Inflact Review

Inflact review

Looking for a genuine Inflact review online? Inflact is an Instagram automation tool. Read our reviews about Inflact and discover some of its advanced features and services on the market.

Growing social media accounts and increasing your products sales online is complicated. There are 2 methods you can promote your business, and the first one is to do it manually. It would help if you had time, and a big budget to grow your account organically takes time.

However, you can also use a third-party promotion service. Using the right growth plan, you can autopilot all your Instagram activities using the right growth plan, ranging from targeting followers to conversing with your potential customers. Thus, it would be best to have Instagram bots to achieve this and save your time while increasing your online presence.

There are many automation software online, and among them today, we have Inflact as our favorite and highly recommended among IG influencers. Inflact was formerly known as Ingramer. Inflact is becoming strong and trying to prove itself as the market leader. It provides solutions to all your needs.

Due to stiff competition, you might also need other alternatives on the market. Please read our article to understand it in detail before looking for alternatives.

Inflact Review

Inflact Homepage

Inflact is an Instagram automation bot. They claim to be one of the best automation tools on the market for Instagram. They work without interfering with your IG account privacy. It was formerly known as Ingramer and was explicitly designed to help boost or help Instagram account to increase your business sales. It automates activities that improve your Instagram workflow.

The company promises to help you target the followers, manage your DM, and schedule Instagram posts. The bot also comes with other tools like hashtag generator, trends, downloader, analyzer, story views, fond t generator, profiles, and many other features.

We will cover this in detail in our next section. As long as the Inflact bot stays within the Instagram API, the risks associated with it are incredibly minimal. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Inflact tool.

  • visible pricing displayed on the r webpage that is super easy to understand
  • The detailed FAQ page on their website for extra help on what they do
  • 24/7 customer support who can help you when the need arises.
  • They have secured payment methods, such as PayPal, debit, and credit cards
  • Genuine reviews on their website signify customer satisfaction for their services
  • They offer targeted growth services using smart target tools
  • They also have a refund policy, and you can cancel the subscription anytime.
  • The tool can also plan and schedule your post during the peak hours
  • It is effective in auto- replying the customer Direct Messages
  • They have flexible pricing plans which customers can select from.
  • They also offer free trials.
  • They do not implement payment verification currently. Thus, it takes time to complete the process and delivery.
  • The bot does not work on other social media platforms besides Instagram.
  • Inflact requires some form of maintenance from your end to work effectively. Otherwise, it can shadowban your IG.

Features of Inflact

Inflact others Feature

Inflact has tons of features that make a difference in boosting Instagram growth. These features can help your business create brand awareness and reach out to the targeted audience you can easily convert to potential customers. Let us look at some of its features.

1. Top-rated Instagram Bot

top-rated Instagram bot

Inflact is considered a top-rated Instagram bot for various reasons. It can help you get targeted clients to your Instagram business account. They guarantee that their services are risk-free and promise to deliver auto-likes, auto-follows and unfollows, and direct messages management.

It also comes with Instagram tools that include hashtag generators and instant likes. This tool comes with a complete subscription plan to their marketing automation services.

The tool also has advanced filters, complete control, auto-posting, extended functionality like watching stories and blacklists, and detailed statistics that simplify data curves. They also give discounts like followers and free Instagram likes. If the bot does not work, they promise you money back.

2. Direct Messages

Instagram Direct Messages

It is suitable for you and your business not to let your clients wait for the reply on the DM. The automated DM features of the Inflact take care of everything. It ranges from sending welcome messages to new followers to a warm hello, which you can customize to your preferences. You can use the CRM tool to chat on Instagram from unlimited Instagram accounts and send mass DMs to the audience.

The automated DM also triggers shortcuts and phrases like a reply that includes price or costs. You can also add labels depending on the conversation with your client; you can also add labels and split them into different categories. This enables you to set automated replies to various labels. Thus, DM translates better communication and helps you save time.

3. Scheduled Posting

Instagram Scheduled Posting

Inflact post planer is vital and can quickly help you save time every month. It is also crucial in increasing business productivity. This is because you can only take 5 hours and schedule all Instagram posts for a whole month. This does not only apply to a single account, but it can currently be up to 10 accounts operated once.

You can also manage or schedule Instagram stories and media on multiple profiles from a unified dashboard of Inflact. You can also go for the auto-updated description functionality and set the hashtag that you created from the generator tool. This maximizes your profile reach. Remember, there is no need for a special manual in planning your postings.

