies emerged on the market that offered the same services. Few other reliable and high-quality services. Read our article and discover them!

With the Instamacro shutdown, there have been a lot of other alternatives in the wake. People are trying to get the bandwagon of automating social media tasks and engagement. However, there are many safety concerns for using a bot on your account because not all automation tools offer precisely what they claim on their website.

So, we believe that many different firms are inclined to take advantage of their customers. This means it is even becoming hard to find a reliable social media service provider and take care of your online presence. Thus, you have a tough road ahead.

This is why we take time to research, test, and come up with such a review to help you make an informed decision. In our article, we will be discussing the best Instamacro alternatives on the market. But first, let us look at Instamacro in detail.

Instamacro Review

InstaMacro review

Instamacro was the best Instagram engagement generator tool on the market. Their platform helped many marketers get more followers and likes on their account profiles. They claimed to offer actual growth services. And they stated on their website that it is the best and p[owerful tool for providing Instagram likes and followers. In its day, it was the fastest to deliver its user-friendly services.

They also claimed to provide consistent support and genuine engagement, which was not the case. Their services were good, but Instagram updated the algorithms to fight Instagram bots. It prevents people from buying likes and followers. Therefore, using Instamacro, users were sure that their accounts were at risk of being blocked. This tool offered different pricing plans, and all provided the same services. The difference came in the delivery time.

Thus, it offered fewer likes and comments when users spent less time with it. But because people were much into growing their accounts faster, most exceeded daily limits and Instagram detected it. Together with other reasons, Instagram took it down as an Instagram bot. It did not have any genuine online reviews, making it hard for clients to understand and trust them.

Also, they never offered 24/7 customer support, and one could not use the Instagram account while utilizing the server due to security reasons. This precisely means, Instamacro was a bot, and it worked against Instagram API.

Therefore, most people preferred going for other alternative automation tools to increase their Instagram engagement. Here are the best Instamacro alternatives on the market to look for.

Best Instamacro Alternatives

1. Mr.Insta


If you are looking for high-quality Instagram growth services or followers, then first go for Mr. Insta. This is the best alternative on the market that will provide organic likes and comments on your Instagram page. It offers targeted users unlimited activations, enabling the users to receive daily growth services.

No survey is required, and you can first go for its free services before upgrading for premium followers. It is simple to use and can only take you 2 minutes to grow the account. Its likes and followers can help you create awareness, and your brand reaches the target or potential audience on the market. They are committed to offering their services to the clients.

Besides followers, it also offers different Instagram marketing services. They guarantee results within 3 days. And if your followers drop, they also guarantee a refill with 24/7 customer support. It is safe and 100% secure, and private.

It also offers one-time bulk purchases though this seems suspicious, and it risks your account. Otherwise, they have an unlimited number of options, and from reviews, customers gave it a good rating. It is thus worth it that you go to Mr. Insta for quality services.

2. Upleap

Upleap Overview

Upleap is an Instagram growth tool but uses a different approach. It offers all users a dedicated account manager who pushes your account to the next level. This implies they rely on real people. Therefore, you can go for their real followers and grow your Instagram account faster. If you are tired of spending time on Instagram, buy uplead followers. It is safe and secure with faster delivery.

While it relies on artificial intelligence automation technology, it grows your Instagram account. A dedicated manager understands your needs and brings you only interested and targeted audiences whom you can convert. Managers figure out the best way to reach out to the audience and present the natural and organic growth.

You can try the provider for free before upgrading. Sign up today with only a username, and no password is required. I Give it a try since it is easy and effective in growing your account. Get more followers fast based on your preference.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister overview

Media mister is another best alternative for the Instamacro automation tool. It can help you gain more followers instantly and get your account to another level. It offers high-quality followers. They get these followers from real people who are genuinely interested in your brands or content on the IG page.

They also provide automation features, including views and likes; however, you should be keen when using them. But, everything is covered from the ultimate Instagram engagement strategy on all bases. They always make sure they match your engagement and followers growth rate to avoid detection. And that is why media mister is the best alternative on the market hence helpful.

Media mister also works well on other social media accounts besides Instagram. It can never put your account at risk. Instead, it can manage multiple accounts as well. The tool has many advantages, excellent customer reviews, varied features, best pricing, splendid customer support, and a secure website.

It covers a comprehensive range of enhancement services for all growth purposes. Even though it does not offer a free trial, it is a great choice that guarantees mentions, saves, profile visits saves, post reach, impression, comments, and story poll votes with many other services. Try them.

4. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is an Instagram bot that offers growth services targeting likes, followers, and views. It prides itself as the only genuine service provider on the market. They select Instagram accounts using real people. They never disappoint customers when it comes to service delivery.