Add unlimited media, add hashtags, include location, set time, and save the post for future posting. This saves time and lets you focus on your business to save over 300 minutes every month.

4. Powerful Social Media Marketing Helpers

Social Media Marketing Helpers

Inflact also has powerful tools that are vital for marketing online. These include a one size fits all universal social media downloader. This enables you to download Instagram content or posts and saves content on other social media platforms like Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can download and save any content on IG wherever the need arises for future references or marketing purposes. It ensures you get the best high-quality IG content within a few seconds.

Again Inflact bot also has a font generator tool. This allows you to use fancy fonts to copy and paste into your bio, comments, etc. Custom texts bring more engagement and improve your Instagram profile aesthetics.

The tool has over 80 fonts available in store for you. You can utilize these fond generators to create headers in captions, call the audience to action, improve more clicks and impressions, and use them in IGTV description to stimulate desired activities.

Price of Inflact

Price of Inflact

Inflact has four modules on its website. Each module has different pricing for single and multiple accounts. You can go for a single account or select up to 100 accounts. The package pricing is as shown below:

Promo package

Promo Pricing of Inflact

This package has 3 options you can select from—either 2 weeks or 1 month and a 3-month package. If you want to manage one account for 2 weeks, it will cost you $37. Meaning 3 months goes for $144. This module is best when you want automated likes, follows, and unfollows the audience.

The second molecule is the Direct package. This package guarantees you bulk messaging to your followers. And pricing starts from 2 weeks costing $19 per account, while 1 month, which is the most popular, goes for $29 per account.

The third one is the Scheduled posting module. This ensures that you automate Instagram posting at the right time. For 2 weeks, it costs you $12 only while 3 months is a bit expensive but friendly. It costs $46 for one account.

Lastly, Inflact has a Hashtag generator module that ensures that the user drives the traffic to the business page. This is a cheap package that, with only $14, you can automate your Instagram with hashtags for 2 weeks.

The above pricing has been tested and proved to be services that pay off. The good news is that you can combine all the modules as one package and maximize the account growth in every aspect simultaneously.

The above packages guarantee you 24/7 customer support,auto-reaction, carousel posting, auto-responses, optimized search functions, and many other features.

Is Inflact Legit and Safe?

Inflact Legit and Safe

Yes, definitely; at the end of the day, we believe that Inflact is a safe Instagram bot for your usage. We can attest, and you can prove that the tool has plenty of advanced features on their platform, which comes with reasonable pricing plans.

We can thus point out that the tool is safe and secure for use. Though you should approach it with some caution, it is not interested in just making instant profits but aims at helping you automate the Instagram account.

Thus, you are not risking your Instagram reputation when you use their services. Make good use of this company and be smart enough to utilize its features to the fullest. The bottom line of this tool is that it abides by the Instagram API, meaning it complies with the terms of use.

Inflact Customer Reviews

Inflact( Ingramer) has recorded an excellent rating on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. This indicates that their customers are satisfied with the quality of services. On Trustpilot, Inflact has an excellent rating of 4.6 from 558 reviews. While on Sitejabber, Inflact has a 4.37 stars rating, which is fantastic out of 27 reviews. Most customers praise it for its amazing features and so on.

Inflact Customer Service

Inflact support

If you have any issues, you can always reach out to the Inflact customer support team if you have any problems at any time. The team is available 24/7 to help you or guide you. They are always here to ensure that you get the necessary information according to the subscribed services to their website. The support team is friendly and here for you regardless of the issue you have raised.

You can always reach out to them via online chat or email address. An old friend is also better than a new one; thus, if you prefer a detailed FAQ page, they have it on their website to serve the same purpose. They have arranged them according to the modules and services they render to the clients. Otherwise, their customer support is excellent.

Inflact Alternatives


Inflact is a perfect Instagram automation bot, but there is nothing wrong with other alternatives at hand. This is good, especially when you want something slightly different in growing your Instagram profile. There are many alternatives on the market, but few are reliable such as Flock Social, Social Sensei, Jarvee, Combin, and  Cleverly.

However, none of the other options ticks all the boxes than Inflact. Just choose based on what you want to achieve in the long run; otherwise, what you want to compromise matters a lot.


Inflact is a safe Instagram bot to use on your profile. The bot comes with many different advanced features at a reasonable price. Thus, inflact is a secure, upfront, effective, and organic online Instagram growth service.

It makes everything simple but effectively grows the account. there are also other alternatives online if you want to try a new and slightly different tool, But none ticks all that Inflact does since the bot is perfect without any flaws.