Other than these services, they also offer comments and every growth aspect. They have been on the market for a long time, and thus we are convinced that these guys are tech savvy that knows a lot about ghost accounts and identifying fake profiles. They never offer such mixed-up results.

Stormlikes can start growing your account immediately after you enter the essential details. This is why it is a reliable and secure firm to try their services. They always deliver targeted audiences that are ideal for your brand. You can convert them, increase leads and sales. Invest your time and money and get your profile interacting with real followers right away.

5. SocialViral

Social Viral

SocialViral is an Instagram growth service provider. It ensures high quality, exclusive deals and is readily available on the market. They claim to offer real Instagram followers, likes, and views to get you started with the Instagram profile. This bot has high standards, and thus they serve famous influencers and celebrities.

You can try their service as we are inclined to believe them. They guarantee immediate results with multiple benefits, genuine likes, and cheap services. They pride themselves on offering inexpensive pricing on the market. They carefully make their packages to ensure that they provide what the customer pays for.

Get closer to your Instagram goals with their active Instagram services. This is an authentic service provider who delivers results straight away. Never wait in limbo anymore. Instead, go for social viral and enjoy their services and visibility.

6. Followersup


Even if there are many other similar companies, our list won't end without Followersup. It offers Instagram growths services, and so it also features on our best alternative list for Instamacro bot. This automation tool offers specific features of each growth service. They have different pricing for each service which is incredible. This means you only receive what you pay for on the market.

They have friendly customer support to help you when you experience any issue. Followersup makes the whole growth journey very easy for everyone. It is simple to use.

Followersup can boost your Instagram profile fast and safely. They claim to offer and increase your online presence and engagement. They offer automation services which include likes, views, story views, followers IGTV, and many more. All these are targeting an authentic audience and revamping your marketing strategies. This trusted provider is 100% safe with quick delivery and excellent customer support.

7. InstaShop

Insta Shop overview

Instashop is another best third-party alternative tool for Instamacro. It comes with different features that help you grow your Instagram account. You can select a component that meets your needs from a wide range. You can buy each service separately or go for the whole tool at an affordable price.

They mainly specialize in selling likes, followers, views, comments, and automation services. This tool is best when it comes to boosting your Instagram account. The services help you become famous and stand out from the brand to create brand awareness. Privacy is their main priority, and thus that should not give you any problem.

Shop only what you want with Instashop. This is an Instagram verified provider with all your needs. It also offers a bonus feature using its 2% cashback on each feature you purchase. This is pretty good and saves you time and effort. They guarantee quick and efficient delivery, customer support, auto start with success, and above all, it also has a free test to check their trustable services. It is the best alternative you should also check out for.

8. SocialEmpire


SocialEmpire is a social media growth service provider. You can use it to gain Instagram followers, views, likes, and many other services. They use a blend of tactics for marketing your Instagram account and reaching out to your target audience. Their bunch of services have different pricing, making it stand out from the rest on the market. It can cater to any budget and offer high-quality services. Make everything happen with social empire automation tools.

SocialEmpire never waste your time and money. We love that since delivery is quick. While they have different campaigns, it suits all users' needs. They do not need your login details for security purposes. Thus, it is a safe promotion technique that is anonymous and discreet. They source the followers globally that have an interest in your niche. Kickstart your Instagram growth using SocialEmpire today. It also works across other social media platforms.

9. SocialPlus

SocialPlus overview

SocialPlus is another Instagram growth service provider. It claims to offer its clients outstanding services and deliver quickly. They offer high-quality engagement and promotion services through likes, followers, comments, and Instagram views. And when something goes wrong, they also guarantee money back. This bot is pretty good for generating engagement and keeps your account safe to avoid detection and shadowbans.

And on the platform, they are introducing a manual Instagram hashtag research and profile audit very soon. So, the company is growing to meet all growth service needs on the market. This is the best way forward in jumpstarting your journey and promoting the brand online.

10. GetAFollower


Lastly, we have GetAfollower. This tool brings back the technology and marketing power to people. It offers various Instagram growth services that include saves, mentions, post reach, impression, story poll votes. Views, followers, and many other services. They offer these services from real people and target followers based on location and other aspects.

They have experience, and customer support is excellent. Your safety is their concern, as well as money back is guaranteed. They match the engagement and account followers. This company sells high-quality services. It also works well across other social media platforms. It is the best alternative to keep your account safe and secure. The tool is simple to use with prestige quality on the market.


Growing Instagram needs influencers to focus on engagement rate. However, this can only be possible if your followers are active and engaging in your Instagram content. Many tools can offer active followers and engagement. When Instamacro was shut down, there was also a need for other alternatives.

The above list consists of the best Instamacro alternatives on the market to serve your needs. They are safe, reliable, and cost-effective for any budget. So, choose the best automation tools that meet your needs and get a targeted audience to your profile.